Where there’s a will, (part 2)


Where there’s a will, (part 2)Gail had been trying for three days to get in touch with Jerry, the woman who had ended her two years of no sex, except for using her hand and her favourite toy (see : Where there’s a will…..).She had phoned the will writing office where Jerry worked, phoned her mobile number, and sent many text messages, all to no avail. She assumed she’d been dumped, just like her husband had dumped her for one of the office secretaries. She had mixed emotions, feeling happy and fulfilled after the incredible feelings and breathtaking orgasm that Jerry had caused, but sad that it had ended. At 46, she felt that she had experienced most things. Now she knew differently.Then suddenly her life changed, when her phoned beeped to say that she’d received a message. Nervously she checked the phone and her heart jumped when she saw it was from Jerry. It just said ” hi babe, been away for a couple of days, and really missed you. Fancy a get together after lunch. If so, be at this address at one o’ clock. J xxxx ” She wrote down the address in case she deleted the message, pressed reply and put ” I will def be there G xxx “.It was just after 11:15. She quickly showered, put on a white lacy bra and panties, knee length skirt, and blouse, then changed the skirt for one that ended above the knees, and then looked at the clock for the fifteenth time. She hadn’t been this excited for. . . . . well, for as long as she could remember.She wanted to arrive a little late so she would look calm and cool, but was ringing the bell at the attractive, but modest house, ten minutes early.When Jerry opened the bahis siteleri door Gail almost gasped. The older woman looked fabulous, in an almost see through black blouse, tight black skirt, and, Gail assumed, black stockings.” Hello darling, I’ve missed you since our afternoon of …er….. fun” Jerry purred, “come on in”. Gail followed her into the lounge. Jerry led her to the centre of the room and stopped, turning to face Gail, who’s face registered both nervousness and excitement. Gail opened her mouth to speak but Jerry put her finger to her lips and said “shhhh darling, no talking . . . . whatever happens”. She leaned forward and placed her lips on Gail’s neck, kissing and licking at the skin. She slowly moved around, still licking and kissing, until she was standing behind Gail, who by now was starting to breathe a little faster. Jerry was whispering into Gail’s ear as she was working on her neck. ” mmmm babe, does that feel good ?, can you feel my lips and tongue ?, are you feeling horny darling ?, I bet you’re getting wet aren’t you ?” When Gail tried to answer, Jerry said, ” ssshhh, no talking, remember, just enjoy, because I will “. Then her arms reached around Gail and her fingers started to undo the buttons on her blouse, then when it was fully opened, the same fingers started to caress her nipples through her bra.Gail’s eyes were closed so she didn’t see the door slowly open and two women walk into the room. She was concentrating on Jerry’s whispered words so she didn’t hear them move to stand in front of her and her lover. Then she felt a hand start to stroke her arm and quickly opened canlı bahis siteleri her eyes. In front of her were two women wearing only bras and panties. One was around her age while the one who was stroking her arm must have been a little older than Jerry. Gail was about to protest when Jerry whispered, ” remember darling, ssshhh, no talking, just enjoy”. Her lips and tongue went back onto her neck and her fingers went back to stroking Gail’s hardening nipples.The other two women were now running their hands up and down Gail’s sides, getting lower and lower, till they were able to move round and begin to stroke her butt cheeks. At the same time, the older of the two women leaned forward and pressed her lips against Gail’s, sliding her tongue into her mouth. Jerry was still whispering to her, “I bet that feels so good babe, three women kissing and stroking you, I bet it’s making your gorgeous pussy wet and open. Let’s get rid of this blouse shall we”? She slipped the blouse from Gail’s shoulders, undid the bra and let it fall. Gail felt one of Jerry’s hands on her left breast, playing with her nipple, then a different hand started do the the same to the other breast. She almost didn’t notice that her skirt had been unzipped and that her panties were round her ankles, but by now she didn’t care. A hand slipped between her legs and a finger quickly found her clitoris, rubbing it slowly. Gail wanted to say how good it felt and how she wanted them to make her cum, but she remembered Jerry’s instructions, Even so she couldn’t stop herself from moaning. She heard Jerry whisper, ” That’s right darling, canlı bahis enjoy us feeling at your body, making your nipples hard and making your hole run with juice.”The sensation of being fingered, having her nipples stroked and squeezed, while one mouth was kissing her neck and another was clamped over her own mouth, was quickly taking Gail towards the orgasm that she wanted so much, yet wanted to put off for as long as possible. She realised that she was standing with her legs wide apart, and that the younger woman who was rubbing her clit had knelt down between her legs and was now pushing her fingers deep inside. The older woman on her left was still kissing her deeply but now had her fingers rubbing Gail’s clitoris, Jerry had both hands on her breasts, while still kissing and biting her neck, and the younger of the three was working her fingers rapidly in and out of Gail’s soaking wet hole pausing only to lick her fingers. Gail felt her orgasm starting like a tidal wave of pleasure that was rushing towards her. Her legs went weak, her eyes were tightly shut, her hips were thrusting like she was riding a horse, and her moans turned to screams. The fingers working on her hole and clit were moving rapidly back and forwards, in and out, while the mouth at her neck was biting and sucking. It seemed to go on for hours, but was all over in a minute or two, then Gail slid to the floor, breathing heavily and moaning quietly. She must have passed out for a minute or so, because when she opened her eyes she was laying on the floor. Jerry was sitting besides her and the other two women had gone. She looked at Jerry and smiled lovingly. She felt weak, tired, a little sore, and completely satisfied. “That was out of this world Jerry” she whispered. “Glad you enjoyed it babe” said Jerry. ” Because I sure did, and so did my sisters”.

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