Why we want to see our wive’s fucked


Why we want to see our wive’s fuckedIf you read my other stories could explain a few things (all true accounts) but, why do some husbands want to see the love of their life fucked and used by others? To start with I was quite jealous of my so sexy hot looking wife being stared at but after a couple of years into our marriage it became an obsession for me wanting to see my lovely wife used and fucked by other men. Luckily Monica was quite a horny woman and after the initial shock of confessing my desires she agreed to take on another man but saying, “I don’t need anybody else, will you still love me after” etc.It wasn’t hard to find men but discretion was paramount for us so we staid with regulars James for 10 years and Nigel for a few good sessions after James. Before them there were 3 other guys, one night stands, only with 1 I wasn’t present. I almost had Monica gang banged by 4 men but I chickened out on that much to my now disappointment, Monica would have done the gang bang for sure as by that time she was a true slut wife.Anyway, my fetish was to see Monica well and truly fucked, used and banged like never kaçak iddaa before hence James. He was somewhat chubby but not ugly, he stood 6’2″, towered over both Monica and me, Monica a sweet 5’6″ tall and her slim frame perfect body to me looked so erotic next to James mass of pure strength and his fat 7 inches of sometimes cum dripping cock. He really loved fucking the shit out of my wife and I loved watching and jerking to the action. He pounded her like I couldn’t match, she would have multiple orgasms through our sessions and James would fill her cunt with 2 to 3 loads of cum and if I was active she would endure up to 5 loads of fresh cum inside her for the evening. She once had 7 orgasms from him, her words, “he made my cum 7 times”. But all of James intense pounding and fucking did have it’s effects, he would leave Monica sore for a few days after which was quite horny for me to see my wife with a cheeky smile on her pretty face walking around like a cowboy for the next few days. James not only played havoc with Monica’s cunt but he also got some great head jobs from my horny wife, he occasionally would kaçak bahis blast her breasts and neck and chin with his seed if he’s not pounding a massive load into her cunt. She always dressed for the occasions in matching suspenders, stockings and pretty panties which the men removed, I loved watching them remove her panties and exposing her hairy sweet cunt to a man who is about to fuck it, fill it up with cock and cum. Post sessions I would sometimes ring James and thank him for fucking my wife’s brains out, we would talk about her in such erotic ways, I would tell James that he left her very sore but happy, “well then she should be off limits for the next few days but when she gets better bring her back for more”, was his reply. Hearing James lay it on the line to me, “she’s the best fuck I’ve ever had, I love the way she sucks me off and I simply adore licking her out. From initial jealousy from men staring at my prim and proper wife to later being turned on by hearing such extreme comments about my wife from others. It was obvious to James, I could not attend to my wife and give her the amount of fucking illegal bahis that he could. The fact he was more superior in the bedroom to me was also very erotic to both Monica and me. “Oh baby I can’t fuck you the way he can”, she agreed. Enter Nigel, first meeting I had with him I laid it straight on the line, he was experienced with couples so no need to hold back, I thought. ” She likes sucking cocks almost as much as being fucked, likes to let her hair down and play the part of a slut and if she’s real horny she”ll even swallow”, he liked what he heard. And yes, he fucked my wife as he wanted, made her suck on his also 7 inches of cum dripping cock, fucked her deep and steady pacing himself, finger fucked her, holding onto her head as he would try to get her to deep throat him and always his initial orgasm would be straight into her face, I lost count of the amount of times I saw my wife wearing his thick cum on her face, following being fucked and used like the slut she was, by then. Monica was much more slut in her marriage than when she was single, thanks to me and she did enjoy saying she should have done much more when single. So, from a jealous guy to someone who would gladly let others fuck his wife and to see her being used like a slut. All the other guys didn’t share their wives but I did share mine with them.

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