We’re Gonna Roll


Reach into me deep, Take everything from me. Please turn me inside out, Leave my bones in a burning heap. Dig into my skin, Leave your mark on me. Brand me your as your own, That’s the only time I’m free. Burn into my flesh, Melt me with your flame. Singe my very soul, And engrave me with your name. isveçbahis Make me plea for mercy, Make me beg for cock, Make me cry to please you. Baby, that is how I wanna rock. You make my bum so red, When you smack my ass so good. You send shivers thru my body, When you make me promise to isveçbahis giriş be good. Get me dripping in desire, Aching for your seed. You know that I’m your good, bad girl, And you are my only need. Growl into my ear, Those dirty words you say. My ******* you are naughty, More and more isveçbahis yeni giriş each day. Throw me on the bed, And spread my legs apart. Baby, I’ve been waiting, For you to eat me like dessert. Pinch and suck my titties . Lick and poke my kitty, Please use my body like a whore, You know I like it gritty. Put your love in me, Drive your cock in deep. Kiss me as you cum, Then after, softly kiss me sweet. That’s how we’re gonna do it, That’s how we’re gonna roll. Hey Mister, we are fucking hot, And you always keep me wanting mo’.

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