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He can’t manage almost anything, including his girlfriends and their drama. He got two of them pregnant so far, and neither of these girls is an Einstein but they were both smart enough to get abortions instead of making a baby be born with Gio as a father. Two: He does some things well. He’s a natural athlete without hardly trying. He’s amazing at baseball when he wants to be. That’s what everyone says anyway, I’m not such an expert. So he’s in good shape even though he has no discipline at all. He eats like a fucking horse but it just goes to his muscles and whatever. He gets along with guys in a totally easy effortless way, even our asshole father. Shit just rolls off his back, y’know? Three: I spent a summer sucking his cock. Since I was old enough to jerk off I had a thing for Gio. He’s always so fucking horny, and trying to get with girls for as long as I can remember. His browser history was my entree into porno, and I loved seeing what he got off to. And like I said, he’s in shape. Not like bodybuilder shape or anything, but his proportions are just right, with nice flat abs and a great chest with nice pointy nipples just begging to be sucked on. He’s only a little hairy on top, but what’s there he shaves because grooming is like his religion, except for his pits, which are black nests that dovetail into his biceps. A lot of girls say he’s cute, but mostly I see his hawk nose and his too groomed hair. But he does have a nice shape to his face, and a cute mouth, I have to admit. But it’s really more the body that does it for me, and his fucking OCD about getting laid. As his brother I see more of him than anyone. Unless it’s freezing cold he mostly has no use for shirts so almost all year its a free tit show. I see his cock a lot in the bathroom we share, but I can’t say I ever saw it hard before the last year. And he has a nice looking ass too, curved, smooth as cream and just as white. If you think it’s gross that I’m into my brother that way, there’s not much I can say. Gio’s around me all the time, half naked and built and, like a living sex bomb, and I happen to be susceptible to that shit. I’m into guys, duh. And even though I shoot my mouth off with people I know well, I’m super shy with strangers, and I’m eighteen, which means I don’t have any fucking outlets but my hand. So sue me, I’m only human. How did Gio end up hot, dumb and full of cum while I ended up with social anxiety, good grades and the urge to suck cock? Luck of the fucking draw, man. I figure being born a homo saved me. You might look at this unsatisfactory situation and think Gio got the better deal. But every guy my neighborhood my age but me was a screw up in school, and I always was just different. They were chasing tail and I was reading and shit. Jerking off thinking about guys while they partied might seem pathetic, and I guess it is. But I sure wasn’t going to get some girl pregnant and spend my life on a shit job paying for a kid I didn’t even want. I’m going to college and getting a decent job where I get vacations and a hot boyfriend. And I sure as hell am not getting into a fight with another douchenozzle about some skank girl, and ending up on house arrest with a motherfucking ankle bracelet. Nice going, Gio, you fucking stupe. 2. Ma is a manager and hostess at a nice restaurant. And I mean really nice. So nice that Gio doesn’t even get why anyone pays those prices because it’s “not even classy”, which means it’s not gaudy enough for him. So Ma’s not around most nights, just me and Gio making the place testosterone city. When Ma’s not at home out we eat watching TV, burp and fart and whatever. Half the time one of us has his hand on his dick, because why not, sometimes your hand just wants something to do. I don’t mean jacking it, you fucking perv, I just mean at rest. One night, a while before the house arrest thing, we were watching Game of Thrones marathon together. We both liked the action, and also there’s boobs for Gio, and Jon Snow for me. Gio asked which princess I thought was hotter, the redhead or the blonde with the twisted smile. I told him neither was a princess, and he just said “you know what I mean,” which I did. Gio does not sweat the details. “That show is hot,” he said, “but fucked up for that brother and sister to be doing it.” “First off,” I replied, “Jon Snow’s not her brother. But second, yeah, you look like you’re real upset about it.” I nodded to where he had his hand down his sweats. “Whatever, man,” he scoffed. “Callie thinks she’s pregnant and won’t fuck till she knows for sure, so I’m horny.” “Pregnant? Fuck, Gio, use a condom. Ma’s gonna’ go crazy.” “I can’t get off with a condom,” he said. “Besides she’s hardly event pregnant, so why not fuck? The baby’s not gonna’ care.” “Man,” I said, “you have a one track mind. What about oral?” I mimicked jerking a cock into an open mouth. “With Callie?” “No, with me, dumbshit.” I had my own hand down my shorts too, from Gio talking about his fucking sex life. “She don’t even wanna’ see me till she knows if she’s pregnant,” he said. “So THAT is not happening.” I guess thinking about his thick baby making sperm made me bold, so just like that I said I would suck his dick. He called me a retard, but I said it again, and said I’d just suck it a little. I was giving my own a dick a nice slow stroke then, so maybe he took me more serious. So what the fuck, I got down on the ground in front of him on the couch, and pulled back his sweats so his dong could pop out. Must have felt good for his boner to stand up like that, because Gio didn’t stop me yet. I know in these stories it’s always the biggest monster dick anyone ever saw, like it’s cockzilla or something. That wasn’t Gio, but it was pretty big, bigger than I expected And it had a nice smooth curve like a banana or something. It was pretty thick top to bottom but got smaller at the head, and that made it seem like it would be easier than some going in. I gave it a few slow strokes with my hand, just to get the feel, because this was the first dick I ever touched but mine. I licked it some, which was nice, and then put my mouth on it. The head of his dick was firm kind if like a hard cherry. I sucked on it and that was good, so I opened my mouth wider and went further down. It was fucking weird that first time, having someone else’s body in my mouth. I was trying to suck it, going down as much as I could. But it’s not like you think it’s gonna’ be, like *Jesus lord I swallowed the whole thing down to the grizzly pubes*. That’s some fucking fantasy. Instead you’re like, *Jesus lord, I’m gonna gag and I’m not even half way down*. So I tried harder and I did gag, like a fucking jerk. Sue me, it was my first time. Gio pushed me off then, and said I was stupid and went to his bedroom to finish himself off. I wanted to follow him and do it some more, but what the fuck ever. Just knowing he was jerking it with my spit all over his dick was making me crazy, so it didn’t take but a stroke or two for me to jizz right there in the living room with Game of Thrones on TV. Weirdest fucking jackoff soundtrack ever. 3. Gio’s girl Callie was pregnant it turned out. That made number two if he was keeping a checklist of trashy girls he got knocked up. Number two abortion too, thank God for the Planned Parenthood. Callie’s Ma told our Ma and you should have seen the yelling. She bought a big box of condoms and threw it right at Gio at the kitchen table. That made me wanna’ laugh, but I kept my own mouth shut because I didn’t need no drama with neither of them. I got SATs and shit to worry about. I got to thinking about Gio looked good and how he’s always getting with girls, and I’m his brother and supposed to be made of the same genes and stuff. So I thought maybe I could get to looking good and get myself my own honey with a hot body and a nice smile. I was going to be a senior and it would nice to not have to graduate high school a lame ass virgin. I wanted to be able to go to college a man with some experience. Fuck, I just wanted to be normal and do normal shit like kiss someone, right? I looked at myself in the mirror, which I do not like, because I look like a fucking stick figure. But I tried to see myself like if I was someone else, and I thought maybe not so bad. Skinny and flat as a rail, but all the right parts, not a pig’s tail or nothing. I was getting more hairy than Gio, with some on my chest and stomach and a lot on my legs. If I flexed hard I could see some muscles in my arms, so I figured I’d work on that. Go with what you got, right? Nothing to do about the face — a lot like Gio’s but thinner, same family nose (thanks Ma), same black hair too that I never know what the fuck to do with it. Gio, I swear to God, must spend two hours a day on his hair, and I’m the one who’s supposed to be the homo. I started doing push-ups and used Gio’s dumbells. One day Gio saw me and gaziantep travesti he laughed, and I was going to put them down and never look back. But he said he was just laughing because I wasn’t even holding them right, so he showed me. I watched his biceps swell up as he lifted and thought my boner was going to take all the blood from the rest of my body, that’s how fucking hot it was. Then he made sure I did it right, and that was even hotter, because Gio never did anything nice for me before and I kind of liked it. After a few weeks I thought my arms looked better. Honest, anyone else would still see stickboy, but I felt like I won the fucking Nobel Prize for Biceps. Then Gio really fucks up BIG TIME, and gets in a fight with another asshole just like him, like Battle of the Douchebags, over stupid fucking Callie, and how she’s a skank or not a skank, or whatever. I don’t understand straight guys and their shit about girls, cause they all want `em to be skanks, but also not skanks. Ugh straight guys. I still want to fuck them so bad, straight guys, but I don’t understand them to save my life. So maybe that’s how gay guys are fucked up, not understanding the thing we want to get with, just like how straight guys are fucked up about girls, right? Anyway, Gio gets into this fight right in the street, things get violent and the police get called. There’s charges, and court. Thank God for two things, one it’s Gio’s first offense, two Ma makes Dad call his cousin Charlie who’s in the highway patrol to get Gio off. Cousin Charlie says he’s highway patrol, so he has no say in this, but Ma makes Dad nag him. So whatever, cousin Charlie does whatever cops do behind the scenes, and Gio gets four months house arrest, no jail. Thank the Lord, said Ma. Like having Gio in the house 24/7 is a blessing from God instead of new kind of problem. Right. So Ma runs the jail during the day, and she works dinner shift so that makes me the night warden. And just in case he has funny ideas, Gio gets the ankle thing clamped on by the court so he can’t be out causing trouble. Honest, it would be funny if it wasn’t so fucking stupid. What a world. And that’s how we arrive at us spending the summer together, and he can’t go do the things he normally does, and Ma layed down the law. Number one, no girls in her house because she doesn’t want to hear about another abortion because her dumbass son can’t put a rubber on his thing. Number two, none of his shit for degenerate friends over either. She made Gio swear to God on her life, and to kiss her crucifix. Then she told me to swear the same that I wouldn’t let his hos or bros over at night while she’s at work, and I said Ma I’m an atheist, and she said don’t talk stupid, so I swore to God and kissed the crucifix and that was that. 4. Maybe you heard of some men in prison use their incarceration to learn law and become attorneys or scholars. Real inspiring shit. But this was not Shawshank Redemption, which we must have seen a hundred times because it’s always on TV, and Gio was not one of them kind of guys. Gio did what other guys do in prison, the ones who don’t become lawyers, because he’s more the kind that needs lawyers than becomes one. He worked out all the time, watched TV and tanned in Ma’s little back yard where she grows her good tomatoes, not the flavorless shitty ones you get at the grocery store. You’d be surprised how all of that still leaves a lot of hours in the day, especially if you don’t read or have interests, which Gio didn’t. He just prowled the house like a pissed off tiger at the zoo, looking for trouble and the more he couldn’t find the more pissed of he got. “This is bullshit” I must have heard five hundred times. Also “They can’t do this, this is solitary confinement, that’s illegal!” I pointed out to shit-for-brains that the fact he was telling me, another person, as we sat there together eating cereal, that he was in solitary confinement was by definition not possible. He just said “By definition fuck off” then walked away, so I could watch his ass cheeks going up and down in his sweats. Fuck, what an ass. It wasn’t exactly the Lincoln Douglas debates in my house, but Gio’s got his own style. The other thing about him being trapped at home all the time is my thing for Gio was really getting out of hand. He was always hot, but now he was at home working out all the time. He brought his weight bench up from the basement and put it right in the living room, and was working his weight right there no matter how much Ma complained. I could see him lifting, and hear all his grunts and gasps and it’s not like he gives a shit I’m there. He’s walking around with his pumped up muscles and his track pants where you can see the shape of his dick. And I’m there in the prime of my life, teenage testosterone pumping in my blood like liquid Viagara, and I don’t know another homo in all the world I can get together to fucking sin with. Maybe if I had hobbies or friends to get out with I would have some other guy to think about, but that summer, every night and every day, Gio was the only game in town. He just more built, the days got hotter and he wore less, and I was horned up all the fucking time. Weekends were hardest for him to be trapped at home with only me for company. He was used to hanging with his bros and hos, and even though they half didn’t have jobs or anything so what difference does it make, Saturday was still their big party night. After the first few weekends under house arrest, he asked me to go to the store and get him some beers. I reminded him I’m not legal to buy, and I don’t have a fake ID because my boring-as-fuck lifestyle does not call for one. He told me to use one of his fake IDs. I swear, he has more IDs than Jason Bourne. So I asked who that was gonna’ fool because a, it’s fake, and b, it’s not even my fake. But he said his photo was a little old when he was skinnier and it could be me easy. I said no way, but he showed it to me. And looking there in the mirror I could see Gio was right for a change. It did look a lot like me, and I could see maybe we looked alike after all. I told him I didn’t know we looked that alike and he just said, “Duh, stupe. We’re brothers.” I guess that stuck in my head, that we looked alike. I know I’m the smarter one, which face it is not much of a high bar, but it’s with everything but bodies. Like Gio is good at everything physical, and I don’t know how to lift a dumbell. I don’t even understand what I look like. But I really liked that maybe someone could think I was him, even on just a dumb fake ID. So I told him I’d do it, but I wanted something in return, which was to blow him again. Even when he told me to get the fuck out, I stayed firm with my offer. BJs for beers. “You did that once,” he said, “and no offense but not the best I ever had.” “So what,” I said, “you can tell me how to do it better. You can watch a porno while I do it, tell me how you want it, I don’t give a shit. ” “You turning into a cocksucker?” he asked. Since when was he so interested in what I was ort wasn’t anyway. “I don’t know,” I said. “I don’t know what I am. I’m just horny, and you’re horny, so what the fuck. Win win.” “Get the beers first,” he said after a while. “I’m gonna’ want to be buzzed.” 5. We promised Ma no skanks and no douchebags in the house, but we never promised no beers. Ma must have been off her game to not include drinks in her list where she made us swear on her life. By this point she usually knew what we’d get into before we knew ourselves. But maybe she figured Gio couldn’t get out of the house for booze, and figured I never would. I have bad enough social anxiety just buying regular shit in the store, so you’d think I’d be a fucking flop sweating wreck using a fake ID. But I was still high off thinking I look like him, being a douchebag stud and all, and all I could think about was getting in Gio’s pants. His sweats, anyway. So fuck Paxil, the promise of getting some nut is maybe all I needed after all. Put that in a TV ad, I dare you. Gio had one beer and started another, and I was still barely a quarter through my first. I was not drinking this for the taste, I promise you. How Gio and his buddies drink this piss like it’s the nectar of the fucking gods is a mystery to me. And then we got to it. We went to his room, and he put on a porno on his shitty computer. He put in his earbuds, thank God, so I didn’t have to listen to some cheap whore’s fake screams. Straight guys are so fucking dumb. He stroked his dick under his sweats watching his vid, and I sat there on the floor of his bedroom waiting. When when he got it nice and hard he pulled it out. Last time we did this was so fast and I didn’t know what would happen, but this time Gio had his porno and his beer, and he couldn’t even hear me, so I took my time. I licked his cock up and down, and sucked on his balls, swirling them in my mouth. I practiced going down on it from different angles, to see how I could get it in my throat best. Gio every now and then wrapped his fist around the base like he wanted to jerk it, but he let me keep going. He couldn’t hold back no more and did give himself a good stroke, and when I saw the big bead of precum he squeezed out of his dick I got a little crazed. I put my mouth on it and went down as far as I could, my lips against his hand and pushing my gag reflex. To tell you the truth, I didn’t care about anything right then. The whole house could have burn down around us and I’d still be there on his boner. Then Gio just said That’s enough, and shoved me back hard on my ass. He worked his dick, all slicked up from spit and his precum, and I spat in my hand to do the same, sitting on his floor. He huffed and puffed and blew his load, so I did too. He snagged a tank top off his floor and mopped up his dick with it and went to the bathroom. gaziantep masaj salonları I sat there seeing for him it was like nothing happened. And I was pissed off because I had this stupid feeling, like I really wanted to hug him or something. Like why would I ever want to hug a douchebag Guido like Gio, if I was in my right mind, which I wasn’t. See, dick will fuck you up if you let it. It kept on killing him every Saturday, knowing his crew was out partying. So it became our regular party night, just the two of us. I’d go out for beers with his fake ID, we’d watch some TV, then Gio would bust out some porn and I would try to get him to bust a nut. He’d do that with his hand, and boom, end of the party. Then I’d round up the beer bottles and caps, walk them down the street and dump them in a neighbor’s trash before Ma got home. I got carried away sometimes and would joke in front of Ma about Saturday being party night. I knew it wasn’t cool, but it was going to my head because first off I was getting cock, and secondly I never went to real parties because of my social anxiety thing, so it was this really cool that Gio and I had a Saturday night thing, even if to him it was stupid. He told me to be chill, so I kept that shit to myself and stopped talking about party night out loud, but I looked forward to it all week every week. The first time Gio came in my mouth I almost snorted his jizz out my nose, I fucking swear. I didn’t know what the fuck was happening, but his cock that was already so big in my mouth chubbed up even more and got even more stiff. I was all Whoa, what the fuck, and then there was this hot spooge in my mouth. I didn’t even know what was going on but it was more than my mouth could hold and I spat it out. By the time I tried to get my mouth back on his cock he pumped out the last of it with his hand and didn’t want me to do no more. After that I was ready. When his cock would swell up like that I’d inhale through my nose and start gulping down. God, he could cum a lot. I’d swallow it all, as much as I could, till Gio said to get off his dick, and then I’d stop and jerk myself off. After the first couple of months Gio heard from one of his bros that his girl Callie moved on and was hooking up with some other douchebag, which you figure is gonna’ happen. Party girl ain’t gonna wait. He said he didn’t care, but he was pissed off, you could tell. “Tell you what,” he said, “she is a skank. I defended that bitch for nothing.” “You like skanks,” I said. “And skanks like you.” “You should know,” he said, and I asked what did he mean by that. Gio leaned at me and said kind of fierce, “Bro, YOU are the biggest degenerate skank of all.” He mock grabbed his junk in his sweats and said, “I see you looking at this all night, but it ain’t your `party night’, is it?” He made a stupid mean face, and turned to watch the TV. I guess it upset him his girl was partying with some other Guido and he was stuck here with just me. But I was feeling bad, because for a long time I was careful to not put myself in a position where Gio could hurt my feelings, and now I got caught. Sometimes I’m pretty smart, sometimes not. “Don’t tease me,” I said. It took a lot to say that out loud because I could feel my social anxiety real bad, right in my own house with my own brother. After a while he said sorry, and said I could do it if I wanted, even though it was Wednesday and not our regular party night. We didn’t even have beers, and he didn’t make a move to get his laptop to put on a porno. I put his soft dick in my mouth right there while he watched tv and sucked it it till he it hard, and even all the way till he came in my mouth. I swallowed it all, every drop, and Gio rested a hand on my head and I liked that a lot. Maybe after everything he just liked having someone around who wanted him inside them. We started doing it like that on the regular after that, not just party nights. My head game was getting strong. He maybe didn’t mean to, but Gio was training me up perfect with what he liked. He never said it with words, but I got real good at reading his body language and all his sounds. I guess that’s why he let me do it more and more often. I could swallow the whole thing with hardly choking, and I did that a lot. Sometimes it wasn’t such a big deal, like I’d just suck it long and slow while he watched TV, not trying to jizz, just feeling good. There were still some rules though. There was no kissing mostly, and for sure no tongues if I did get a little near his mouth. I couldn’t stray too far his cock or balls, even though I really wanted to. Once on the sofa during one of the kind of slow blowjobs I kissed his stomach and latched on to a nipple and sucked it. “Get off my tit,” he said as I was really getting into it, “you can suck on my dick if you want to.” So I did. He never sucked my dick, never jerked it, never thought about it as far as I could tell. I did not give a shit. Tragically, Gio’s ass was off limits too. I let my finger stray down down to his hole, but he clamped tight and pulled back from me. He didn’t say I couldn’t do it, but he didn’t have to because his body language was way fucking clear. What the fuck ever, I was getting cock regular, so I could take some compromise with it. 6. It seems crazy, but the more I sucked off Gio the easier it was to get ready for SATs. Being horny is distracting, but after you nut it’s easier to get focused on other things. So the more we did our thing together, the more I could actually concentrate. Up until the night before I tested. The truth is I was scared as shit about college. I was like that with grade school so Ma kept me back for as long as she could, almost a year which made me almost a year older than every other kid in my class. But college? No one in our family ever went, and I was making it up on the fly. We didn’t know shit about SATs or applications, or how do you even pick a college anyway? The night before the SATs we ordered a pizza and tried to chill out. I must have been twitchy because Gio was being nice, and even asked what I wanted to do after college. I told him I didn’t know, but I thought maybe be a lawyer. I don’t know where the fuck that came from, because I never gave a thought to being a lawyer in my whole fucking life. The truth is I didn’t have anything figured out after college. I just wanted to be like a professional person who got some respect and could buy nice things, and didn’t have to live in a shitty neighborhood where you could hear people shouting to each other out their windows all the time. What a world. Gio said maybe he should get his GED, and wanted to know could he get into college with a GED. I swear, I never heard him talk about even a GED at all before, much less college. “What for?” I asked, “Like what degree.” “Like business,” he answered. When I asked what kind of business he said “Like with money. You know, with a fancy Italian suit and a big ass tie.” I thought about it and said “Maybe like sports business. You’d be really good at that.” A few months ago I would have told him he was a dumbass, but right then I felt bad for the guy. I didn’t know what the fuck “sports business” was or if was a thing at all. But it seemed like he’d like the idea of it. So sue me, I had a weak moment. I’m just human. Then I blew him, and came in my own hand while he dumped his cock snot deep in my throat. 7. By then Gio’s house arrest was almost over. You’d figure he’d be the happiest motherfucker on the planet. But something was bugging him. I guess it was I did my SATs and was getting ready to apply to college and he had nothing to show for the summer, unless you count dumping your load down your brother’s throat a few dozen times. He told me he wanted a big favor, and that was to take the GED for him. How could I even do that, I asked, they must take ID to prove who you are. That was my excuse, but also was scared of getting caught doing something wrong that would fuck up my going to college. But Gio had it figured out: the fake ID we’d been using for the last few months for beer. If we were a different family I’d tell you I refused to take the GED for him. I’d tell you I offered to coach him instead, and then he went on to ace it. Very inspirational, and everyone learned something about themselves. But we’re not that kind of family. Instead what I said was I’d do it, but I wanted a big payoff. I’d take his GED for him, and in return he’d fuck me in the butt. At first he said Hell no, no way. The reaction on him, you’d think I asked to fuck him in his butt. Like he was such a choirboy anyway. But he eased up when I said I really didn’t want to graduate from high school a virgin. Then he said maybe, but insisted he would use a condom. It figures, right, my brother who is getting girls knocked up left and right because he doesn’t want a condom on his dick decides now is the time to try one. “You know I’d be like the first person you put it in who couldn’t get pregnant, right?” I asked. “It’s not that,” he said, rolling his eyes. “I don’t want to put my dick in, y’know, your turds.” “You’re telling me you never wanted to fuck a girl in the ass?” I asked. “Well yeah,” he said, “but they’re girls.” “You do know, don’t you, that girls also shit out of their asses, right? Tell me you know that.” He shrugged. Like I said, Gio does not sweat the details. 8. So the day after Gio got out of house arrest I took his GED for him. Unlike the SATs I had no stress about the test. I just worried I would forget I was supposed to be Gio and use my name instead. It was the only test in my life where the only question I worried about was my name. At home that night I made sure to take a shit so Gio wouldn’t have to fuck my turds. We didn’t have no fancy lubes in our house, but I got out some old Vaseline gaziantep escort bayan from Ma’s bedroom. I put on some music, The Weeknd because I really like that song I Feel It Coming. Not because I mean like “cumming” you perv. It just makes me feel happy, like things are going to be okay. We got in Gio’s bed and he worked up a boner without looking at me. He put on a condom, one of the ones Ma threw at him that time. I almost had to laugh remembering it, but Gio didn’t look like he had much sense of humor and I didn’t want to push my luck. I just let him smear the Vaseline on his dick, getting off on the smacking sounds and how his pec rolled when he stroked it. He told me to lie flat on my belly, and I did and then he got on my back. It felt real good to have his weight on, which I never thought about before. I could feel something cold push up against my butthole and caught my breath as his dick pushed up into me, opening me up. It felt like I was taking the world’s biggest dump, but it wasn’t killing me for sure. Gio kept pushing in slow, maybe to be sure I was okay, maybe waiting for me to moan Oh my God it’s so big, I can’t take it you stud, or whatever his girls say. I guess I should be glad he was going slow, because he actually is pretty big down there. “It’s good,” I said, gulping, and he just kept going in. I know a lot of guys act like it hurts so much. Maybe that makes them seem more straight or more virgin or something. But not me. I hate to sound like an old whore with an open window for an ass, but after the first weird feeling I got used to it fast. Maybe I finally found my one physical thing I’m good at, and it just happened to be taking dick. He didn’t say anything, but that was okay because he liked it enough that when he pulled part way out he slid right back in again. I don’t know how every time he landed in it seemed to go even deeper. It was good but I was already feeling not in control, like I usually am, and I could hear myself making these grunting sounds like a fucking animal, especially when he started slamming harder. “Holy fuck Gio,” I gasped, and I felt his strong arm wrap around me, between me and the mattress. It felt real good to have his weight on me like that, and I could almost see in my mind his big chest pressed against me, and his belly all flush with my back. My boner was leaking precum and it felt good sliding up against the mattress. “You gonna cum?” he asked, riding me hard. “Not already,” I grunted, holding onto the sheets. Jesus, it was just a few minutes, was I supposed to spooge already? “I wanna get on my back.” He slowed down, and to be honest I was glad he did because just riding me fast was hard to take. “I can’t jerk off like this.” I didn’t say that I wanted to see him doing it too, because Gio don’t need to know everything about me. But anyway he said okay, and slid his stiffy out of me like nothing. And I felt so empty then, I could have cried. It’s a crazy thing that one minute you can hardly take something going in you, and then when its gone you’re not whole without it. “Turn over,” he said, and made a circle motion with his fingers. I didn’t hardly know how to move my own body anymore so it took a minute and he said, “Come on, before I change my mind.” I got on my back with my knees up and my feet on the mattress. He tried to get in some kind of position without touching me too much, which is stupid. Then he asked how we do this, which is even more stupid because it is pretty fucking well established that I’m the big virgin here. Finally he took my skinny legs and lifted them up over his shoulders. One shin got greased up from his hand he used to work his dick up with Vaseline, but I didn’t care. He looked down to target his schlong against me and pushed it in again, not all slow this time. I guess he figured I was used to it, which wasn’t exactly true. My hands pushed back against his thighs to make him stop for a damn minute. But he stayed there till I was good again, and my hands loosened up on his thighs. “That okay?” he asked. “It’s not hurting, like, your organs?” “Gio, your dick’s not in my organs,” I answered. I didn’t call him a stupe or anything. He shrugged, like Whatever, and pushed in. That might have hit an organ, but I didn’t complain because I just wanted him to fuck me, and he did, sliding in and nearly out again, slow but steady. He relaxed some and let his forearms rest over my shins, kind of like I’d seen him do with a baseball bat over one shoulder. He let his hips just roll, grinding his cock up inside of me, real smooth and focused like he knew just what he was doing. His chest and shoulders and biceps looked so strong, I don’t have the words for how good he looked. I can just say I was all twisted up like a stick figure on a sign about don’t fall down the stairs, but Gio looked like he was made for this, and I guess beautiful. “You like that?” he asked, looking down at me licking his lips. I was jerking myself now. Maybe seeing he was getting me off made it good for him, I don’t know. “Fuck yeah,” I said. “Just one thing. Gio, nut in me.” “I can’t,” he said, still pumping into me, “I can’t do it with a rubber on.” “Gio please,” I groaned. He kept stroking looking into face, and just said, “Aw fuck.” He pulled out of me one more time and I had that same empty feeling, like the fucking core of me was gone. But after he snapped off the condom and threw it on the floor, he plunged back in fast. He sighed and I thought of how you get out of a hot tub into the cold and get right back in again. He was in me raw, the way he fucked his girls, and I swear I almost came right then. “Is that good?” I asked. “It’s not putting pussy out of business,” he said, but I knew that douchebag’s face and I could see he liked it good enough. He rested more of his weight on me this time, pushing my legs all the way back against my shoulders and started humping me. I guess he was serious about nutting because he was really piledriving, not like before. I didn’t dare touch my own dick, and didn’t need to because between our bellies and precum it was getting a good workout. We were both breathing real hard and his face was almost on mine. “Go on,” he grunted, holding pace, “fucking cum.” I couldn’t help it no more and tried to put my mouth on his, even though Gio’s got his no kissing thing. But this time he let me. He was breathing like a fucking racehorse, and his tongue flicked onto mine. I started to lose it and he slid his greased up hand between us and stroked me once. My dick fucking exploded with cum all over between our bellies, gushing over and over. “Holy FUCK!” I yelled. Gio looked down like he was afraid he was killing me, but when he saw that he was fucking a load right out of me, he just groaned real loud, and shoved in deep as he could. He was nutting in me, and his whole beautiful body spasmed. I swear he was trying to get his whole entire body into me, and I wanted it. He trembled a few times and then untensed, and he stopped. He was breathing even harder than me and sweaty, and I could feel his Guido jock heart beating against me. He propped himself up on one elbow, and looked me over. “You okay?” he asked. I slid a hand over my jizz covered belly, like checking myself out. “I think something’s wrong,” I said, and he looked all concerned. Then I said, “Gio… you got me pregnant!” I laughed and he smacked my head with his open hand and said, “Get the fuck out, you fucking retard.” He hoisted himself off the bed, and walked to the bathroom. Lying there in my mess, full of his nut, I watched his beautiful back and the perfect white globes of his ass, and I wished a little that he really had knocked me up. 9. Gio’s prison was my palace that summer. But all palaces are temporary palaces. Like guys in real prison who take up with other guys there but go back to girls when they get out, as soon as house arrest was over Gio was back to his old ways with his asshole crew. No more “party nights” with me, now that he had his Saturday night bros and hos. I aced my SATs and applied to colleges. What,did you think I was a stupe? And did you know you have to pay to apply to colleges? Just to fucking apply, every time. And you don’t get no refund for your application if you don’t get in. What the fuck ever, but seriously, how’s a guy supposed to get ahead? In my freshman year at college, Ma let me know Gio got another girl pregnant, and this one stuck. I thought she would kick him out, but she sounded happy about a baby coming, which didn’t make no sense at all. So Gio turned 22 with a fake GED I took for him, and he was going to be a dad. I guess I didn’t see no career as a sports businessman in his future any time soon. Ah Gio, you stupid fucking fuck. I didn’t linger on it too long. I had school work, and a work study job too, so I didn’t have too much time to worry about drama back home. Plus I got a boyfriend, Keith. He’s a nerd like me, and has red hair, pubes all. And yes we have sex all the time, and we both do everything, which is what you call versatile. Can you believe it? What kind of fucking name is Keith? But he’s sweet to me, and his parents are real nice. They’re super regular, like a TV family. They both went to college, and they have a nice house where there’s no fake IDs, no house arrests and no blowjob bargain for beers. They live just a couple of hours from college, so we spend the night there every few weeks to do laundry and eat like pigs for free. I use good grammar there, which maybe you don’t think I know, but I do, and good manners too. They let us share a bed when we spend the night, because that’s how fucking classy they are, they’re okay with a homo son and his bigger homo boyfriend. What a world. Sometimes at night in bed in his parents’ house Keith snuggles up behind me, like that spoon thing. If I’m awake for a while I’ll think about how we can live just like this, and have careers and a nice life and a house with no drama and maybe adopt some kids. I’ll feel him next to me and think about how perfect it is, and how lucky I am to have Keith. But every now I remember that in my secret heart of hearts I’m just a degenerate skank, and wish he was Gio instead. END

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