Subject: Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 4 Zachary All Grown Up Chapter 4 By JJ [ ail ] Donate to Nifty to help keep this site going!! Chapter 4 I napped but it wasn’t a good one. My mind was running, my balls were buzzing and churning and it was hard not to keep from getting hard. Ha-ha. I heard a faint knock at the back door. I looked at the clock and knew who it was, and it was time to get up. I stuck my head out the bedroom window and told him to turn on the grill if he hadn’t already and I would right down. Zach looked up and his eyes kind of glazed over and I realized all I had around me was a towel not that he could see but I figured he imagined it seeing my naked chest. I decided again on raggedy sweat shorts and a worn crappy tee figuring I would be cooking. He was inside by the time I got downstairs and washing off the spinach for the salad and he pulled the marinated chops out of the fridge. Zach was comfortable working in a kitchen between his grandparents and my late wife; this kid would never be one of guys that didn’t know how to be on his own. He asked are we eating in or out, I said it was up to him I didn’t care. He said outside, so I grabbed a towel and went to clean the table on the deck and check the grill. Zack came out with the place settings and then back out with the lamb chops. It was then I noticed what he was wearing, he had on a worn sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off and at the waist where it wasn’t really a midriff but you could see part of the treasure trail around his navel. He had on tight sweat shorts that made his ass look great. Then it dawned on me that was my old UCONN sweatshirt he was wearing I knew it by the faint white paint smear near the left armpit. I remembered a summer quite ankara escort a few years ago when he was over swimming he couldn’t have more than 6 or so. He fell asleep and he was cold and I put this on him and held him till he warmed up and told him he could keep it. At that time it still had sleeves and it went down to his knees practically. It warmed my heart I don’t know if this was a fatherly feeling or lust, but I just wanted to hug this kid. Dinner was ready and he came out with the salad and 2 big glasses of water. From watching me all these years he has gotten in the habit of having water with his meals so you can taste the food and not get filled up soda or juices I use to say. We took our time with the meal I asked him about school, he said Mario had told his father to allow him to finish out the year wrestling and not to decide till next season. The reasoning being he may get a scholarship if he is that good. I told him his grandfather might not be a college graduate but is by far not a stupid man, how sometimes street smarts are better than being book smart. Never disrespect him. He asked how my day was which I told him skipping over the pervy parts. He knew my job well with my kids being to grown for ‘take your kid to work day’ I brought Zach a few times and he enjoyed it, so basically he knew my job. We cleaned up and while we were rinsing things off for the dishwater and wrapping the leftovers for our lunches the next day there were touches and bumps accidently or naturally of course but it was sending shocks though me I can see he was chubbing up at times. We had finished and I grabbed 2 root beers out of the fridge. I handed them to him to open up. Then I motioned for him to climb up and sit on a stool escort ankara at the island. I sat next to him and told him to turn around and face me so that basically our legs were intertwined. I touched one of his knees with my hand. Geez his leg started to shake and I started to massage it and said calm down. He put his hand on top of mine. Listen I started I am completely beyond belief honored you want me to be your first, but I can’t and not for the reasons you may think. He started to tear up and said why, and I said what do you think the reasons are? He thought because he wasn’t good looking enough and if not that it was because I wasn’t gay that I hated him because he was. You are completely wrong. The fact is you are very hot and you do turn me on a lot that is scaring me. Then why can’t we he cried as he grabbed both my hands. I’m old enough to be your dad, geez I’m almost old enough to be grandfather. I’m 56 you are 15. He says I will be 16 in 3 weeks. I say OOHH, Wow now I only 40 years older to you. Don’t you want someone your own age or close to your age? No he yells I wanted you from as early as I can remember. I can remember being 5 or 6 and you coming home from work and calling me Sparky or Pup and you picking me up and when I put my arms around your neck and you would nuzzle me with your beard I would get a boner and these electric shocks would go through me. That never happened when my Dad or Grandfather with them it is just love and security. With you it is everything. Did you know that I slept in this sweatshirt almost every night in the winter since you gave it to me? Then I finally trimmed it so I could wear normally. I know your smell years ago it use to be coffee and cigarettes, which was a turn on ankara escort bayan for me. Now if you noticed I try to smell just like you Dove soap and baby powder. I love the smell of baby powder on you and that’s all I wear. You are the sexiest man I know, and not only physically but your personality too. You talk with your eyes those big brown eyes they aren’t black but the deepest brown I have ever seen with gold specks at times. I sat there completely stunned as he proceeded to tell me about the things we did that meant so much to him, that I had forgotten about until he reminded me. This little shit was making me blush I never knew I had this kind of effect on him. I took his hands in mine and kissed them. I leaned in and we kissed and stood up and when our chests touched it was like fireworks going inside of me. He started to moan the deeper the kisses got. He sucked my tongue so hard I thought I was going to lose it. We came up for air and he tells me I’m a great kisser. I said yeah how do you know how many guys have you kissed? He smiles and says none, but you must be good because I almost came and no one touched my dick. I laughed and said that is what being 15 almost 16 is all about. I say how about waiting 2 years and 3 weeks till you are 18 and if you still want me to be your first I will wholeheartedly. Before he can answer his phone goes off and its Mario saying it is after 8, to come home and stop bothering Jared. He says yes Papa I’m coming home now. He turns to look at me and I smile I say think about it and I kiss him again for a few minutes and hand him his lunch for tomorrow and show him the door. Few minutes later I get a text saying he forgot to thank me for dinner and the lunch and I replied anytime for you Pup and Thanks for the help prepping and cleaning up. Sweet dreams. JJ Hey some help here, should Jared wait till Zach is 18? All thoughts welcome!! Again it can’t be repeated enough please support Nifty help keep it going.

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