We Have Five Minutes


I licked my lips and made my way out the door. I ran down the hall to his room and erupted in there.”Chanel, we’re not supposed to see each other until the wedding, remember?” he whined as I went to him.I kissed him, brought him to the couch, and laid down. “We’ve waited long enough; you’re not marrying before you know what it’s like to make love to me,” I made clear, pulling up my dress.As he saw my red panties, he couldn’t resist, but to push down his black pants and boxers too. “We’re in our twenties now, so you’re right, but I thought you wanted to wait,” he added, getting on top of me.”I did, but when I saw myself, I wanted kaçak iddaa your dick inside me,” I told him, pushing off my underwear. “I love you, Rod, but hurry up; we only have five minutes.””I love you too, Chanel,” he added, aligning his schlong with my pussy.Then he pushed it in there and kissed me. “Oh, I didn’t see this coming, but thank you,” he let out, thrusting his cock ever so slowly.I felt his pecker expand immediately and make my slit hurt a tad, but I knew that was to be expected. I placed my hands on his shoulders and rooted him on too. He couldn’t even look at me, but I eyeballed him.He stayed close to me and focused kaçak bahis too. I caught him completely off guard, but I wanted him that way. I knew there was no way he’d turn me down, so I had him making sweet love to me just minutes before we were supposed to get hitched.He let his dick thrust slowly and in small movements, but it was more than enough for me. After a minute, he managed to look my way and give me great intimacy. As I saw him deal with the thrills, he made me happy to accept my ring.Every time his pecker went back into my twat again, he made me shiver, but I loved that. I had to deal with the pain in my own way, illegal bahis but it was part of the gratification. I wanted it right before I got married, so I made it happen.”Oh, yes, that’s my pussy on your johnson. I hope you love it; you’re gonna get it for the rest of our lives.””I do,” he mumbled, before kissing me and lifting himself.He made love to me with a small gap and let more of his member in and out as he held my thighs. So, he pushed me further and made me close my eyes too. Everything around us melted, and nothing else mattered. Even though we had the time crunch, it didn’t matter.What was important was that even if it was minutes before the wedding, we finally connected to have sex. We waited because we thought it was good for us, but as I felt his prick going in and out of my slit, I knew I was at least half wrong.

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