Winter Camp Closure Pt. 02

Big Tits

Lemmy woke to the smell of breakfast, he showered quickly, dressed and wandered into the dining room, his mother was fully dressed, wearing the usual apron. However, she looked grim and silent.

Lemmy worried that she had a change of mind, a road to Damascus conversion, he thought to himself, had her religious upbringing won out over her earthly needs?

‘What do you want first, the good news or the bad news?’ She demanded, wrong footing him?

Lemmy groaned, ‘there’s never any good news when someone asks that question,’ he sighed, ‘what is it be?’

‘Well, the good news is, I’m not pregnant,’ a big smile on her face.

‘That is good news, I need to be less pessamistic,’ he was smiling.

Then a frown ‘how do you know; I mean you must be on the pill, you are, aren’t you?’

‘No,’ a straightforward brutal answer.

Lemmy gulped ‘how do you know then, have you got a test kit?’

‘Better than that,’ she sounded triumphal, I started my period, ‘better than any test. Oh Lemuel, your face is an absolute picture,’ she was laughing.

It took him a few moments to gather his thoughts, ‘you do have pills, don’t you?’

‘No, I don’t need the pill.’

‘But you do need pills, what about you and Dad?’

She waved a hand as though it was of no consequence, ‘he goes away for weeks at a time, and when he comes home, he’s too tired to bother,’ her smile faded.

‘Will this affect us,’ he asked, scared to hear the answer.

‘No of course not.’

‘How can we carry on as we are?’

I’m sure if we look in every bathroom cabinet, in every cabin, we can find something,’ she sounded more optimistic than Lemmy felt, surely women on the pill didn’t just forget and leave them behind.

After breakfast, they went together to search the cabins, ‘We are best going together, in my work as a deaconess, I came across every kind of pill, you probably wouldn’t recognise all of the different brands.’

‘You’re probably right,’ he muttered, even after what had happened over the last few days, it still felt strange that he was searching with his mother for pills, pills that would enable them to safely continue fucking.

As the search progressed, he bucked up, his mother could have used this as an excuse, instead she was actively helping, Lemmy went back to musing about what the future held, she was bound to want to try different positions, wasn’t she, positions like “table-enders and doggy-fashion”, his mind was a jumble and he started to get an erection, “cow-girl”, not that he was particularly keen on that one, he preferred to be on top and in control.

‘Damn, he thought, why did I wait so long, if I hadn’t had that affair with Sandra, the bored wife of a late-season hunter, and the last to leave, we might’ve been at the stage of doing oral sex, well we aren’t going to start now, his shoulders slumped.

They were only halfway through, and they’d found enough in drawers and cabinets to last a month, not enough for the duration, but better than nothing.

The search took all day, he couldn’t ask his mother when she would be available for sex, but he figured 5, maybe 6 days at the most, and day one was almost over, and he had an erection, damn it!

The next day they resumed their search, Lemmy managed to avoid an erection, he wanted to save it up and next time they made love, flood her, leave her oozing sperm and her love juices.

The day after, Lemmy had a brainwave, don’t just look for birth control pills, look for porn, discs, tapes, usb’s, the camp even had a very old 8mm projector, plus every other device needed to play them on, could he persuade her to watch porn with him?

Lemmy found more porn than he could use, when his mother wasn’t around, he went through them, and one of them starred güvenilir bahis a fucking machine, a sex toy, it appeared home-made, consisting of a variable speed electric screwdriver which had enough power to turn a wheel, this then was connected to a rod which went back and forth as the wheel turned, at the end of the rod was a dildo. Lemmy got to work straight away.

It was now the fourth day of her “unavailability”, he spent all day in the workshop, which was some distance from their quarters, there was no way he’d be disturbed.

Day 5 came and by lunch hour he had a fully functional fucking machine, he also thought that if his mother didn’t want to continue, he’d have no trouble persuading Caroline to try it, he went for lunch feeling buoyant.

‘You’ve got a good appetite, worked hard in the workshop?’

‘Yeah,’ I replied.

What did you do, I thought all the maintenance jobs were finished two weeks ago?’

‘Erm, to be honest, I found some porn vids, so I took a quick peek, and I found one that showed you how to make a, erm, to be blunt, it’s called a fucking machine, it goes in and out and satisfies a woman, better than a man can, I suppose,’ hesitating, his voice trailed off, ‘certainly lasts longer, providing the batteries are okay,’ he muttered. Lemmy spoke unconvincingly and was surprisingly nervous for a man who had, earlier on, so easily dominated his mother.

‘In a quiet voice, she asked, ‘and who is it for Lemuel,’

‘It’s for you of course,’ more assertive now.

‘Do you think I need one?’

‘No, it’s helping me take my mind off the time and the fact we can’t have sex.’

She cleared the plates and spoke to him over her shoulder, ‘I’ve got good news, and……….. er, even better news. I’m okay to go and I really want to have an orgasm, are we okay for tonight?’

‘I’m okay right now,’ he emphasised, ‘but you say when.’

‘How stupid of me, of course you don’t want to wait.

‘I’ve got five days’ worth of cum; my balls are almost about to explode.’

She grabbed his arm and led him to her room, ‘you’re going to find it difficult to hold off, aren’t you?’

‘I’ll do my best, but you’re right it won’t be easy.’

Lemmy’s brilliant idea, Phase1 of Plan B; new positions.

They undressed, in subtle darkness, door was ajar allowing in a dim light, lights off. Lemmy had not seen his mother naked, ‘early days, early days, be patient,’ Lemmy said to himself.

‘It might be easier for you if I lay on my back, and you sat astride me?’

‘I know you’re not too keen on anything other than the missionary position.’ Would it count as a new position?’ She looked dubious, ‘and if so, how will that help you?’

Lemmy was hopeful that it might eventually lead to sex from behind, he turned her round and hugged her, his hands found her nipples, already hard and erect, she shuddered. ‘I can play with these for a start, and you can stimulate your nuclear button,’ she started to think about it.

‘Nuclear button? Oh, my clitoris, speak English Lemuel. Okay, I agree, but you must stay still, I don’t want to end up riding a bucking bronco and end up on the floor in a heap.’

She crossed her leg over him and parted her labia using her fingers, she placed her vulva over the head. She paused for a second to check she was in the right position then lowered herself, she had enough lubricant to sink down to the base of his penis, adjusting her labia until she was satisfied, she was making full contact. She rocked back and forth, head back, groaning in pleasure.

Lemmy waited a minute, then as he sensed her climax approaching played with her breasts, raking her fleshy orbs, stopping at the aureole, just for a second, then holding her pink nipples and pulling on them, making a milking motion. güvenilir bahis siteleri With a final flurry, she rubbed her clitoris against his lower stomach.

He shot his load into her, defying gravity, high up into her vagina. Spasm after spasm, spurt after spurt, she groaned, whimpered and started to slow down, exhausted, lowered her body onto his, he slowed down, and stopped playing with her breasts, he glanced down to see his penis joining them together, the head was still inside her the shaft shone, the whiteness heightened by her lubricant, despite the low light. She slid down enclosing him again, clenching her vaginal muscles, he took her weight, her breasts on his chest.

Lemmy had come virtually without any in and out thrusting, he’d rarely come so quickly since he was a teenager.

‘I’ve not come so much since I was first married,’ she confessed.

Lemmy nodded, ‘you told me it went wrong when Dad was working away.’

She sighed and settled further down on his chest all the while keeping his penis inside her. ‘When I look back on it maybe I’m being unfair, so I’m not sure, I got too involved in the church, my new interest pushed him away, anyway what about you?’ You know, you seem popular with the ladies, is it because of your penis?’

‘How can it be, ever man has a penis?’

‘You just answered my question with a question.’

‘Okay, the last one, Sandra, the hunter’s wife, she was bored, I was nice to her, and she wanted sex, I obliged.’

‘Did she enjoy it?’

‘Yeah, we took ages to achieve our orgasms, we would stop and change positions, maybe three or four times between orgasms, trouble is she used to squeal when she climaxed, so I made sure she came before me, her noisiness could be off-putting.’ his mother nodded her understanding’

‘I’d best be quiet then, hadn’t I? She smiled at the suggestion.

Changing the subject slightly, she asked, ‘how did it happen with Caroline, your Mrs Taylor,’ she placed a big emphasis on the “Mrs”.

‘Again, I was available, and her husband liked me, he didn’t want her to choose someone who might be a threat, he considered me level-headed, oh and she liked me as well.’

Elizabeth’s vulva gripped his penis, Lemmy had at that instant stopped thinking of her as his mother but at his latest lover. She was trying to squeeze his shaft back into life ‘How did you both make love to her at once, was she keen on having two men inside her at the same time?’ Having asked the question, she raised herself up to look Lemmy in the face, although it wasn’t easy to make out her expression in the dimly lit room.

‘Yes, one at each end,’ Lemmy spoke bluntly, felt she was probably blushing, she shifted so she was resting on his thighs, upright, breasts swinging as she moved, her arms extended, hands on his shoulders.

‘The first time we both made love to her, he asked me to go first, Caroline was working on us both, kissing and touching, she lay down and I got on top of her, I tried to give her an orgasm but, in all honesty, she was so worked up she had one without me having to do much for her, I had a free orgasm, if you know what I mean?’

‘So, then he took over?’

‘Yes, but he’d hardly put it in, and he climaxed, he kept it in her for a while, I think he was a bit embarrassed about how quickly he came, then after a minute she pushed him out, and told us both to get washed, we knew what was coming, so we rushed off, it was comradely washing our penises in the same sink.’ Lemmy smiled at the memory, ‘when we got back, she was on all fours on the bed, she told her husband to sit in the chair and have a good look, she took my penis in her mouth and started fellating me, her husband looked on playing with himself.’

‘When she felt me begin to stiffen, iddaa siteleri she took hold of my penis and removed it from her mouth, she asked him if he wanted to put his in her mouth, and he squawked a yes, his throat must have been dry.’

‘I moved off the bed and stood behind her, I told him I was about to put my prick in her pussy, and did he want to watch, I could see he hadn’t got an erection and he needed to play for time, he didn’t say anything just knelt so he could see me enter her, she made it more interesting by reaching behind her and pulling her labia out of the way, I pushed it in real slow and within a minute of watching me he’d stood and had his cock in her mouth and that was it, one each end.’

Lemmy could hear Elizabeth, breathing. It was like she’d been running, she leant forward and kissed him. She gasped and sat up, ‘I just felt a twitch,’ she tensed her muscles and he started to harden, ‘this is what it must have been like for Caroline’, he sensed Elizabeth saw her now as a kindred spirit, with some idea of her needs, ‘only in our case it’s the same man who’s going to come in me.’

She started to move up and down on his prick, placing her fingertips around the base. ‘Plenty of love juices for the second time round.’ she sounded contented.

It seemed to Lemmy she was starting to relax; it had been less than two weeks and already she was in a new position, he felt her fingers around the base of his cock, ensuring her clitoris was in contact with his pubic area. Once she was satisfied with the position she leant forward, time to play with her tits. Things were going better than he could imagine, he pulled on her nipples, she seemed to like the milking action.

He was almost distracted when she came, it was the noisiest, longest orgasm.

‘Oh god, you haven’t come, have you?’

Lemmy shook his head and placed his hands on her hips, lifted her up and then released her to slide down his prick, she gave a low moan. ‘Again.’

He did it again and then again until his arms grew tired by which time she was satisfied.

‘I need to come down slowly, thanks for that, now it’s your turn,’ she said. He was hoping she’d follow it up with a “how do you want me”, but she didn’t.

‘We need to turn so that we are both on our side, then one more turn and you are on your back,’ the manoeuvre was completed without her asking why, Lemmy raised her right leg over his shoulder, straddling her left leg. She was now sideways on the bed, and he was above her, lion and lioness fashion not his preferred “doggy fashion”, but she hadn’t objected all this was achieved without his penis losing its place in her pussy. New position number two, progress.

His right hand gently toyed with her breasts, he rested on his left arm and slowly pushed in, held for a moment then pulled out, although she had climaxed, she found there was a pleasure of being dominated, she didn’t have to move a muscle, just breathe.

She’d never felt so wanted in many years, she wasn’t going to have another orgasm, but nevertheless, enjoyed the sensation of the in and out motion, it was slow and rhythmic. She wanted deeper penetration, she hooked her arm around her knee and pulled her leg up, he responded by going faster, he started to climax, pushing in with each release of sperm, then withdrawing for another push and a spurt, he slowed down and stopped still deep inside her pussy. His penis hadn’t seen daylight for a good thirty minutes, he needed a rest.

‘How are you?’ he asked.

‘Sated, like I’ve never been sated before.’

‘Sated, that’s a new word for it.’

‘No, it’s a word that describes something better than a mere orgasm.’

‘Come on, I’m hungry,’ he rose off the bed and headed to his room, ‘how does steak sound?’

‘Fine, it’s the day for meat.’

They both laughed at her alluding to her receiving his penis.

‘I was thinking tomorrow, we could look at a porn film, help you lose your inhibitions.’

She mewed and nodded; I’ll think about it.’

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