Subject: Wrestling Roommate Chapter 3 GENERAL DISCLAIMER: This story contains sexual situations between adult males. It is loosely based on real world experiences. If you find material of this nature offensive then you should not read any further. All characters in this story are over the age of 21. If you are under 18 years old in the US or under 16 in the UK you are not legally allowed to read this story. Any resemblance to persons living or dead, or to any events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental. The author claims all copyrights in this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed (except by the websites to which it has been posted) without the consent of the author. Nifty does not exist without donations. If you enjoy these stories, please donate fty/donate.html CONTACT/FEEDBACK: Thank you for all your feedback. I love hearing from you guys. Feel free to email me at mreeves5819 AT ail My other stories on Nifty: The Away Meet The Alumni Association Shower Buddy ===== Chapter 3 ====== The next few days flew by as we began our classes. Jackson settled into a routine. He woke up early on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays to lift and do conditioning. Afternoons were mostly for his wrestling practice, so the room was empty. He did manage to find time to bring different girls back on the weekends, usually multiple. Even with that, he still jerked off in the mornings, thinking I didn’t know he was. He was considerate and let me know that he was busy getting it on with a girl. One weekend, I fell asleep and didn’t get his text. He came back in the very early morning hours. I didn’t wake up right away, but when I heard the familiar squeak of the metal springs on the couch mattress, I rolled over. I almost shouted when I saw him. He was completely naked and he had this small girl bent over, face down and ass up on the small fold out couch. He had both his hands on her hips and he pulled her back as he forced his cock into her. While I thought that he was a tad shorter than I was, there was no doubt his cock was way thicker than mine. She was moaning each time he slammed into her. He grunted each time and his ass muscles flexed. Hell, his entire body was flexed when he was fucking her. The veins on his arms, shoulders and lats were bulging. The lights were low but I could still make out the scene with enough detail. He must not have seen me, I was pretty close to the wall and covered in my blankets. Of course, my cock responded to the visuals in front of me and next thing I knew, I was stroking myself. I timed it so I kept rhythm with Jackson’s thrusts. It was better than any porn. After a few more minutes bursa escort and a couple more violent thrusts, she almost screamed but Jackson put his hand over her mouth as he shuddered as fell on top of her. He pulled out a few seconds later. He pulled off the condom, tossed it to the trash and tapped his cock on her back, getting the last few drops of cum out from his cock. I came so hard that I almost shouted. I watched as the girl put on her clothes, kissed Jackson and left. He laid on the mattress, still completely nude and fell asleep. The sex must have tired him out because he fell asleep quickly. I took off my boxers and used them to mop up my cum. I fell asleep sometime later, fully relaxed after shooting my load too. I woke up the next morning and rolled over. Jackson was stretching out on the couch sofa, apparently just having woke up too. “Shit man,” he said when he saw me over the edge of the bunk. He made no attempt to hide his nudity from me. His cock wasn’t fully hard, just a little plump. “I didn’t think you came home.” “I fell asleep early,” I said. “I didn’t hear you come in.” “You must have been tired. I brought a girl back and we fucked. Had I known you were here, I wouldn’t have.” “All good. I didn’t know,” I said and climbed down from the bed. I was naked too. I tried to emulate Jackson’s nonchalant attitude about being buck naked. “Evan, man, you’re one cool roommate,” he said as he got up and took off the sheet from the sofa mattress and tossed it into the dirty clothes hamper. He picked up a towel and wrapped it around his waist. “We should probably shower. I stink and it looks like you had another wet dream.” I looked down and saw what he was looking at. There was dried cum in my trimmed bush. “Looks like it,” I said and grabbed a towel, copying Jackson and wrapping it around my waist before heading out to the showers. “We’re going to have to do something about that dude,” he said. I nodded and followed him into the showers. We took stalls next to each other and showered clean. He shared his body wash with me since I forgot to bring some. It was a holiday on Monday, so we both went out on Sunday. We drank quite a bit while we met new people. Jackson found me near the end of the party. “Dude,” he said. “While I was picking up this girl, I ran into two others that I’ve slept with. They scared this girl off. Think they’re onto me.” Jackson was wearing tight jeans with a form fitting shirt. His huge smile should have turned any girl on. And that was before she would find out what’s between his legs. “Well, there’s still time to find someone,” I said. “Nah man, think I drank too much anyway. bursa escort bayan Don’t think my dick is gunna work properly tonight anyhow. Want to go back or you got your eye on one?” “Nah, I tried. No luck tonight. Think I’m ready to go back too.” We walked back to our dorm room and went inside. Jackson stripped down to his underwear. He was wearing briefs. He grabbed a beer from our fridge and sat down on the couch. “Not done drinking?” I asked as I got a can from the fridge. “I’m hydrating,” Jackson said, slurring the words heavily. “Can’t believe I got cockblocked tonight. They’re the ones that didn’t respond to my texts. Not that I wanted a relationship, but I’m still a gentleman.” “Tough luck man.” “Not going to waste the night though,” he said, getting up and getting his laptop. “You mind if I….” he trailed off and motioned to the pouch of his underwear. The outline of his cock was evident. “You’re going to jerkoff?” I asked. “Fuck man, why not? I ain’t used to not bustin’ every night,” he said. “Or in the morning,” I said. Jackson laughed. “Of course you’d have caught me. Thought I was being sly. You okay with that?” “Like you said, we’re both guys, we both do it.” “You’re welcome to join me. I know you didn’t score tonight,” Jackson said and motioned to the cushion next to him. I didn’t expect that. He was so casual about it. Fuck it, I thought, I might not get another opportunity. I sat my beer down and stripped to my boxer briefs. “Fuck yeah man,” Jackson said as I sat down next to him. He gave me a headphone. “Prolly don’t want to play this too loud.” He sat the laptop on a chair in front of us and the porn started playing. It was a woman answering the door to some type of delivery guy. Shortly after that, she was sucking his cock. Jackson was rubbing himself through his briefs. His cock was hard. I rubbed myself through my underwear too. “Looks like you didn’t drink too much tonight,” I said. “Neither did you,” he replied and pulled out his cock from its confinement. It thwacked against his abs. He pulled out his balls and let his underwear hold them up. He started stroking. “Your turn.” I didn’t hesitate. He’d seen me jerking off and now he knew I’d seen him. There wasn’t anything either of us hadn’t seen before. I lifted my hips and took my underwear off completely. “Evan, dude, your dick is pretty long,” Jackson said. “Not really,” I replied as I began to stroke it. “Dude, it’s way longer than mine.” “Yours is thicker though.” “You ever measure it?” he asked. “Who hasn’t? But not recently.” Jackson got up and went to his desk. He pulled out a small tape measure and sat back down. He escort bursa stuck the end at the base of his cock, nestled in his pubes and extended it to the tip. “What do you say, 6.5 inches?” he said. “More like 6.25, that mark there is the quarter of an inch mark,” I replied. “Fuck you,” he said, laughing. He handed me the tape measure. I measured myself and it came out to almost 7 inches. I hadn’t measured myself in years. “Man, 7 inches. Bet the ladies love it. Wish mine was as big as yours,” Jackson said. “Size ain’t everything. Yours is still thicker.” “I don’t think so,” Jackson said. “We can measure. I’m sure it is,” I said. Without another word, he reached over and took hold of my cock. I withdrew my hand in surprise. Jackson looked between our two cocks and gave both of them a few strokes and squeezes. “Yeah, you’re right. Mine’s thicker,” he said and withdrew his hand as if him grabbing hold of my hard cock was completely normal. I mean, it wasn’t normal that we were jerking off on the couch together, but that was crossing some sort of line, wasn’t it? “Bro, we need some lube,” he said. He reached over and opened his drawer, pulling out some KY lube. “This stuff warms up, feels amazing.” He popped the top and squirted some into my hand, then he put some in his. “I usually use lotion,” I said. “I know. I caught you once, remember? Trust me. This is way better,” he said. He started stroking himself again, paying special attention to the thick mushroom at the top of his cock. I mimicked his technique, which was slightly different from my usual way. We watched the porn while we stroked in unison. Our thighs rubbed together as we moved slightly. “Fuck dude, this feels good. Girls are nice, but their handjobs and blowjobs just don’t compare. Sometimes even their pussy’s aren’t as good as this.” “Very true,” I said in agreement. Jackson reached over and took hold of my cock again. I didn’t say anything as he stroked both himself and me. I reached over and took hold of him and stroked his thick cock. His cock got harder and more precum mixed with the lube. I could feel his balls tightening. “I’m close,” he said. “Me too,” I replied as he paid more attention to the area just underneath the head of my cock. A few moments later we both let loose multiple ropes of cum. Jackson grunted, “Fuuuuuuuck.” It coated our chests, arms, and stomachs. When we finished, we both withdrew our hands. Jackson took hold of his cock and slapped it against his abs, getting the last few drops of cum out. I copied him. “Think it feels better sometimes when someone else does it,” he said. “Better when that someone is another guy.” “You done this before?” I asked Jackson. “Bro, sometimes you gotta help a buddy out. Thanks for the hand,” he said and got up. “Gunna shower, want to join?” ===== Chapter 3 ====== Email me at mreeves5819 AT ail if you liked the story!

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