Subject: What He Did On His Summer Vacation Chapter 4 Disclaimer: This is fiction and any resemblance to actual events is coincidence. This story contains sexual acts involving a fictitious young boy, do not read this if you do not wish to view this or it is illegal where you are you should probably stop now. Story made to be posted on fty. Please do not reproduce without permission. ****************** What He Did On His Summer Vacation Chapter 4 : Pick Up Group ****************** The alarm blared all too soon. Grumbling, I made my way downstairs to make dump some instant coffee and a travel mug and head out to the airport to pick up my husband. The only good thing about the early morng was the lack of traffic and soon I was pulling up to the loading area to greet him. My hubby’s name is Levi, he’s a bit taller than me. Wider too. a bit of a lumberjack looking guy except for the white collar office clothes. I gave him a kiss as he piled in the passenger seat. We made small talk on the way home about his trip and how Shawn was which made me extremely nervous but I felt like I masked it well enough. When we arrived back home we were both exhausted and we ended up back in bed for a couple hours until Shawn woke us up as if he were a cat demanding food. Levi hugged our son tight and kissed him on the cheek, told him how much he missed him while he was away. My heart was fluttering in anxiousness but everything played out just like a normal day. I made breakfast, Shawn and Levi went to the beach while I did some yard work. Normal. The only not normal thing that happened was my trip to the local electrocs store to buy a webcam as I was instructed by Harry. My son was going to be showing himself off for guys now. ‘The wonders of modern life’ I thought as I installed the camera on his computer. Boys beaming their dicks around the world for older guys. They’d returned at about 3:30 PM. Shawn headed to his room upstairs leaving us to hog the downstairs couch and TV. “It’s way too damn hout out there!” Levi said leang up against me while some rerun on the TV went on. “I don’t know how that kid runs around in it so much.” “He’s some kinda mutant for sure haha.” I said back. MY husband was a great guy, the easiest man to get along with and marriage had honestly been pretty straight forward for us being in an accepting part of the country. Talk continued and as the next episode of some cop procedural started my phone buzzed. I pulled it out and Shawn had sent a text. “Harry wants me 2 show off for a couple guys. Does the webcam work?” Harry was testing the waters a lot quicker than I thought he would. “Yeah. It should be good to go.” I typed with slightly shaking hands. “Cool! ­čÖé He said it’d be quick, like 30 minutes?” “Ok. You go do your thing cutie. I’ll distract daddy or something.” I typed back and turned the phone screen off. Levi was looking at me when I was done and I’m sure I was blushing. “Work?” “Oh.. just mom.” I lied. Thinking back to some recent conversations with my mother to make up something plausible. “She broke her computer again.” I shrugged making it seem like it was routine. Gotta keep playing it cool, nothing out of the ordinary. Certainly our son wasn’t stripping off for men right now at all. I needed to kill half an hour and make sure he wouldn’t be found out and I knew only one way to guarantee it. Leang over on his shoulder I grabbed his crotch. His cock as already at half attention. It grew to it’s full 7.5 inches quickly and he grinned over at me. “You DID miss me huh?” Levi chuckled while I groped him, reaching down and grabbing at his balls. They might have been his best feature. Heavy eggs that drooped down low. Soon I was giving my husband the longest welcome home blowjob he’d ever had. He certainly appreciated the enthusiastic attention even though I was mostly thinking about Shawn’s performance right upstairs. Later that ght Shawn filled me in on what he did as we sat on his bed. He said he stripped off and masturbated for 10 men and they told him all the lewd things they were thinking of doing to him. Listeng to him describe with embarassed glee the men’s descriptions of their wished abuse. Shawn seemed especially excited by one man’s idea of taking him to a party as the only young boy and being tied and left for use. I wondered if my son was finding a bondage fetish and kept the idea for later. “Tomorrow Shawn.” I said with a smile and a glance around to make sure Levi wasn’t in view. I kissed him deep, getting my fill of the taste of him. “Tomorrow’s going to be special.” “Cuz you wanna do me?” Shawn grinned cheekily. The little shit turned that pert little butt at me and flashed his cheeks. “Hey now. Don’t make me do something dumb you little tease.” I said slapping his butt playfully. He turned back to me with a red tinge in his face “Are you and daddy gonna have sex toght?” He asked almost in a whisper, like he didn’t want me to hear. It’d been hours since my downstairs blowjob and Levi was probably going to be eager to get some heavier action on. I nodded at my son who put on a mildly disappointed expression. “Hey now, no need to get jealous.” I said. “Not like this is new info.” “I just wish I could have fun too.” He said after a pause. I tussled his hair in response and gave him another kiss. “I don’t know if that’ll happen Shawn.” He nodded but looked a bit dejected. “It’s dangerous to tell people this stuff.” “I knowww.” Shawn whined. “Hopefully one day huh? But tomorrow we’ll get our time together at least.” I kissed him again and got up to go to my room where Levi was waiting for the fucking that Shawn so desperately wanted to join in on half hoping he just followed me in or that I had the balls to just throw caution to the wind. ************************* I woke up semi delirious the next morng from a post fuck slumber. I smacked my alarm and tried to piece the ght together. Levi was, as I’d assumed, very horny and looking to go right at it. I was charged up myself from just having played tonsil hockey with our 10 year old son so I was game for anything. It was a long and sweaty fuck session that saw me at the end doggy style with my husband inside me pounding away. He seemed more aggressive than normal when we didn’t have the house to ourselves. “H… honey.. We should.. anh… quiet down a bit… Shawn…” I grunted between the thrusting of his cock in me. Levi had a gruff romance about him that was always charming and he’d made my heart flutter often. This time though he leaned into my ear and through gritted straing teeth uttered the sexiest words I’d ever heard him say. “Shawn knows what his fuckin’ DADDIES do at ght!” The words nearly made me cum. I held off only to be bright over the edge a moment later when I felt him unloading in me. “Hey, sleep well?” Levi’s voice came out to snap me out of my recollection. “Oh… uh.. yeah I guess.” I stretched out my arms, kissed him and got up to slap clothes on and make some egg and sausage breakfast before he left for work and alone with Shawn. Unusually Shawn was already waiting downstairs in the kitchen to eat rather than lazing in bed. The whole time we ate felt like time was moving through molasses. Shawn and I sharing glances and trying not to be obvious. Monday breakfast seemed to last an eterty but finally he got up to go to work. I met him at the door for one last kiss and feeling a strange mischief inside leaned into his ear. “Last ght was great. I missed being loud.” I whispered as I saw a distinct blush and grin as he went out the door. I stared at the closed door for a moment and breathed. “Dad?” I heard Shawn say from the kitchen. “One second!” I called back. I had to wait for the sound of the car to leave the driveway. My mind was convinced that Levi would come barging in any moment forgetting his keys. The sounds of tire on pavement drifted away. The garage door closed. I breathed out after realizing it had been a while since I had done that. Finally I turned around. Shawn stood at the end of the kitchen. He’d already discarded his shirt somewhere and was undoing his PJ bottoms. I walked toward him and awkwardly tore my shirt off as fast as I could. “Bedroom. Now.” I managed to say. Shawn beamed at me and ran his butt upstairs as quick as his legs could. I followed while unbuttong my pants. Shawn had scampered past his own room and straight into mine, the rambunctious little shit. It was probably for the best we didn’t try to cram into his tiny little kid bed though and I wasn’t going to argue now that this was actually happeng. Into the door I went right in time to see my son kneeling on my bed slide his PJ bottoms down. His tan lined ass made me stop dead and his tiny balls hung down just underneath in view. He was not taking this slow so I didn’t have time to oggle as much as I would have liked escort kocaeli but there was no need anymore. Shawn, my son was naked on my bed now and I jumped on with him, my pants still mostly on. I didn’t take time to look at him splayed out on the sheets. I had all day for that. I flipped him over and my hand went to his rock hard cock to get a real proper feel of it. It was perky and hot to the touch. It made him moan and whine desperately. A sound I muffled with my mouth. We made out like we were practically trying to eat each other. Tongues exploring everywhere inside. Tasting his mouth again was incredible. I broke the kiss and looked down at my baby boy. “Did you hear us last ght?” I asked, catching my breath. Shawn was still just as energetic, the prize of youth. “Y… yeah.” He confirmed. “I wanted to walk in.” He grinned mischievously. “Well… It’s good you didn’t.” I said back wondering if that was true. Too big of a risk to take though. “Do you think Daddy wants to do this stuff?” Shawn asked with almost comically innocent eyes. Like he’d just asked for help on his homework. “I don’t know baby, but I sure as fuck do.” I said grabbing at my boxers and pulling them down I was finally free of constraints and my son’s hands reached out instantly to grip it. I distracted myself from the new incredible sensation by fumbling around the ghtstand for lube and poppers. It took a while while my hands shook but Shawn didn’t seem to mind when I brought out the bottle and put a bunch on. He happily kept stroking me and getting my cock covered and slick. This was the first time my mind wasn’t going a hundred miles an hour. The first moment I looked down and saw Shawn laying on my bed, legs spread open just inches away from reaching my dream. I rubbed my hands over him slowly, every smooth inch I could touch. This went on a little long for an impatient kid and he started squirming. “Daaaaaaad!” He whined out. After all I might have been sentimental about making this step, but Shawn was still just a kid. “I get it, sorry.” I said giving one last look over his body trying to memorize this moment. “Here it goes baby boy.” I pushed forward. It was only inches between and when my head hit his hole I didn’t know what to expect. He’d been quite active in this region lately. It must be one of the benefits of youth but if I didn’t know better I’d swear he was as virginal as the freshest snow. “unnnngggg.” Shawn moaned out. “Daaaaad…” Shawn moaned. He was staring right at me with half closed eyes and open mouth. I locked my eyes to him and put my hand on his chest while I pushed the last 3 inches inside my boy. With the proudest smile I became completely connected with my son. “I love you baby boy.” I said leang in to kiss him. He mumbled a response through our tongues while I started to pull out of him. I went slow. Not just because of his size, I knew he could handle it rough, but I really just needed to not cum immediately. I saw him reaching for the poppers bottle. I did what any dad would do and held it under his nose. He laid back as the lust haze hit him and I got to work. “Unnnngggg Daaaaaad!” He groaned feeling my dick starting to pump in. His movement started matching my rhythm. The bed started squeaking and I saw his little stretched open pucker practically clinging to me while I thrusted. “That’s it baby! No one’s home… Be loud!” I said feeling real dumb and confident we were far enough away from neighbors it wouldnt matter. “UGGGGG DAAAAAD!” Shawn let it all out of him. ” FUCK ME DAD! I’M GAY! I’M GAY! I’M SO GAY!” Hearing him scream that drove me crazy. “That’s right baby boy!” I said slamming cock into his greedy hole and gave him another hit. “You’re my perfect little gay boy!” Nothing existed anymore except for Shawn’s ass. I was slamming in him nearly full force now and I knew it wouldn’t be long. Nothing was going to distract from the cum bubbling up in me. “Fuck Shawn! I… can’t!” His moans were too much and I gripped onto his hips to get ready. The sounds of lube covered flesh smacking was loud but Shawn was louder. “Cum inside meeee!” He shouted. That was all it took for me. White knuckling his hips I pushed as much cock into him as I could. It felt like I was unloading a river into my boy. Shot after shot came out and rushed inside. I gave him soft thrusts and my load was coming out of the sides. I felt completely drained. Shawn panted below me he was coming off the sex high and smiled at me looking like he was about to fall asleep. “I love… you…” Shawn eked out at a low groan. “I love you too baby.” I said with a long and slow kiss. I moved my boy up off the bed after realizing the size of the wet spot our spontaneous fuck had started. We showered and cleaned each other off. Grabbing each other at every chance. It was amazing feeling this much closer with my boy. It was different then I’d dreamt, but amazing all the same. We played around twice more before Levi got home. And we were practiced by now at keeping our hands off each other when he had to. Dinner up until bed time was routine. Shawn did sneak into my office before heading to bed to give me a kiss. We’d opened a new world for us. One I was defitely happy to be a part of. *********************************** The next day was similar in that as soon as Hubby left Shawn and I were at it. Unfortunately he only got as far as a blowjob before Andy called and Shawn got distracted by video games. It was probably for the best. I wasn’t on vacation or anything and I certainly didn’t get anything done the day before. And looking on the bright side, there was double the cute boy around now. I’d impressed upon Shawn the seriousness of what we were doing. I had no real concern he’d go blabbing, but this was the first real test. Andy came over about noon, I fixed them a quick lunch and actually got to get some work done for a couple hours. My normal day from before my discovery of Shawn’s activities started to rear it’s head again. *********************************** There was a knock on my door. I looked up and Shawn was poking his head through the openg. I motioned for him to come in. He bounded in and came to my desk, giving me a kiss on the mouth and a smile as he’d started doing since the day I was caught. “What is it cutie?” I asked. “Did Andy go home?” Honestly hoping for that a bit since there was still a couple hours before my husband returned and I could plant my seed in him at least once before then. “No, he’s still here.” Shawn said in a near whisper. My flight of fancy was crushed, but Shawn was grinng wide. “Andy told me something though.” He leaned in playfully and whispered into my ear. “Andy said his big brother started touching him.” He pulled back in full smile. The idea was clearly exciting him and I could figure why. Andy’s brother was a boy named Corey, he was Just out of high school, starting college soon and from the one or two times I’d seen him in passing he was a cely built athletic type. The kind by boy probably ogled at the beach. I wiped the thoughts from my head that were bubbling up and looked back at my son. “Have you told him about…?” Implying about Shawn’s experiences with men. He shook his head no. “Not yet.” He said. “I was gonna… ask you if I could.” “I think you should see where it goes.” I winked. “Tell him you’ve been messed around with too.” Shawn looked excited and nearly giddy. “What do I say though?” My son asked. “Did he say he liked it?” I came back getting more and more interested by the second. “Uh huh!” My son nodded. “But he was real embarrassed about it!” I wanted to join in on this so bad but I also didn’t want to drive this meekish looking kid out. Summong my resolve to take this slow I leaned into my son’s ear. “Ok, what you’re gonna do is…” And I laid out my plan of attack. Shawn left the room to go back to his friend on the couch and I sat in my office alone again. Being a bad decision maker I chose to spend this time as Shawn went out to confess being molested too with his first video. The beach house popped up on screen and my pants came down. 30 minutes of video later and an achingly hard cock I couldn’t take it anymore. I texted my son to see what his progress was. Waiting for a response was agozing knowing he was just down the hall. A minute later my phone buzzed. “Ummmmm…” Shawn’s text came up. Then an image appeared. My boy and Andy sat next to each other on the couch. Their skin tones contrasting wildly was more attractive than I imagined. The pic was selfie style and down toward the bottom of the image was what I wanted. Both boys were rock hard and proudly exposed with pants around their knees. Shawn was smiling easily being used to exposing himself on camera by now. Andy was much more sheepish but still going along. The poor boy was skinny as a rail, but he had a kocaeli anal yapan escort surprisingly large cock for his age. Looked an inch longer than Shawn’s and gave the illusion of being even bigger due to his thin limbs. “I sent it to Henry and Andy sent it to his bro!” Shawn texted immediately after. My dick felt like it was ready to explode so I left it alone and focused on coming up with a new plan. “That’s my boy!” I typed with jittering fingers. “Can you see if he wants to come over?” “I already did ­čśŤ He wants to come is that ok?” “Perfect!” I typed out faster than I could think. Luckily auto correct fixed my shaky fat fingers into something intelligible. “Have you told them about me?” “Nope. Just that I get touched a lot lol” “Ok. When he gets here I guess put on a movie or something and play along when I come out” “k :)” Was all he replied. I sat and stewed in my own hormones for 5 minutes until I heard the doorbell and the scuffling of boy feet toward it. In my mind’s eye they answered the door for this stud in the buff but I’d never actually know. More footsteps and muffled voices. I couldn’t tell if it was the boys or the movie. I could swear boyish giggling come through at least once. I lost track of time completely not knowing when to make my move. My phone buzzed suddenly though startling me. I looked down and my son’s text read only. “Dad please.” I stood up and shifted my cock to be as comfortable as I could make it. I took a deep breath and then loudly opened the door of my office. Trudging down the halls with heavy foot steps to give them notice I came out into the living room to see some shuffling mass that turned out to be three heads popped up out of one of the big fuzzy plaid blankets we keep on the couch. The older teen Corey was in the middle with the two cuties flanking him either side. I was still far away but I could see Andy was practically glowing red. Shawn seemed to be blushing himself a bit. Corey just looked me in the eye and grinned. “…You boys look cozy.” I said in my best casual acting voice. I walked over to the side with Shawn on it in the big L shaped sofa and sat carefully to not show how bulging my crotch was. My heart was pounding so I decided to play a little game with myself. How much of the movie could I watch before I had to show my hand. On screen was The extended edition of Return Of The King. I laughed to myself figuring this was chosen because they wanted a long excuse to play. During the film as I tried to calm my nerves there was an almost surreal casual chat about what classes Corey was taking and how he liked visiting home again to which he answered simply “a lot.” A few minutes later I felt Shawn shift against me slightly. I looked down at him and in his eyes I could almost hear him saying “He’s doing it again. Right in front of you.” I glanced up at Corey for only a split second out of embarrassment but I saw the grin you can see on every teenager when they think they’re getting away with something. Shawn had the most pleading look I’ve ever seen on him and I couldn’t last any longer. Sad as it was I tried to think of something witty to say to get this college kid’s full attention before I acted. Coming up with nothing though I just cleared my throat loudly. I moved my head in towards my son and gave him the wettest, toungiest kiss I could. Shawn rose to meet me and grasped on my shirt. His mouth tasted like the perfect amount of sweetness that I just couldn’t get enough of as my tongue explored every part it could reach. “Hahaha! Fuuuuuuck Yeaaaaah!” The teen’s voice came out. I kept making out with my son as I felt the blanket being shifted off him. Moving my hand down almost instinctively to my boy’s cock I felt naked skin as I expected. When I reached his smooth crotch I hit a large hand. I broke the kiss and looked finally at the scene. I was the only one currently wearing clothes. Corey was watching with an intense stare and his fully throbbing shaved 8 inches was sticking up straight in his lap. He had both hands occupied with the cocks of the little boys on either side of him. Andy wasn’t embarrassed looking so much anymore I noticed. More like flushed with pleasure as he clung to his big brother’s side. “Fuck dude,” Corey said finally, “your kid is so easy.” “You don’t even know man.” I said back while pulling my shirt off and finally undoing my achingly tight pants and tossing them aside. I looked at the black haired cute boy that was watching me strip. “He fuck you yet Andy?” Knowing the answer but wanting this kid to get into the action. He shook his head and hugged his brother a bit tighter. “Shawn was just teaching him how to suck cock.” Corey said with a laugh. “He’s GOOD at it.” He tousled the boy’s hair. “I’m gonna pop his fuckin’ cherry though.” I walked over to the other side of the couch and sat next to Andy. My hands rubbed all over his smooth lanky frame delighting when he spread his legs for me when I touched his cock and balls. Shawn’s look surprised me a bit. It seems it was his turn to get embarrassed and I realized it was the first time he’d seen me touch another boy. While I was hoping he wasn’t jealous I couldn’t stop now. Being in my own home was making me feel more in control and less nervous than before. I leaned in and started plying at the boy doing my best to emulate Henry’s example of aggressiveness. “You like it when you get touched?” I asked. He nodded. “Y… yes.” The skinny kid stuttered back. “Did you like tasting cock?” I goaded. “I did…” His voice louder this time. “Do you want to suck my cock Andy?” “Yes!” He said loudly surprising himself a bit. “I mean… I do Mr. Miller.” “Well you have to get permission from Shawn first.” I said. I looked over and Shawn was as blushed as Andy by this proposition. Corey cackled enjoying the spectacle. “Well go on!” The teen prodded. “Assssk him.” Andy stammered several times trying to start the sentence. “C-c-c… Can I um… suck your dad’s dick?” The young nerd boy finally got out. Shawn was only able to nod. This made me feel better about Shawn’s first time seeing be sexual with anyone else. New feelings were rushing in me. I imagined this is how Henry felt when he seduced my son or any of his other boys. Having this boy in my hands and admit his urges was intoxicating. I leaned back on the couch and propped myself up to keep a good view. No way was I going to miss this show. Andy nervously shuffled over to the side and bent down. His face was close. I felt the breath on my head and it made my cock twitch. He reached out and touched it, sffed it a bit like it was a new strange piece of food. My hand reached out almost like it was on it’s own and pulled the kid’s head down the last inch. His mouth opened and he swallowed 3 inches of me before he stopped. I groaned in response to the warmth of the 10 year old’s mouth around me. He looked up at me with half my cock in him which nearly set me off. I pushed up further and he started moving his head and clearly trying to remember what he’d just learned. He was inexperienced but it didn’t matter much with how horny I was. “Suck that cock baby boy.” I sighed out trying not to blow a load too early. I looked up and the older teen was watching with a huge smile and playing with Andy’s ass and cock from behind. Clearly this was going to escalate soon and Corey repositioned in a minute to mount his little brother. “No more waiting.” the jock boy said slapping his meat on the small boy’s ass. “Time to finally fuck you Andy.” The boy pulled off my dick and looked back nervously. “W..wha?” Andy seemed to be a little anxious about that idea and I couldn’t blame him. “Woah, woah!” I sat up and stopped him before he just impulsively went in this virgin boy dry. Kids these days are so impatient I guess. I looked over at Shawn. He was sitting in almost a daze watching and playing with his cock and moang. “Hey.” I called out to get his attention from his stupor. “Go get the stuff in your room. I think Andy’s gonna need them pretty bad.” He nodded and hopped off the couch and ran upstairs, his cock bouncing up and down despite its rigid state. “He better get back soon.” Corey said still looking down at Andy’s hole. “I NEED to fuck this ass!” The footsteps of Shawn came as he bounded down from his room with the items I’d bought for him earlier in the week for us to use together. My son handed me the poppers and lube. He had a look of wild excitement in his eyes now. “Go give the lube to Corey, babe.” I instructed. “Oh! uh… yeah duh.” He smirked to himself and put his hand out with the bottle. “No dude. You put it on.” The cocky teen smirked down at my boy who nodded and smiled. He wasn’t going to pass up a chance to touch this guy’s dick some more for sure. Andy was still a little on izmit yabanc─▒ escort edge as Shawn squirted out a big dollop of lube to rub on his brother. “Uhhhh dude is this gonna be ok?” Andy sheepishly asked his best friend. Shawn was lubing up the thick pole generously already. “You know when I told you I’m gay right?” “Y… yeah?” “Well getting fucked is how I found out for sure!” My son chirped. “Trust me Andy, you’re gonna love it!” This seemed to calm the kid a little bit at least. He had good reason to be a bit nervous though as Shawn had fished his job and spread the extra lubricant on Andy’s hole. I popped open the bottle of poppers and got Andy’s attention. “Breathe this in cute boy.” I held it under his nose and it took the hit. “This’ll help you relax.” I saw his eyes glaze over just in time for the push from behind. He gripped me tight and buried his face in my chest. I held him on me as Corey popped his cherry in one big thrust. “Oh shit Andy!” He grunted. Not waiting to let the kid adjust he pulled out and pushed in whole length. “Ohhh woah…” I heard Shawn mutter quietly from his viewing point. “G- G- G- uuuuuuhhhhhh” Was all I heard from Andy cut off between thrusts. I was worried the effects of the poppers were wearing off so I let him have another hit to keep him looped up. Corey reached up and gripped the boy’s shoulders and pulled him up kneeling. I got a full view of his body shaking with each thrust and his rail hard cock bouncing along. “FUCK! Ohhh man I should done this forever ago!” Corey grunted while he rearranged his brother’s insides like he needed it to live. I turned to Shawn in a moment of semi clarity. “Film it.” I said. It took a half second to even register with him but he reached quickly for his phone on the table and hit his camera ap. He turned it to himself first. “Th- This is my best friend Andy and his brother… uhh… This is the first time Andy’s been fucked!” He swung it around then to play camera boy. The two siblings were getting going even harder in this new position. Copious drool was coming out of the boy’s mouth and probably mine as well. This kid was getting destroyed in front of me and part of me wanted to stop him from maybe getting hurt. Andy seemed to be a bit tougher than he looked though. The sounds of hard wet slapping were so loud I made sure the blinds were down in case the neighbors heard. “Sooooo tight!” Corey grunted through gritted teeth. “Take that cock! UNG! Feels so fuckin’ good!” He leaned the boy back and gave him more thrusts. “Gonna nut!” He shouted out suddenly letting the boy fall to the base of his cock and stay there. His balls contracted, filling the boy with seed for the first time. The boy’s mouth was open and he was letting out a loud moan that sounded almost unnatural from a boy his size. They laid there while Corey’s orgasm died down inside. Andy was panting and sweaty, not looking to move after his ordeal. Corey’s cock was started to soften and slip out of the tight confines of his brother. Shawn couldn’t look away from it. His goal was obviously set. The scene wound down as the brothers recovered from their first fuck. Shawn stopped filming and the boys piled on against the teen to keep watching the movie to recover. I sat next to my son and even though I hadn’t cum I knew this teen would be ready for round two before long so I decided to wait it out with my aching hard on. The movie fished up what felt like 3 hours later. I could see Shawn was getting antsy. He was eyeing Corey throughout the whole finale. Wasn’t hard to tell what he was thinking of. I looked at the teen boy and he was already rubbing his hand up my son’s leg. We caught each other’s eyes and his grin told me everything. I nudged my son and motioned for him to get up. The coffee table was the closest option. Luckily it was solidly built. Shawn pushed off the magazines and laid facing up on it. Andy nervously followed after some encouragement from my son he too laid down on the table. Laying right next to each other they looked like the perfect pair of boys and they were all ours for the taking. Shawn had already spread his legs and was locking eyes with the teen boy. My son was solely focused on getting this cock inside him just like he’d seen Andy get it. Corey knelt down between Shawn’s tanned legs while I took my place at Andy’s hole. I hadn’t been in a position like this, getting ready to fuck someone next to another guy since I started dating my husband. Made all the more exhilarating having two perfect little 10 year old boys writhing underneath us. Shawn’s cock looked so small with the Jock boy’s length rubbing against it. “You ready for this little kid?” Corey said, getting his cock slick with lube again with the wet sounds of his jacking filling the room. “Yeah!” Shawn replied with zero hesitation. “How about you Andy?” I asked. I spread his legs open to see his still leaking hole. I rubbed on his ass with my cock. Andy just nodded slightly. Over to my left Corey was already fingering Shawn. Getting his insides all slick and ready. This was really happeng. I didn’t need to lube up myself, Andy was already stuffed with plenty. He moaned softly as I slid my cock inside. His cute face scrunching up from the internal pressure. Next to him Shawn watched his reaction knowing full well what he was feeling. Shawn’s expression suddenly changed to one of shock, his eyes went wider than I’d ever seen. All because Corey had just inserted his teenage dick inside him in one smooth motion. His pubes tickled my son’s balls and it was quite the sight to see up close in person. Shawn moaned deep but the teen boy had no intention of letting him relax. He’d almost immediately started to pump into his hole just like he did with his brother. I took the cue and started to fuck harder into Andy. It was a totally different experience than Shawn. He was still tight as all hell, clinging to my cock like nothing else I’d experienced with an adult. In moments there were two groang boys on my coffee table. Corey and I worked into a rhythm where I would be pushing in while he’s be pulling out. At least for a while. I couldn’t keep up with a teenager as he railed Shawn though and focused on just slamming into Andy’s prostate hard. The living room was filled with the sound of kid moang and flesh smacking against flesh. “U…UG…ug.. Ahhhhh!” Shawn screamed out. Andy was mirroring his exclamations. I felt Corey’s cum sloshing inside Andy while I fucked him and it drove me almost insane. Shawn was gripping onto the table for dear life. It looked like he was taking it harder than that bear had given to him earlier in the week. The table rattled underneath the boys so hard I was worried it would break. “Oh my god… Ohhh my gooood!” Andy grunted. He reached up and held onto my arms attempting to pull me in further. It was hard to imagine this was only his second time being fucked. The tightness of him was quickly driving me over the edge no matter how much I slowed down. Nothing I could do but slam in harder now. “Fuck Andy… I’m gonna cum inside!” I shuddered and pushed into that cute rail thin boy to the hilt. My balls felt like they were practically shriveling from the amount of cum that went into this kid. I gave him a few more sloppy thrusts as my cock started to soften. To the left of me Corey was breathing hard and still pounding into my son. He leaned over until he was almost on top of him. “Shawn you little fuckin’ slut! Take it!” He grunted out. Shawn couldn’t verbalize a reply. He was just hanging on as best as he could as the thick teenage pole drove in deep. I could see up close while Corey gave three hard thrusts before burying himself in with a loud groan. “Take my load kiiid! Holy shit!” Shawn just panted and shuddered. Cum came out of his overly full ass. Corey grinned at him and gave another final push. “That’s a good slut.” My son moaned in pleasure but returned his smile. About half an hour later we were all cleaned up. Just in time too, Levi was going to be home in a bit. Corey and Andy were getting ready to head back before their parents got home as well. Andy and Shawn had been sitting on the couch together real close. Seems their little mutual experience started something new for them. Shawn even gave his friend a goodbye kiss that made Andy clam back up into his nervous nerd self. It was kind of adorable. I put Shawn to bed that ght and he asked if Andy could come over again the next day. “You got a stream tomorrow baby boy. He can come over after that.” I reminded him. “I know… I asked Henry if I could have another boy over. He liked it.” Shawn said. I suppose if they’d oked it that was fine. At least I wouldn’t have to drive them anywhere. And maybe if I got more boys involved Henry would trust me more. I nodded and agreed. That ght I went to bed hard as hell. More boys in my house were always going to be welcome. ******************* Sorry this one took so long.Hopefully they won’t in the future. This story’s probably got about two chapters after this left in it. My email is ail if you’d like to give feedback, I really appreciate it.

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