Subject: Young Ballers 21 Here’s part of a new addition to the Young Ballers universe. I always appreciate my Nifty readers who have been loyal to this series over the past 5 years. If you’d like to read the other part of this story and others or join me on NewTumbl, please feel free to email me. I love hearing from fans, especially what you most like about stories. As always, this story is entirely fictional and you should not try any of the acts described. If you are under 18, please do not read this. Also, please donate to Nifty, they have provided authors like me an outlet for our writing and a place to grow. This site is a great resource for writers in addition to all the wonderful stroke material it provides. Corey was beat, aching from a long overtime game against one of their bigger rivals. No one would eventually care much about the loss once they made it to the tournament, but for the moment he was almost crying he was so tired. He’d tried to sleep on the bus ride back to school, but couldn’t overcome the blood rushing through his brain. He’d played almost 30 minutes and been booed as he left the arena. Corey was known for being a dirty player, something his coach only partially tried to pull him back on. He threw elbows, “accidently” racked a player earlier in the year, screamed and cursed, and whispered disturbing shit into opponents ears. He was a jerk and knew it. His teammates loved his play, hated his tantrums: thrown towels and water bottles anytime he was benched or a call didn’t go his way. Looking at him, you’d see a sweet clean shaven boy with a timid smile. But when he had a basketball in his hand, he was a real son of a bitch. “Fuck you, old man” was his standard name for refs. He referred to most of his teammates simply as “hey, faggot” and generally gave the fans a “fuck you” look when they came anywhere near him. Despite being athletic with luxurious caramel skin and a talent destined for the NBA, the groupies stayed away. No future million dollar husband or 10inch cock was worth Corey’s attitude. Most assumed he was just another angry young man with a chip on his shoulder who had been spoiled all his life. He had been spoiled by coaches and teachers, but otherwise had no reason to be upset with his comfortable suburban upbringing. He was just a dick, and was ok with that. He slid his worn out 6’5 body through the door to his dorm room and dropped his bag. He raised his arms and sniffed at his pits, it was raw and heady. He hadn’t showered since the day before yesterday. He thought about a shower, but knew Kyle hated when he showered. The stud looked down at his bed and saw Kyle exactly where he was after every game or practice, laid out on his dorm bed in pink boxer briefs and nothing else. The 3rd grader was asleep, his blonde hair smeared over the pillow in waves and gentle curls. His body was deeply tanned from the hours he spent on his bike and on the little league fields. Stark tan lines cut him at the knees and around his shoulders, gentle browns against stark whites. His lips were slightly apart, breathing slowly, red and shiny from the passionate little boy he was. Corey was a dick, except to one person. Other players had whores, boys and girls of all ages they fucked their joys and frustrations into. The closest thing Corey had to a best friend, the quarterback on the football team, fucked infants thanks to his Service connection. Corey had been offered it all, the full catalogue of little boy to grown woman sex even as the Service wondered if his mean streak would be a problem. Corey had turned them down. Corey found what he was looking for in a Starbucks line. Kyle had been 7 then, had ridden his bike the two blocks to Starbucks for a Frappuccino. Corey had stood behind him, staring at the nape of his neck, the reddened skin that shined with sweat. Sweaty locks of boy hair slipped from beneath a ball cap, and the smell of fresh perspiration and unclean boy wafted up to the 17yo. Corey was about to be a senior in high school, and when Kyle turned around and smiled up at him, he fell in love. His 10inches of basketball playing cock throbbed a little too, wondering if the boy’s lips were as soft as they looked. Corey crept over to his bed, quietly pulled his t-shirt off exposing his thick sculpted chest. Wiry hair swept over his chest, thick black nipples standing out against the heat of the room. The room was dark, faint light from the parking lot casting young Kyle in a faint glow. Corey leaned down and ran his hand along the boys thigh, the boy’s skin warm against his own. His fingers glided down into the moist bend of the boy’s knee and over his calf. Kyle’s eyes opened and the boy looked up to Corey with puckered lips. Corey leaned in and planted his 19yo mouth on the boy who made his life whole. It had started with Corey saying “hey” to the boy as Kyle turned to order. The 7yo boy turned back around quickly and said “hi” before turning back to order his mocha Frappucino with extra chocolate syprup. Well, he likes chocolate, that’s a start, Corey had joked in his head. He smiled and perved on the boy’s ass, two firm hand-fulls covered in silky red shorts. Corey had Starbucks every day until little Kyle showed up on his bike again. His face flushed and his hair and clothes drenched from the sprinklers the boy had ridden through on the hot July afternoon. The boy’s shirt and shirts stuck to every nook and crevice of his body. Corey realized he was technically stalking the boy, but had already decided this was the end, that he wouldn’t come back. I just have to see him again, was all Corey thought about. Corey was a jerk, even back in high school, but someone in the universe loved him. All the tables were taken in the Starbucks, and a sweet innocent little 7yo boy remembered Corey from the days before. “Can I sit here, mister?” Those were the words that rang in Corey’s brain, that still made him tingle when he thought about it. Corey had bursa escort stumbled out a “sure” that he hoped sounded cool and nonchalant. Kyle sat sipping his chocolate concoction through pursed lips and staring at his phone. Corey tried to seem disinterested, but his eyes kept slipping over his phone to the boy. With one furtive eye look, he saw Kyle’s baby blues staring back at him, grinning. The boy asked him what grade Corey was in, and the conversation moved on from there. They walked out together an hour later. Corey offered the boy a ride home. Kyle agreed and Corey dropped the boy’s bike into the back of his pickup truck. Kyle talked about his school and his little league team. He played first base. Corey tried to drive but also find time to admire the boy’s legs, dangling off the seat with his shorts riding higher and higher on his thighs. Kyle made the first real move and placed his hand on Corey’s. The teen jock had flinched, but then wrapped the boys hand in his own. The teen parked in the back of a large city park, pulled Kyle into his lap, the two made out lustily. They hadn’t stopped making out since. Now, Corey’s hands slid up and down the 9yo’s body. The boy had grown only slightly in the past two years, his smooth body still perfect and tasty. Kyle’s small tongue slid into the basketball stud’s mouth, tasting the sweetness of grape sports drink and feeling his boyfriends haggard breath. “How was the game?” Kyle asked between licks of Corey’s broad red lips. “We lost.””I’m sorry baby. ” Kyle reached out to cup Corey’s crotch, welcome heat and hardness through the cotton and nylon of a jock and shorts. Kyle always wanted to comfort Corey, to ease him. He knew his lover was an ass, saw the news and ESPN talking heads raging about it. Kyle never saw this himself, only the soft spoken man that wilted when he felt those little boy lips against his, or the 9yo’s hands grabbing and pulling at his cock. Corey kissed the boy again, 9yo hands grabbing the waistband of his shorts and pulling them down. The 19yo stud climbed into bed, his 6’5 200 pound body overflowing the single bed. Kyle snuggled up to him, buried his face in the hot hairy chest of his man. Corey pulled the boy into him, felt his skin stick to the boy’s. The stud leaned down and kissed the top of Kyle’s head, then breathed in deep the smell of shampoo. Kyle’s legs were restless, sliding over and between Corey’s own massive legs. The curly hairs on the man’s legs tickled the boy’s feet causing him to giggle into the warm safety of Corey’s chest. Corey turned against the limits of the bed and cold wall to his right. He slid onto his back and pulled Kyle up onto him, the boy’s 65 pounds squirming above him. The boy’s pink boxer briefs slid wonderfully against Corey’s jock, his fat black cock pressing up against Kyle’s own timid erection. Corey pressed on the boy’s shoulders, and Kyle knew what he needed. The 3rd grader shimmied down. His lips kissed and licked over Corey’s hairy abs, his tongue sliding into the studs belly button. Finally, Kyle was face to cock, pressing his smiling cheek against the raging heat barely contained by white cotton. The fabric was sticky, damp against his face. He inhaled deeply for the familiar stench of Corey’s crotch. It was the smell Kyle dreamed about every night in bed and every day in school. Kyle’s tiny hands slid up into the jock. His fingers danced around the wet spaces between Corey’s thighs and his nuts. Those little league fingers danced around and probed into tight spots. Kyle pulled his right hand out and shoved his fingers in his mouth, tasting the funk and stray hairs that Corey offered. Corey looked down at his boy greedily feeding off the sweat and nastiness produced by a game and two practices. The light filtering through the blinds accentuated the child’s silky hair, revealed the way he delicately licked and sucked each finger before shoving his hand back into the trench that was his crotch. Corey had always been embarrassed by his stench, the intensity that his body produced when he perspired no matter how much he washed, used deodorant, or lotioned his skin up. The first time he and Kyle had sex he had wondered if Kyle would turn his nose up to his smelly cock and balls. The sun was setting, and Corey had been at basketball practice until he picked the boy up from his elementary school playground. They sat cuddling in the driver’s seat of the pickup, Kyle’s hands rubbing, teasing Corey’s hard cock. Corey had decided to go for broke and gently guided Kyle to his crotch. The boy had been watching non-stop porn to be ready for whatever Corey wanted. He was excited to be inches from the crotch of the man he loved. Corey watched the boy sniff, waited for him to recoil, but he didn’t. Kyle sniffed, smiled, licked his 7yo lips, and then dove in like a boy possessed. If Corey hadn’t fallen madly in love with Kyle in Starbucks that day, he definitely would have looking down at a sweet blonde 7yo with a mouth full of sweaty black cock and a huge smile in his blue eyes. The image of a 7yo, then 8yo, and now 9yo sucking Corey’s big black cock was repeated on a weekly basis for the next two years. Kyle had stuggled at first with all 10 inches, but eagerly learned, got better. Corey realized he couldn’t develop a relationship with a 7yo boy without help, so he finally contacted the Service to see what they could do. All it took was committing to the local college, a surprise to the entire NCAA who assumed he would go to a big program, and a little money to figure out a way to make the boy available. Thankfully, Kyle was a gifted athlete, and so an internship and coaching opportunity was invented for Kyle to which his dad eagerly agreed. He assumed his gorgeous little boy was at the university being coached by the brightest baseball minds they had. That happened occasionally, but mostly the boy was in Corey’s dorm being made love to, or simply doing his homework bursa escort bayan cuddled up to his 6’5 jock boyfriend. Tonight Kyle was at a special retreat for future baseball stars as far as his dad knew, and NOT rubbing his sweet face in the jock covered crotch of a star in college basketball. Kyle’s dad believed that his son just smelled that bad after an intense workout with the coaches, that it wasn’t from shoving his face into the sweaty crotch and ass of his boyfriend. Corey ran his fingers through Kyle’s locks, grabbing them and smearing his face even harder into his cock. The 3rd grader now had both hands wrapped around black cock, stroking it as he sucked on it through the white cotton. Corey slid his hands over his own body while Kyle began to pull at the straps of his jock, freeing his 10inches to sway in the warm room in front of the boy’s face. The teen stud pinched his own nipples, grinding them between his fingertips, moaning at the pain and the feeling of a 9yo tongue sliding up the ridge of his cock. The tall black stud raised his head and looked down at his boy. Corey reached down and lifted the boy’s face. Slivers of light reflected off the boy’s eyes and his perfect white teeth, a small gap in the front when he lost one last week. Corey smiled at his beautiful boy, Kyle smiled back, the black cock in both his hands, slowly masturbating then stud. “I love you baby boy,” Corey whispered to Kyle. Corey was a jerk, except to the one person that mattered in his world. “I love you to Corey,” Kyle responded then took a long slow lick up his man’s cock, beads of precum slipping onto his small tongue as it swirled on the top. Corey sighed and let his head fall back, moaning in repeated whispers how much he loved Kyle. Kyle had his teen stud’s cock head in his mouth, gently nursing as he stroked. The boy loved the taste. He had been hooked the first time he pulled on Corey’s cock and a single drop of cloudy precum had appeared at the top. Kyle greedily ate it, and then any fluid Corey offered after that, sweat, precum, cum, piss. Kyle writhed between Corey’s outstretched legs, small white body between two large black tree limbs. The boy noisily worked inch after inch down his throat, gurgles and coughs and moans as the mushroom head sealed off his air passage and slid further down his throat. The kid was never satisfied until Corey’s damp pubes tickled his nose. Corey rocked and rotated his hips slowly, fucking up into his lover’s mouth. His jock now dangled on his ankle, the little leaguer had full access to his crotch, rough tight curls of hair overflowing his balls and thighs. Kyle pulled back to catch his breath, stroking the full 10 inches, and rubbing his face in the wet mat of pubic hair. The basketball star sat up and pulled his cock from his 3rd grade boyfriend’s mouth. His hand wrapped around the boy’s arm and pulled him to the top of the bed as he slid lower. Kyle felt the strength and intensity of Corey’s grip, forceful but loving. Kyle never felt safer than with Corey, his young body vulnerable and available to every one of Corey’s needs. Corey towered over the boy, looked down at his thick cock dangling over the boy’s pink underwear. He could feel it’s heft, the weight of the cum he’d saved for two days making his nuts sag. He reached back and grabbed the boy’s ankles, flipping the 3rd grader’s legs back with little effort. The boy looked up at his own ankles and felt his butt pointed to the sky and the hungry mouth of his boyfriend. Two large black hands used to palming basketballs slid over the tight blobs of a 9yo’s ass. He pulled the white bands of the boxer briefs up and back to reveal the greatest boy ass God ever made, Corey was sure of it. In all the kiddie porn and kiddie clothes ads he’d jerked off to since he was 13, he’d never been more mesmerized by the two white globes of boy flesh staring back at him right then. Hairless, blemish free, and possessing the tiniest, cutest pink hole ever seen. The hole was less perfect now. You can’t shove a 10inch baseball bat up a little kid’s hole on a weekly basis for two years and still be pristine. It was still pink and delicious, but clearly had been stretched out by Corey’s needs and energies. Corey spread the boy’s cheeks wider then licked the crack of the boy’s ass; a full day of school, recess, and a bike ride over to the campus giving it that innocent boy funk that Corey had smelled on the boy the first day. Corey’s long tongue was an often commented on feature on the court, the disgusting display hanging out lewdly when he’d made an impossible shot. Commentators hated it; Kyle loved it, especially as it slithered around his 3rd grade hole. The 6’5 stud held onto the boy, munching on that 9yo butt, nibbling on the edges of his boy hole, making the kid wince and squirm. He pushed the tongue inside, an inch then two, fucking his well-used hole. Kyle moaned and grabbed at Corey’s head, wanting him deeper inside. The 19yo stud smeared his face in the boy’s butt, making out with the hole, kissing and probing. He reared back and began full on tongue fucking the boy, pulling the boy onto his tongue. The boy grunted and cooed at the rocking of his body and fucking of his 9yo ass.”I love the taste of your ass, Kyle, so fucking good baby. Got it so sweaty for me baby, love you so much.” Kyle wiggled and bounced his ass. He loved when Corey talked to him so sweetly, made him feel so sexy and loved. Corey latched on and started sucking, his teeth gingerly sinking into the area around the boy’s smooth pussy. The man’s tongue tickled the 9yo’s hole as the suction grew. Corey reached forward and grabbed the boy’s cock, 2 inches of uncut wood. Kyle moaned then began to whine as the pressure and pleasure built. Corey slurped on underage boy hole, dragging the essence of the boy’s pussy out onto his tongue. “Stop Corey,” Kyle whined. Corey only grinned inside, he knew Kyle’s tone when he really wanted escort bursa him to stop something. That “Stop Corey” was 9yo boy code for “molest me more daddy” which Corey gladly did, leaving a hickey on the boy’s taint. Corey eventually released and looked at the mark he left on the boy’s ass, an area he know only he’d see, a mark by a pedophile for his little boy. The stud’s spit oozed from the stretched 9yo hole, ready for a good fucking. Corey was never able to press the mushroom head of his nigga dick against Kyle’s hole without thinking of the first time almost 2 years ago, the first time he felt Kyle’s warm butt against his cock. The kid had screamed and cried, begging Corey to stop after only the first inch. Corey knew he was thick, and didn’t blame the boy, but Corey was too in love with the 7yo angel to stop. He pressed on, slowly but with authority. He cooed in the boy’s ears the entire time, telling him how much he loved him, how beautiful he was. Kyle had stunk of little league practice, a grimy salty scent that had made the boy’s first rape even more enjoyable for Corey. He licked the boy’s salty skin, and pressed his teenage cock into the boy, the high school pedophile and 7yo little league star lost their virginity together against the cool brick wall of Kyle’s elementary school. Corey kneeled between Kyle’s nimble legs, ran his hands over the boy’s legs. Kyle’s breaths were deep and quick, his body flushed from pleasure his pedophile lover always gave him. The boy looked up at the dark god of an athlete, the young man that caused his stomach to tingle and eyes to brighten. Kyle had hated those first few months of deep rapes by the monster cock that bounced in front of him, but he endured because he loved Corey from the moment he turned around in Starbucks. The memories of the frantic rapes when he was 7 now made him hard, excited. The boy loved when Corey became a beast and took what was his. Corey grabbed the boy’s ankles with one hand and pushed Kyle’s legs back to expose his 9yo hole. He could not see the kid’s hole, but he swirled his cock around until he felt the slimy indentation, the tight little pucker that seemed to be made for his cock. “Take it my beautiful little fucker.” Corey shoved it in, the head and several inches slicing into the boy’s butt. Kyle winced, his 3rd grade body twisting in the pain that he now craved anytime he wasn’t with Corey. “That’s it baby, let daddy in.” Kyle had no choice, tried to relax his body. His hands reached for Corey’s hips, to pull him in despite the agony of thick black cock violating his little boy hole. Kyle’s need for Corey defied any sense of logic, morality, or good sense. The boy craved the 6’5 black jock. Corey bottomed out, his smooth ball sack stuck to the boy’s sweat soaked butt. The man and the boy shivered in pedophile bliss. Corey could feel the young boy’s hole agonizing and twitching to accommodate him. Even when he could fuck the boy on a daily basis during summer break, the kid’s butt never loosened, always snug and fever hot. Corey was thankful for that. The massive black body began to rock slowly. Kyle’s head tossed from side to side, his blonde waves slid and writhed around the pillow. The 9yo’s mouth open and uttering the most beautiful little boy moans and grunts that rose up from the boy’s core, all the pain and love culminating in the beautiful music of pedophile sex. Corey was in a steady rhythm now, a slow driving push. He leaned into the boy, his butt muscles flexing and opening. The lines and curves of his arms contracted and turned, his dark body rocked into the 9yo. Kyle was just moaning “please” over and over again. Corey smiled and brushed the boy’s sweaty blonde locks form his face. “It’s all you want, isn’t it baby, all you want is my cock inside of you, you beautiful little whore. I love you so much you sexy little fuck. Wish I had started fucking you as a baby, that I had never known anything but raping your angelic little butt. Fuck baby, I goddamn love you.” It was the closest Corey could ever get to romantic poetry. Kyle loved every syllable, his 9yo cock flopping with every thrust of the black cock inside him. Corey rocked faster, his thrusts long and driving. The full 10 inches slammed inside the boy. The smack of his black balls against 9yo ass, the grunts of man and boy, overflowed the room and slid down the hall for anyone who cared to listen. “I’m gonna nut baby, I’m gonna nut in ur pretty little butt.” That black 10inch cock swelled and Corey’s sack tightened up close. He pulled out quickly and managed one stroke of his cock using Kyle’s ass juices before a spray of teen jock cum rained down onto the boy. Globs of thick white cum landed on his face, those pink lips, and over the boy’s tiny nipples. Corey loved seeing his little boy covered in his cum. The stud quickly shoved his cock back inside the boy before he tightened up too much. He buried his cock deep in little boy warmth and leaned forward to kiss his lover. He kissed and fucked the boy deep. Corey licked his own cum from the boy’s body and face, feeding it to the boy in little white globs that hung from his adult tongue. Kyle eagerly sucked the salty globs into his mouth and swallowed them. He accepted whatever Corey offered him, always. Kyle wrapped his arms and legs around the massive jock still balls deep inside him. He hugged the man tight, pulled him in deeper. His 9yo fingers rubbed and massaged against the firm sweaty body. The small dorm room had grown increasing hot and humid as the two fucked. Corey pulled back from Kyle, their faces inches apart. Both panted into each other’s faces. Corey ground his cock in deep making Kyle wince. Corey smiled at the control he had over the boy. “I love you, Corey.” The 9yo’s words were quiet and gentle. “Love you too, boo. Can you spend the night?” Kyle shook his head. He was on an overnight practice retreat with the other little leaguers who were entirely made up. Corey turned over and pulled the boy with him, the two making out as the university bell tower chimed midnight. I hope you enjoyed. Want more? Email me. I do love hearing from fans and what you like most about the stories.

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