Subject: Wrong side of the Tracks, Part 4 Please support Nifty!! Donate:: http://donate./donate.html I lose interest when you lose interest. Share your ail. All my stories are pure fiction from my twisted mind. I use real places but with made up people. The situations are fantasies. Nothing more. The Palm Springs motel and home are made up. They don’t exist. And yes. I have a thing for Palm Springs. Used to live there. Live life how you wish on your own terms and do not judge others. Life is too short. Love. Where we left them:: “Well dad you are only like 35. Certainly in your prime. Younger brother, eh? I sort of like that. Another fantasy is starting.” I laughed. “Crap, you’re too much son. Let’s go home. We need to plan our departure. That is if you are still on board?” he asked. “All the way dad. But I looked up Palm Springs high on my phone while we were talking. They don’t have gymnastics so I guess it’s back to wrestling for me.” I said. “I was wondering what you were doing on the phone. Great, like a hot stud in a singlet isn’t going to give me a heart attack.” “Oh yeah dad? Another fantasy? Wanna fuck a boy in a singlet?” I grinned. “Well at least one boy.” Dad replied. Part 4, Wrong side of the Tracks:: It took three weeks. Three weeks till we loaded the truck up with our clothes and left for Palm Springs. Carlos was more than ready to take over the garage and paid dad cash. Dad admitted to me later that he had let it go for a lot less than the market value. But he had been itching to make this move for years. Carlos acted very sheepish whenever I was around. He crossed the line and he knew it but Dad never said anything to him. He knew that Carlos was feeling worse about it than either of us were. Nothing ever happened with me and Carlos again. I don’t think anything happened with him and dad either. Dad said the drive is about 21 hours. We would split it up into thirds. Take our time. The first day would be the longest though. 11 hours to El Paso. There we would just get a place to eat and sleep. Then we would drive to Phoenix. Less than 7 hours. He would book us in a resort there for two nights and we would spend some time enjoying it. The resort, Tempe at the Buttes, was actually in Tempe, AZ. Dad said it was a lot like Palm Springs but the area was more barren as Palm Springs was more lush. We would play tennis, swim and just hang out. Then we would make the four hour trip to Palm Springs. That first night in El Paso we were both beat from the journey and the move. We literally got some sub sandwiches and beer and went and camped out in the hotel room. Dad found an older Fairfield Inn off of the 10 that was convenient. After we ate we just passed out with our shorts still on. I woke up with my head on dad’s chest and his arm wrapped around me. It was 7 am. I think we, well I did anyway, fell asleep around 8 pm. That first leg of the trip was long and it really wore us out. When we got to Tempe we just relaxed and played for two days. Nothing intense. Now that I somewhat knew about the money I watched dad’s personality closely. He still seemed out of his element at the resort. We opted for room service at night as he wasn’t too keen on getting ‘dressed’ for dinner. During the day it didn’t matter. Everyone was wearing either board shorts or polo shirts and khakis. Dad definitely liked to be casual. No two ways about it. I was glad actually. Although I was used to dressing for dinner and putting on some airs, deep down I was dad’s ‘mini me’. The resort seemed like dad’s way of transitioning into a new life. Not like he was going to change a lot. But his life in a small town in Texas was no match to the life we will have in Palm Springs. We would still be casual but it will be different. He knows it and I know it. The morning we left the resort, after loading up the truck, I thought about how we just did father son stuff. We just hung out the whole stay. There was no sex. None was needed. And we got along. Better than any father and son I’ve ever seen. We talked, shared shit that was embarrassing, or stuff that no one else knew. It was really just perfect. By night time we were usually just tired from the day’s activities. Now in the truck, about an hour and a half of the way to Palm Springs, as I was thinking that, I heard dad pull me out of my thoughts when he said, “Son, grab the wheel. I’m ditching the shirt. I’ve behaved for three days. That’s long enough.” he chuckled. I laughed a bit too. I was glad he could relax even more again. I held the wheel as he took off his shirt and then he took it back. I noticed he had on his ratty old board shorts. I didn’t see him put those on. They were a bit oversized in the waist and torn and tattered on the legs. They looked perfect on him. I watched him for a bit longer than a normal son would have. Taking in his masculine good looks and his powerful body. Then he grinned as he noticed I was admiring him. “Lose the tee shirt bro. Relax.” I laughed a bit and then did as he requested. But then, just to kick things up a few notches, I kicked off my flips and took off my own board shorts. It took him a moment to notice, and when he did, he said, “oh fuck, I’m going to run off the road baby. You are a sight for sore eyes.” “Dad, I’m happy we were just father and son for the trip, and got to know each other better, but my itch has grown and is driving me crazy. When we get to our new house I need you to fuck me harder than you ever have. I need you to rip my jock cunt open and damage it for others. I have istanbul travesti to have your cum dripping down my legs. I miss it.” I said as I leaned back on the door and put one leg up on the seat. I was playing with my hole with my legs spread in his direction. I couldn’t help myself. I felt it when I woke up this morning. The longing. The ache. “Fuck son. Fuck I don’t know if I can wait two more hours now. What are you doing to me?” one of his hands went to his crotch as his eyes darted from my cunt to the road. “I can wait two hours dad. Get us there safely. Then I want you to own me. Fucking use me like no other. Can you do that for me daddy?” using the word ‘daddy’ was more of a joke for us. We both found it annoying when gay guys say ‘daddy’. Trying too hard. But when we use it we both usually laugh. It was no different this time. “I’ll do whatever you want, son. Whenever you want. But for now put those damn shorts back on so we can get this trip over with. We are less than two hours from home and I want to get there and take care of your itch. Now that I have you in my life I don’t want to get us killed going almost 80 miles per hour.” dad said while still kind of chuckling. I reluctantly put my shorts back on but I didn’t secure them. I just stayed comfortable. At almost exactly two hours we were pulling up to a Ralph’s Grocery store. “Gonna pick up some beer and beef, son. Get whatever snakes you might want too. And maybe some breakfast stuff. I don’t think there is anything at the house. Maybe some bottled water in the fridge.” dad said as he was putting on his shirt. I put my flips back on and fastened my shorts. Then, when I hopped out of the truck, I put my shirt on. It was fucking hot. “Whoa boy, feel that heat! Here we are moving here at the hottest time of the year. We ain’t too smart are we?” dad said with a laugh. I had to agree with him though. Once shopping was done we headed over to the house. Before dad started the truck he took off his shirt and flips again. I did the same. When we got to the house dad opened the garage door and we pulled the truck right in. I was surprised that the garage was big enough. As he put the truck in park the garage door shut behind us. “Strip” dad said. “I left the air on 82 so it’s hot in there. And, besides, I haven’t been able to oogle your ass for almost a week!” he smirked. “Yes sir” I said as I immediately took off my shorts. I was getting hard. I knew what was coming. “Let’s get these groceries put up and then we can take care of any itches that come up. Chores first.” dad said as he got out of the truck and let his shorts fall to the concrete floor. He stepped out of them and just left them there. So fucking hot. We got the groceries onto the kitchen counter and dad said, “Explore while I put this all away. No one can see in the backyard so don’t worry about it. I’ll be done in a minute.” I scoped out the inside real quick. It was unexpectedly nice. Like real nice. I mean it was minimalistic. Concrete floors, leather couches and chairs. Lots of white plaster with dark wood beams. The kitchen and the bathrooms had tile floors. There were two sets of wooden french doors from the living area to the pool patio. A pergola over the back patio to shade the house. I was sort of confused why my dad was living in that run down old trailer when he had this. For two years! The house was simple, large and beautiful all at the same time. After I looked at all the rooms I went out to the back yard. It wasn’t really a backyard as it was a mini resort. In the middle was a good sized pool surrounded by flagstone on three sides and a wooden deck opposite from the house. There were palm trees and desert plants surrounding the pool decks in front of an eight foot high fence. Well the house took up one side of the back yard. Two sides were a fence and then a stucco wall with a gate was on the fourth side. The stucco matching the house. I opened the gate that was securely latched from the house’s side but not locked. On the other side was an easement between the motel and the wall. About four feet. A fence with a locked gate faced the street. At the other end was a cinder block wall. The length of the easement was only about twenty feet. And then there was a metal door to the motel. I assumed the other side of that door went to the hallway to the office like dad described. I closed the gate and then found a lounge chair to lay out on while I waited for dad. I was overwhelmed how perfect this place was. It was beautiful but not mom and Philip’s type of beautiful. It was definitely more masculine and livable. And you didn’t feel like you had to dress while you were home. This was a house you just hung out in. Entertained. And you didn’t have to worry about carpets, nick nacks or china. This was a man’s house. I loved it. “Well son, what do you think” dad interrupted my thoughts. I looked up and he had two beers in his hands and a smile plastered on his face. “What I think is that I can’t believe you had me convienced we were going to live in that ratty old trailer when you had this fucking beautiful house all along. I should cut you off.” I tried to seem upset but I knew I was smirking the whole time. Dad laughed and said, “Thought you said that it didn’t matter where we lived as long as we were together from now on.” He was right. I did say that. “Well you got me there.” I replied as he sat in the lounge next to mine. “We still have to get my jeep.” I said out of the blue. “I hope you called that lawyer, er Brad, kadıköy travesti and told him not to ship it like he was going to.” dad said. “I did. He said it was still in the garage. He sold the other two cars at auction.” I replied. “Good. We’ll plan a trip to LA sometime soon. You’ll have it long before school starts.” dad said. We sat and talked like that for a while. When it got too hot we would just jump in the pool and then lay back down soaking wet and air dry. I found out that the pool service that takes care of the motel’s pool also took care of this one. That’s why it was so well maintained. Since dad hadn’t been here in almost 6 months I was surprised at how clean it was. For the first time since we’ve been together we told each other what we missed out on in each other’s lives. After he and my mom broke it off he went into the Marines. He was 19. “I remember, that first time mom took me to see you, you were in uniform.” That time when I was 6. He was in fatigues. “That’s right son,” he smiled. He seemed to like what I had remembered. He was in the Marines for 8 years. Almost made a career out of it but his heart wasn’t in it anymore. “Being gay in the service is still hard son. Even 8 years ago. But I got along ok.” he said. He had no regrets or bad feelings about it. I asked him who that woman was. The one he was with when he met me in Anaheim. I had forgotten about her until now. “She was a fellow Jarhead, believe it or not. We served together for a few years. She lived in LA and I was visiting her when I arranged to see you with your mom. She came with me for moral support. She and her wife moved to Portland a couple of years ago.” he said. “Wife? Interesting.” I said. Guess he wasn’t ‘with’ her after all. The garage was left to him by his father. After the service he worked with his dad until his parents died in the accident. He put the trailer in the back afterwards. He didn’t want their house. He sold that after they died. I was waiting to hear how they actually died but he didn’t go into it. I figured it was still raw for him so I let it go for now. A couple hours had gone by. The beers were going down easily in the heat too. Thankfully, we had decided to move into the shade as the sun was now beating down on us. Even though we both tanned easily I felt like I could burn. Around two I felt myself nodding off. But I was aware enough to know that dad had gone to the trees to relieve himself and then came back and looked down at me. “Son, I’m just going to go next door and let the manager know I’m here. I think he works today. I’ll be back in a few minutes. Go ahead and rest and I’ll cook us a steak when I get back.” I could tell dad was a bit buzzed from the beers. We barely ate anything this morning. I was pretty buzzed, myself. He went into the house and came back out with a key on a long strap. He walked naked over to the gate, opened it, and then unlocked the door to the motel’s office hallway. He left the gate open and the door ajar. That woke me up. Curiosity got the best of me. I walked over to the gate, very aware of my lack of clothing. I crossed the easement and slid into the metal doorway. On the other side was more of a breezeway than a hallway. Straight ahead of me I saw the pool and a lot of tropical type plants as well as palm trees. There were a lot of lounge chairs as well. I didn’t see any guests but it was the middle of the week. Dad said during the summer the weekends were still really busy but the weekdays were calmer. On the left there was a storage closet and a restroom then a couple of floor to ceiling windows showing a small gym. On the right was an open door that I couldn’t quite see in yet. Then I heard, “Pat! What are you doing here brother!? Were we expecting you?” “Hi Shay. Nah, didn’t tell anyone I was coming. I finally made the move. Here for good,” Dad answered. I stayed where I was leaning against the right wall out of sight for the moment. “Nice sarong,” dad said. “I like what you’re wearing better, boss,” Shay replied. I couldn’t see the guy but he had a deep voice. “Going over the books?” “Yeah, looks like you are keeping up with stuff pretty well. I haven’t seen anything jarring from the reports you’ve sent me. I appreciate how timely you are getting them to me,” Dad said. “No problem. I just do it every Monday as a routine. I get up, work out, have breakfast and then compile the reports. Then I take the rest of the day off. That’s my Monday,” Shay replied. “Just like the Corp man. Get er done early.” “I see the workouts have been as reliable as the reports.” dad said with a lustful undertone. Then he said, “Sorry, been hitting the beers already today. You know what they do to me.” “I don’t remember saying I minded. You want to walk back to your place and get reacquainted?” Shay said. Obviously this isn’t their first time. “My son is napping by the pool. But I could use some dick. You want some ass?” Dad was being direct. “Your son? I didn’t know you were in touch with him.” Shay responded. “I’ll explain later. Right now I see that cock expanding under that wrap and I’d like to have it in my ass. You game?” Dad was about as horny as I’ve ever heard him. “I’d never turn down a fellow Marine nor that fine of an ass. You want it right here boss? Or in a room?” Shay asked. “Right here, right now.” Dad said. Then I heard some shuffling around. Then, “Augh fuck. Fucker. That’s thick. Fuck!” Dad was obviously experiencing some welcoming pain. The kind I like. I listened for a few more moments. bakırköy travesti Getting worked up. “I’m happy you’re back for good, man. Nothing but a bunch of fags from LA to fuck around here.” Shay said. “Ugh, what’s the matter brother, not into little muscle twinks?” Dad asked with a labored voice. “Too fucking precious for me man. Need a freak like you. I’m too much of a pig to fuck a princess.” Shay said as he started slamming into dad’s ass. I decided to make my entrance. I moved to the doorway’s opening and stood there watching the scene for a few minutes. Waiting for someone to notice me. My cock was painfully hard. I looked over at Shay. He looked like Brian Sims, the rep from Pennsylvania. Except probably more muscular and a little rougher. A Marine tat, the eagle, on his left bicep. And what a bicep it is. A bit bigger than dad’s. The dude was stacked and hot. His thighs and ass were massive. I couldn’t see his cock as it was embedded in my dad. All of a sudden he looked over at me, his eyes, they had a craziness to them, like a guy that had seen and done a lot and couldn’t get enough, “Well what do we have here? Where did you come from? I don’t remember checking you in.” Shay said. Never slowing down on his fucking. Obviously sort of turned on that a naked teen entered into the frey. He took me in from head to toe with a lustful sneer. Dad turned his head. He looked over at me and said, “Son!” “Son? Oh fuck!” Jake said, “Um, should we stop?” he asked, although he never stopped his pace. “Why stop? Dad hasn’t been fucked in about five days. He was due for a good one.” I responded feeling a bit cocky. “Son, I don’t know if….uggh…..fuck that feels good….but….” Dad tried to be a parent. There was conflict in his eyes. I moved to the desk dad was leaning on. I sat my naked ass on the edge of the desk right next to him. I caressed his head and led him to me. To my cock. Dad held little resistance. “Oh fuck, no way!” Shay said. But Dad couldn’t resist. He was a fucking freaky pig like me. He swallowed my cock down his throat so fast I wondered if he got enough air first. Shay had slowed his fucking but not completely stopped. His mouth was wide open and his eyes were bugging out of his head. “So you’re the manager?” I asked while dad choked down my cock. “Yeah, I’m Shay.” he said with the eyes of a deer caught in the headlights. “I know. I heard you talking. I’m Rory.” I replied as dad was pushing back on Shay’s cock as he sucked me down. “Seems like daddy’s been keeping another secret from me. He told me there was a manager but he didn’t tell me the manager was hot and was also fucking him.” I boldly said to the stranger. “Daddy always tells you who fucks him.” Shay got over his shock real quick. His energy was revived and he started to long dick dad again. “Or, he lets me watch.” I responded with a smirk. “That right Pat? You whore right in front of your son? I knew you were a twisted fuck man but I had no idea. Getting fucked in front of him while you suck his cock.” then he turned to me again, “So Rory, do you participate further? Or does daddy just suck your cock?” Shay looked at me intensely with his crazy eyes on full alert. He wasn’t disgusted by this at all. Quite the opposite in fact. “I’m the last one who bred him and he’s the last one that bred me.” I simply responded. “Oh fuck! That’s fucking hot man.” Shay said. His face getting more intense. “I’d let you at my hole too man but I just overheard you say you didn’t like muscle twinks from LA. I’m from LA.” I challenged him. “You ain’t no twink bro. Anything but. You think your dad would let me have a go at it? Like I’m doing to him?” Shay asked, “Not that I’m not enjoying this. He’s sort of my favorite.” “His friend in Texas fucked me in front of him. I don’t think he’d mind.” I admitted. “Fuck Pat. Your son is as brazen as you are dude. I hope you fucking keep me around brother.” Shay said to dad. “You’re not going anywhere brother. As long as Rory doesn’t mind. He comes first. Always has and always will.” dad said after he lifted his head off of my cock. “Trust me, I don’t mind being second in this crowd. Are we still ….um…..” then Shay looked at me and then to dad. Dad changed the course of the conversation quickly convincing me that he was hiding more from me, “Would you finish fucking me already. I need your fucking load you block head. You’ll come over afterwards and we’ll eat and talk. We’ll tell Rory everything. But for right now if you don’t cum up my ass and my son doesn’t come down my throat my mood is going to be sour all night.” After dad was done his mouth went right back on my cock. Shay shrugged his shoulders and then grabbed dad by the hips and started to pulverize his hole. I was wishing I was on the end of that. The man was a fucking wet dream. But obviously there was more to Shay than just the manager of the motel my dad bought. There was more between them. Shay then looked over at me and beckoned to me. Pulled one hand off of dad’s hip and brought it to my neck. He brought me in. We started to make out as we both bent over dad’s back. Dad stayed on my cock and Shay kept fucking. All of a sudden I felt dad come on my leg. And then Shay obviously shot off into dad. I wasn’t far behind. Shay pulled back from me and winked at me. Then, after dad swallowed all he could from me he started to stand upright. Shay’s cock fell from him. “I’ve got more to tell you son.” Dad said as his hand went to my face and caressed it. Part five soon? Some other stories of fty//gay/incest/post-deployment-dad/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. Anything helps. Go to the Nifty main page to find out more!!!

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