Subject: Young Ballers 8 Below is for submission to Adult/Youth- THANKS! Hey guys, sorry for the delay. The real world gets in the way of fantasy. Please email me. I love hearing from you guys. Was talking to one local fan (ryan) and we lost contact, please email me again bud. Also please find a few bucks to donate to Nifty to ensure that this archive keeps entertaining our cocks for years to come. None of the figures in this story are real people, nor should anyone try to do what’s depicted in this story. It’s just fantasy, so enjoy. ——————————————————— Tye was leaving the gym, a several hour off-season workout had him sweaty, tired and energized at the same time. Most of that energy was flowing over his smooth ebony 6’7 frame down to his fat football player cock, 10 inches of thick angry veiny cock always ready for action after an intense workout. He walked out of the facility in shorts and a shirt slung over his shoulder, revealing the slick muscled pecs and round belly. He slid into the back seat of the waiting Mercedes, a driver being one of his first hires after his first contract. He hated driving, and preferred to be free to relax during the 45 minute trips between his home and the team practice facility. “Afternoon Mr. Clark,” The driver said, a 21 year old light skinned black kid majoring in business at the local college Tye hired to help him pay for college. He was a good looking, well spoken, with a broad smile and kind eyes, the kind of boy you hoped to give your daughter over too one day. “Hey Gabe, intense workout today, crank the air up. No entertainment today?” Tye said sounding disappointed. Tye heard a giggle then a small boy popped his head from the passenger seat looking up at Tye and grinning, “Boo! Did I surprise ya?” the cute dark haired Eastern European boy asked. It was Daniel, the six year old boy Deondre had raped a month ago on his birthday. Daniel had since become a veritable pro at taking big black adult cock. Sure it still hurt his 1st grader butt, but he managed the pain, put on a good show, and ensured his new black daddies were happy. After his first rape, the Service dropped him off at an all black fraternity at the local college, letting the beautiful black college boys spend a weekend teaching Daniel every nasty act black men need little white boys to do. At one point he had two black cocks stuffed in his mouth, pissing straight into his stomach while two frat boys double fucked his hole. He felt like he would burst from being filled with some much “nigga love” as his new black daddies called it. “yes you surprised me baby boy,” Tye answered laughing at the cute little tyke he was about to rape, “You ready to give your nigga daddy some good lovin?” “Yes daddy Tye,” the boy said giggling, “Will I be enough for that big black cock?” “Oh I think you’re tiny little butt will be just enough to make me happy.” Just then Daniel’s giggling was joined by more giggles and another boy’s head appeared next to Daniels. A cute little mixed race kid, his mocha color skin revealing his white momma and black daddy. “This is Noah, he’s my new buddy. He’s five. I met him at the office place.” Daniel explained. Tye assumed the Service had paired Daniel with another little boy to make them a pair, a sexy boy fucking pedo cock draining pair. “Mmmm, Noah and Daniel hear to make my evening extra happy. Is that the plan?” Tye asked his large hand now massaging his crotch. “Yes Daddy Tye,” the two boys said in unison, giggling, before they turned to each other and kissed, their tiny tongues wiggling against each other for Tye to see. “Gabe, I’m a fucking lucky son of a bitch ain’t I?” Tye asked as the boys crawled into the back seat, still giggling. “Yes you are, sir.” Gabe asked as he pulled out of the parking lot to head home. Gabe was excited as all hell to have the job, it easily paid his tuition and room and board for driving a famous football player. The first time he realized his new boss was a kid fucker was a bit disturbing, having looked into the back seat to see a preschool kid nursing on Tye’s fat black cock while the man stared at his iPad. He had gone back to the dorm thinking he should quit; however, his own memories of having his pretty black butt fucked by a neighbor made him reconsider. Maybe other boys enjoyed it as much as he had when that college boy fucked his seven year old ass. So he stayed, smiled, and jerked off to the images he saw in the rearview mirror often. A man from the Service had showed up a couple days later to make sure Gabe was ok and not going to cause a problem. He wasn’t. Both small boys stripped their clothes off, leaving Tye in the backseat of the Mercedes with two naked little boys cuddled up to him. His large arms pulled them in close, hugging them, as they each found a muscled man tit and began eagerly nursing. Tye relaxed and leaned his head back enjoying the feel of innocent little white boy under his hands. His large hands found their small round butts and squeezed, causing each boy to giggle as they sucked their nigga daddy’s tits. The well trained Daniel began to push Tye’s shorts down with his hands and feet, never letting his tiny pink lips cease sucking. Tye wiggled until his shorts worked their way down a bit. “Hey Gabe, help a brother out.” Tye called. Gabe looked back to see the predicament, reached back, and pulled at the sweat soaked athletic shorts of his boss. Noah stopped sucking and looked down at the 10 inch thick veiny cock now standing proudly, ready to fuck little boy hole. “It’s so ugly and nasty,” Noah said, giggling, as his hand tried to wrap around the black adult cock. His body slid down until his face was in front of that nigga dick. “I know, isn’t it awesome Noah.” Daniel said as his body slid down to where Daniel was feeling Tye’s cock. Four tiny boy hands roamed over the black cock that so fascinated them. Two tiny tongues reached out and began licking up and down, their hands roaming down to the hefty balls slick with sweat. “Fuck boys, that’s it make your black daddy feel good.” Tye moaned his hands running through the hair of each boy, pushing them more into his cock. Daniel had extensive training at black cock sucking by now, but Noah was still new to all this. He hadn’t even started school, but his foster farther had seen his talent when he woke up one night with the kid exploring his şişli escort cock. If the kid was curious, the man figured he might as well satisfy the kid’s curiosity and his own thick cock. He turned the kid over and raped his throat, his black smelly adult balls slapping the 4yos forehead. The kid had whimpered and cried a bit, so he figured that would be it. Nope, next night kid was back feeling him up and obviously wanting it again. A few months of making sure the kid was into it by raping every hole and forcing the kid to eat his cock and ass, and the man figured the kid was good fodder for The Service, the company he did accounting for. Daniel had four inches of black cock in his mouth, while Noah had slipped down into the floorboard to suck on Tye’s balls. His tiny tongue cleaned every inch of the sweat and grime that practice had produced. Tye was feeling good, but he needed more. He pulled Daniel up to his mouth, letting his large tongue slide down the boy’s throat, kissing him deeply. His large black hands held onto each of Daniel’s six year old butt cheeks, spreading them wide to reveal the tiny pink hole that had accommodated dozens of black cocks in the last few months. “Noah, get your good buddy ready for my pedo cock.” Tye commanded before going back to playing tongue hockey with a first grader. Noah understood what this meant, it had been the last lesson they covered before leaving the office that day. Getting an ass ready meant to lick and suck on it, and use his tiny fingers, covered in spit, to push into a hole. The men in suits had him practice on five teenage boys bent over with sweaty holes exposed. He and Daniel then helped the boys cum by sucking them. He really liked his new job his foster father got him. Noah used his tongue and fingers to lube Daniel’s hole up. Daniel moaned into Tye’s mouth feeling his new friend eat his hole. No matter how much Noah licked, sucked, and fingered, Daniel’s hole was never going to be ready for what came next. “Back on my balls, you little bitch.” Tye commanded and Noah obeyed. He learned quickly that quick obedience to your black daddy’s was essential. Tye needed Daniel’s hole surrounding his cock. He lined up his rod with the boy’s hole and pushed up as his hands pulled the boy down. Five inches quickly disappeared and the kid cried out, the pain of black cock rape always surprising him. Gabe looked back in the mirror to see his boss raping a six year old boy as he drove. The large black cock was obviously spreading the boys tiny butt. Gabe could see the top of Noah’s head, undoubtedly bathing those black nuts with his 5yo tongue. Gabe and Tye made eye contact in the mirror, Tye smiled broadly as he tongue hung out, then blew his driver a kiss. Gabe smiled and returned back to the road, his cock aching. Tye bounced the boy up and down, now shoving a good 7-8 inches up into the boy. The luxury car was filled with the crying and whimpering of Daniel, the boy begging the football star to stop. Daniel only half meant of it, he had been taught how men like Tye loved to hear boys beg, cry, and whimper; however, this shit really hurt his tiny butt. Tye was rough, loved it rough in fact, and loved watching his thick cock obscenely stretch the butt or mouth of a little boy. He pulled Daniel into him, his powerful arms wrapping around the boy. The boy drooled onto and cried out into the lineman’s shoulder as the 10inch nigga dick thrust up into him. The tightness of the 6yo ass and the warm 5yo mouth massaging his balls made him pound harder. Gabe desperately tried to focus on driving, keeping the car in the right lane, as he rubbed his cock listening to a 1st grader cry out from a violent fuck. Tye panted heavily, his fucking becoming more intense. “You like that little fag boy?” he whispered into the boys ear. Woven into Daniel’s whimpers and whining he heard the sexy and desperate “uh huh” of a boy who craved the power of black cock. “That’s my sweet little boy, daddy gonna…ugh…fill that..ugh…sweet little mother fucking faggot hole,” Tye grunted loudly as he shoved almost all of his cock deep inside the tiny butt, spilling his pedo-jock load inside. Daniel stayed still, feeling the massive black cock twitch and throb inside him. His breathing was heavy and labored as he recovered from the intense fuck. The people at the office kept telling him he’d get used to it, but Daniel was beginning to suspect 6yo boy holes never get used to horse hung black men. “Noah, clean that shit off little nigga,” Tye moaned out as he recovered. He felt Noah grab his cock and gently pull, his cock sliding out of the freshly fucked first grade hole. Tye felt the cool air on his cock followed by the small soft mouth cleaning up the cum and six year old ass juices. Noah nursed on that black cock, milking it for more cum like they taught him. “Now crawl up here and clean out your new best buddy’s hole I made a mess of.” Tye ordered as he pulled Daniel onto all fours over his lap, so he could watch up close a five year old boy eating his load from a freshly raped 1st graders ass. “We’re almost there boss,” Gabe said from the front seat, turning into the gated community. He looked back and saw the sweet preschool boy tongue the other kids hole, that tiny pink tongue covered in his boss’s pedo cum. “Good, I’ll recover by then and fuck another one of these little boys.” Tye commented, “Baby, is your little friend up for my cock?” Daniel was recovering but remembered what he was told, “Yes Mr. Tye, but they say you have to be careful since he’s so small, he’s only had fingers and stuff inside him.” Tye nodded and smiled, always enjoying throwing a fuck to someone who hadn’t even started school yet.”You gotta be somewhere?” Tye asked of Gabe. “Nah boss, I’m good.” “Good, I wanna go grab a bite after I finish fucking these boys.” Tye responded as he got out of the car, he and two little boys walking naked through the garage. “You want some of this or you gonna sit outside and jerk off listening to me rape these little fags again?” “Thanks, but I’m good sire. Just gonna watch some tv.” Gabe responded feeling uncomfortable. Tye laughed and led the boys through the house, thankfully the wife wasn’t home. Not that she cared, millions of dollars and a hot gardener meant she just rolled her eyes when she say her husband leading a naked boy to his sivas escort bedroom. Tye grabbed his phone and dialed. Gabe sat in the living room. Tye was in the bedroom, 20 feet away, fucking two very little boys. Gabe’s cock was out, slicked up with his own spit. He slowly stroked his slender young cock listening to what sounded like Noah crying and screaming as Tye was fucking him. He guessed Tye didn’t really know what “gentle” meant when it came to fucking little boys. He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of pedo-kid sex, his whole body on fire with lust. Gabe was in mid stroke when he felt a pair of firm hands grab his 21yo shoulders, slowly massaging them. His eyes flew open and turned around. Standing there was a teenage white boy dressed in a dirty baseball uniform. Gabe looked up at the handsome kid, perfect teeth, blue eyes, and spikey blonde hair. “Sorry I’m so sweaty and dirty, I was at baseball practice when Tye called. He said you needed some help. I’m Nick.” The boy said as he reached for Gabe’s shoulders again. “I’m good dude, I need to get out to the car.” Gabe tried to slip his cock back in and get up.”Dude, sit the fuck down,” Nick grabbed Gabe’s shoulders pulling him back in the chair, “You don’t have a choice faggot. Fucking sick fuck sitting here stroking your cock while Tye rapes some sweet little boy, but you won’t give into what you want. You fucking pussy.” Gabe couldn’t believe how aggressive this kid was. The kid massaged Gabe’s shoulders, “take that fucking brown cock back out!” the kid ordered. Gabe did as he was ordered, returning to stroking. “Mmmm, listen to that kid, Tye must be giving it to him good. I got a little brother at home that sounds just like that every night before I got to bed,” the kid laughed and leaned in closer. Gabe could smell the sweaty musk surrounding him. It was making him hornier. “Get up and come here.” The kid was full of demands, but Gabe did as commanded, the 21yo college student a slave to this teenager. The kid pulled Gabe to his knees and pressed his face into his crotch, the rough sweat soaked white baseball pants warm to the touch. “That’s it, get a nice big sniff of my 15yo cock. Tye said you need a little encouragement, learn it’s ok to fuck us kids. We all need it dude, stop being such a fucking pussy and enjoy what you know you want.” The kid pulled his pants down revealing a respectable 7inch cut cock with a nice mushroom head. This time Nick didn’t even command, he just pulled Gabe onto his cock, forcing his teen dick down the college guy’s throat. Gabe was overwhelmed by the smell of sweat and funk and by hard his cock was. Liberation was very erotic. Nick grabbed either side of Gabe’s head and began throat raping the guy. Nick fucked guys on some occasions though he really was about little boy pussy, something his teammates kidded him about. As much as they kidded him, at least half of his teammates had come over to his way of thinking as soon as they dipped their jock cocks into the ass of a 4th grader. He met Tye about 5 years ago when he was bent over taking the celebrity jock’s cock at a sec party his uncle was hosting. Tye later found out Nick was a good baseball player and got hard for little boy ass and became good friends. Nick pulled Gabe up spun him around pulled his slacks down revealing the young black college stud’s tight ass. Gabe heard Nick spit and then he cried out as he felt Nick shove his whole cock inside him. Gabe’s screams competed with Noah’s. While Gabe wasn’t a virgin, it had been more than a decade since the neighbor molested him. “Fuck yeah, tight little college boy ass. Is this what you fantasize about? Young sophomore jock boy fucking your pathetic ass? Like this fag? Or is there something else you were sitting in Tye’s living room fantasizing about? What was it you fucking piece of shit?!!!!” The kid demanded to know, thrusting deep with each syllable. “I was…oh god stop..I was…ugh…I was thinking about watching a little boy suck my cock.” Gabe confessed in between his cries of pain. “That’s what I figured, you’re a pedo just like me and Tye you piece of shit. Pretty guy like you can have all the boys you want, just gotta ask.” Nick soothed as he slowed his thrusts inside the adult hole he was fucking. Daniel was thankful Nick slowed down, but then he felt a mouth engulf his cock. He opened his tear-filled eyes to see a small boy sucking his cock, his small hands palming his 21yo balls. The soft innocent lips of the boy slid over his hard college cock. Gabe couldn’t get over how silky the kid’s mouth was. “You enjoying my little brother, Gabe? enjoying that you finally feel how awesome little boys give head. He walks over from school every day to watch me practice, so that he can take care of his big brother on the ride home, cause he loves his big brother, don’t ya buddy?: Nick asked reaching down to ruffle the kid’s silky blonde hair. “Fuck yes, Nicky.” The little boy obscenely answered before going back to town on Gabe’s cock. “Dear god he’s good,” Gabe moaned feeling the length of his cock slide down the 9yo’s throat. The boy was an old hand at sucking cock, having started in 1st grade. Almost as soon as Nick got his first hard on, he had his little bro taking care of them. At this point he had licked the sweat from the balls and eaten the cum of half of Nick’s teammates, just as he did every day after school and practice with his mom oblivious to the molesting going on in the backseat of her suburban and the upstairs of her McMansion. “Yeah bud, I taught this sexy little slut everything he knows.” Nick said as he slid his young teen cock from Gabe’s ass. Nick pulled his little bro off the man’s cock and pushed him over the arm of the $10,000 leather couch, the cold of the leather shocking the hot little 9yo body. His butt was perfectly placed befitting its perfect little heart shape, so round and pale and so alluring it almost called out to pedo cock to fuck it. “Fuck him dude.” Nick ordered as he positioned Gabe behind the smaller boy. He was so commanding and had such a sexy masculinity it was hard to remember he couldn’t even drive yet. “I don’t know he’s so small.” Gabe hesitated, his cock so hard and willing, but his brain still doing too much thinking. “Bitch, weren’t you the one getting off listening to a preschool kid cry as a tree trunk opened up his ass? How many times sıhhiye escort have you jerked off listening to the boss rape a little boy? Too fucking many, its time you experienced what these little boys crave, what my little whore bro begs me to do to him all the time!” Nick’s reasoning was unassailable, however he stretched the truth a bit. His little brother did not beg for it. It was hard to imagine Nick thought having to chase the little 9yo angel around the house and pinning him down to fuck him could be seen as “begging”. “You’re hard as fuck right now, and we can all still hear the kid Tye has crying begging that fucking nigga to stop. Do it man.” Nick said grabbing Gabe’s cock with a hand full of lube. The cool lube and the firm grasp of the teen boy drew Gabe closer to the 9yo hole he was only just now admitting he wanted. All those nights laying in his dorm room stroking to pictures of little boys and stories of men fucking them led him to this moment. All those times he watched as his boss molested little boys, telling himself that it was the sounds of sex that were getting him horny, not the pleading sounds little boys made while being molested or the intense way sweaty little boys smelled. Gabe let go and pushed in, his 21yo cock sinking balls deep up the 9yo’s ass. The boy screamed out and Nick’s cock throbbed as it always did when he watched another hot guy fuck his little brother. Nick hopped over the back of the couch and laid down until his crotch was under his bro’s face, his muscular jock legs hanging over the back and end of the couch. “Time to take care of your favorite toy slut.” The boy stopped crying just long enough let his big bro’s cock slide into his mouth and down the throat. Nick loved feeling the tyke moan and whimper around his cock as he got raped by a buddy. “That’s it Gabe, fuck him with that black cock. Fuck him hard.” Gabe held onto the boy’s hips, jamming his cock into the boys hole hard. Each time he went balls deep the boy cried out around his brother’s cock. He started pulling out, rubbing his cock on the pale 9yo ass before jamming it back in. Gabe heard Tye’s grunting and the kid screaming get louder for a moment as the door to the bedroom opened up and Daniel walked out, still naked and beautiful. He quietly closed the door behind him. “Tye’s not paying attention to me, all he wants to do is rape Noah. Can I play with you guys?” The beautiful 6yo boy asked walking up to the couch. “Fuck yeah bitch. Come here” Nick said beckoning the boy over to his cock he slid from his little bro’s mouth. Daniel mounted Nick’s 15yo cock, slowly easing his tiny hole down over the thick teen cock. Nick grew a bit impatient at Daniel’s slow progress, grabbed the boy’s hips, and pulled down forcing his cock balls deep in the 1st graders hole. Nick was too horny at this point. Usually he had busted two loads by this time of day: one down the throat of his little brother in the back of the suburban while his mom sang to the radio and another as soon as he could force his bro to lay down on his bed and accept his teen cock up his ass. Nick used his firm hands to force the boy down on his cock, fucking him furiously. Gabe was inspired by the show in front of him and began matching Nick’s speed of boy fucking, synchronizing their rape of elementary kids. The two fuckers grew closer to cumming, boy ass milking their cocks for their creamy reward. Nick started to grunting hard, fucking up into the boy, Daniel thrashing around like a rag doll as the teen jock used his 6yo hole. Nick roared as his virile cum flooded the 1st grader. Gabe couldn’t hold back any longer and made one last thrust inside, spilling his now pedo seed deep into a underage boy for the first time. Both tops panted heavily as their two cum dumps whimpered and moaned, thankful the fuck was over. They barely noticed the door to Tye’s bedroom open and the clear sobbing of a child filling the room. Tye walked out with the kid’s hand desperately wrapped around the black man’s neck, trying not to fall. Tye held Noah’s outstretched legs under his arms while his massive hands palmed each tiny butt cheek. The kid’s butt was spread obscenely wide, the thick black fuck stick was clearly destroying this little preschool butt. Tye walked up to Gabe, who stared through hazy eyes at his boss with a 5yo impaled on his cock. Tye lifted the boy up slightly letting his cock fall free and a ruined boy hole bursting with cum fill Gabe’s eyes. “Clean him up Gabe. Dropped two large loads up in this tyke, he’ll be able to take whatever the Service wants him to take now.” Tye said. Gabe leaned in, burying his face in 5yo butt and black pedo cum. He tongue traced the crack of the boy before diving into the stretched out hole. Thick white cum flowed into his mouth, the smell of sweaty black man and tiny boy filling his nose and brain. Gabe realized that this was a way better high than pot. Tye let go of the boy and allowed Noah and Gabe to collapse to the floor, the man’s mouth never leaving the tiny hole it was feasting on. Tye was still hard. “Hey Nick, thanks for coming over and helping my driver get over himself. I would have done it but I didn’t want to have to share my boys. Still hard though, you mind if I fuck your little brother?” Tye asked though Nick understood it wasn’t really a request. Nick and his brother were sex toys for Tye’s use. Tye supplied Nick with lots of cash and little boy hole, the gravy train was hard to get off of. “Sure bro, fuck him hard.” Nick responded pulling his cock from Daniel. The 9yo boy laid on the floor and Tye hovered over him settling into a deep but slow rape of his 4th grade butt. Soon Noah, Gabe, and Nick sat on the couch, their hands all over each other as they watched their boss fuck. Daniel, always the helper, had maneuvered behind Tye to shove his 6yo face into the black man’s melon sized butt cheeks, his tiny tongue scooping the black man’s sweat into his mouth. Gabe was a changed man after that, and Tye upped his Service order most days to treat his driver. A week later Gabe drove his boss home with a 7yo Latino boy riding his cock and pretending to drive while Tye sat in the back seat his black tongue eating out an upside down Noah’s ass with the boys mouth and throat impaled on that black cock. Gabe couldn’t believe he was working his way through college driving a celebrity and fucking little boys. ——————————————- As always this is pure fantasy for your pervy enjoyment. I love hearing from you guys, your fantasies and thoughts inspire more stories. I feel like I might have another few chapters in my with this before moving on. Please also donate to Nifty!!

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