Yui’s Arrival Pt. 04


Yui arrived at Rika’s apartment after her last photo session on Friday, around six in the evening. Rika was in the bathroom, just getting out of the bath, so she let her in through the intercom.

Yui cautiously entered the living room. Cautious, because she was nervous about her weekend of lust with Rika. When Rika appeared from the bathroom, wearing only a towel, she felt immediately at ease and welcomed by Rika’s warm kisses. Indeed, Rika’s whole body was so warm and soft after her bath, Yui wanted to pull the towel off her and devour her then and there.

Rika moved around the apartment, pouring drinks, dimming the lights, and chatting about her day on another shoot. She then sat next to Yui on the sofa, still in the towel, and together they sipped their wines and with a delicious nervousness, Rika asked if Yui wanted to stay for the weekend.

“Only if it’s alright with you, I don’t want to impose…”

Rika assured her that she had no plans for the whole weekend, and that Yui should relax and feel at home.

“You look so cute in that big towel Rika,” Yui whispered.

“Would you like to see my room,” Rika eventually asked.

Rika got up from the sofa and took Yui by the hand. Yui was so excited and nervous at this point and hurried along behind Rika. Rika opened the only door in the apartment, and Yui gasped as her eyes adjusted to the low light already set there. There were full length mirrors on every wall, even the window was blocked by a large mirror. There were mirrored tiles on the ceiling above the bed, and even several smaller mirrors positioned around the room.

“Oh my goodness!” she finally said as she absentmindedly wandered into the dimly lit shrine of self love. Indeed, she was beginning to feel delicious waves of lust course through her body as she caught her reflection anywhere she looked.

“I’m so envious!” she heard herself say, forgetting momentarily her lust for the delicious bodies of other women.

“I’d like you to watch me love myself Yui, but this time, I want you to sit here and pretend that you are spying on me,” whispered Rika, indicating a small stool in a darkened corner of the room, but which had a clear view of every part of the room. Yui obediently sat down, crossing one leg over the other, and immediately felt her wetness.

Rika moved over to the largest mirror away from Yui, with her back to the voyeur. Yui could see the back of Rika, but also very clearly her reflection in the mirror she was standing in front of.

Rika slowly reached up, tying her hair up, then reached for the knot in the towel. Yui gasped, but quietly enough to not let her gorgeous friend hear her, when Rika let the towel fall onto the floor at her feet. Yui was greeted with the delicious vision of Rika’s delicate, slender, thin body, her skin glowing in the dim light. This was the first time Yui had fully seen Rika’s naked body from a distance, and she was awestruck at how she felt when she looked at her. Rika’s back, all the way down to her cute little bottom, was transfixing. Yui’s eyes devoured her friend.

Rika, her eyes fixed on her delicious reflection, took a few deep breaths, enjoying the feeling of her nakedness again, enjoying the freedom she had to explore herself and love herself in her privacy, enjoying the secret fact that she had a beautiful woman watching her in the darkness.

Still taking some deep breaths, she watched as her taught stomach became concave at every inhalation. She loved watching her stomach do that. Her hands slowly began to move over her stomach, exploring the curves, the bumps, the landscape of her tummy. Her eyes would occasionally glance up to meet themselves, and then again return to where bahis siteleri her hands were exploring. In the low light, she instinctively reached for her moisturiser, which was part of her normal routine, and also a big part of her self love routine. Squeezing an amount into her hands, she lovingly moisturised her beautiful slender arms, all the time watching the beautiful vision of a sexy girl doing the same. She moisturised her shoulders, gazing at their slippery delicateness on each side. She then squeezed a generous amount of moisturiser onto her stomach, slowly and lovingly spreading it all over her flat tummy, her ribs, up and over her small firm breasts, enjoying the tingle that went through her body as her fingers fanned over her nipples.

Yui, by now, was almost beside herself with desire. She was squirming on the stool, literally masturbating by squeezing her thighs together. She decided she needed to slowly undress, quietly, so she could thoroughly enjoy herself.

Rika’s hands covered her sexy hips with moisturiser, and she enjoyed the feeling of reaching around behind her to spread it on her cute little bottom. She turned her body to the side, to watch her hands lovingly caress her gorgeous little bottom. She loved that her bottom was small, and she spent some time grinding her hips against an invisible thigh while she loved her bottom.

Yui was now naked, amazed at how wet she was, and careful not to make any noise as she dipped her fingers into her wetness, tasted it, then began slowly rubbing, squeezing, teasing her aching clit. Again she gasped as a wave of delicious sex came over her.

Rika turned around, stared straight at Yui, and continued caressing her delicious, delicate body.

“Oh, I didn’t know there was anyone watching,” she feined.

She motioned for Yui to come and lay on the bed. Yui did so, sliding her beautiful body seductively into the middle of Rika’s large bed, and continued her own self love while getting comfortable to watch more of Rika. As she looked around her, all she could see were reflections of Rika’s beautiful naked body, and now her own stretched out on the bed.

“I want to watch you enjoying watching me,” she whispered, then turned to face another mirror, this time in order to see both her own reflection, and that of Yui behind her.

Rika’s eyes locked onto themselves again, occasionally she would pose herself in a seductive manner, and caress her body accordingly. Sometimes she would practice her deep breathing to watch her sexy tummy, all the time caressing with her slippery fingers. Now and then she would sit on the end of the bed, and devote a great deal of attention moisturising one then the other of her lovely, slender legs, from her sexy toes, all the way up to her delicious slim thighs. Yui noticed that not once had Rika touched her obviously wet pussy.

“Oh Rika, you are so amazing,” whispered Yui, lost in her own dizzying self love, but so transfixed by Rika’s that she was almost delirious. She continued.

“What do you love most about your sexy little body Rika?”

“Mmmm, I think I love the way my whole body feels,” Rika finally answered in a low voice, never taking her eyes of her reflections, and caressing herself now from her toes all the way up her slender body, under her arms, then raising her arms above her head, stretching her torso so she could admire her ribs and concave tummy. While in this position, she kissed her arms and shoulders passionately, with one eye on her reflections, and the other on Yui’s.

“Oh, I love watching you do this so, so much, darling Rika,” hissed Yui through a haze of lust and desire the like of which she felt she had never experienced.

“You canlı bahis siteleri are the only person who has ever watched me, Yui. You are the only person I have ever wanted to watch me love myself,” whispered Rika, as she crawled onto the bed now. She could feel the heat coming from Yui’s lust-filled body.

“Knowing you are watching me makes me feel so… so… naughty,” she whispered into Yui’s ear.

“Knowing that you enjoy seeing me naked, watching my hands explore my beautiful body, makes me want to share my delicious body with you,” she whispered again.

Yui moaned with desire and lust, wrapped her arms around Rika’s slim body, and kissed her beautiful face all over.

Rika lay her sexy body down next to Yui’s on the bed. She raised her slender arms above her head, arched her back seductively, and stretched her slim, slight body for Yui to admire.

“I give you my body Yui,” she whispered.

Yui, her eyes trying to take in the whole deliciousness of Rika’s little body, began running her fingers along the length of her stretched skin. Then her hands gradually began caressing all the delicious curves and valleys of her friend’s sexy body.

“I so love your beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, delicious body Rika.”

Yui slipped one arm easily under Rika’s back, pulling her toward her. Yui leant in to kiss Rika’s hard nipples, first one, then the other, alternating between licking, sucking, lightly biting and rubbing her face over their taught, stiff erectness.

Rika responded with such delicious passion by arching her back even more, as if pushing her nipples more into Yui’s face. Yui could not get enough of Rika’s sexy body, she wanted to devour her.

Yui’s kissing and licking continued over Rika’s chest, down over her ribs. Yui traced Rika’s sexy ribcage with her tongue, then down over and all around her tight stomach. She spent some time exploring Rika’s sexy little navel with her tongue, sending Rika’s body into spasms of delightful giggling.

Rika had managed to grab her moisturizer bottle and began pumping lines of moisturizer onto her body, for Yui to spread over her.

Yui wasted no time in getting onto her knees and caressing Rika’s sexy body all over with moisturizer. Rika stretched herself as much as she could for Yui to enjoy her body. And Yui certainly enjoyed exploring every tiniest part of her body, rolling her over, spending a long time on her sexy little bottom, pumping moisturizer all over her back and then using her own body to spread it over Rika’s. Occasionally she would lean in to whisper into Rika’s ears.

“Rika, your body drives me wild with lust. I can see why you love yourself so much. I want to devour you.”

“Oh Yui, I’ve never had anyone touch me like this before. Your hands are sending me crazy with desire. Never stop touching me, never stop loving my body like this.”

Yui sat at the head of the bed, pulling Rika towards her, both facing the mirrors at the foot of the bed. Rika leant back on Yui’s warm and soft body, her eyes fixed on the seductive pair of girls looking back at them. She lets out a slight moan as Yui’s hands explore her slippery body from behind.

“Oh Yui, this is so sexy. I feel like I have surrendered my beautiful body to you.”

She raised her hands over her head, and draped them around Yui’s neck, allowing Yui full access to explore her body. Occasionally she watched the sexy scene play out in the ceiling mirrors, as did Yui.

Yui’s fingers brushed over Rika’s neatly trimmed pussy.

“Oh my goodness, you are so wet darling Rika,” she whispered.

“Show me how you like to touch yourself there.”

Rika moved her hands down, caressing her stomach and canlı bahis hips, then her slender thighs, until finally her right hand came to rest on her sexy little mound. Yui could see in the mirror that Rika’s fingers were circling around her dripping wet lips, moving up to brush over her prominent clitoris. Yui can feel Rika’s body relaxing now into masturbation mode. She could also hear the delicious sounds of Rika’s fingers sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Rika’s left hand was caressing her thighs, and moving around to cup her tight little bottom, which made Yui squirm with her own wetness beginning to cover Rika’s lower back. Soon, Rika had two fingers on her left hand pumping in and out of her wet little pussy from beneath her, while her right hand was flicking over her exposed clitoris. She was now fully committed to driving herself to an orgasm, with Yui’s hands all over her body.

“Love my gorgeous nipples Yui, I can orgasm very soon like this.”

Yui cradled Rika against her own beautiful nakedness, and was soon putting all of her focus into pleasing Rika’s beautiful hard nipples while the slurping sounds intensified. Yui whispered into Rika’s ear.

“Come for me darling Rika, make your sexy body explode on me. Love yourself into a delicious orgasm.”

Within seconds Rika’s body stiffened, her left hand pumped furiously, her right hand seemed to grip her clitoris, her legs began to shake. Soon, she let out a low moan, while between Yui’s legs streams of Rika’s juices were shooting out onto the bed to the same rhythm as the convulsions wracking her small body.

“Oh my, I’ve heard about this before, but I’ve never met anyone who could do it.”

Rika was a little embarrassed. Yui assured her it was the most amazing thing.

“Seriously, Rika chan, please don’t be embarrassed. I want you to do that on my face,” Yui whispered seductively into Rika’s ear.

Yui extricated herself from behind Rika’s limp body, and positioned herself between those slender, golden brown thighs. She gazed into Rika’s soaked pussy, amazed at the amount of juice that was on the bed and on her thighs. Yui licked the juice from Rika’s sexy thighs, and purred.

“Please come all over my face like this.”

Yui looked lovingly at Rika’s little pussy. She had never wanted to bury her face in another girl’s pussy as much as now. She gently and lovingly caressed Rika’s sensitive lips, separating them to gaze at the delicious pinkness inside. She began to lick her tongue all over Rika’s pussy, savoring the juices that still lingered, pushing her tongue inside, sucking one lip and then other into her mouth, sucking on the delicate little bud that now sent shivers through Rika’s very aroused body.

Again Rika’s hands assumed their previous positions, and Yui’s face was as close as she could get to Rika’s pussy. Within seconds she was arching her back, raising her bottom off the bed, which Yui gladly cupped in both her hands, and soon she was showering Yui’s beautiful face with streams of warm juice. Yui felt so sexy and dirty, she didn’t want it to end. Her mouth open, her eyes closed, drinking in the warm, sweet juices of this sexy girl.

When the convulsions subsided, Yui felt soaked. She knew she had Rika’s juice all over her face, in her hair, dripping down her chest and arms, and in her mouth. She crawled up to Rika, hovered her face over Rika’s. Rika knew what Yui was thinking, and opened her mouth to receive the juice dribbling from Yui’s sexy lips. She had tasted herself many times before, but she never imagined she would be drinking her juices from the mouth of another beautiful girl.

Once Yui had emptied her mouth into Rika’s, she kissed her so passionately. They transferred Rika’s juice from mouth to mouth for the next ten minutes, while Rika caressed Yui’s slippery face.

Both of them felt like they had entered a room from which there was no escape, even if they wanted to.

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