Subject: Where Buffalo roam chapter four If you’re on you know what to expect. If you don’t belong here, go away. Please contribute what you can to so we can all keep enjoying this, You get a lot more from here than you get from going to a fty/ We hired an ambulance to take grace and Alice, her nurse, to Louisville from Covington. They shared a room in a very nice hotel near Churchill Downs. Rowdy and I rode down together. Rick Rode with the horses. There were four, one of ours and three we trained. It looked pretty good, our horse was good, but White Lightning was a clear champion. Rick came back to the hotel to Rowdy’s and my room, our room. “How’d things go?” “Fine, they know their stuff here, but I’m hungry.” “Room service here is pretty good.” I said. “They fed us really nice at the stables, but that’s not what I’m hungry for.” “G-r-r-r-r!” said Rowdy. “Get those duds off, I’m sure you smell like a horse.” “I thought you liked that smell, Bill.” “I do, on a horse, we’ll all take a shower together and take it from there.” The shower stall wasn’t all that big, but Rowdy and I already shared a fun one, this one was for Rick. We soaped him up all over, especially all the happy parts. “Are we going to do this in here or in bed,” Rick asked. “Your choice.” I said, “One or the other or both.” “You guys can rape the shit out of me, but I have to lay down, it’s been a fuck of a long day.” Rowdy and I dried Rick off and put him in bed. I got him a drink I knew he liked from the minibar, actually two, and one for Rowdy and me. “Can we just go to bed, I’m tired?” Rick asked. “No way, you told us to rape you and we’re going to.” said Rowdy. He was on Ricks balls sucking the hell out of them. Rowdy and I were all over his body, he came once while Rowdy was jacking him. I put my cock in his mouth and he didn’t resist. He laid still and I slowly face fucked him until I came. “You guys are going to kill me!” he said. “We is tryin’ but you ain’t dyin’,” said Rowdy. I took Rick off a second time with a blow job while Rowdy kissed him and nearly sucked his nipples off. Rowdy and I had already had a nice man party earlier, really nice, this was all for Rick, not that we didn’t enjoy it too. Derby Day was a full day of racing, but the Kentucky Derby was just three minutes of angst, one race. Rick had to go in really early, but they fed the trainers and jockeys well. Grace (with Alice), Rowdy and I came later. We were only here for the big race. We had an owner’s box with a ton of food. White Lighting was a huge odds-on favorite, the payoff was less than one to four, better money was on place and show. Grace asked me to bet a hundred dollars on Silver Streak, our horse, I placed her bet, kocaeli escort not on the nose but in the money (win, place or show), and then ten thousand of my own money. They called the lineup. Silver streak actually had the inside track. White Lightning was next, twenty horses in all, a broad field and a brutal start. We had four, ours and three we trained, including White Lightning, a formidable horse. The Kentucky Derby is over almost before it starts. White lightning won the roses, but Silver Streak placed, and Sugar Pie Showed. The loud speaker announced, “The winner, White Lightning, owner Patrick Murphy, trained at Morris Stables (They had to say that, part of the contract), Silver Streak, running for Morris Stables Placed, and Sugar Pie, also trained at Morris Stables, showed. We just won the triple crown of training in five minutes. Grace finally let go of my hand. You made four hundred dollars, Grace. She smiled. I didn’t tell her I made forty thousand. On top of that we got ten percent of the purse for White Lightning and Sugar Pie, and all of it for Silver Streak two hundred thousand dollars in five minutes. The work was partly Rowdy’s, mostly Rick’s, I was just along for the party. Rowdy and Rick weren’t allowed to bet on the horses, but I generously shared my winnings with them. Grace and Alice went back to the Ranch in an ambulance. Rowdy, Rick and I went to the owners’ banquet. Rowdy and I had been in a tuxedo before, Rick never had. “This get-up is damn uncomfortable, he said” “You better get used to it, you’re going to be wearing it a lot I think.” “Don’t these people know how to party?” Rick asked. “No, but we do, and will,” I answered. Rowdy had the authority to sign contracts but I told him no new ones. When White Lightening takes the crown, and he will, our take is going way up. I had to increase liability insurance to three million since we had custody of White Lightning and Sugar Pie. Next stop, New York and the Belmont Stakes. (The races in the triple crown are always the same, but not always in the same order; Kentucky Derby almost always first, but the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes can flip flop.) Rowdy and Rick flew from Cincinnati to New York, both were scared shitless; neither had ever been near an air plane. We hired a professional horse carrier, shared risk. I stayed home with Grace. Rowdy and Rick took care of all the shit you have to do to get things set up then spent the night together. I would have liked to be there if for no other reason than to see Rick dive into Rowdy’s arm pits. Rowdy’s been around the gay block many times, but I think that might be new; and no one sucks balls like Rick. Again, the big race is a part of whole day of racing, but kocaeli escort bayan they only televised the main event, I sat with Grace, watching. Horse races are over almost before they start. We couldn’t wager, but couldn’t lose. White Lightening won by three lengths, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind he’d win the Preakness and take the Triple Crown. Books were closed on him (You bet, he wins, you only get your money back less ten percent.). The only way to win was to bet against him, and that was fucking stupid. Silver Streak showed by a nose. I already had a hundred thousand on White Lightening (off track) for the crown after Louisville. That would bring me a half million dollars. We couldn’t lose with our share of the purse, two horses in the money. We watched the ceremony in the winners’ circle White Lightening draped in a blanket of white carnations, half as heavy as his jockey; something was terribly wrong. I called Rowdy and Rick’s room late after the celebration party. Rowdy answered. “What’s up?” “You better talk to Rick. “Tell me, Rick!” Rick was on the verge of tears, “Silver streak should have placed, but came up lame, Bill. She can’t run anymore.” It was hard question to ask, “Do we have to put her down?” “No, but we can’t race her any more, but White Lightning can stand stud for her, and that will be an impressive foal.” “Get her a vet, a good one, and send her home, Rowdy can do it. I’ll have one ready here. I’ll see you in Baltimore.” Rowdy and Rick went with White Lightening to Pimlico in Baltimore, a four-hour ride. White Lightening was the only horse we had in the race now, but a shoe in but no one could bet on him, just against him. I met them at the stables. “I’m going to be staying at the stables until the race. We can’t risk White Lightening, ” said Rick “This is a dog eat dog business right now.” “Right now?” I asked. “I’ve got his feed and water, and no one I don’t know is going to get anywhere near him.” “I’m going to stay too,” said Rowdy, one of us has to be awake all night.” Just shit! I said to myself, they probably will be having fun and I won’t. “Probably wise, Rick. You’re going to have to wear the monkey suit after he wins, but after that you me and Rowdy are going to have a hell of a party ourselves, no clothes involved.” They did the parade of horses at the paddock, Rick led White Lightening until Murphy’s jockey mounted him (not Rick, White Lightening), our liability was over. White Lightening was a walk away champion, I have pictures with him draped in a blanket of black-eyed Susan’s (Maryland’s state flower, but out of season, don’t know where they get them.) I was interviewed as the training stable owner. I felt kind of guilty, it was izmit escort Rowdy and Rick, not me, just Graces money and mine. We took a quick but fun shower then went to the perfunctory banquet in the hotel we were staying at, monkey suits required. We had a nice dinner, but in the room, I spared no expense. Veuve Cliquot champagne, beluga caviar, and foie gras. Rick and Rowdy said, “What is this shit?” “Just eat it, I’ll tell you later.” Chuck didn’t teach me, but Grace did. I gave Rowdy a check for one hundred thousand dollars and Rick for seventy-five. “What’s this for? Rick asked. “Less than you guys deserve.” We celebrated with the “luxury snacks” in the nude, then they jumped on me, picking me up together and threw me on the bed. Two men doing your body is something special. Rowdy did my left side, Rick my right. Never had both my tits worked on at once, and when each man sucked on a ball at the same time, wow. “Are we whores?” Rick asked. “Do you care?” Rowdy answered. “If it bothers you guys, I can stop payment on those checks.” “Don’t trouble yourself, Bill,” said Rowdy, “we just won’t cash them.” They both laughed and kissed. Neither man fucked me, but they got me off with a two-man kiss with all their lips wrapped around my cock and two tongues playing up and down my shaft. They flopped in the bed next to me. “Wanna do that again? Can you afford it?” Rick asked. “Can afford it ten times over, can’t do it.” We used the winnings to upgrade the stables, put in a five furlong oval dirt track around the stable and bunkhouse, the runaways (straight track) is easy, training on the turns is tricky and ours were the size of Churchill Downs. Grace passed peacefully. I asked the lawyers, “What now? “It’s all yours, Bill, no restrictions.” I talked to our accountants. They gave me options, sell it (couldn’t do it), just keep it or go public with it. I took the latter. They estimated our book value was ten million. After all the crap, I gave ten percent to Rowdy, five percent to Rick, and kept forty percent, Rowdy and Rick would never vote against me. The balance we sold. At the closing bell, GMS (Grace Morris Stables) closed with a book value near $40 million. Over dinner I said, “You guys are both multi-millionaires. You can go anywhere you want.” “Where would we go?” Rick asked. “This is the best place in the world for men like us to work.” Rowdy piped up, “With the best boss, and the best fringe benefits.” When Silver Streak foaled a colt (Lightening Streak) he was up and running almost immediately. Rowdy, Rick and I high fived and laughed. “Here we go again,” I said. Then Rowdy literally picked me up by the balls. “You going to do something with those?’ “You better believe it,” answered Rowdy. “Here or in the house?” “Your choice.” “Rick, tether Lightening Streak so he can nurse, and then join us.” *** If you liked this story, please tell me. If you didn’t, I have to have you tell me.

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