Wake Up Shower


This story can stand on its own, however, it is recommended that the viewer have read “The Night to Come” series to full understand. This is a continuation of what happens after the night came… As always, I hope it is enjoyed. I twitched awake, stretching languidly in my empty bed. Cold metal bumped against the warm skin of my wrist, making me jump. My eyes opened to see a pair of black handcuffs on the bed beside me. I rack my memory, trying to figure out how they got into my room, but my brain has never worked well after I wake up, and this time was no different. I sighed, resigned to not remember and struggle out of bed, pulling my bathrobe over my naked form. I walked into kaçak iddaa the bathroom, turning the water on to its hottest possible temperature and taking off my robe, letting it fall to the floor as I stepped into the tub. Closing my eyes, I leaned against the tile wall, letting the water pound into my skin, loosening the knots and tense spots. I groaned softly in pleasure. The creaking sound of the door dragged me out of my reverie. How did someone get in here? I wondered, silently. I watched as the blurred figure drew back the shower curtain… “Patricia!” I gasped. She giggled, stepping into the shower with me, pressing her lips to mine. “Forget about me already?” I kissed her kaçak bahis back, making sure to wrap an arm around her waist, enjoying her skin against mine. “Of course not. I’m just trying to wake up. You know I’m not a morning person.” Her lips busied themselves on my neck, biting softly into the soft flesh near my shoulder, “I know.” I chuckled, running my fingers into her hair, curling them into her scalp, turning us so her back was pressed into the wall. As her back touched the cooler wall, she let out a slight gasp, which made me grin. My lips met hers again, and I caught her lower lip between my teeth, exerting enough pressure just to tease her. Her arms snaked around me, illegal bahis pulling me closer to her. I pulled away, shaking my head and taking her wrists, pinning them to the wall behind her, watching as her breasts became more prominent from her posture. I studied the way her chest rose and fell with each breath, loving the way her skin around her nipples tightened in arousal. Without releasing her, I leaned down slightly and brought one of those delicious nipples into my mouth, sucking lightly, moving my tongue slowly over the tip. Her reaction, a gasp resembling my name, and the tensing of her body, was my reward. And I continued to suck at her nipple for a while before kissing my way over to the next one, thoroughly attending it. I wrapped my fingers around both her wrists in one hand, still having her pinned to the wall while I insinuated my knees between hers, gently forcing them apart.

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