Weekend with a New Friend


We met on Clubhouse and soon moved to a Zoom call.Megan was a cute twenty-something, friendly and smart. She talked personably about her husband and their beloved golden retriever. She smiled easily, relaxed and sure of herself. I liked her right away. Maybe her bottle-brunette hair color and straight loose ponytail were a little bland, and she was wearing lipstick that was too bright for her pale white face. But that just made it easier to picture myself having fun. We made a plan to meet at the mall that weekend.We met in front of the food court. Megan was just throwing away a Mrs. Field’s cookie bag when we locked eyes. I walked to her and gave her a quick, friendly hug. Then I pulled back and used my thumb to gently brush some crumbs off the corner of her mouth. She smiled, but her expression was sort of sheepish, like she’d just been caught at something.”Sorry, I must look a mess,” Megan said. I took that, along with her tentative expression, as a cue.I made a show of looking her up and down. “Let’s go to Saks, I need a couple things.” I turned and started in the direction of the expensive store, knowing that Megan would tag along and catch up.In the lingerie department, I grabbed a little cream-coloured lacy güvenilir bahis bra, 36C, and matching cheeky bikini panties, size four.Megan exclaimed, “Wow, pretty!” as I took her hand and led her to the fitting room counter. The attendant led us to a nicely appointed room.I took Megan by the elbow, leading her in and closing the door behind us. I gently positioned her in the corner of the room, then took a few steps back so she could get a good look at me as I stripped down slowly, making sure to take a few extra seconds pulling my form-fitting jeans and tank top over my curves. Soon, I stood before her in only the satiny bra and panties I’d put on at home.”What do you think?” I asked Megan, facing her squarely with both hands on my hips.”You’re beautiful,” she said quietly, not making eye contact. Her shoulders were slightly hunched and her hands were in the pockets of her roomy mom jeans. “I wish I had a curvy body like yours.””I’ll bet. You’re pretty skinny. Why don’t you take off your clothes right now and let’s compare.””…But,” she started, but then she saw the look on my face and quieted, starting to yank off her long-sleeve tee while kicking off her white leather sneakers. Megan stopped briefly, looking güvenilir bahis siteleri at me with her arms folded across her plain white Lycra-cotton bra, curling her white-socked toes and appearing for all the world as if she’d like to turn and face the corner.”Take off that boring bra and put your arms at your sides, Megan.” She did, taking too long. Her B-cup breasts were adorable. I loved her small, pale nipples, which were noticeably hard at the moment. Yum.”Not much there to speak of, hmm? That’s a shame,” I said, chuckling on the inside. “Still, it could be worse. Let’s see the rest of you.”Megan’s face flushed vividly, spreading a little to the top of her chest. I liked that. She unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them quickly down around her ankles. When she stood up again I could see a drab pair of full, yellow hip-hugger cotton panties, but she rushed to pull them down, as if she didn’t want to give me a chance to comment on their plain appearance and the fact that they didn’t match her bra.Megan stood up straight, then, still in the puddle of her scrunched-up panties and jeans, with her hands trying to hide her crotch from my view. Oh yes, I thought, this one’s a cutie.”Drop your hands, please.” iddaa siteleri She did. I took in the sight of her pubic hair: bright blonde, fluffy, and untrimmed. I fought the urge to run my fingers through it. Below her cornsilk tufts, I could just make out her mound, and my mouth watered.”Looks like you don’t exactly groom down there, Megan. Quite the contrast — the carpet doesn’t quite match the drapes, huh?” She self-consciously ran her fingers through her dyed, medium-brown hair.I made a show once more of looking Megan up and down before saying, “A size zero, or is it double-zero?””Double-zero,” she said quietly, looking at my hips.I reached behind to unclasp my bra, holding it out briefly in front of me and letting it drop to the floor next to her own. I gave Megan a moment to take in my fuller, rounder breasts and slightly larger, dark-pink nipples. Then I held eye contact with her while I hooked my thumbs in the sides of my panties and pulled them slowly down, over my feet one at a time. I held them in my hand for a moment, dangling against the side of my thigh while I let Megan stare avidly at my cleanly shaven pussy. Then I dropped the panties onto the floor at my feet.I picked up the new lacy panties and pulled them slowly on, taking care to turn and smooth them over my firm, round bum, the bottoms of my cheeks on full display. Next, I put my arms through the bra’s straps and tucked myself into the cups, but with my bare back still to Megan.

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