Whiskey And A Smoke Part VI – Night After the Concert


Thud…Thud…Thud…Thud…I opened my eyes and heard a continual pounding in my head.  Lifting my head off the pillow I felt a slight pain in my eyes and forehead.  Maybe a headache was causing the noise.  But, the thumping was too loud and erratic to be coming from my head.  A light, “uh…uh…uh…,” came right before each noise. I laid back down on my pillow and pulled Megan in closer to me.  My one arm wrapped around her side as I cupped her breast in my other hand.  She wiggled her ass and pushed it closer into my groin as I squeezed gently on her nipple.  My lips kissed her shoulders up to her neck.“Mmmmm,” Megan purred.  “Starting early are you?”“No time like the present,” I whispered in her ear.“You might have to wait, my horny boy, I feel like a freight train ran over me.  The ceiling is spinning and my stomach is not in the best of shape,” Megan said as she rolled over onto her back.Running my fingers up her stomach to her chin, I could tell she was not doing well.  Her skin was clammy, her face was pale, and her eyes were bloodshot.  “Looks like someone had way too much fun last night,” I said tracing her lips with my finger.Megan gently bit down on my finger and twirled her tongue around it a few times, then bit down hard.“Ouch, what was that for?” I said pulling my finger away from her.“I couldn’t resist, Jay. Sometimes, a woman has to get her shots in,” Megan said with a small smile on her face.“If you didn’t look like you were about to get sick, I would roll you over and give you a spanking,” I said patting her stomach.“Maybe next time, but right now, I have to use the bathroom,” Megan said as she slid off the bed and wobbled her way to the bathroom.   I slid out of bed and opened the door to the bathroom, “I am going downstairs, go back to bed.  I will bring you up something to drink and maybe a bite to eat.”I slipped on a pair of boxers and headed downstairs.  As I passed the guest bedroom, the thumping I had heard earlier got louder.  I stopped outside the door and listened.  Low muffled sounds were coming from inside.  ‘What the hell?’ I thought to myself. Gently turning the doorknob and opening the door, I peered into the room.  Snake turned his head and grinned at me as the door squeaked open.  He had a nice busty, thick, curvy blond bent over doggie style and was going to town on her.  His thick, long, twelve-inch cock was being rammed home into her with nice hard deep thrusts.  Giving him the thumbs up, I closed the door.As I went down the steps, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and bacon wafted through the air.  A muffled dog bark came from the back yard and the sound of female laughter erupted from the kitchen.  My head was still foggy and I couldn’t remember what happened in the late hours of the morning or who might have come back to the house after the concert.Her back was turned, but I recognized the long auburn hair, her friendly voice, and her legs.  Oh, those legs that were blessed with firm thighs, güvenilir bahis shapely calves, and ran all the way up to her neck.  I noticed she was wearing my wife’s silk robe.But, before I could say a word, she spoke, “Good morning, Jay. Coffee is ready and breakfast will be ready in about thirty minutes.  How is your girlfriend this morning? She partied her ass off last night.”“Good morning, Alexandra. She is a bit worse for wear right now.  I don’t expect her to be up and about for quite a bit of time,” I said grabbing my coffee mug and filling it with piping hot black liquid. Alexandra, or Lexi as she was called more frequently, was the best friend of my wife and also the wife of my boss, Bob.  Every guy in the office dreamed of bagging her. There was always a rumor running around the office that behind her professional appearance and demeanor, she was a party animal.  She had been seen, along with several of the upper management’s wives, at several seedy clubs without her husband, but there was never proof that she cheated on Bob. Unless of course, you ask my wife, who has picked her up at such seedy clubs in a state of drunkenness and almost complete nakedness and brought her to my house to sober up. There have been many times when I have come downstairs to find her on my couch semi-naked or stumbling around the bathroom trying to find some aspirin. “What do you want to eat for breakfast?” Lexi asked turning her body towards me.“I’d like your famous French toast and you as my side dish, my dear Alexandra,” I said smacking her on the ass. We had always been flirtatious with each other, even around our spouses, but nothing ever came of it.  We both knew our limits and where we stood with one another.  She even told my wife she wouldn’t mind having me ravish her for a weekend, in front of her husband, Bob.  Both of our spouses just laughed it off as if it were friendly banter and flirting.“There you go again, making promises you won’t keep,” Lexi said swatting me back on the ass.“I doubt that,” I retorted.“Promises, promises, promises,” Lexi said back.“So what in the hell happened last night?  I don’t remember hardly anything,” I said leaning against the counter next to Lexi.“You want the details or the highlights?” Lexi asked as she flipped the bacon.“Just give me the highlights for now,” I said.I turned my head to watch a ball being thrown to my dogs from the back deck.  “And, who is on the back deck?”“Mia just went out back to get some air.  She is still a bit drunk and stoned,” Lexi said laughing.“Let me guess, Doris is the one up in the bedroom getting her morning sexercise?” I said taking a drink of my coffee.“Yeah, her and that Snake guy hit it off from the get-go.  He couldn’t keep his hands off of her.”“Ok, so what happened?” I asked again.“Well, we ended up sitting next to each other at the concert.  You didn’t notice us at first because you were too busy groping Megan, and we came in late.  After everyone güvenilir bahis siteleri took a few hits off a joint, you and Megan just chilled and watched the show.  She just about fell over us going to the bathroom and then, poof, she became my best friend.”I nodded, “Now I remember, you all were wearing the groupie outfits.  Black thigh-high boots, skimpy leather skirts, black tank tops with your hair all pulled back.  Make-up done like true sluts.  Ready to pick-up any willing participant,” I said edging closer to Lexi.  “How did Bob react when you left the house?”“Bob is away on a golf outing.  And, for your information, Bob doesn’t tell me what I can and cannot wear.  Or, when I can and cannot go out.  Or, who I choose to go out with.  Or, who I choose to fuck or where I choose to fuck them.  Bob and I have an arrangement, if you haven’t noticed yet.  He is a little cuck boy with a little dick.  And, he knows it.  Why do you think Betty is always the one picking me up at those clubs?” Lexi said with a smirk on her face.“My, my, my, the truth comes out.  You are the sexy little vixen everyone talks about at work,” I said with a smile on my face.  “And, how many times have Betty, Mia, and Doris joined you on your nights out?”Lexi smiled, “Betty is the good one, she has only gone out with me once or twice while you were out of town.  Mia and Doris join me all the time.  As far as I know, Betty is the only one who gets satisfied at home.  And, boy, does she tell us about it during our lunch dates.  You and your long, fat, thick cock; taking care of business, making her cum all the time.  Her exact words by the way.”“So, I take it Betty has cheated on me while I was out of town?” I asked matter-of-factly.“No, she hasn’t cheated on you.  She has been a drunken mess each time.  But, she kept her clothes on.  She is dedicated and loves only you Jay,” Lexi said as she turned around to face me.“Good to know that my wife loves me wholeheartedly.  I guess I cannot say the same since I have another woman in our bed right now.  I love my wife, but seductive women like you just cause me to do adulterous things,” I said looking at Lexi in the eye.“Your little weekend love connection will stay between us, Jay.  Even Doris and Mia.  We all have dirt on each other.  We all like to have our fun,” Lexi said as Mia came in from the deck.“Good, let’s keep it that way.  So, what else happened last night?”“Morning, Jay,” Mia said walking past me in a silk robe and barefoot.The sliding door opened again and Bear walked in with the dogs in tow.“Morning, Jay,” Bear said as he followed Mia to the coffee pot.“Anyway,” Lexi continued, “before we were so rudely interrupted, the concert ended and we made our way down to your truck and to Bear and Snake’s bikes.  We were going to take a cab home, but you fellas insisted on coming back here to party some more.  So, we did.  I drove you and Megan back here in your truck.  Snake and iddaa siteleri Bear gave the other two a ride back here on their bikes.  The rest is pretty much a blur.  We drank and smoked some more weed.  Bear and Mia ended up screwing on your couch.  Snake and Doris made it up to the spare room.  Megan passed out, you carried her to bed, and then came down here and fucked my brains out.”I did a double-take, “Can you repeat that last item, Lexi.”Lexi smiled and punched me in the arm, “Got you, Jay, I meant to say that you fucked the hell out of Megan, not me.  But, I sure did enjoy watching you work your magic on her.”“So, you were left out of all the fun?” I asked taking a sip of coffee.“Well, not exactly, your other friend Trigger showed up after you went to bed.  He was looking to get a piece of your girlfriend but when he saw me he changed his mind,” Lexi said bumping me with her hip.“You are kidding me! You let Trigger have his way with you?” I said laughing.“I wouldn’t say that.  He lived up to his name.  Shot off early and left in a huff.  Lasted about two minutes.  It’s too bad, he has a nice sized dick. If he would have stayed, I could have got him hard again and got my rocks off. His loss,” Lexi said with a wave of her hand.“I’m sure you could go jump in with Snake and Doris, sounds like he is wearing her out,” I said patting her on the ass.“Or you could just take care of me right now,” Lexi said unwrapping her robe and letting it fall to the floor.  She stood there facing me in all of her nakedness.  Her creamy white skin, perky breasts with their pointy nipples staring at me just begging to be sucked and bitten.“Very tempting, Lexi, but you know as well as I do that if I take care of you right now, you would keep coming back for more and more and more.”“And, what is wrong with that?” Lexi whispered in my ear while fondling my manhood.I took in a deep breath as Lexi cupped my balls and started to squeeze them.  “I don’t think I should be screwing my boss’ wife or my wife’s best friend.  It just might make things complicated.”“What if I told you that Betty and I entered into a little wager regarding you?” Lexi said as she began to stroke my manhood through my boxers.  “I told her I was hoping to seduce you this weekend while she was away.”I took a deep breath, “And what type of wager would that be?”“If I can get you to fuck my brains out, she would have to go out with me and screw whoever I told her to.  If I cannot get you to fuck my brains out, I have to be filmed while in a gang bang with whoever she chooses.”“Sounds like a win-win for you on both sides.  You get screwed by someone either way,” I said taking a sip of coffee to try and take my mind off the erection rising in my boxers.“Funny you say that because Betty said the same thing. Especially since I brought up the bet,” Lexi said as she slid my boxers down below my knees.“Are you trying to get Betty to cheat on me or are you that infatuated with me that you would go to extremes to try and get me?” I said as Lexi slid down my body, her lips beginning to kiss the head of my cock while her ass stuck straight up in the air.Lexi looked up at me and licked her lips, “Both.”“What about Megan upstairs?”

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