Subject: Welcome to Gayberry 41 Welcome to Gayberry � 41 Feel free to address any comments on this story to hoo. His is a work of fiction and is based on no real persons, living or dead. If you enjoy this or any of the wonderful stories here, I hope you will consider a donation to the Nifty Archive to keep the site going. It is a treasure!!! fty/ 41 When the group returned to the party, Michael greeted them, smiling a knowing smile. “I thought you’d have been away a considerably longer time. It’s only been forty minutes since you left us. I don’t think anyone even noticed your absences. Your boys seem to be having a wonderful time and I am so pleased that everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.” “A little heads-up” William said. “Young Jenny was getting quite drunk before we left. She has indicated she and some of the Marines might be sneaking back here after the party to do some skinny dipping. I just wanted you to know so that nothing would happen which could cause big problems for you guys.” “I appreciate that more than you can know” Michael said. “We’ve had plenty of guests get out of control over the years. What no one knows is that we have security on the site 24/7. They have big German Shepherds which look and sound ferocious even though they are gentle as lambs. You would never know that as they are trained to scare the shit out of an intruder. I realize young Jenny is getting drunker by the minute. She’s been avoiding her parents for the past hour as if they both had the plague. But she has a surprise in store for her if she thinks she’s getting some nice Marine dick tonight. After the incident in the bathroom the other day, Sergeant Carter, Frankie and I put every one of the Marines we’re using � color guard and the boys who were going to be escorts, in chastity devices. Furthermore, the sergeant has instructed them they will all stay on their cocks for at least one month. They aren’t happy but they don’t fuck with Sergeant Carter.” “That is priceless” William said. “I see the combo is ready for a break, so I thought I’d give a welcome to everyone and I think the governor is prepared to give a few remarks. Is there anything either of you would like to say?” “Only a thank you to you and Frankie for such a wonderful job on this party and on the pageant” Randy said. “You are both priceless treasures to this town and to the school. I’m just glad that I’ve gotten o know both of you and I am grateful for the examples you set and the time you give to the young folks in Gayberry.” “you’re about to make me cry, sheriff” Michael said as he hugged both men and headed toward the stage area where he took the microphone. “Ladies and gentlemen,” Michael said, “we are so pleased to welcome all of you here tonight.” He went on to introduce the sheriff and William and Gerome and Greg as new teachers at the school and honored guests at this event. “I would like to thank Sergeant Carter and the U.S. Marines who will be participating in the parade tomorrow and in tomorrow night’s pageant. My thanks to all the parents and the contestants who have given countless hours to making everything perfect. We certainly wish all the luck in the world to each one of the young women vying for the title of Miss Gayberry. In addition, Frankie and I would like to thank all of our escorts whom you have seen splashing around tonight in the pool. Jimmy, Kurt, Mark, Jeffiy, Pepe, Walt, Dopie and Billy Paul, we are grateful to you for your contributions.” The crowd gave a nice round of applause. “It is my great honor to have the honorable Governor of North Carolina, Jeremy North, and his top aide, Mr. Abraham Levin in town and in attendance here this evening. Both men have welcomed the opportunity to share a few words with you.” “I am Abraham Levin, Govenor North’s Executive Assistant” Abe began. “It is my job to make things run smoothly, which isn’t always easy. I am proud to serve this governor, this state and the city of Gayberry. We are here to serve you. While we are new to the job, we have made quite a number of visits to cities already. I can honestly tell you that we have never been made to feel as at home anywhere in this state as we have in Gayberry.” The crowd applauded. “You are lucky to live in a town like Gayberry, where people are willing to throw off the old ways and look for new ways to make things work. The governor and I know this has been a rough week for the citizens of this town � all the citizens of this town. Hate has reared its ugly head. But we must never allow hate to win. I can easily see how much you citizens love one another. I can see how you protect one another. One of your own citizens has said to me earlier today that the people in this town are like lions. Lions are at their most fierce when their cubs are threatened. That is how it should be. Lions welcome others who are willing to love and protect their cubs. When the cubs are threatened or harmed, the lion goes after them, usually with very deadly results. I love that the people of this town are like lions. Let us all strive to protect each other’s cubs like we would protect our own. Thank you.” Abe’s words were met with enthusiastic applause. The governor was then handed the microphone. “Well said, Abraham” the governor said. “I have heard from many people over the years that it is dangerous to surround oneself with too many smart people. Please pardon my language, but I am going to call `bullshit’ on that.” Everyone in the crowd laughed, especially the younger ones. “I think the only way a governor of a state can be truly effective and really accomplish things is to surround himself with all the best people. The smartest, the most intelligent, the hardest working. I will never do otherwise. Abraham is one of my best and oldest friends. He is a brilliant man who knows how to make government work for the people. He is largely responsible for my decision to run for this office. I loved teaching but Abraham urged me to get involved in government. I told him the only way I would run was if he agreed to come on board. He has done so without reservation. You have selected some quality leaders in your town. You have outstanding men like Mr. Churchill and Mr. Blount who give so much to this town. It is my plan to announce several new positions over the next week. I hope you will give me your support because without that, I cannot do the job I want to do for North Carolina. As Abe said, Gayberry has been through a rough week. It has been a week that could have caused dissent or even rioting in the streets. Yet you have all followed your leaders and have done great things. You have accomplished the peace integration of you school system and have hired your first black teachers at Gayberry School. You have black athletes competing right along their white brothers in your track and field events tomorrow, you have your first young black woman competing in the pageant tomorrow evening. All I can say is `Great job, Gayberry!’. Keep up the great work!” As the governor stepped off the platform he was met with wildly enthusiastic applause. As Randy surveyed the applauding group, he observed young Jenny standing dangerously near the edge of the pool, flanked by two Marines. She was holding yet another full cup of the pink punch and smiling with a vacant stare. One of the Marines had moved directly behind her and he saw the girl wiggle her cute teen but against his crotch. “How disappointed that horny little bitch is going to be if she’s counting on Marine dicks tonight” he snickered to himself. Michael had returned to the platform and had the microphone again. “I promised remarks to be brief and I hope I haven’t told a lie. There is, however, one other thing we would like to do tonight.” Randy was a little afraid Jenny might fall into the pool so he slowly and inconspicuously edged closer to the girl just in case he might need to grab her. “Traditionally the Miss Congeniality award has been given the evening of the pageant” Michael said. “Frankie and I made a unilateral decision to do it differently this year. We are giving the award tonight, if Velma Sue will come forward to present the award.” Velma Sue joined him on the platform holding a large trophy with a winged figure on a tall marble base. “The Miss Congeniality is an award voted on by the girls themselves. They are asked to vote for the fellow contestant who has most exemplified the spirit of the Miss Gayberry Pageant. The contestant who has been the most eager to learn and who has always been willing to help another contestant. The contestant who truly represents what our pageant should be all about. The award this year was was almost unanimous with only one vote going to another contestant. This year’s Miss Congeniality Award goes to…” Michael opened the envelope and smiled. “Miss Shakira Stuart” he announced excitedly. “Fucking nig…” Randy heard Jenny say as the sheriff clamped his hand over her mouth. He was relieved no one else appeared to have heard her as her words were drowned out by the loud applause and cheers. The girl was struggling to get free of his grip but no one else even noticed in the excitement of the moment. The announcement was greeted with the biggest ovation of the night. Shakira and her parents stood transfixed, shocked by the announcement. Gerome Bentley took the girl’s arm and escorted her to the platform to receive the award. She seemed too stunned to even speak as she received warm hugs from Velma Sue and from Michael, who put the microphone in her hand. It took a few seconds before she found her voice. “I am rarely speechless” she began haltingly. “I think my parents or either of the Bentleys will attest to that. But I am truly speechless and filled with gratitude at this moment. I would like to say thank you to Mr. Churchill and Mr. Blount for their support in every way. Thank you to Velma Sue who has made me feel so welcome from the minute I set foot in the auditorium and Mrs. Stephens and Miss Bishop who have worked tirelessly to make my clothes fit so perfectly. And thank you to the Bentley brothers who have been such a source of inspiration to me and all of us from the colony. They have always tried to instill in us the belief that we can do anything we want to do if we work hard and believe in ourselves. To all of the other contestants I say `thank you’ from the bottom of my heart. I am deeply touched and so honored just to be here. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” The applause and cheering started again just as Jenny broke free from the sheriff. “Fucking little nig…” made it past her lips before Randy realized he couldn’t get his hand over her mouth again, so he just gave the tiniest push and she went into the water. They were on the shallow end of the pool, but the Marines had not realized that as they began stripping out of their uniforms, throwing them to the ground and jumping into the water to save the girl. They were only in four feet of water so they were all fine as Jenny camp up, getting her head above water and sputtering and coughing. The Marines drug her up the side of the pool, totally soaked, her hair drenched and her dress ruined. Only the people around them knew anything had happened as the attention was still on Shakira being applauded and cheered for at the other end of the pool. Jenny’s mother and father had seen it and rushed to her. It was clear her mother smelled the alcohol on her breath and began to tell all of those who had witnessed the incident how her daughter had been forced to take pain medication for terribly painful menstrual cramps before they left home. A towel was obtained for the girl and her parents wrapped her in the large towel and got her out of there without too many people being aware anything out of the ordinary had occurred. Once Jenny was gone, there were only the Marines, Randy and William in the area. The Marines were hesitant o to leave the water, embarrassed because they knew the cages would show through their thin boxer shorts. “What’s the matter, Marines?” Randy chuckled. “Most Marines I ever knew was proud of them big, swingin’ dicks they got between their legs. Why don’t you boys show us what you got? Their fellow Marines helped them out of the water and then decided to prank them, pulling their underwear off. Both boys went running into the house buck naked, with only their cock cages covering their cocks. All the guys shared a good laugh. They began to gather their boys, heading for the limo. The boys were still in their Speedos which were only partially dry. They decided not to change as they were hoping to swim more once they were home. It was only about a quarter till nine as they left, thanking Mr. Michael and Mr. Frankie for the wonderful evening. They got hugs from the Stuart family, all of whom were still in shock. They said good night to the Bentley brothers who left with the Stuarts. The Colonel was guiding Aunt Flea and Velma Sue out at the same time Randy and William were guiding their boys out. “You and Velma Sue did quite a job dancing together tonight” William said to the Colonel. “Is there something going on there we don’t know about?” “I’m afraid not, but I sure wouldn’t mind” the Colonel said. “She’s held onto that cherry too long to give it up easily.” They all crowded into the limo. It was a bit more crowded than earlier since Eamon had joined them for the return trip. Billy Paul hid climbed into his lap. Ben and Marv sat in the front seat with the driver. Ben had his long arm around the coach and the coach leaned his head into Ben’s chest. The governor had Dopie and Pepe on his lap. Both boys had givent heir towels to their fathers so they were dressed onlyin their tiny speedos. The governor rubbed the skin on both boys’ smooth legs and bellies, focused heavily on their thin boy thighs. Walt and Jeffy were on Abe’s lap as Mark was sitting between the doctor’s legs with the man’s arms around him. William had Jimmy in his lap, gently stroking his leg. Kurt was in Randy’s lap, leaning back against his chest and enjoying the warmth of his body. Randy was boldly nuzzling the boy’s neck with his hand on his bare, cool thigh. Kurt could feel Randy growing erect against his Speedo-clad butt and shifted against him, almost imperceptibly. Randy was pleasantly surprised Kurt was hard under his speedo. Randy just enjoyed the feel and the smell of the boy as they rode along in the dark night. It was a quieter group going home than on the way over. Randy thought the boys might be too tired to want a bedtime swim as they all seemed to just enjoy being close to the men holding them. Once they were home, the boys got second winds. All of them wanted to go swimming. mersin escort Ben and Marv showed Eamon to his room and he took his bag up and settled in. The boys wanted a swim and everyone agreed to a one hours time limit as they all had to get up for the track and field events. They didn’t have to be at the field house until nine so it wasn’t like a regular school morning. All the young boys headed out to the pool and the governor, Eamon and Abe all headed upstairs, presumably to freshen up. The boys ditched their clothes and hit the pool naked, discarding their new Speedos on a table on the patio. Ben brought out towels for everyone and Marv took drink orders from the men who were now disrobing and folding their clothes, placing them on the big table with the boy’s swimsuits. Doc had cleared Marv for swimming earlier that day, so he hit the pool and got into a floating lounge chair with his ice cold beer. The doc and Mark had stripped off and they were in the hot tub, doc with a fresh beer and Mark with a bottle of water. The doc had his arm around the boy and Mark had a hand on the doctor’s thickly haired thigh. Randy and Kurt came up to the tub and asked if they might join them. They cordially invited them to join so Kurt and Randy climbed into the tub as well. Randy sat first and guided Kurt to a position between his legs with the boy leaning back into Randy’s very hairy chest. Randy rubbed the boy’s nipples and Kurt giggled. “That tickles” he said. “I’m sorry, son, he said moving his hands away. “No, no, please don’t stop doing it. It’s the good kind of tickling” he said. Randy again started rubbing the boy’s smooth chest, the soft blonde hairs almost invisible. “I want to know what drama was happening when Jenny fell into the pool” the doctor said. “Well, the girl was being her usual obnoxious self” Randy said. “When Shakira’s name was called, she was making a really nasty remark. I know I shouldn’t have, but I gave her just a tiny little push and she went into the pool.” “No, you didn’t! Mark said. “I can’t wait to tell Jimmy about that. He and I were ready to drown that little bitch tonight! Sorry, that word slipped out but she was so mean trying to make Jimmy and me jealous with those Marines. It was like she thought either of us cared what she did. She was drinking and saying nasty things to the Marines and making sure we could hear her. She was talking about what she was going to do them when she sneaked back over there later. They were making plans to sneak out and go naked swimming.” “Believe me, that will not happen” Randy said. “Michael told me tonight they had a problem at one time with people sneaking in to swim at night. They now have security patrolling at night with dogs. “It would be really runny if one of them dogs got hold of old Jenny, wouldn’t it?” Kurt said. “She’d be yelping louder than the dogs.” “I wouldn’t mind seein’ a whole pack of dogs getting’ their teeth into that little blonde snatch” Jimmy said. They were all laughing when Eamon, Abe and the governor appeared on the deck in their swimsuits. “My, that water looks delightful!” the governor said. “Yes, it does!” Eamon said. “I can hardly wait to get in there.” “I’m ready!” Abe said as the men put their towels on the table. Dopie walked right up to the governor and put both of his hands around one of the man’s thighs. “You’ve got too much clothes on” the boy said. The three men realized the boy was naked. They looked around. The governor looked as if it might be Christmas morning. He looked over at Randy and the doc. “Is everybody else naked, including all these boys?” he asked. “Yes, indeed” the doctor said. “When in Rome…” the Governor said as he dropped his bathing suit, revealing an average sized uncut cock with dark brown hair all around it He had very large balls which stretched his bag far below the end of his cock.. Although his temples were beginning to gray, no gray was apparent in his chest hair of his pubes. He had a decent treasure trail which went from around his navel to his pubes. It was a respectable cock and he seemed comfortable with being nude in front of others. He cannonballed into the water, making a large splash which the boys applauded. Abraham had also dropped his swimsuit revealing a lightly muscle body. The man was short but very fit except for a very small paunch. His legs were muscled and as hairy as the rest of him. His cock could barely be seen peeking out from his very wild jet black pubes and there was no break from his bush to his neck. When he ran his hand through his pubes, as men so often do when getting naked, it was apparent his somewhat smallish cock was circumcised. He dove into the deep end of the pool, creating very little splash. It was Eamon who owned the monster cock as all the men but doc had seen earlier. Randy saw the doc’s eyebrows raise when he spied the big, black, uncut cock which William and Randy had seen in action. Eamon followed the governor’s suit in jumping high into the air and cannonballing, creating a monster splash. All the boys and adults cheered his performance. They all seemed to enjoy the pool time together. Abe seemed to be spending time with Walt and Jeffy, throwing them into the air and riding both on his back. The floated on an air mattress, just quietly talking with Abe on one side of the mattress and the two boys on the other. Abe would, from time to time, just reach over and mess their hair or kiss the boys on the cheek. It was obvious he was a very affectionate man. The governor seemed to spend most of his time in the water with Dopie and Pepe. They were playing the same games that Abe was playing with Jeffy and Walt and they even played some horse with the boys on the men’s necks, trying to knock each other off. Billy Paul seemed to spend most of his time with his dad and the warden. They were doing some of the same things and at other times, seemed to be deep in conversation. It wasn’t long before Jimmy joined the hot tub group with the doctor easily shifting Mark to one knee and putting Jimmy on his other. Both teens seemed to like the feel of doc’s warm, hairy arm around their midsections. Marv was still in his floating lounge chair and Ben had stayed close, occasionally leaving him to play host and make sure everyone had beer or a cocktail. From time to time, they could be seen sharing a quick kiss. Ben and Marv were the first to come out of the pool. “I hope you won’t think us rude, but Marv is still recovering and I am trying to make him get as much rest as possible” Ben said. “Carry on for as long as you like. I just think I better get the old man off to beddy bye!” “Jeffy and Walt came up to get hugs from both and dads and Marv stopped off to give Mark a kiss on his cheek as Ben and Abe continued inside. Walt and Jeffy went back to the pool. Ben, could I trouble you for just a sec?” Abraham asked. “Of course” Ben said as Marv joined them and started on up to the bedroom. “Marv, if you don’t mind, I’d ike to have a word with both of you” Abe said. “Walt and Jeffy have just enlightened me on Walt’s um, uniqueness. I can’t believe I didn’t notice it. I’ve even had the boy riding on my neck and I didn’t notice it. Maybe I was just too busy admiring his beautiful soft bush. But the two of them told me about his whole story and I wanted to say how much I admire the way you’ve fathered the boy. I don’t know that I could have done it, although I’d like to think I’d have handled it nearly as well as you have.” Ben thanked him and explained that he had really only recently come to terms with the whole thing. “The boys told me about that too” Abe said. “Both of them understand that you were only acting out of fear. You wanted to protect him and the boys understand that. It amazes me that all the other kids know about it and just take it completely in stride. That speaks well for all of you as fathers.” “Thank you, Abe, but I’m afraid you’re giving us too much credit” Ben said. “I’ve noticed those two flirting with you all night” Marv chuckled. “I bet they’ve asked if they could sleep with you.” “As a matter of fact, yes they have” he said. “But I wasn’t comfortable answering them without talking to both of you. I’ll be honest. I would love to hold both those beauties all night and to wake up with them in the morning.” “I doubt they’ll let you sleep all night” Marv chuckles. “The truth is that the boys have been fooling around sexually for several months. Walt is very knowledgable about his condition and even about his own body. He is maturing quickly and is wanting to try things with a man. All he’s had so far are his friends’ little peckers. I know he wants more because we did some finger play in the hot tub a short time ago and he was wanting more” “Abe, it’s apparent how much you love kdis” Ben said. “We are good with you sleeping with our boys because we know you would never do anything to harm them. Have fun. Make them happy. Be kind to our cubs, buddy.” They walked away, leaving Abe to go back to the pool and his new buddies. When they were in their bedroom, they finished drying off. Ben went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and felt Marv come up behind him. “What’s that hard thing I feel poking against my ass?” Ben joked. “It’s my gun” Marv said and I’d like to put it in your holster.” “Man, I’m ready for you to do that but do you really think you’re sufficiently recovered for that?” Ben asked. “I do and so does the doctor” Marv said. “I asked him about it in the hot tub today when he, Kurt and I took a little break. I used fairly graphic language and poor little Kurt’s face was red as a beet.” “Y’all should be more careful. He’s one of the sweetest, kindest boys I’ve ever known and he’s so handsome too.” “Uh-oh!” Marv exclaimed, putting his hands around Ben’s waist. “Sounds like you may have a crush on the boy. Should I be worried?” “You have nothing to worry about!” Ben said. “He’s a little young for my tastes. I’m perfectly happy to have a big, burly, ginger coach in my bed. It’s something I’ve wanted for a very long time. Kurt’s just such a sweet kid. I just can’t imagine any father being so cruel to his own kid or anyone else’s for that matter.” “I know” Marv said. “I’m so glad everything happened as it did” Marv said, “although I never thought I’d be saying those words. I hope it will be the same for Kurt.” They were on the bed now and Marv gently turned the handsome principal on his tummy and reached in the bedside table drawer for a tube of KY. Coach rubbed Ben’s shoulders and began kissing his neck. He was licking his ears and darting his tongue in and out of them, which made Ben moan. Then he felt the man begin to kiss his way down Ben’s smooth, warm back, not stopping until he parted his cheeks with his hands and started to dart his tongue in and out of Ben’s manhole. This excited Ben and he moaned as the man got his hole wetter and wetter as he lapped furiously, trying to put his tongue into the man. It felt great but Ben wanted the coach’s thick hard cock inside him. “Fuck me, please?” he moaned. “I’m ready to be fucked.” Marv flipped the man over on his back, facing him and spread his legs. He handed Ben the lubricant and he quickly began to rub the cool gel on his hole even as Marv did the same thing on his fat cock. “That’s enough” Ben whispered. “Put that fat dick inside me.” Ben spread his legs as Marv got between the long legs and moved his cock right up to the entrance. Then he inserted his long, hard cock into the man in one stroke. He inserted until he was all the way inside the hot, needy hole. Then he immediately started fucking the man as he licked and gently bit his long neck. “Oh yeah,” Ben moaned. “Fuck like you have never fucked me. That’s so goddamned good.”. Marv continued his thrusting as he licked and bit his nipples and they exchanged long, wet, passionate kisses. “I hope my boy feels as good with a man cock inside him as I do” Ben said. “There’s nothing that feels this fucking good in the world.” “You can bet that kid’s going to love having a man dick in that hairy little cunt. I bet that thing will be dripping wet by the time he sticks that dick in it. I bet he’ll be begging for that hard, cut cock.” “Oh fuck yes, the thought of it is getting me close to coming and I’m not even touching my dick” Ben said. “Let your mind go, sweet man” the coach said as he continued to pound Ben’s hole. “Our boys are ready to do grown u[p stuff now and if it feels this good to us you better know fucking is going to be just as good for them.” “You want to put that fat cock of yours in Walt’s little cunny?” Ben asked, gasping for air. “I sure as fuck do it he wants it and you want to see me do it” Marv replied, speeding up his thrusting. “I’d like to watch you sucking on Jeffy’s cock while I pound that bushy little pussy! I’m getting close, buddy” Marv said as he continued his long, quick strokes. “Breed me” Ben moaned. “Breed that hole, motherfucker.” Ben’s words turned Marv on even more and he started pumping in and out. He felt the man’s hand reach for his own hard cock and begin to stoke it fast. “Fuck” Marv said. “I’m so close”. Ben began to shoot his thick, creamy load onto his tummy, creating a sticky, cummy mess between their bodies as Marv continued pumping. Ben reached around and put one of his hands on his lover’s butt cheek and gave himself into the sheer pleasure of being fucked just as Marv gave a final thrust, plunging his cock all the way into him. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he exclaimed as his legs went stiff and neither man moved a muscle. They lay for a time just like that as their breathing evened and slowed. Marv eased his cock out of Ben and moved to get up and get a washcloth. “Please don’t” Ben said. “Let’s just lie here in our sticky, cummy mess.” Marv moved to his side and turned to face him, Ben still on his back and Marv’s softening cock lying against his hip. Marv put a hairy arm across Ben’s flat tummy and held him. Both men were asleep in minutes. “I think it’s about time for me to hit the hay” the governor said. He had been floating around on an air mattress with Dopie and Pepe for about the last half hour. It seemed the boys were getting sleepy. “Are you boys ready to hit the bed too?” he asked the boys. “Yes, sir, Pepe said.” I think Dopie is too.” “Will you tuck us in?” Dopie asked. “Well, I’d love to do that if it’s okay with your dad” the governor answered. “It will be” Dopie answered. “But he’s over in the hot tub. You can ask him if you want to.” They got out of the water and the governor helped them wrap towels around their tiny waists, covering their flaccid little cocklets. He had been escort mersin enjoying the sight of Dopie’s completely smooth pubic area and his occasionally hard little spike and Pepe’s smooth pubic area except for just a couple of fresh sprouting hairs. It was all he could do not to rub those areas and kiss them and lick them. It had been a constant battle the entire evening. They headed inside, stopping at the hot tub to ask the sheriff if it was okay for the governor to tuck the two boys in. “Why of course it is” Randy said. “Although I doubt they’ll let you leave `em after you get `em tucked in. They’ll probably want a story and they’ll likely want belly rubs. There’s just any number of things young boys like at bedtime. You can do those things to if you’ve a mind to. Just keep our cubs happy.” It was very clear the sheriff had just given the governor permission to sleep with his young son and his friend. The governor was determined that nothing sexual would happen unless the boys wanted it which he considered unlikely. He had had fun with a few boys at the Esquire Club but all that had been before he was elected governor. He just couldn’t risk a scandal now and, besides, these were just boys from a rural town who knew nothing of things that happened in the big city. He let the boys lead him downstairs through the huge den and into the large bedroom, all of the boys sometimes shared. The two boys dropped their towels nonchalantly and climbed under the covers, leaving a space in the middle for the governor. “Dad said you might tell us a story if you wanted to” Dopie said. “Well, I’d like that” the governor said. “But I better run upstairs and put on my pajamas first.” “Why?” Pepe asked. “We’re sleeping naked and you can too. I usually always sleep with my dad and we never wear pajamas. I like the way his hairy body feels against my skin. Dopie likes that too.” “Well, if you’re sure” the governor said climbing in between the boys without removing his towel.” “You better take that towel off, governor” Pepe said. “Yeah,” Dopie said. “It’s still kinda wet and it’ll make us all cold if you keep it on.” The man slipped his towel off and both boys moved close to him. Their warm little bodies felt amazing and his hard dick was tenting the sheet. The boys acted as if they didn’t see it as each boy turned his body to face the governor and each boy put a hand on his moderately hairy chest. “Do you want to tell us a story?” Pepe asked, as he began to run his hand across one of the man’s nipples. “Umm, of course” he answered. “What’s your favorite story?” he asked. “We really like Jack and the Beanstalk” Pepe answered. “Looks like you have your own beanstalk” Dopie giggled as both he and his little friend reached for the governor’s cock which was tenting the sheet. “Boys…please…” he whispered as Pepe threw the sheet off him and both boys were now down at his crotch licking his hard cock as Dopie pulled his foreskin and began licking the juice he’d been making since getting into the bed with the beautiful naked boys. The governor gave in and just enjoyed the pleasure as Pepe had moved down and was stroking one of his thighs as his tongue lapped at his huge nut sac. Pepe was attempting to get just one of the huge nuts into his tiny mouth and he finally succeeded as the governor just groaned. The he opened his eyes just in time to see Dopie’s mouth take his entire cock in all the way to his pubes. “Jesus” he said as his eyes closed again and just enjoyed the sensation of four boy hands and two warm, wet boy mouths on his most private parts. He conjured images of their smooth pubic areas and Pepe’s brand new pubes. It was more than he could stand as he began to fill Dopie’s mouth with his hot cum. There was so much it was dribbling out but Pepe was quick to help him out as they both cleaned the man’s cock and balls of every drop. The governor was asleep and the boys covered him up and moved in close on each side of his warm body. They were asleep very shortly, but only after kissing each other sweetly. Billy Paul, being a little bit more developed than the other boys except for Walt, had been a little more open in flirting with Eamon. He had told his dad earlier that he felt the warden’s giant cock would feel good inside him. William warned his son that it was bigger than anything Billy Paul had ever had and that it grew considerably when it got hard. Billy Paul still wanted to try so William was very frank with the warden as they swam around. He had noticed the warden seemed attracted to his boy and had gotten the boy on his broad shoulders at every opportunity. He had also seemed to take every chance to stroke the boy’s legs are swipe his thickening cirle of blonde pubes around his still small penis. William took the direct approach as the three of them all had their arms across and air mattress, floating in the pool which had now emptied except for the three of them Abe, Walt and Jeffy.. “My son finds your dick fascinating, Eamon” William said. “He is interested in having some private time, if you are interested.” “Who wouldn’t be interested in such a beautiful boy?” Eamon asked. “He could make a statue hard. But aren’t you afraid I might be too rough for him?” “Not at all” William said. “I’ve only seen you n action in rough, punishing fucks. Those are for a purpose and I’ve never seen anyone do a better job of that. But Billy Pau senses a gentle side and if there’s one thing I’ve learned raising two sons, it is to trust my boys’ judgment when it comes to this type of thing. Billy Paul has more experience than the other boys here. We were members of the Esquire Club when we were in Raleigh and I think that, as much as he likes it here, there are times he misses the adventures of the city.” “Is that right, son” the warden asked the boy. “Yes, sir” he answered, “it is. And I know if my dad is friends with anyone, he’d never let another person harm me for one second. My dad’s also taught me that if I want to try something I should do it and never to back away from a challenge.” “My bedroom is nice and large and I have a fresh tube of lube up there” the warden said. “Shall we tell the others good night?” They left the pool and dried off, telling the others good night as they headed up the stairs to Eamon’s bedroom. Abe , Walt, and Jeffy were right behind them, saying good night and excusing themselves. In Eamon’s bedroom, William excused himself for a piss. When he came back, he found his beautiful naked boy locked in a kiss with the tall, handsome black man. Billy Paul was on his tiptoes and the warden was leaning down but it was working and they didn’t even hear William re-enter the room as he dropped his towel, lay down on the bed and began to stroke his slowly hardening cock as he watched the man kiss his handsome boy. It was a long, wet kiss and William could see that his son’s cock was on full hard and Eamon’s was thickening and rising even as he watched it plump up and lengthen. The man took one of Billy Paul’s hands and guided it to his lengthening cock. William heard his son gasp as he felt the hardening cock and as the warden put the boy’s hand around it and began to stroke. “You like the way that cock feels, boy?” he asked. “Yes, sir,” the boy answered in a whisper. “You ever had your hands on a big black cock before, son” the man asked. “No sir” the boy answered quietly, his voice raspy with desire. “Are you scared, boy?” he asked. “Maybe just a little” the boy whispered. “No need to be scared, son” Eamon said. “Your daddy’s right here with us. Neither one of us would let any man hurt you. Do you believe that?” “Yes, sir” the boy said quietly. “Can I watch you lay down there beside your daddy and give him a kiss?” Eamon asked. “That’s something I’ve always wanted to see. A handsome boy and his handsome daddy treating each other a boy and his daddy should.” The boy lay beside his father, who took him in his arms and gave him his tongue. Billy Paul eagerly took his dad’s tongue into his mouth, sucking on it and then sharing his own with his father who accepted it into his mouth eagerly. Eamon lay on the bed behind the boy and began to stroke one of his bare, smooth thighs. His touch made Billy Paul turn slightly, more onto his back and his legs spread. “Look at that boy spread his legs” Eamon said. “That’s a sure sign a boy wants his hole filled up. Is that what you want, boy?” “Yes, sir` the boy said. The boy was still kissing his dad when Eamon turned him completely facing his father and bent down, separating his buttocks with his big hands, exposing the boy’s bright pink hole with just a few brown and blonde hairs. The man begant o lick the hole with all the energy he had and Billy Paul started gasping. “Fuck yeah” the boy aid. His father resumed the deep kissing, his boy now moaning into his own mouth, his words unintelligible. Billy Paul felt the man’s very large, very strong hands splitting his butt cheeks All he could think about was the man’s tongue in his tender hole and his dad’s wet tongue in his mouth. The he felt something else. One of them was now begging to stroke Billy Paul’s rock hard cock. It was his dad who was touching his cock. William was aware the boy’s cock had grown since he had last seen it hard or touched it and he noticed the boy’s balls were slightly larger too. William realized how badly he wanted to taste his boy’s cock and began to move his body down to suck him just as Eamon started to shift the boy onto his knees. William managed to get his head beneath the boy’s crotch and took his entire cock into his mouth. The boy tasted as sweet as ever and he savored the taste of his own flesh and blood as Eamon now began to tease the boy’s spit-slick hole with his now lubricated fingers. The warden used two fingers on the boy from the very beginning and was amazed at the elasticity he found. He hadn’t enjoyed much ass this young and was eager to feel the velvety tissue around his thick meat. He started fingerfucking the boy a little more roughly and the boy’s moaning increased. He could feel the boy’s fucknut, more develo0ped than he had expected in a boy this age. He began to knead the gland and the boy started moaning even louder. Eamon reached around and put a finger in the boy’s mouth to muffle him and the boy began to suck on his finger. “You’ve got a beautiful mouth on you, son and I’d love to feel it on my cock but we got another goal right now” the warden said quietly into the boy’s ear. He kissed the boy’s neck and licked its length as he lined up his thick, long meat with the boy’s tiny pink hole and began to gently push inside. Billy Paul moaned loudly and the warden stopped, letting the boy get used to his girth. When he began to wiggle a little, the warden took it as a sign he wanted more. He knew he had read the sign correctly when the boy reached back with his own hands and pulled his cheeks wider. Eamon knew the boy wanted his whole cock and he gave it to him. He applied more pressure and he felt his monster meat slide all the way into the boy. Billy Paul moaned loudly as he felt the giant meat slip into him. It was as tight and hot on his dick as Eamon had expected. He started with long , slow strokes, knowing he couldn’t last long. He could hear the boy’s father slurping on his cock which made it all the hotter as he set up a regular rhythm, sliding his fat hardon all the way into the boy then pulling out right to the edge before plunging back in, each time with a little more force. The boy’s hole was so tight, the warden could feel his foreskin slide over his cockhead with every stroke, something he hadn’t felt for a very long time. He felt his nut building and tried to hold it off, wanting this to last. He managed for a couple of minutes but that was as long as he could take it. He felt his load rise from deep inside him and through his nuts. Just as he began to shoot, he pulled his cock out of the boy completely and began to shoot thick, white ropes of cum onto the boy’s gaping red hole. He shot eight or ten thick ropes of hot cum onto the boys fuckhole, then he enjoyed the sight of rubbing his cum all around the boy’s hole, covering it with a thin white film before he lined his still-hard cock up with the hole and re-inserted it. He heard Billy Paul moan and knew the sound was the sound of a boy getting his climax. He kept his cock in the tight hole as the boy’s legs stiffened and his body trembled. “Get5 that nut, boy” Eamon said quietly As the boy’s body began to relax, he heard William’s moans and knew the man had shot his own load somewhere. At that point Eamon didn’t really care where. He didn’t want to take his cock out of that beautiful, warm, pink hole so he turned back onto his side, holding the boy’s body tightly to him He saw the boy’s dad’s head between his legs as he moved up in the bed so that the boy was sandwiched between them. Billy Paul was already asleep and the men were not far behind him. In Eamon’s bedroom, Abe was now in bed with Walt and Abe, each boy under one of his arms, all three lying on their backs. Abe thought maybe the boys weren’t in the mood for any play and he was fine with that. He was happy just to have two beautiful kids in his bed. Just as he was about to doze off, he heard Jefft’s soft voice. “Mr. Abe, are you asleep” the boy asked quietly. “No, Jeffy, I’m awake” the man answered. “Are you okay?” “Yes, sir, I’m real good. This feels really nice. I like all the hair on your body. So does Walt.” “I’m glad you like my hairy self” he chuckled. “I’m almost like a hairy monkey. I started growing hair at about your age and it just never slowed down.” He heard Walt giggle softly. “I like it too” Walt said. “I told Jeffy earlier I like it. That’s how he knew. Would you mind if we touched you? We’ve played with our buddies but never with a grown man before.” “I’d love to feel you boys touching my body if you really want to” Abe said, feeling his dick rising. “I just don’t want either of you to do anything you don’t really want to do. No one should ever do that.” In the dim blue light of the nightlight, he could see the boys both looking at him. The sheet was down to his waist, revealing his thick, dark chest fur, his hairy arms and his very hairy pits. He felt a boy’s hand on each side of his chest, rubbing him and touching his nipples which had hardened. He had his arms around the boys and he pulled them even closer. As if on cue, each boy took one of his nipples into his mouth and began to suck. Abe moaned softly. “That feels so good, boys” the man said. “Do you boys do that to each other?” he asked. “I like it okay when somebody licks my nipples but mersin escort bayan Walt really likes it a lot. He says it makes him feel all itchy down there.” “Down where?” the man asked. “Down in my cunny” Walt answered. “It makes me feel like I have to touch it and rub it. It’s like they’re connected. Sometimes it makes me a little bit crazy just thinking about how good it feels.” “Do you feel like that right now, Walt?” the man asked. “Yes, sir” Walt said. “Do you want to rub it” he asked shyly. “I’d love to if that’s something you want me to do.” Abe said. “As a matter of fact I’d love to rub and look at it up close. You’re a very unique boy and I think both of you are just beautiful.” Walt kicked the sheet off all three of them. He then guided the man’s hand down toward the thick bush. “That’s the softest hair I’ve ever felt” Abe said. “Do you mind if Jeffy and I take a close look at your sweet little cunt?” “I’d like that” he said. “A lot. It makes me feel excited when someone looks at it. My dad didn’t want me to let anyone see it for a long time but now he’s all right with it.” “I know” Abe said. “Your dad shared that with me. He wanted very much to protect you and I’d have done the same if I had been lucky enough to have a boy like you.” He moved Walt in between himself and Jeffy now, both of them lowering their faces to Walt’s soft bush. “I get real hard when I look at it and even harder when I touch his cunny” Jeffy said. .” Billy Paul and the other boys do too.” “That’s natural” Abe said. “If boys didn’t like the way a cunnie feels, there wouldn’t be any more babies made. It’s the way things work.” Jeffy was rubbing one of Walt’s thighs and it was obvious Walt liked his touch on his body. Abe put his hand on the boy’s soft bush and brought his face close, inhaling the sweet aroma. Walt began trembling as he felt Abe’s fingers inch slowly closer to his cunt. When his finger touched the boy’s clit, there was a sharp intake of breath. He began to stimulate the large clitoris with his index finger, licking it first to make sure it was lubricated. Walt was moaning and breathing faster now. When Abe first touched the clit, the boy had thrown his legs wide, obviously welcoming his touch. Jeffy had moved back up and was now sucking on one of Walt’s nipples. Abe shifted down so that he was now between the boy’s outstretched legs, his face inches from the pinkness. Walt was moaning as Abe fingered the clitoris. It was swelling even further and puffing up like a tiny cock. Abe could feel the clitoris getting firmer as if it were a cock. He touched his tongue to the clit, sucking on it like the tiny cock it was. Walt immediately started having an orgasm. It was a hard one as the boy grabbed a handful of the man’s hair and pushed his face into him. He looked up to see that Jeffy had continued to rub one of his nips with his hand and was now kissing the boy to muffle the sounds of his orgasm. Abe realized he hadn’t even penetrated the boy and he’d experienced a shaking orgasm. He looked to his side and saw Jeffy’s little rock hard cock. He removed his mouth from the clit and engulfed the boycock in his mouth and started sucking. Jeffy continue kissing Walt as he sucked the boy’s cock. A few strokes and Jeffy was now having his dry climax. He held the boy’s cock in his mouth as it softened, even as he stroked Walt’s soft bush. As both boys seemed to wind down from their climaxes, Abe gently moved Jeffy back to his side of the bed. Then he heard Walt’s soft voice. “You don’t have to stop now, Mr. Abe. Unless you want to. I can do that a couple more times if you want to. If you don’t then…” Abe put a finger to Walt’s lip and smiled at him. “Walt, I could eat that beautiful cunny of yours all night long. You’re lucky. All your buddies have to have a break after they get their tremblies. You cn keep going and keep going. You’re a very lucky boy. He moved back down and put his face to the cunt. Walt spread his legs and Abe began to finger the clit again. It wasn’t long before he had another orgasm, holding Abes finger on his clit. But Walt wanted more. He kept taking the man’s finger and putting it on his tiny hole. Abe was afraid he might hurt the boy but Walt was insistent. “Please put your finger in me. I’ve had my friend’s cocks but I’m ready for more. Dr. Carol said I would know and I know I’m ready” the boys aid. “Only if you promise to tell me immediately if anything I do is uncomfortable” Abe said. “I promise” Walt whispered. “Cross my heart.” Abe moved up beside the boy. He realized that the boy was only a few inches shorter than he and he began to kiss the boy as he rubbed his breasts and his hairy little tummy. “My God, Walt, you’re so wonderful” he whispered as they exchanged, deep, wet kisses. Abe lowered his hand and began to stroke the boy’s flat tummy which already had the beginnings of what would eventually be a thick treasure trail. He followed it again until his fingers were again in the ultra-soft bush. As he began to again manipulate the boy’s sensitive clitoris he began to whimper. He was humping the man’s hand now, anticipating his touch. Abe’s fingers felt t he wetness of the boy’s vagina now. Walt was moaning even louder as he approached that. He stuck a finger in the boy’s mouth, Walt figuring out that he wanted it lubricated to make penetration more comfortable. He slowly removed the finger and lowered it again. He kissed the boy deeply as he inserted his thick finger into the boy’s slick vagina. Walt gasped loudly as the finger penetrated. His finger was thicker than the boy dicks Walt had been entered by and it felt hot and warm and wonderful as this real man began to fingerfuck him. Walt’s hands were all over the man, stroking his hairy chest and groping his hairy buttocks. It was if the boy couldn’t get the man close enough. Walt knew what he wanted and he wanted it now. “Please fuck me” he said, moaning and breathing faster. “Please put your dick in me.” Walt had his hand around the man’s dick now. If Abe’s cut cock had ever been this hard, he didn’t remember it. He knew he wanted to penetrate the beautiful boy but he also knew it could hurt and he didn’t want that. But Walt was begging for him to give him his first fucking by a man. He moved on top of him, carefully lining up his cock with the wet, hot opening. “Take a deep breath, baby boy” he whispered.” “Do it, please” Walt begged. “Please put it in me.” He rammed his six inch cock into the wettest, warmest place it had ever been. The sensations were incredible. The velvety feeling on his dick and the moaning and begging by the boy combined to make Abe give the boy a fucking he’d never forget. He felt the boy’s hands on his hairy ass, urging him on as he began to pump his cock in and out. Walt was moaning and touching his clit as the cock filled him. It felt huge to Walt and he loved the feeling of being fucked as well as the idea of being man-fucked. As he gained confidence that the boy was enjoying the fuck as much as he, he began to pull his cock completely out on each upstroke, only to plunge the whole thing back in. He could feel Walt’s big boyclit grazing his cock on every stroke, which turned him on and was having a strong effect on the boy as he began to get louder and beg more. Walt was having another climax as the man continued to punch into her cunt and stimulate that engorged clitoris. As Walt reached the pinnacle of his climax, Abe slowed his strokes and began to kiss the boy again. He fondled the tiny boytits as he gave him back every bit as much tongue as he was getting. Abe felt like a superman being able to give this kid so much pleasure and he knew his own cock was harder than it had ever began. As he was slow-stroking his hard dick in and out of the hot, wet place, he felt another pair of hands on his hairy ass, spreading his buttocks. Before he could even react, he felt Jeffy’s hot tongue licking his hairy hole and lapping at him as if the boy was trying to fuck him with his little tongue. “Oh fuck boy!” Abe said. “Eat that hole! Tonguefuck that hole!” As Jeffy lapped on the manhole, Abe started pumping Walt’s cunnie harder, again taking long strokes and punching back in. When he felt Jeffy’s finger enter him and hit his fucknur, he knew it was the beginning of the end. He began pounding the boy’s little pussy as they exchanged tongues. Walt was reaching yet another peak as Abe felt his cum rising from deep in his nuts and making its way into the loveliest pussy he had ever had the joy of experiencing. He shot what felt like a gallon of his cream into the tight little hole that had just had its first fuck from a mandick. He lay exhausted on the boy for a while, then Jeffy guided him back to his place in the middle of the bed. Both Jeffy and Walt put an arm around the man as if to protect him and they went to sleep with Jeffy’s hand in his hairy chest and Walt’s in his thick, black bush. In the hot tub, Doc still had Jimmy on one knee and Mark on the other. They had been teasing each other all night, but as the pool crowd had dwindled, the three had gotten just a touch more serious. Doc had rubbed and stroked the boys arms all night, obviously affectionate toward both boys. Jimmy, who once had bristled at even being touched by another man was now enjoying the feel of the doc’s hairy, fit body as he was frequently stroking his chest and his thigh. It was clear young, handsome Jimmy had changed his attitude and was clearly enjoying the bodies of the doc and his friend Mark. Randy even saw them kissing a few times, which was enjoyable to anyone watching. Mark was a handsome ginger teen and Jimmy was a very good-looking boy of just sixteen. “I better get these boys upstairs and to bed before they start something they can’t finish.” All three of them stood and climbed out of the tub, the boys still in their cock cages and the doctor’s fact, uncut cock, nestled in his salt and pepper bush, fully erect. They helped dry each other and it was clear the three enjoyed each other’s company as well as each other’s touch. They made their way up the stairs to the attic bedroom and were in the same beds within minutes, both boys playing with the doctor’s thick meat. Mark watched his good buddy Jimmy suck dick for the first time that night and the experience was enjoyed by all, especially the doctor. It was totally quiet in the pool area now, Randy and Kurt the only ones remaining. Randy put his arm around the boy and Kurt snuggled close to him, his head on the sheriff’s chest. “Son, are you feelin’ okay?” Randy asked Kurt. “You’ve been real quiet for about the last thirty minutes.” “Yes sir” the boy said. “I feel fine. I just know that they’re all goin’ upstairs to do sex stuff and have fun. I think you should go with `em and have fun. I’m fine and you don’t have to babysit me. I’m a big boy.” “I know you are, Kurt” Randy said, holding the boy tighter. “You’re a beautiful, wonderful boy. And you’re much too big a boy to need a babysitter.” “I know they’re all going’ upstairs to have fun and do sex stuff” Kurt said quietly. “And that makes you uncomfortable?” Randy asked. “Yes, sir,” the boy said quietly. “I hate that it does but when I let myself think about those things, it makes me start getting’ excited. Then all I hear is my paw’s words callin’ me a pervert and beatin’ me and all the stuff that happens. I want to enjoy doin’ that stuff and I sure don’t want you to be deprived of all that because of me. ” “Son, you’re the bravest boy I know” Randy said. “Most boys couldn’t have survived what you went through. I need you to know that I am crazy about you and I want to protect you. You need time to heal from all that. Why, what you went through just that one night at your uncle’s church was more than most boys could get past. But it ain’t made you angry and mean. You’re one of the most loving boys I’ve ever known and I’ve known a few boys.” “Sheriff, I ain’t brave at all” Kurt said, tears in his eyes. “I feel scared all the time except when we’re like we are right now. Right now I ain’t scared at all but I know that sooner or later when I have to go home, my paw’s gonna be furious.” “Oh no, boy,” Randy said. “Them days is over. Your paw ain’t never gonna hurt you nor any other boy again. Neither is your uncle. Did you think I’d ever let you go back to them awful men. I’m so sorry. I should’ve been clear with you that those days are over. As a matter of fact, I want you with me and Dopie wherever we are for as long as you want to be with us.” The boy was sobbing now, tears flowing freely. “Are you sure?” The boy asked. “You’re the busiest man in these parts and I know you ain’t got time for a boy like me. You need to be enjoyin’ yourself and don’ stuff…” The sheriff put a finger to the boy’s lips. He held the boy’s face to his own and just held him until the sobs stopped. “Kurt, I need to tell you something.” The sheriff said, holding him close. “You’ve been through stuff that would wound any little wounded bird beyond repair. But you survived it. You’ve got some deep hurts but those are going to heal. It’s hard for you to trust and it’s hard to put all those awful things your paw said to you out of your head. It will take time, son, but it will happen. We’ll make it happen. Do I want to have sex with you? Hell yes, I do, but I’m a patient man. I want you to enjoy that hot little body of yours and that pretty cut cock. I ain’t in no rush. I can take care of things for myself as long as I need to so you can have time. And I promise you it will happen. And I promise I ain’t givin’ up. I ain’t ever givin’ up, son. If you ain’t comfortable with us even bein’ naked together right now, we can put some drawers on and sleep in pajamas. We’ll do what it takes until you can ask me to do things with you. Hell, I ain’t the most experienced man in the world when it comes to sex stuff, but there ain’t nothin’ I wouldn’t try with you or do for you. But not till you’re ready to do them things. Do you understand me?” “Yes, sir” he said. “I love being naked with you. I’ve never felt safer than when I feel your warm body beside me. And I love even being naked around all the others. I really like sleeping with you naked beside me. Sometimes I wake up and feel scared to death. But then I hear you breathing and feel you up against me and I ain’t scared no more. ” “I think we better get your cute little naked ass up to bed cause we got a busy day tomorrow” the sheriff said, stepping out of the tub and grabbing a big towel. He helped the boy out and began to dry his body. The bruises were still there and randy began to kiss each one. The sheriff put his arm around the towel-clad boy and led him up the stairs. Kurt slid into the bed between the cool shirts first, with the big, burly sheriff sliding in right behind him and holding him in his arms. Both slept soundly, the big, hairy naked man holding the beautiful, smooth naked boy.

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