You Figure It Out


“This is a good thing, right?” An awkward man in a knitted sweater wondered aloud. The three other men and one woman in the minivan non-committedly grunted their reassurance but deep down were as confused as him.

Usually when a spouse goes to pick up their wife from the airport, they meet their wife at the gate and take them home. However for Malcolm, Jacob, Stella, Dominic, and Sajid; they instead found a driver waiting to pick them up, assuring them their wives were in fact waiting at a nearby hotel.

“Yeah, it’s probably just a surprise party or something.” Malcom reasoned as he loosened his tie. The five spouses in the minivan were familiar with one another, they were linked by having each married one of the five daughters of Lord Galantal, the epitome of old money breeding meeting new money business acumen, his rigid standards and fabulous wealth left to his daughters after his death a couple of years ago.

The minivan pulled up outside a hotel that was far below the standards the Galantal daughters would either stay in or throw a party in. It seemed derelict, the large grunting driver even had to unlock a padlock on a chain link gate just to get them to the front door.

As they were shown inside, the driver directed them to a decaying conference room where five chairs were lined up in front of a stage, which had been reinforced with floor to ceiling glass walls to prevent the audience from crossing the threshold.

As the gathered spouses took their seats, the lights to the room dimmed, and a projector started up.

“Alright, we’re recording.” Giggled Meghan, the unconventionally lowbrow youngest of the sisters, and wife of Sajid. The camera was in one of the bedrooms of the derelict hotel, inside but clearly not comfortable. The other four sisters already lined up while Meghan ran from behind the tripod to join them.

“Hello boys!” Announced Bella, the stylishly fashionable second oldest, and Jacob’s wife.

“…and girl.” Added Felicia, the awkward middle child, accounting for her wife.

“By the time you watch this the penny should have dropped that we haven’t been in the Bahamas for two weeks, instead we have been setting up this hotel, and ourselves, for a special presentation.” Explained Cynthia, the most ostentatiously wealthy, oldest sister, and Malcolm’s wife. “This is going to be a quick show of what we have put ourselves through, the purpose of which should become clear over time.”

The girls stood in a line away from the camera and giggled with uncertainty as they began to strip off their clothes. It was amazing how many of their differences seemed to fade as they shed their fashion choices, the avant-garde monochrome of Bella was a stark contrast to the colourful knitwear of the fourth sister, Dominic’s wife Grace. Even Meghan, the black sheep of the family, seemed to blend in when she took off her glasses and removed the hair ties that held her colourful hair in strange patterns.

As they lined up the spouses wondered what the hell was going on, why would their wife take them to an abandoned hotel to do a family strip show.

“This lineup is so we can see what is different about us, for our plan to work we need to spend these next two weeks making sure we all look identical. So let’s cut there and see what day two holds.” Meghan announced, walking over to turn off the camera.

The movie immediately progressed to another day. The sisters were gathered but they were altogether different. The variety of hairstyles and colours had been replaced with a single haircut across all of them, bleach blonde hair in a bob, round at the edges and totally straight where it framed their faces. The variety of skin tones now replaced with a uniform caramel tan, something that would have meant a lot longer on the tanning bed for pale skinned Grace compared to well traveled Cynthia. They had also all put in contact lenses to have uniform green eyes, and so Meghan and Felicia didn’t have to wear glasses. A thick layer of makeup had concealed all evidence of scars, moles, and even small tattoos in the case of Meghan and Bella.

Of course a very noticeable change was that the variety of tones and grooming styles of pubic hair was replaced by a uniform line of clean shaved vaginas. As they stood in a line it was difficult to tell them apart, if the gathered spouses looked closely they could see some slight differences in height, the odd cup size here or there on their breasts, their faces, strangely different with their new hairstyle but still recognisable from one another.

“So what do you think?” Felicia asked, eliciting giggles from the gathered sisters.

“So there is a reason we did this.” Cynthia began to explain. “And that is that all of you have something you need to apologise for. We talk about everything and after the stress you have put us through we think you all deserve a punishment. But one of you has committed the most unforgivable sin, you have an incredibly horny and deviant wife and you never noticed. We are going to use our sluttiest çukurambar escort sister to torture the lot of you. So to that end, if we get the lighting cues right, one of us should be taking to the stage right now, and bear in mind the woman in front of you could very well be your wife.”

The video faded to black, then out of the darkness a spotlight shone onto the stage, at first only catching a leg, the spotlight twitched and adjusted until it fell upon a woman with the blonde bob, her face obscured by a small white and gold Venetian mask, with cat ears poking up through the bob and above her hair. Aside from the mask she was wearing nothing at all, her tanned body shuddering with goosebumps as she stared down the line of spouses. She looked offstage and waved on an unseen presence. A man in a matching mask awkwardly walked onto the stage, his erection fading a little as he looked across the shocked and horrified faces of the spouses. Nonetheless the sole performer knelt in front of him, and began to lick his penis salaciously.

When she had caressed and kissed his cock until it was rock hard she then smiled and winked at the audience, before feeding the cock into her mouth and down her throat, gagging with effort as she gave her all to blowing the man on stage.

“This is absurd, I’m not going to stand for this!” Malcolm announced standing up to bang on the glass. The woman was startled and stopped sucking off the man for a moment, but as she saw the glass wasn’t budging, she blew Malcom a kiss and went back to sucking her fellow performer off.

“Give it a rest Malcolm.” Dominic implored. “Let’s just leave, for four of us the torture is in watching.” The other spouses nodded in agreement and they all headed for the door. They tried the handle, they even tried barging it down, but the door to the conference room had been locked and barred. Meanwhile the volume of the stage microphones was turned all the way up so the sound of sloppy gagging filled the auditorium. Malcolm threw a chair at the glass and it uselessly bounced off, almost hitting him in the process.

“Wait, we were hoping not to have to resort to this, but it’s clear you’re not going to play along.” A robotic voice announced. Behind the scenes the other wives had decided to intervene, but didn’t want to give away which of them were definitely not currently giving a man a blow job. “Your active participation is required. If you resist our efforts to punish you privately, we will be forced to take more drastic and public action. Each of you will identify with one of the following phrases: Jennifer, Modigliani, Allied corn starch, Hawkeye Holding, lychees.” As each entry on the bizarre list was read out, one of the spouses would stop dead in their tracks until they were all rigid with fear and anger.

“Butt’s on seats, after all I don’t think our performer can keep her man on edge much longer.” The robotic voice announced. As the spouses slowly returned to their chairs, the performer backed off the man’s cock and began jerking it just above her face, giving the audience a wild smile as cum arched through the air onto her mouth and tits. She calmly walked backstage and the video of the wives returned, now fully dressed again.

“Once per day, we will decide if any of you deserve to be forgiven, if so we will let you know that it is not your wife on stage, if not the planned sex acts are set to get far worse. So be ready to apologise and beg for our forgiveness when we call you at 9pm tonight.”

The house lights were turned on again and the conference room door was unlocked. The spouses were silent as they left.


“You have reached the voicemail of CYNTHIA GALANTAL. Please leave a message after the beep.”

“It’s Malcolm, I’m not playing this silly game of yours, answer the phone and we can talk about it. This weird power game of yours is damaging enough, and bringing Jennifer into it is low. If you tell my partner in law that his child is actually mine, I will end you. Is that what this is about, an affair from five years ago? I thought we had moved past that. Anyway I won’t be answering the phone when you call, we can either behave like adults or you can keep this game going and ruin a perfectly good relationship.”

Jacob: Bella, my dancing flower, what is going on?

Bella: ah Jacob, my clueless elephant, wading through a field of wildflowers, wondering why the ground is wet.

J: You’re saying I’m responsible for this sick performance you have put together.

B: As responsible as the first domino is for the fall of its family.

J: How can it be something so big as to have you resort to blackmailing me over the Modigliani forgery, but still be so stealthy that I have no idea what it is?

B: To one who cannot hear or see the sky, an airport is stealthy. I want you to think about what you did. We have been planning this for about a month, so think about what happened before a month ago.

J: You can’t just tell me?

B: Not knowing demetevler escort it was so bad was the salt on the dagger, you need to take this journey alone, and until you reach your destination, you will have to wonder if it is your wife paying your debt of shame with her body.

Stella: Hello, Felicia!

Felicia: Hey Stella.

S: Alright just let me talk, I know what’s going on and I’m sorry. As a lesbian I don’t understand your need to still be bi-sexual even though we are in a monogamous marriage, but I respect that and I’m ready to learn.

F: That’s a good start.

S: Come on Felicia, you know I’m not like these insecure men, I’m not going to get upset that you aren’t my possession, just tell me it’s not you onstage getting penetrated by dicks. It’s just gross, it makes my stomach turn.

F: Well you need to have a good hard think about what you need to do to make it up to me.

S: Make it up to you? You’re holding a corporate bribe over my head if I don’t play witness to your strange sex and power games, anyone with a brain could see you aren’t the victim here. Hell there’s a one in five chance you’re just a horny slut, I can see you on the docks by the end of the year, selling your sloppy cunt to whoever will buy it.


S: Felicia, I’m sorry I just, you know how my temper gets.

F: Bye Stella.

Dominic: Grace? What are you doing? This isn’t like you?

Grace: I know.

D: I warned you about this when you went off to have a holiday with your sisters, they always bring out the worst in you.

G: I know.

D: But this is another level altogether, implying you’re some sort of deviant, blackmailing me over the holding company I use to evade taxes, this isn’t for people like us.

G: I know.

D: So come on, let’s just let your sisters have their fun and we’ll back out. Nobody’s opinion of you would change if you just said “this isn’t for me” and left now.

G:…I know *click*

D: Hello? Grace?

Sajid: Meghan, what’s…

Meghan: Sajid, I don’t have much time so I need you to listen. I’m working an angle here and as long as you play along I think we can… look, you know what you did wrong.

S: That was a sudden change in tone… is someone else listening in now.

M: Yes we are all staying strong together so you can’t push me around.

S: You didn’t make me sound too abusive to sell whatever you’re planning, did you?

M: No, I told them all about your aversion to housework and your constant late nights with the lads.

S: I know they often just ignore us but I’m pretty hurt they believed that. But just to confirm, you’re not the one doing those humiliating performances you have planned.

M: Well if that’s your attitude I hope you enjoy the show tomorrow.


The hotel seemed bigger, more rundown, and dirtier than the last time the spouses had gathered. Malcolm arrived early, hoping to catch someone entering or leaving the hotel so he could take matters into his own hands. He didn’t know that the wives had anticipated this sort of behaviour and had linked the basement of this hotel with an unused fire station next door. Felicia worked as a land solicitor so knew how to check building plans and acquire cheap property in preparation for this plan.

Slowly the rest of the spouses trickled in to stand outside the doors to the hotel, grunting and avoiding eye contact like schoolboys waiting for detention. A man they recognised as the driver from the previous day opened the front door for them and pointed them in towards the stage. Malcolm tried to push past him to see if he could get to the rest of the hotel and discovered the hard way that the driver was hired for much more than his driving abilities. Malcolm yelped as he was dragged by his wrist, that had been perfectly seized and twisted to compel obedience, by a man who had used this move on much larger and more disruptive people than any of those gathered for this strange gig his private security firm hired him out for.

They uneasily took their seats as the house lights dimmed and the projector played a video.

“Lady and gentlemen, thank you for returning for part two of our feature presentation.” Felicia announced from the screen. “Before we start there is the question that is on everyone’s lips, were any of you contrite enough to be spared the agony of wondering if it is your wife on stage?” She looked back to her gathered sisters and with a wicked grin they all announced in unison.


“Well then, still lots to wonder about, how about we start the show then?”

The projector faded out and once again a spotlight pierced through the darkness to illuminate a figure on the stage. It was the familiar sight of a naked woman, her bleach blonde bob framing the Venetian mask covering her face, today she was pushing a bench on wheels onto the stage. The spouses all turned into detectives, trying to size up her breasts, analyse her body, look for anything demirtepe escort that could tell her apart from the other sisters, but it was in vain. The sisters had shared a similar upbringing and lifestyle, potions and spa days had preserved their skin, their pricey diets and gym membership had made their bodies equally toned. Any clue they could think of had already been concealed.

Once the table had been placed in the middle of the stage, the performer beckoned for her partner to take to the floor, a naked man with a Venetian mask responded to her call, and lay on the bench, his erect cock pointing up like a very distasteful sundial. The performer clambered onto the bench, straddling the man and easing his cock into her wet pussy, moaning with joy. She took a moment to compose herself then called over to the side of the stage. A second man emerged, also naked but for a Venetian mask, the spouses watched in disbelief as he poured some lubricant onto his cock and then took his position squatting behind the naked woman.

The performer groaned with painful joy as the man pushed his lubricated cock past her sphincter, probing deep inside her ass. She gave the ensemble a couple of bounces before beckoning offstage again. A third man emerged, fitting the theme of masks and nudity as he took his place, straddling over the bench with his cock in front of the performer’s face. She stuffed it in her mouth and now content that her spouse was watching her take three cocks at once, she began bouncing and sucking and grinding and humming with joy.

The spouses squirmed with unease as the woman was so categorically filled onstage. There was no resistance or anger like last time, just shocked silence that allowed the sounds of gagging and wet thrusting to fill the auditorium.

The man with a cock in her ass grunted and surged inside of her, shortly followed by the man who had been pounding her pussy. She called a quick pause to get the man she was giving a blowjob to lie on the bench so she could go down on him, while giving the audience a clear view of the cum dripping out of her ravaged holes. She bobbed her head up and down over the man’s cock until suddenly she pushed her face flat against him, gagging and gurgling on his semen. She then calmly stood up, walked over to the audience and gave a wild open-mouthed smile to allow the cum to trickle out onto her tits. Finally she took a bow and strutted off the stage.

“Same time tomorrow then I guess.” Sajid exclaimed, trying to break the tension. Nobody acknowledged him.


“Brunei has no culture, it’s just wealthy people being overtly wealthy.” Bella scoffed, batting down Cynthia’s opening suggestion for the inaugural Galantal sisters’ holiday.

“We don’t need culture, we need a pool and a deckchair to read my book in.” Grace suggested. “A nice villa somewhere like Tenerife, or maybe a warm part of America.”

“Or you could save your money and just move your bookcase next to the oven.” Felicia joked.

“Alright, I do need you guys to get me out of my shell, if it were up to me I’d spend my life in Dominic’s stable routine.” Grace lamented.

“In which case it’s my turn to do what I do best, take charge.” Cynthia announced. “We’ll head Carribean, somewhere warm where they speak English and have beach parties.” There was a general hum of agreement that fed into an awkward silence.

“Should we try calling Meghan one more time?” Grace asked to break the awkward silence.

“She’s made her choice.”

“So how do we plan on topping Jamaica?” Grace asked the sisters gathered to plot the second annual vacation.

“I have a suggestion, how about Venice? The canals, the culture, the carnival. Bella you must be on board” Felicia announced.

“Weirdly enough, dating an art curator means I’m absorbing culture all the time. I actually want something a bit less high minded.” Bella replied.

“I’d take something adventurous, and I’m going to volunteer Grace to be the first into whatever breach we find ourselves in.” Cynthia laughed.

“Speaking of breaches, has Meghan been in touch with any of you recently?” Grace asked, turning the mood sombre again. “I heard she’s married that Asian guy.”

“I don’t see her coming back to the fold unless something big happens.” Cynthia observed, “so let’s not dwell on that and instead see if we can find somewhere for Grace to go bungee jumping.”

“This is a bit macabre. I know we have been doing this annually but maybe we should postpone the holiday. Dad’s funeral was only 2 weeks ago.” Grace argued.

“Grace, this is actually the most important holiday I’ve ever organised.” Cynthia announced as she entered the room, arm in arm with Meghan. “Meghan says she wants us to hear her out before she agrees to anything.”

“I’m sorry you weren’t invited to my wedding. This family was one big ball of toxicity ever since I met Sajid and I didn’t want that. But at my wedding I realised that it was dad that made us this close, then it was dad who turned you all against me when he couldn’t stomach his little girl falling in love with an Asian man. Now he’s in the ground I am hoping against hope that you realise what he did, and also what you did. I want to be close with my sisters again but not at any cost, please can we start to build this bridge together.”

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