Wife’s Incestuous Family Ritual Ch. 03


Author’s Note: Welcome to another chapter in this series. I had initially planned to end the story with two chapters. Due to overwhelming positive response and requests, here I am, with a third. I would encourage you to read the previous chapters to better understand the characters and the story so far.

This story is set in India and all the characters are Indians, above the age of 18. Some of the mystical elements described here are inspired from Hindu mythology. The ritual does not exist in any region or religion in India (or elsewhere) and is purely a figment of my imagination. Hope you enjoy the story. Looking forward to your comments.


The night was young, the sky clear and cloudless in the beginning of October. A gentle breeze blew across Ashok Vatika, carrying the sweet fragrance of jasmine within the garden. My 26-year-old wife Ananya, moaned, oblivious to her surroundings, as she rode her father, Brijmohan’s manhood, under the sacred Ashoka tree.

I groaned with pleasure, shifting slightly to make myself comfortable. I had been standing for the last half hour, outside my in-laws’ sacred garden, peering inside through a gap in the hedge which acted as the fence. My pants and boxers were down by my ankles. I groaned again, eyes closing partially in pleasure. I pulled my gaze away from my wife and father-in-law, looking down to see my sensual mother-in-law, on her knees between my legs. The 51-year-old, Lata, had been sucking my hard 6.7″ cock as long as I had stood there. She placed both her hands on my ass cheeks pulling me towards her, encouraging me to fuck her mouth.

I shifted my gaze back to the ritual being performed at the base of the Ashoka tree. Ananya and I had finally decided to have a baby. We had consulted a gynecologist and got all the required tests done. With all clear and getting a go ahead from the doctor, we had shared this news with her parents who were overjoyed. Before Ananya went off her contraceptive pills, we all wanted to seek the blessings of the divine spirit residing inside the Ashoka tree. As the primary deity of my in-laws’ family, the Yakshini’s benediction was always sought before any endeavor.

Ananya put both hands on the trunk of the Ashoka tree. She increased her pace, gradually inching towards an orgasm. Her 5’6″ slim frame bounced up and down. The 55-year-old patriarch, sensing his daughter’s eagerness, lifted his hips, every time she came down, driving his cock deeper into her. Her moans were now loud enough for me to clearly hear on the other side of the hedge. The constant slap-slap of her cute ass cheeks hitting her father’s thighs broke the silence of the night. Her face shone with a sheen of sweat, glowing by the gentle light of the lanterns and oil lamps at the base of the tree.

I put both hands on the back of my mother-in-law’s head and started fucking her mouth. I knew she liked me to be slightly rough with her; not always be gentle and respectful like I usually was. It had been more than a year since I learnt about my wife’s incestuous family ritual and had sex with Ananya’s mother for the first time. Since then, Ananya and I had regularly visited her parents’ farmhouse on the outskirts of Pune. She got to perform the ritual with her father and fuck her younger brother, leaving me and her mother to have a roll in the hay.

Ananya tensed and went silent; telltale signs of her arriving on the threshold of orgasm. Her father pumped his cock in her pussy vigorously; his 6′ tall, naturally muscular body fucking her effortlessly. With few more thrusts, he groaned loudly, filling his daughter’s cunt with his essence. Ananya exhaled deeply and cried out loudly as her orgasm came crashing down on her.

The breeze in the garden suddenly turned to a strong gust of wind. The trees in the garden swayed, some dried leaves blowing off. The branches of the Ashoka tree swayed and showered beautiful red flowers on the ground, some of them falling on Ananya. The lantern and lamps burned extremely bright for a moment, their flames dancing violently. I had witnessed this divine spectacle several times in the last year, yet it never failed to inspire awe in me.

Ananya quivered, her whole body shaking with the orgasmic pleasures, now heightened by her connection to the celestial spirit within the tree. She cried out even louder, her climax prolonged and elevated by the divine touch of the Yakshini. My young wife looked absolutely beautiful and angelic in the throes of her spiritual orgasm. Watching her in such intense pleasure took me to climax. I groaned and shot my load down my mother-in-law’s throat.

The flames were back to normal and the wind breezed gently once again. I put my hands on the neem tree near the hedge to steady myself. Inside the garden, Ananya hugged the Ashoka tree and sobbed gently, tears of spiritual satisfaction and joy running down her face. I knew she had been blessed.


Ananya and I sat in the living room of our apartment, enjoying coffee. We had got back to Mumbai, three kaçak iddaa days later.

“Let’s try to conceive from my next cycle onwards,” she said.

I nodded. “Good to have divine blessing on our side.”

“Oh God, you’ve no idea! In the last eight years of performing the ritual countless times, I had never felt her so closely. This time, it was like having an out of body experience. One moment I was just feeling myself and daddy’s cock in me. The next moment… as if my whole being… my consciousness had broadened. I could feel the small insects in the trees, the ants in their colony outside the hedge, the frogs by the pond, the fishes in the water. For few moments… I was these creatures, seeing the world through their eyes. I think… I even saw myself through your eyes!”


She smiled as she fondly remembered her experience, then sighed regretfully. “An extraordinarily memorable event. Who knows how long it’ll be before I can connect with her again!”

I suddenly got an idea. “You should go on a trip with Ayush.”

She looked at me in surprise. “What? When?”

“This weekend. Call him. I’ll make the arrangements.”

She still looked at me surprised.

I said, “You can’t be with Ayush when we start trying to conceive. After the pregnancy is confirmed, you may have to refrain from sex altogether until childbirth. Then, the requisite rest and postpartum care, adjusting to new life with a baby. It might be another one and a half years before you can resume any sexual activity.”

She nodded slowly, realization dawning on her face. “A small vacation would be nice. Let’s go somewhere. The three of us.”

“No. Just the two of you; brother and sister spending some quality time. I don’t want to be the third wheel. Let me see about the arrangements. Call Ayush and tell him.”

She smiled and kissed me. “You’re the best!”

I kissed her back. “Go and have fun. Tell me everything once you get back.”

“Anything else you need other than the juicy details? I could try and record a video,” she said, mischievously.

I thought for a moment, tempted at the prospect of seeing a video of them making love, but decided against it.

“Nah, it’s too much effort. Though, I wouldn’t say no to an audio clip, should be easy. I’ll listen to it while you tell me all the juicy details,” I said with a wink.

Two days later, on Saturday morning, Ananya readied herself for the trip. I peeked into her bag and saw some sexy lingerie packed away in a corner. She wore a sleeveless yellow salwar-kameez with fancy earrings, necklace and bangles, looking like a pretty newly-wed young woman. Her smooth arms and legs, shapely eyebrows, glowing face and brown highlights in her lustrous black hair were evidence of a salon visit the day before.

Ayush waited for her in the living room. Recently turned 24, he was the same height as me at 5’9″ but had the broad chest and shoulders of his father. He had worn a simple check shirt with sleeves folded to his elbow and a blue jeans. He had reached early morning at our apartment. I gave him the details of the reservations made for them in Casa De Kihim resort, near Kihim beach in Alibag.

All set for the trip, I hugged Ananya goodbye. She kissed me on the lips.

“Happy? Excited?” I asked her. She grinned from ear to ear and nodded.

“Buddy, she’s yours for the weekend. Take care of your sister,” I said.

“Absolutely! Thanks jiju,” Ayush said, smiling broadly.


Ananya watched as Ayush parked his SUV in the parking lot of the Casa De Kihim resort. The two-hour drive from Mumbai had been fun. But now, she was nervous. It was the first time she and Ayush were together outside their home, but not as siblings. The beach side private cottage had been booked as part of a honeymoon package.

Her heartbeat quickened as they entered the reception area. Ayush introduced himself to the smiling female receptionist. He enquired about their reservation and furnished both their IDs for verification. She hadn’t legally changed her surname after wedding; her ID still showed her Ananya Paranjpe. What if we run into someone we know? What if the staff deduced that we are siblings? After years of extreme caution, it was hard not to be paranoid. The receptionist checked their IDs casually and returned hers. She made a photocopy of Ayush’s ID under whose name the room had been booked. He completed the rest of the formalities smoothly.

The receptionist smiled and said, “Enjoy your honeymoon, Mrs. and Mr. Paranjpe.” Ayush smiled and thanked her, while Ananya blushed at being referred to as her brother’s wife. A bellboy carried their bags and escorted them to their room.

The entire resort was extremely beautiful and located just off the beach. It had modern hotel rooms near the entrance while the rustic, wooden cottages were at the back, towards the beach. Nikhil had booked one such luxury private cottage for them. The cottages were built slightly away from each other, scattered among the scenic paths and gardens. She was thrilled kaçak bahis when their cottage came into view, nestled amongst thick trees, surrounded by well-maintained plants, looking like something out of fairy tale. The bellboy unlocked the door and placed their bags inside. Ayush tipped the guy generously as he left.

Finally alone, Ananya put her arms around his neck pulled him into a deeply passionate kiss. He hugged her tight, his lips gliding on hers, smoothly. His hands roamed across her back and finally rested on her breasts, fondling them. She gave the bulge on his crotch a playful squeeze.

“Ow!” Ayush said, “My bladder is about to burst. I’ve been holding my pee since an hour.”

Ananya rolled her eyes and pushed him away. “Idiot,” she said, laughing, “Just go! Are you waiting for an invite?”

Ayush rushed to the washroom. She looked around the cottage, admiring the interiors. Walls and roof made of big, sturdy logs and floor made of wooden boards, the cottage looked aesthetically rustic. It also had all the modern amenities expected from an upscale resort. She sank into the big, soft bed and sighed. With Ayush taking a long time to empty his bladder, she picked up her phone and video-called her husband.

“Is this inside the cottage?” Nikhil said as he received the call.

“Yup. Just checked in. It’s beautiful. How come we never came here before?”

“I went there once, years before. But the cottages were built recently, I heard. Looks great on the inside. How’s the outside view?”

She went outside and showed him around. The beach was just on the other side on the fence within walking distance. She could see the waves between the trees from where she stood. The salty smell in the air hit her nostrils. “It’s really beautiful. Thank you so much honey!” she said.

Nikhil smiled and said, “Enjoy your stay and have fun. And remember, no more calls or messages till you get back. I’ll see you on Monday.”


Ananya and Ayush had a delicious lunch in the resort and headed out to Kolaba fort, which was situated two kilometers from the beach into the sea. Being low tide, they decided to walk to the fort like the other tourists. The water came up to a few inches below their knees. Both of them had worn t-shirts and denim shorts to easily walk through the water.

They roamed around the fort hand in hand, acting like a newly married couple. No one gave them a second glance, other than some young guys ogling Ananya and looking at Ayush with envy. Only if they knew we were siblings, thought Ananya, amused and thrilled at hiding a huge secret in plain sight.

“Feels thrilling to be out in public, holding hands,” Ayush said, echoing her thoughts.

She grinned, mischievously. “I was so nervous during check-in, thought the receptionist would find out who we really are.”

They came to the top of the fort and looked at the sights, able to see miles into the sea on every side. The wind blew steadily up there and the sun had started its westward journey. They picked a relatively empty spot near the battlement to enjoy the view. A thin line of tourists stretched from the beach to the fort.

“Jiju is really cool to have arranged this trip for us,” he remarked.

“Yes, he is the best husband! I already knew he loved me a lot, but the way he’s been so understanding and accepting of our lifestyle… feels like a dream come true.”

It indeed had been a dream come true for Ananya. She had been performing the ritual with her father for years and had also been sexually involved with Ayush. Her sexual needs satisfied inside her home; she had no need to look for it outside. With most guys, in her college and then at work, just trying to get into her pants, she had been disinterested. But then Nikhil had come along in her life and just swept her off her feet. By the time he proposed, she already knew he was her soulmate.

Yet, she also loved her family lifestyle. She wanted to continue performing the ritual with her father and also enjoy the sexual romps with her brother. A part of her felt guilty about cheating on Nikhil, cuckolding him behind his back. But the other part of her justified it as ‘family comes first’. For the first two years of her marriage, she had successfully maintained her family lifestyle in secret. Yet, the fear of being discovered by Nikhil and potentially ruining their marriage, always bothered her.

To her great surprise and ultimate relief, she had found out about Nikhil’s incestuous fantasies for his mother. True to his loving, caring and empathetic nature, Nikhil had understood exactly what her father and brother meant to her and had been hugely supportive of her relationship with them.

Ayush smiled, shaking his head in disbelief and said, “You know, I initially hated him.”

“Really? Why?” she asked, surprised.

He shrugged. “When you and I started having sex, I felt something changed in our relationship. At least on my part, I felt like I grew up, matured. Gone were the childish bickering we used to do, replaced with admiration, illegal bahis respect and companionship. We became closer, not just physically but also emotionally.”

She smiled and nodded. He continued, “When you told me you were dating this guy and were in love with him… I… I don’t know… I just hated him instantly. Jealousy, I guess, for taking some of your attention and affection away from me.”

She placed her hand lovingly on his cheek, caressing it, “Aww… my little brother! I never stopped loving you.”

“I know,” he said, “I was just being naïve. Sad that you’d go away and start a life of your own with this guy. Even jealous that you’d be having sex with him!”

She hit him playfully on his shoulder and they both laughed.

“But once I met him, I was really happy for you. I think daddy, mummy, we all realized how much he loved you and my jealousy was replaced with respect and admiration. I think if I was into men, I would’ve been in love with him.”

“Hey! Eyes off my man. He’s mine,” she said.


After a light dinner, they went on a stroll around their cottage. The gentle breeze coming from the shores felt relaxing. The muted lights from the decorative lamp posts created a romantic atmosphere. With no one else in sight, in the relative darkness of the surroundings, Ayush kissed her. She put her arms around him and kissed him back. They were both eager to explore each other’s body after the anticipation of the entire day.

They quickly got back to their cottage and closed the door. Ayush stripped down to his trunks and jumped into bed; his cock already semi-hard. Ananya opened her handbag and frowned. She unzipped all the zippers and searched all the compartments of the bag. With rising panic, she opened her backpack and searched within.

“What are you looking for?” asked Ayush, puzzled.

Ananya looked at him in panic, and said, “I can’t find my contraceptive pills. I thought I packed it.”

Ayush got up and searched his bags as well, just in case, but couldn’t find it. “Do you really need it, tonight?” he asked.

“I haven’t had one in the last five days,” she said, regretfully.

“What? Why?”

“I ditched them the day after the ritual to prepare for conception. Then Nikhil made this last-minute plan for the trip and I got busy,” she said, sitting down on the bed. “I thought I’ll take it tonight.”

“Ok. Let me see if there’s a pharmacy nearby,” he said pulling his pants back on.

Ananya sat on the bed watching TV waiting for Ayush to come back. She was frustrated with herself for apparently having forgotten to pack the pills. Few minutes later, Ayush was back.

“Only one pharmacy in the vicinity. It’s closed for the day,” he said, slightly out of breath.

She groaned with disappointment. “Do you have condoms?”

“No. We have never needed those. I’d have brought if I had known,” Ayush said.

She sighed and nodded. They were both silent.

“I am horny,” she said.

“Me too.”

“Promise you’ll pull out.”

“Pinky promise.”

Ananya pulled out her top and shorts revealing her sexy black lacy lingerie. It was a new pair she’d bought especially for the trip. Even Nikhil hadn’t seen her wearing it. Ayush pulled his t-shirt off. She unzipped his jeans and helped him out of it, leaving him in his trunks.

“Didi, you look so sexy,” he said and pulled her into a kiss. She kissed him, roaming her hands across his broad back.

She led him by his hand into the bathroom. The well-furnished bathroom looked every bit as modern as a luxury hotel. The wooden roof gave it a rustic look. Ayush turned the shower on, adjusting the temperature, getting them both wet. Kneeling down, she put her hands on the waist band of his trunks and pulled it down, revealing his quickly hardening cock. He had shaved his pubic hairs for the trip and was smooth.

Pulling his foreskin all the way back, she took her brother’s cock into her mouth. He sighed as she fondled his balls. She relished the feeling of his 7″ manhood hardening in her mouth to its full erection. She played with his heavy balls, filled with semen, only for her. Her pussy was already wet at the thought of feeling his cock inside her.

“Oh didi… feels so good,” he sighed, caressing her hair.

She considered herself lucky to have regular access to three beautiful cocks. Her father’s 7″ had been her first; always a special place in her heart and pussy having taken her virginity. But she had always thought about it with reverence; available exclusively during the sacred ritual. Over the years, it had been Ayush’s cock that she had experienced the most, which was near identical to their father’s. Nikhil’s 6.7″ was slightly shorter yet thickest of the three and she had been instantly addicted to it.

Ayush pulled her up to her feet and pulled her panties down her legs. She too had shaved her pussy for the trip. He kissed the vulva softly on his way up. She was soaking wet already. He hugged her tightly and kissed her lips, his hard cock poking her tummy. Turning off the shower, he picked her up by her waist and placed her on the big smooth marble slab of the wash basin platform. She widened her legs and fed her brother’s erection into her unprotected cunt.

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