WaitingHere I am again. It’s just about 7 p.m., a Friday, and I’m waiting for you to get to my apartment. I absolutely adore these times that we can get together and spend time just laying around. You’re supposed to bring over some movies soon. We’ll spend the weekend together. Actually you’ll be here any minute. Seconds seem like hours when you’re away, love. I’m going crazy thinking of all the things that might happen when midnight draws near. I usually do this. I drive myself mad with passion for you, but you probably know that already right? Thinking that brings a slight tinge of red to my cheeks. Just imagine what it will be like with you here with me? My swirling thoughts are abruptly dispersed when I hear you knock at the door. That light tapping of your delicate hand upon the door. You’re so timid at times; but I know you aren’t going to be timid tonight.I open the door (with a silly grin on my face I’m sure) and there you are, holding a couple of movies and (what’s that?) a single, blood red rose. This unique rose has no thorns. You hand it to me and I could melt right here and now. You’re so romantic, and I’ve never known anyone like that before. I certainly haven’t had a relationship with someone as romantic as you are. I’m a romantic too at heart, which makes the little things we do for each other all the more special. I invite you in (and thank you for the rose) and as you walk past me you place a kiss upon my cheek.I get a small glass vase and put the rose in it, and set it on the inn table in my living room, alongside the two wineglasses and the bottle of red wine chilling there. You look around, appreciating all the extra touches I added. I suppose you know how special of a night thisis going to be. I spent about 2 hours putting out candles (your favorite scent, love) and getting dinner prepared. Ah, movies by candlelight (as well as each other) are just what we both need tonight.I take your jacket bahis şirketleri and your purse and set them on the bar that connects the kitchen and the living room. I ask you if you’re hungry and you say yes (good) so, I take your hand and lead you into the kitchen (also lit with candles) we both eat our meals and enjoy some small talk about our weeks. You tell me about how you couldn’t wait until tonight, and that it was insanity waiting for so long. I say the same to you, and slide my hand over to hold yours. I ask you if you think it is fate that we are together. Two women, finding each other by accident really, neither knowing that the other was attracted to women. Our mutual attraction manifested itself one day last fall, as we both fell into each other’s eyes. We were walking in the woods and stopped to play in the leaves and we both fell into them and you rolled over me and our eyes met. The look in your eyes had changed from the eyes of a new friend, to the eyes of someone who felt as I had, but it had been hiding. We couldn’t hide from each other in that gaze and we both knew what it meant.You remember that day as I do, and you tell me about how afraid you felt and that you were so happy to have found me. You have a small tear forming in your eye, love. I move over and slide my index finger across your cheek. I tell you that I will be here forever, loving you.This love cannot die. Dreams can live for people and we are those people. I tell you that I’m glad you never lost hope. It was hard for me, and I am grateful to have you here with me. You let out a small sigh and give me a gentle kiss (butterfly wings brushing my soul). Isuggest that we go in the living room and watch the movies, we could talk deeply like this forever though. You agree, smile that beautiful smile, take my hand, and lead me into the living room.You sit on the couch as I go over and put the first movie in. I turn around and bahis firmaları you are looking at me as though you could catch on fire. I pretend I didn’t see that look and I come over to the couch, innocently casual. I sit beside you, distanced slightly, teasing you as I dosometimes. Only in a good way, love. You giggle and pull me over to you. I lay back on you and we watch the movie like this.By the time we get to the end of the second movie, we’ve had a few glasses of wine, and you’ve started running your fingers through my hair. You’re twirling a strand around your finger. You know this drives me crazy, but maybe you are trying to tease me a little. Idecide to play the game too, and I slide my hand over to your knee that’s beside me on the couch. I feel you take in a deep breath and I suddenly realize that we won’t be paying attention to the movie anyway now, so, I lean over and get the remote and turn off the movie. I turn back and look at you and you’re grinning slyly and giving me that look that you gave me when I put the first movie in. Are you going to burst into flames or am I? I grin back at you.You slide over and say that I look like I could use a back rub (clever aren’t you?) and so I say sure, and lean back into your caresses. Your hands move strongly, yet gently over my shoulders, massaging away my tension. I let out a soft moan and lean my head back. After a few moments you move a hand up and pull my hair away from my neck. You lean in and I feel your breath upon my neck. A shiver moves down my spine. You place a small kiss upon my neck and then another. One more after that and I reach back and take your hand from behind me and I bring it to my lips. I kiss your soft, delicate hand and mumble something about it being your turn. Your hand tastes so sweet, my mind wanders off onto what other places I could taste.I shake off my momentary lapse in thought and switch places with you. I knead your kaçak bahis siteleri shoulders softly and you let out soft moans, telling me that I’m doing everything right. I move your hair back and kiss your neck as you did for me, and you quiver under my lips. I move to your ear and nibble it just a little and you get goosebumps. You take my hand and put it on your right breast. I feel it through the fabric of your clothes and bra and notice that your nipple is rather hard. This turns me on even more than I was before, and I whisper into your ear that maybe we should go to the bedroom. You say yes before I get the words out of my mouth and I giggle. And you take me into the bedroom.Candles also light up the bedroom (naturally) and I have new silk sheets on the bed. You see them and make an “ooh” of approval. You run your hands over the fabric and tell me that you absolutely love the surprise. I say that I’m glad and that it was for you. You smile backat me, the fire in your eyes mixed with a loving gaze. This is heaven. You go over and stand next to the bed.you start to slowly rock your hips back and forth, dancing to a slow song in your head. You unbutton a few of the buttons of your blouse and I see just a hint of the silkbra underneath. You ask me to dance.I walk over and you take me in your arms and we sway back and forth. Intoxicated with desire for each other, enjoying the simple pleasure of rocking in each other’s arms in the candlelight. You slow the dance into a stop and then into my eyes. We hold the gaze for a few moments and then you place your hands around my face and pull me to you. Ourlips meet with the passion of our first kiss. Butterflies flitter in my tummy and I put my arms around you and kiss you back passionately. Our kiss is soft and gentle, yet there is no doubt in either of our minds of the passion within us.We kiss again and again, hands moving over each other’s body. You whisper that you want to touch every inch of my skin and start to slide the straps of my dress down. I’m in my bra and panties now and you are sliding your hands up and down my skin, moving over the toned body that I’ve worked so hard on at the gym.

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