Subject: What I want to do (part 2) WHAT I WANT TO DO (Part 2) By Encolpius DISCLAIMER: This is a fantasy. Both boys are real. The action is not. I’ve never seen either of them naked. It would be glourious if I had Compliments, complaints, comments to [email protected] Feedback is great. Please remember to donate to Nifty. J has a friend. His name is M. He too is 9 years old and is the most beautiful boy I have ever seen. Soon after the first one of these — me fantasizing about fucking J – was posted, I had an email conversation with reader after I had just been to an event that J was at. Him and his little freind. I told the reader that M was simply gorgeous. He has golden skin and pale green eyes. His face is perfectly symmetrical and his fine features almost feminine. But he is 100% boy. I am at the beach with J and M. Sadly, M is dressed in board shorts and so is J. I would put both in Speedo’s See their small bulge. As it is, when they come out of the water, the suits cling to their firm asses. I think I can even make out of the outline of the cock and balls as he sits in a chair, still wet. Both boys are swimming in quick dry shirts and the material clings to their lean tight little bodies. M nnd I make friends, throwing a football around in the surf. J gets involved too. Eventually, the heat and the light and the sand and leaves all a bit tired. Still, neither J nor M want to leave and so I don’t either. Everybody else packs up and leaves us a solitary umbrella and a three chairs. I promise to get them back safely. Back in the water, I throw the ball wildly and M swims afer it. In my mind, J has messed around with his friend. It feels so good and is such a surpirse that of course he had to share what he learned. The male body – even the boy body – is made for this. They’ve touched and rubbed and it’s all been glorious. And boys that age are sometimes weirdly modest but then can be outrageously immodest, at least among themselves. For men like me, catching them that way or convincing them to show off can be the highlight of a week. Just the memory of it is good, load after load. I would take him to the changing rooms. Would J come? I think so. J is skinnier than M, fairer and freckled. You can count the ribs. M is more solid. Not fat. Not by any means. He’s just pure boyhood. Later, when the testosterone kicks in, he’ll be the boy that is effortlessly hot — muscular and perfect. Now, he’s a good looking kid but just başakşehir escort a kid. Everyone responds to his looks positively but they don’t attach sexuality to it because he is a kid and they should. He is sexy as hell. I would definitely take J but, goddamn, M is hot. I am greedy. Two is better than one. The cold water from the shower falls and both of them would shiver. Wash off the salt before getting dressed. Of course, their shirts cling to their tight little bodies. For M, his shorts cling around his unit, highlighting it. He is not self conscious about it. He is bigger than J down there. He is not in puberty by any means but he is bigger than most boys his age. Dripping wet, we head for the changing rooms. They have to strip off to towel down. That makes me more than half hard right there. I pull off my shorts and my dick, a man’s dick, flops out, all ready almost engorged. M looks at it, impressed. I tell him he can touch it. J encourages him. He knows where this leads and he wants to be on the journey. I want him to as well. Two is better than one. He tells M to stroke it and then he spits in his hand to get hold of my cock and jack it. But I think theeir young underdeveloped cocks are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Sticking up and rigid in a way that I no longer can get. I can get hard but they are steel hard and they keep their erections. I stroke M. Two fingers and a thumb. He shudders when I do. He had no idea. Then I use the other hand to stroke J and he does have an idea. He doesn’t react with a start the way his friend did but he wants it just the same. Nakd boys. Fuck. Fit, active, young boys, hard and ready. Fuck. Is it wrong? I don’t know. I think the male body is made for fucking. Even prepubescent, it feels good. And if it feels good there is the possibility it is good. Just saying. Either way, neither boy tries to leave. They are happy enough. I stroke them but I really want their slender dicks in my mouth so I can suck them. I position them in front of me so I suck one and then the other. It’s J first. M jacks off as he watches, wide eyed. Then M gasps again when I plant my lips around his cock. A little moan escapes. He had no idea about that either I slide back and forth on that slender rod, up and down and use my tongue all around it. I flick at the piss slit and suck on the head, flicking and rubbing my tongue around the sensitvie parts. He doesn’t know what to do with halkalı escort his hands. He rubs them through his sandy blonde hair and then he holds them on either side of my head. He wants to grab my head and drive it down onto his cock. He wants to face fuck me. His body is telling him that he needs that but he is too inexperienced to know what to do about it. Just to taunt him, I come off his dick and jump on J’s again. M can barely stand it. He uses my spit as lube and he fiuriously faps himself as I blow J. J has just that much more experience and he loves lording it over M. He is more aggressive. I sense that M is the alpha male of their little prepubescent tribe and J the loyal side kick and he is enjoying his moment in the sun. He’s the boy that started doing sex stuff first. It is too pretty a dick and M too pretty a boy to leave it alone for long. I go back on it and M sighs in relief. He needs this. He longs for the relief of orgasm. Of course, he will not get the ultimate release of ejaculation but nature compesnates by making them multi-orgasmic. They can cum and cum since they don’t shoot. And he does. His whole body shudders as he orgasms. When he is done I go back to J to suck him as M laughs and tells his buddy how cool it is. And it is cool. Sex is fun. At any age. I bend J over and grease up my dick and finger his hole. M is about to see something he didn’t expect. J is tight. But he’s a born bottom. He just doesn’t know it yet. He’ll figure it out and there will be a succession of dicks creaming his ass but they will be following after me. I grease his ass and push my dick past his sphincter. J gives a gasp of pain and M a gasp of surprise. But he doesn’t run away. I have him pegged right. At a minimum he is a bad boy but at best he’s a queer boy like J. He strokes his hard little dick as I slide mine back and forth in J’s tight ass. M wants to know if it hurts. I pull out of J and have M come over. Standing in front of me, I sank to my knees and take his small erection in my mouth. But as I do, I let a finger slide back in and around and up into his ass cheeks. I play with the sphincter for a little bit and he doesn’t stop me. He’s enjoying what I am doing to his dick. But then I slide a finger up into his chute. He gasps but doesn’t pull away. Then he moans as I finger fuck him. J asks him if it feels good but M only moans a bit. Then a bit more. I slide a second finger in his ass. A long slow şirinevler escort groan comes from him. I can’t see his face because I have his junior sized pole in my mouth but I think it is the look of ecstatsy. Then he begins to face fuck me. It’s instinct built into the mind of every male, boy or man. Drive it in, drive it in deep. His breathing is ragged, labored. I finger fuck him as my lips go to town on his dick. swirling around the shaft and licking the head. He shudders and is tense, muscles tight. He isn’t breathing. Then a strangled cry of pain. He relaxes totally. He takes a deep breatth. Then he starts laughing uproariously. An orgasm is the greatest joke in the world. When I pull my fingers out of his ass and come off his dick I ask him if he liked it. M smiles. I think they would be fine but the man needs to cum. I tell J I want some more of his butt. M haasn’t lost his erection, young boys take a while to get soft. Not like old men like me. J climbs up on my lap and lowers himself on my pole. Slowly. His feet are on either side of my legs. When he gets down, he groans and then begins to rock, mostly back and forth. He grabs his little dick and starts stroking on it. But then M gets between my legs and leans down to suck off his friend as he gets fucked. J has one tight fucking ass. Super tight. He rocks back and forth on my dick, up and down a little and his young friend is playing catch on his dick with his mouth. M thinks it’s funny – and it is – but J’s not laughing. He’s moaning. The sensation in his ass is overwhelming. I know the sensation in my dick is. It feels amazing. J moves and I sigh. Skin on skin. My gown man dick in is slick boy’s ass. Goddamn. I grunt. I can’t help it. I have to. It releases the pressure just a little. J is really rocking on my dick now, taking over on his own cock from M, stroing it with his own fist faster even than he rides me. Part of me wants to hold him down and ravish his ass, power fuck him. But this is good. It is fucking good. It is beyond good. Then I can’t take it anymore. I lift J off my dick and reach to stroke it. But M has beat me too it. He starts beating me hard, first with one hand and then a double fist, up and down, hard and fast. A hand job from a pre teen. It is too much. Too much. I grunt again, groan hard. I can’t take it It spurts out of my dick. It flies out as I almost pass out from the intensity of the orgasm, flooded with sensation. M laughs wickedly as if seeing an adult cum is a great thing. And it is. He says it is cool. And it is. There was a picture on Facebook. M’s birthday. J was there. Both of them were shirtless. Oh, and did I mention that M was a 14 year old brother, blond and toned? That’s a thirst trap.

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