Yes, I Am. | Part Three


Mom’s mind clears of lust as she looks around. She now realizes what she has done. She begins to feel so guilty, yet it feels like the right thing to do. To help Alex. Her son. In shock, she sits there, almost not able to hear her own thoughts. Finally, she gets up and looks at Alex in a way that can’t be described.As she looks down at the hatch she suddenly feels hands going under her T-shirt. Alex is behind her. He moves his hands up and grabs her motherly breasts.”Thanks for the help, mommy…” he says grabbing her more. He touches mom without her permission. Just because something like this happens he thinks he can do anything he wants now. She needs to act fast if she wants to keep the authority in this house. She sharply stands bahis siteleri up and gets away from Alex’s touch. “I don’t want a word spoken about this to anyone,” she says coldly, regretting what she has done.Mom leaves without looking back at him, steadily going down the ladder. When back down, she grabs the laundry basket and enters back into the house. When she enters back into the house she can hear the vacuum in the living room. It must be James doing that one chore she wanted me to do. Trying to forget the taste of her son’s cock in her mouth, she heads upstairs to brush her teeth, hoping she can forget about it all.An hour later after the factIt is already getting dark outside. Mom did promise to come to watch a movie if all canlı bahis siteleri the chores are done today. It so happens that James has done them all. He already told Alex about the movie. The both of them are sitting on the couch in the living room, going through movies they could watch. Waiting for mom to finally show up.She comes down, finally, looking slightly distracted. She is wearing a long-sleeved black T-shirt and some jean shorts that show off her magnificent legs. To James’ surprise, she enters the living room and sits over at the armchair by herself.James looks over at her, “Come on, mom. You said you’ll watch the movie with us if I do all the chores. You can’t lie… I’ve done a pretty good job! Come over here. canlı bahis Sit with us,” James whines, patting a spot on the couch between him and Alex. “Yeah… You promised, mom,” Alex adds, grinning.’I did promise… No harm in doing so,’ she thinks.She sins once more as he gets up and slowly approaches the couch. Sitting down between the two of her sons as Alex turns on the movie.Thirty minutes into the movieEverything is going well as the three of them watch the movie together. Out of nowhere, Alex’s hand finds itself on mom’s thigh.Alex begins to speak. “Hey, James… Do you know what mom did for me earlier today…?” he teases as he looks right at her face.”Yeah? What it is?” James asks nonchalantly, half-listening as he keeps his attention on the movie.Mom tenses up, then exchanges a look with Alex. Her eyes are begging for him to stop.’He is crossing the line! What can I do? If I make a wrong move Alex will tell him everything!’ she panics in her head.

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