You Might Meet a Stranger


You Might Meet a StrangerShe watched herself in the big mirror behind the bar as she took a sip of her drink, then shifted her eyes to the man on the far side of the club. Watching him watch her. Watching him want her. It was a strange, exciting feeling. Making her heart pound. Making her very aware of herself and how she moved. Making her a little afraid and a lot aroused. Standing as he was in the shadows, she couldn’t see much detail. Short hair, broad shoulders and a strong body that filled out his suit very nicely. A sexy smile that crooked up one corner of a strong, sensual mouth. White teeth that flashed in a knowing grin as he caught her watching him in the mirror. She blushed furiously and dropped her gaze, fidgeting with an earring, her hair, the buttons on her blouse. Anything but look at him. She risked a quick peek and saw him talking to another man, his eyes still on her, smiling for her. She found herself smiling in return before she dropped her gaze to her hands, flustered and alarmed. What the hell was she doing? This was crazy! She didn’t ever do this kind of thing! It was safer to stick with her friends. Safer not to tempt fate. Safer not to encourage him. God, she was so tired of safe! Deciding it was time to leave, she stood and ran her hands down her skirt, smoothing it back in place along her thighs and hips. Shaking her hair back over her shoulder, she looked for him in the mirror one last time, but he had disappeared. She didn’t know whether she was relieved or disappointed. Shaking her head at herself, she picked up her purse and began to make her way through the sea of people in the dark, noisy club. Spotlights strobed across the dance floor and people shouted to be heard over the band. Barely able to make out the side exit she headed that general direction, squeezing through the press and out past the bouncer. The noise cut off abruptly as the door shut behind her. The resulting quiet was as loud as thunder. She took a deep breath and oriented herself, heading back towards her hotel a couple blocks away. She was very aware of the sounds of the big city around her. She glanced at a display in a storefront window and caught a flicker of movement behind her. It was him! He was behind her. Following her. Watching her. For a moment she felt panicked. But then common sense reasserted itself. There were still people moving around her on the street. She wasn’t alone and she didn’t have that far to go. She began walking again very aware of the sound of her heels on the sidewalk, the feel of the cool night air on her skin. The way the back of her skirt parted to show the backs of her thighs to him. The way the material caressed her thighs as she walked. She heard him walking behind her, his long unhurried steps keeping pace with her own. Her breasts tightened in anticipation and her nipples hardened against the lace of her bra. Hard enough to be visible through the soft silky material of her blouse. She licked her lips, amazed and more that a little startled at the way her body was responding. Just outside the hotel doors she turned and looked at him. He was closer now, slowing to watch her reaction as she looked directly into his eyes for the first time. He returned her gaze, directly and frankly sexual, that charming crooked smile playing over his mouth and crinkling the corners of his eyes. Damn he had presence. It was overwhelming and sharply sexual. She couldn’t hold his gaze, feeling like an untried girl. Body trembling. Breath coming faster, bringing his gaze to the taut peaks of her nipples. Body flooding with heat and wetness as she shakily reached for the lobby door only to feel him come up behind her and hold the door for her as she entered the lobby in front of him. She made her shaky way across the lobby to the elevators, not able to look at him or even reach out to press the button. Confused and flustered she stared furiously at the toes of her shoes. Her breath caught as she felt the heat of his body as he stepped up behind her. Felt his body brush against her from behind as he reached to press the up button. She almost moaned as she felt him lean toward her and inhale the scent of her. Felt him shift closer to her. His jaw brushed her hair. She beylikdüzü escort couldn’t help but breath in his cologne, pulling his masculine scent deep into her, heating her to her core. Very gently he pressed against her, his hard cock brushing across her bottom. She sucked in a breath as wet heat pooled between her legs, then nearly jumped out of her skin when the elevator doors opened in front of her. She stepped quickly aside as a group of college k**s tumbled out and then stepped into the elevator with him just a step behind. Hands trembling she punched in her floor then nearly yelped as she stepped backwards right into the hard wall of his body. He steadied her with a hand to her hip and as the doors closed and the elevator began to move, his hand wandered from her hip and began rubbing small circles over her tight bottom before pressing himself more firmly against her crease. She did moan this time arching back against him. The elevator doors opened again and a boisterous family group crowded in. His hand came up to the side of her throat and his thumb brushed across the tender skin beneath her jaw. Chills and heat rushed across her. She shivered as he played with her earring, brushing it back and forth, running it through his fingers. She felt his cock against her bottom again as he rocked himself against her. She didn’t know whether to laugh hysterically or die of embarrassment! All she knew is that she was going up in flames! The family chatted on completely oblivious to them. Laughing and joking and more than a little drunk, they finally left the elevator and she was alone with him again for the short hop to her floor. She hesitated as the doors opened. His hand gently urged her forward and then dropped away. She started down the hallway. Glancing over her should she saw him following a few feet behind. His face harshly sensual as he watched her walking. Watched the sway of her hips. She fumbled with her purse, searching for the keycard to open her door. Finally locating it she pulled it out promptly dropping it from her shaking fingers. Biting her lips she peeked back at him before bending straight legged to recover the card. Her skirt rode up the back of her legs, the split in the back opening nearly to her bottom, giving him the enticing view of the tops of her stockings. She straightened, tossing her hair back over her shoulder. He laughed softly, a deep sexy sound, enjoying the show as he came up behind her and took the card from her hand. He urged her forward to her door and held her in front of him as he reached past her and inserted the card in the slot. He opened the door for her. Taking a deep breath she entered the dark room and reached for the light switch. He stopped her with a gentle touch, taking her hand in his as he closed the door behind them. The room was plunged into complete darkness the only light coming from the crack under the door. He led her slowly into the center of the dark room then turned, taking her into his arms. His face brushed hers as he sought her mouth in the darkness, his breath warm on her face. His mouth covered hers and he kissed her deeply, flicking his tongue lightly between her lips. She opened her mouth to him, moaning in sheer bliss as his tongue speared into her, stroking along her tongue, sparring and tasting her at great length before drawing her tongue into his mouth and sucking lightly. She wrapped her arms around his back, pressing her breasts against his muscular chest as he kissed her into oblivion. Pressing herself against the hardness grinding into her belly. Rubbing herself against him like a cat. Almost purring like one too. His hand slid up into her hair as he slid his mouth along her jaw to the sensitive skin just below her ear. The stubble on his chin sc****d lightly, raising goosebumps on her skin as his hot tongue licked her skin then toyed with her earring. He drew it and her earlobe into his mouth sucking and nibbling. The hand on her back stroked down over her hip. Her breath caught then accelerated as his hand closed on her bottom, kneading her and pressing her harder into his body. She slowly rubbed her cheek against his, clutching his head to her as he continued to nibble and suck at her tender skin, avcılar escort working his way across her throat to her other ear. His hands slowly slid over her back. Her bottom. Her hips. Up her ribs. He cupped the sides of her breasts, which tightened and ached as he slowly ran his thumbs across their hard peaks. The lace of her bra bit into her rock hard nipples, making them even more sensitive. Her breath left her in a rush as she arched against his hands, his mouth covered hers again, his kiss harder, more demanding. His hands left her breasts and began unbuttoning her silky blouse. His warm fingers brushing her skin as he worked the buttons loose. He tugged the blouse free of her skirt and slid his hands under. She closed her eyes. The feel of his big hands on her skin was delicious. Rough in all the right places. And when he lowered his mouth and licked her nipple through the lacy bra, her knees nearly buckled. She cried out and squirmed against him, cradling his head against her. He reached around her and deftly unhooked her bra. His hands slid under it and cupped her breasts. He lifted them against his palms, catching her nipples between his fingers and squeezing them as he kneaded her. The heat between her legs became molten lava. In a quick motion she pulled her blouse off and tossed it away. Her bra fell unnoticed to the floor. He shrugged off his jacket, tossed it on the bed and began unbuttoning his shirt. He froze then growled his pleasure as her hand slid down over the bulge in his pants and cupped him. Pulling open his shirt he pulled her up against him, rocking his hips against her hand. Both of them groaned at the feel of being skin to skin. She rubbed her face and her breasts against him feeling the crisp hair on his chest tickling her skin. Reaching behind her she unbuttoned the waste of her skirt and began to unzip it only to have him wrap his arms around her and stop her. He cupped her bottom again then reached down and caught the hem of her skirt sliding it up and baring her backside for him to explore. Which he did quite thoroughly, splaying his palms over her exposed skin and tracing the edge of her panties with warm fingertips. With a final nibble at her mouth he turned her so that her back was against his chest, his arms wrapped around her. His hands came up under her breasts and he lifted and pressed them back against her, in turn pressing her into him. Arms still around her he pulled her back with him until he found the wall then turned her and placed her hands against it, his fingers sliding down her arms. He kissed her shoulder and with fingers, tongue, teeth and lips, traced a path down to the small of her back and knelt down behind her. Trembling, she felt his hands begin lightly stroking the backs of her legs, from ankle to the sensitive backs of her knees, then higher to her bottom where he laid his hands over her. His fingers trailed under the lace edge of her hi-cut panties, pushing the skirt higher. She saw stars when his hot mouth came down on her right butt cheek, giving her a long, loving kiss before nipping her playfully. He pulled the skirt down into place and unzipped it and pulled it down her legs, rubbing his face against her leg as she stepped out of it. Still pressed against her legs he ran his hands up the front her legs, fingertips dipping into the tops of her stockings. Finding the soft tender skin of her inner thighs. He traced the edge of her panties up over her belly then wrapped his arms around her hips and kissed her bottom again. He could feel the muscles of her belly tighten beneath his hands as she responded to his caress. Standing he turned her to face him, pressing her back against the wall, his knee forcing her to spread her legs for him. He kissed her again, rubbing himself against her, his thigh pressing against her hot core. Unable to stop herself, she rode his thigh. Needing relief. Needing him. She reached down and unbuckled the belt at his waist, scratching her nails lightly over him through the taut material. He groaned and stepped back giving her room to unzip his fly. She slid her hand in and cupped his sac carefully massaging the jewels within. His breath exploded from him and his whole body tightened as he nearly esenyurt escort came from her touch. He kicked his shoes off and pushed his pants down and off, his socks following quickly. He pressed her back against the wall, groaning at the feel of her wetness on his thigh, her panties damp with her heat. He cupped her breasts, his teeth and tongue blazing a trail over them and down her belly to the top her panties. He pressed his face against them, nuzzling and kissing as she put her hands on his head, holding him, tracing the outline of his ears, his jaw, the back of his neck. He ran his hand up her inner thigh, stroking a single finger along the wet crotch of her panties. Smiling as she shivered at his light touch. As she thrust her hips forward. As she moaned her need. He pulled the thin material aside and stroked a finger along the moist lips he found there, then parted them seeking her core. She was so wet for him. So hot and hungry. She hissed with pleasure as he found her hidden jewel, drawing little circles around it until she thought she would explode. He smiled up at her then thrust a finger deep into her. Delighting in her response as she bucked against his hand. Crying out at the intensity of it as he inserted a second finger into her and began to pump them into her. And when his hot open mouth came down on her, his tongue shooting out to stroke her clit, she did explode, clutching wildly at his head and shoulders, her orgasm hitting her so hard and deep she could feel herself convulsing clear to her toes. And he was just getting started. He tongued and stroked her, holding her against the wall, until he’d wrung every last shiver from her. Until he’d taken every last drop of her orgasm with his tongue. Until she was so saturated with bliss that she couldn’t even open her eyes. With on last lingering kiss to her center, he withdrew and quickly pulled her panties off, leaving her wearing only her stockings and heels. She had never felt so sexy in her life. So powerful. So wild. He stood behind her, his hands on her luscious bottom gently kneading and parting the spheres. She felt the tip of his cock press against her and then he was inside her. His chest and belly against her back. His hands covering hers, holding them against the wall. Very slowly he withdrew and filled her again even deeper. His mouth and teeth sc****d over her shoulder, her throat, her ear. His hands slid down her arms and wrapped around her shuddering body, his hands covering her breasts, her belly as he began to ride her, his hips grinding against her. He quickened his pace groaning at the feel of her tight body milking him, her sheath fitting him like a glove. One big hand slid down her body and over her mound. She cried out as his fingers parted her folds and found her clit, stroking her in rhythm with his deep thrusts. She cried out and reached back clutching his head against hers, his panting breath hot against her skin. As she writhed against him she swore his cock felt even harder and thicker. He surrounded her with his body, his heat, his scent, overwhelming her senses until the world narrowed down to only him and what he was driving her toward. She let him take possession of her body and soul, giving herself to him completely, sobbing with need. She screamed as another orgasm exploded through her, white hot and nuclear. He drove himself even faster into her, her body gripping him convulsively and with a few more hard powerful strokes she felt his body shudder as he cried out with his own orgasm, his seed jetting deep and hot inside her. Without releasing her he stumbled back to the bed and laid her down upon it, curling his body around her, grinding against her bottom and triggering hot little aftershocks until she was so spent she couldn’t move. They spent the entire night together in the warm darkness of the hotel room, loving each other over and over until she finally fell into exhausted sleep cradled against his chest. Dawn was just beginning to peak when she felt him leave the bed and get dressed. She drifted into a deeper sleep as he stood beside her staring down at her for a very long time in the dim light. He turned and quietly left the room. She woke several hours later, luxuriating in the delicious ache of her body. When she opened her eyes and turned on the lamp next to the bed she saw it. One exquisitely perfect red rose nestled on the pillow beside her… ~The End… …Or the Beginning~

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