Walking Home


It had been a long, hard week. I had finished work early that Friday and I was on my way home. It was a warm July afternoon and finishing work early had put me in a very good mood. I rang Sharon, my wife. “Hey, how’s it going?” “Not bad,” she replied. “I’ve dropped Ben off at your mother’s. He’s staying overnight.” I smiled. Ben, our fourteen-year-old son, enjoyed being spoiled by his Gran. “So it’s just us two tonight?” “Yes.” She paused. “Is that a bad thing?” I laughed knowing she was teasing. “So what’s the plan?” “Depends, how long will you be?” she asked. I looked at the clock on the dash and considered the traffic. “An hour I think.” “Okay,” she replied. “I’m going for a shower, I’ll meet you in the Red Lion at half past five, we could have food and wine and walk home later?” “Yes, that sounds great, but you’re not waiting for me?” I asked, a little perplexed. “No, Jill’s picking me up, she wants a drink and a chat.” “Okay, no worries, I’ll see you there.” “See you soon.” She hung up. Wonderful, I thought. A few drinks, some good food and a walk through the park. It would normally mean a slow and relaxed build up to a night of delicious sex when we got home. Jill was Sharon’s best mate and was high maintenance. I hoped she wasn’t joining us for long. It took me about an hour and a half to get home. The traffic had been heavier than I thought. Normally I would be cursing, but tonight, I was too happy to care. After a quick shower I pulled on my shorts and then a t-shirt. Feet slid into socks and walking boots and I headed for the door. The pub was a fifteen minute drive and I would leave the car there overnight. The walk back was a shortcut and usually it only took thirty minutes. It was 5.30 when I walked into the country pub. Inside it was cool. There were twenty people or so, some drinking at the bar, others eating at tables. The atmosphere was relaxed and cosmopolitan. I looked along the bar, into the alcoves and the two adjoining rooms searching for Sharon , no sign of her. I passed through the two glass doors and into the beer garden. More people were out in the Sun, eating, drinking and laughing. The weekend had started and I smiled. “Hey, handsome man.” I turned and saw my wife smiling. She was sat at a table with Jill. “Hello, sexy lady,” I replied, when I got to where they were sitting. I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips. “Handsome and a charmer,” said Jill smiling. “Hello, Jill,” I said as I kissed her on the cheek. “Sorry, Gary, I’ve been pouring my troubles on your wife again.” I laughed. “You know full well she likes being your agony aunt.” Sharon and Jill had been friends since school. Both of them were now 47. With such a long friendship, there wasn’t much they didn’t know about each other. Jill had been married three times and was currently going through her third divorce. She was 5’9”, very slim and toned. No matter what clothes she wore, she just looked sexy. She had almanbahis long dark hair, dark eyes and olive skin. She had small but pointed boobs and a very small, cute ass. I liked her boobs and her nipples were nearly always visible, through whatever top she had on. Sharon and I had been married for nearly 25 years and Sharon was different to Jill. More down to earth, much more grounded. I had got to know Jill very well but now, I tried to keep my distance. She seemed to go from one crisis to another and over the years I had became bored with her dramas. “Drinks, ladies?” “More wine please,” they both replied. “Oh, and some food please,” asked Sharon . I bought beer, wine, a pasta dish to share and lots of garlic bread. They chatted and I pretended to listen. Beer and the warmth of the setting sun was all I needed. I played the concerned friend and bought more drinks. The conversation was in the main about how badly Jill’s soon-to-be ex-husband was treating her, I had heard it all before. “Okay, that’s me done,” said Jill. “I’m going.” “Your not driving, are you?” said Sharon. “No, I’ll get a taxi,” Jill said, gathering her things and filling her bag. “I don’t want to walk through the park on my own, even though it is a beautiful evening.” “Have another drink and walk with us,” said Sharon . I groaned inwardly. I had spent enough time with Jill. “You’re kidding? You two love birds have some fun, I need a bath and an early night.” She stood, kissed us both on the cheek and walked into the pub. “She seems okay,” I commented when she had left. “Yes, just the usual Jill,” laughed Sharon. “She needs a good man, a bit like the one I have.” “Yeah right, she’ll never be happy, she can’t stop wanting the next best thing.” Sharon nodded. “Yes, you’re probably right, but she is my best mate despite her faults.” We chatted some more about our everyday life, relaxed and happy. Sharon was looking good. Shoulder length bobbed brown hair, dark eyes, full red lips. She was 5’4” and usually a size twelve, depending where she shopped. Lots of women could be described as curvy, but Sharon definitely had the right curves. Her 34DD boobs, a small waist and a rounded bottom made her look deliciously sexy. “Shall we have one more drink before we head off?” “Yes please,” Sharon purred, “then you can walk me home and ravage my body.” Laughing I went inside to the bar. I ordered the drinks and noticed Jill at the other end talking to two guys. Both in their early thirties I thought. I waved and smiled. “Taxi on its way,” she called over laughing. “This is Paul and Richard.” “Pleased to meet you,” I said, lifting my glass. The other men responded by doing the same. “Jill is still here,” I said as I put the drinks down on our table. “She’ll have met a bloke on her way to the front door,” laughed Sharon. “Looked like two guys to me.” “She really is a flirt. Well, if she’s still here when we leave, we will take her with us.” “Yeah okay,” almanbahis yeni giriş I agreed, reluctantly. We sipped our drinks enjoying the last of the warm sun. I was relaxed and becoming increasingly horny. We talked quietly about getting home and showering together. “And I want washing all over,” Sharon breathed into my ear. “Then, if it’s still warm enough, I want you to have me in the garden on the sun lounger.” “Lovely thought,” I replied, my cock responding and hardening in my shorts. “I know,” said Sharon. “I’m feeling very naughty tonight and getting naughtier just thinking about it.” “Well, finish your drink and stop turning me on, unless you want the other customers to see my hard-on against my shorts.” Sharon giggled and finished the last of her drink. We stood and walked through the pub. No sign of Jill, she must have got her taxi and I was very relieved. We walked for five minutes along the footpath that skirted a field of Barley. It was a still, calm and warm evening. Once around the field we turned to the right, over a style and into the woods. The path weaved in and out for about half a mile. Occasionally there were clearings that had picnic benches. I put an arm around Sharon ’s waist, she responded by doing the same. I felt her firm bottom and she giggled. She looked down and smiled at the bulge growing in my shorts. I pulled away from her and slipped in to walk behind when the path narrowed. I gazed, drooling at her walking slowly in front. “How on earth can you wear a mid length skirt, a plain t-shirt and walking boots and look so sexy?” My eyes feasted on the shape of her bottom. “Naturally sexy, that’s me,” laughed Sharon, shaking her ass. I smiled at her confidence, probably helped by the wine. We were nearing the first picnic area when we heard a voice or voices. Sharon and I stopped to listen. We heard something again. It was hard to tell how far away but I guessed it was from the next picnic area. “Kid’s out camping?” asked Sharon quietly. “Yeah, could be,” I said. There had been some kids camping in the area recently and this was often accompanied by drinking and drugs. Sharon really didn’t want to walk through a gang of teenagers in the growing gloom. I could sense her apprehension. “Don’t worry, we can take the other path, it leads around the clearing and not straight through it.” “Yes, it might be wise,” said Sharon in a hushed voice. We walked quietly for about sixty yards on the new path. We heard voices again, although they seemed low, definitely not children. I walked in front and I could just see through the leaves and branches. Three adults were at the picnic bench drinking from a bottle of wine. Two men were stood and a woman was sat on the bench top, her feet on the seat. The trees and bushes were thick and it was difficult to see. I got closer and could clearly hear them talking and laughing. I felt Sharon tug my shirt, I turned. Her eyes were wide. “I think it’s almanbahis giriş Jill,” she whispered. I grinned. “Two guys walking her home? Are you sure?” My voice was low. We were roughly twenty yards from the clearing but hidden in the undergrowth. Another tug and I turned again. Beckoning me towards her, Sharon was moving off the path, into the trees and to a slight grass bank. I followed and we both crouched looking through the trees at Jill and the two men from the pub. The bench was at an angle that offered us a good view. We could not see Jill face on, more of her profile. The two men were stood facing her, Jill was giggling, and the taller of the two men, Paul, seemed to be asking her or teasing her about something. She was smiling broadly as she reached out and rubbed his crotch, giggling she pulled away. More words were spoken that we couldn’t make out and she rubbed him again. She seemed to smile her approval and we watched as he unbuckled his belt. He looked down and then back at Jill. He mumbled something and Jill hesitantly popped his button and slowly pulled his zip down. Laughing loudly she let go and put her hands to her sides on the table top. He muttered and laughed, Richard said something that sounded like encouragement. I could just make out Jill saying, “Go on then.” Paul smiled broadly while easing his jeans and underwear down over his bottom. He had a satisfied look on his face as his cock sprung out. We could see Jill smiling and I wasn’t surprised she smiled, or that Paul was looking smug, he looked like a big boy. I tugged on Sharon’s shirt and motioned for us to leave, she looked at me and mouthed “In a minute”. My gaze was drawn back to the bench and I watched as Jill slid seductively off the table top and lowered herself onto the seat. Her fingers tentatively trailed up the man’s shaft. She looked up at him smiling. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable about this, I was sure they could hear my heart beating and getting caught would be so embarrassing. I was astonished as Jill bent her head and slowly kissed the tip. Movements from Sharon , I took my eyes off Jill. I watched as she shifted a few yards closer and sat on the dry grass, making herself comfortable. “You’re not thinking of staying?” I whispered. Her eyes had a twinkle in them as she faced me. “I need to make sure she’s okay, and anyway,” she said, looking at my bulging shorts, “you seem to like it.” I opened my mouth to speak but nothing would come out. I was in two minds, unsure of what to do. Was it was the alcohol, the balmy, heady evening, the fact that my cock was on fire at the thought of having my wife later? Whichever it was I seemed to be in a place that was new, exciting, dangerous and slightly surreal. Eventually I sat behind my wife, my legs on either side of her. We both watch as Jill performed on the guy’s cock. To Paul’s moans of satisfaction she licked up and down the thick shaft. Her tongue was expertly licking around his head before slowly taking him deep in her mouth. Richard was rubbing his crotch and he slowly dropped his trousers and underwear to his ankles. He stroked his cock, watching as Jill become increasingly greedy.

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