Virgin No More


As an 18 year old virgin I never talked about sex with my friends, all of which have had multiple sexual experiences. For me, it was many hand jobs and a lot of masturbating.

The closest I came was some dry humping that resulted in stained khaki pants.

I desperately wanted to fuck a girl so I could join the ranks of the non-virgin.

While riding my bicycle around the neighborhood, I had inadvertently ridden down a rather seedy street. There were dirty little urchins running all over the place and I almost ran one over with my bike.

A slutty young woman yelled, “Hey watch out asshole!”

I turned to look at her and lost control of my bike. I hit the curb and crashed onto the sidewalk. My nose was bleeding and my face was spattered with road rash.

The woman who yelled at me came over and leaned down. “I’m sorry young man, I didn’t mean to make you crash.”

While bent over me I could see her breasts showing under her tank top t-shirt. Her nipples were pink and her breasts were full. Suddenly my injuries didn’t matter as much. I hadn’t seen a bare breast in a long time and I couldn’t help but get aroused.

The woman gave me a quizzical look when she observed my erection forming. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. She wasn’t wearing a bra which made the view even more appealing.

Because of my excited state I didn’t hear her when she said, “Come with me, I’ll take care of your injuries.”

She was pulling me by the arms, helping me to my feet. I wondered what she was doing but I followed her as she led me to into her house.

She had me lay on her couch while she left the room. When she came back she had a bowl of warm water, some clean cloths. She immediately dabbed the blood away from all of my wounds. My nose had stopped bleeding. When she finished she said, “Just lie there while I get some ice. Would you like something to drink?” She said.

“Yes, that would be nice.” I said.

My boner had left me for now, but every time I thought about her tits it would come to attention again.

“My name is Sandy. What’s yours?” She said, as she placed a tray with an ice pack and two tall glasses with ice and some kind of drink in them.

“I’m Tommy,” I said, as she sat on the couch. She eased her butt into my crotch area and wiggled just a little.

She handed me one of the glasses and I took a very large swallow, nearly gagging as the whiskey flavored cola went down my throat. I coughed a little escort and she laughed.

“Don’t you like whiskey, Tommy?”

“I never had it before,” I said.

They both drank the drinks in silence but Sandy would wiggle from time to time, keeping my cock fully erect.

I was feeling the effects of the whiskey. It put me into a mellow and carefree mood.

Sandy took the opportunity to reach behind her and feel my erection. She squeezed it gently and said, “My you have quite a nice body there, Tommy. Would you like to share it with me?”

I stuttered a little but said, “I would really like to but I think you should know that I’ve never done it before.”

Sandy grinned at Tommy and said, “This is your and my lucky day young man.” She unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pulled his pants and underpants down in one move. She wrapped her hand around the nine inch cock that had never felt the inside of a pussy. Then she said, “To start with have you ever had a blow job?”

“No, just a few hand jobs.” I answered.

Sandy lowered her head and took his cock into her mouth. She cupped his balls and stroked him from the base of his cock while she forced the whole thing deep into her mouth.

I had never felt anything like this in my life. It was most amazing. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer because I was getting ready to cum.

Sandy sensed the urgency and started sucking faster and harder.

My cock exploded into her mouth and she didn’t quit. She kept sucking until my entire load was gone.

Sandy pulled off her top and exposed her bare tits. She placed my hands on them and said, “Okay, let’s go to the bedroom and get you fucked. You are not leaving this house a virgin young man.”

Once in the bedroom and on the bed, Sandy stripped me naked. When she started taking her clothes off, my cock started coming to life again.

When she was naked she looked down at my cock and said, “Ready so soon? This is going to be a good day for both of us, Tommy.”

Sandy got some lube from her bedside dresser. She rubbed a generous amount on my cock. Then she straddled me and lowered her hot pussy onto me. She dropped all the way down on my cock and began to ride me hard. She pumped up and down in a fury.

“Fuck me deep, Tommy. Fuck me hard, Tommy. I love it, Tommy, cum in my cunt, Tommy.” She yelled as she pumped up and down on my cock. Just before I shot my hot load into her she screamed in her own orgasm. izmit escort bayan I squirted my load into her in squirt after squirt.

“Lay still,” Sandy said as she hopped off me and went to the bathroom. She returned quickly with a wet wash rag and began to wash my cock. As she washed me, I reached between her legs and fingered her pussy. She didn’t say anything; she just kept washing my cock which was standing at attention again.

She pulled my hand from her pussy and washed it with the same wash cloth.

“Is there anything you don’t want to learn today?” she said.

“No, I want to learn it all,” I said.

“Good, you are going to fuck me in the ass now.”

Sandy took more lube and worked it onto my cock. Then she put a large dollop onto her ass rim and forced it into her. She worked it in for a few minutes and then got onto her hands and knees. “Okay Tommy, come into me from behind. I’ll help you get it in and no matter what I say I want you to keep pounding your cock in my ass until you shoot your load.

I got up on my knees behind her and started to push my dick toward her waiting asshole. Her hand came up and aided me in getting into position.

“Okay Fuck Me!” she yelled.

I slammed into her as deep as I could go. She moaned and I started pumping. “Fuck my fucking ass you bastard!” “Come on I need it, fuck me hard, I’m a bad girl and you need to fuck this dirty ass of mine.”

The language took me aback slightly but the pleasure of pushing my cock in and out of her hot ass was beyond extraordinary. I pumped harder and deeper as I approached my orgasm. It was building at a very fast rate which made me fuck her harder and harder.

I screamed in delight as I blew my rocks into her ass. She pushed back and forward trying to get my entire load of hot cum into her.

I thought we might be done now but Sandy took me by the hand and led me to the bathroom. She turned on the shower and pulled me inside when the water was warm enough.

We washed each other slowly, soaping up and quickly rinsing off. We were very clean but kept washing. She washed my cock the most and kept at it until I was hard again.

She pulled me out of the shower and dried us both off.

Back on the bed she told me to lay still, we were going to try some other things.

Just the thought of doing more had me filled with anticipation. She was fumbling with stuff from her nightstand and I just watched izmit sınırsız escort the ceiling as my penis begin to grow again.

Sandy started fondling my erection, jacking it slowly up and down while she fondled my balls with her other hand. At first I wondered if I would be able to perform again, but the feeling in my cock disagreed with that thought.

Sandy kept on with my cock and let go of my balls. The next thing I felt, she was running her finger around the rim of my butt hole with a finger full of lube. Every couple of laps around the rim she would insert a finger just a little bit further into my hole.

I never thought that having my ass fucked would feel good but it was great. She continued fingering my ass with her finger until it was in as far as it could go. She put more lube in my hole and began forcing two and then three fingers in me. She was fucking my ass now and stroking my cock.

I was disappointed when she pulled her fingers out of me, but I saw her out of the corner of my eye pick up a dildo, a little bigger than my cock. She lubed it up and began to rub it around the rim of my ass.

I was on fire now and couldn’t wait for her to put that rubber cock into me.

As she eased it slowly into me it hurt a little but I didn’t complain. She eased it in and out slowly and not very deep. With every penetration she would force it in just a little more.

I was being fucked now and I was totally into it. She got the big rubber dildo all the way in me now and began to thrust it in and out.

Once she got into a routine of fucking my ass, she bent over and put her mouth on my cock. She sucked it gently and put it further into her mouth, the deeper the cock went into my ass. My cock was actually going into her throat she was so deep.

Each time she thrust the cock to the hilt in my ass, my cock would be as deep as it could go in her throat. She pumped and pumped.

I was trying to hold back a scream as my juices came rising up to the head of my penis.

Feeling that I was about to cum, Sandy went all out, fucking my ass and sucking my cock as hard as she could. I exploded and I screamed. It was the strongest orgasm of the day.

Sandy smiled at me and said, “Well, you are no longer a virgin my man, but you need to go now. My husband will be home soon and I don’t think you’d want to meet him.”

I told Sandy how much I appreciated what she had done for me. I asked her if I might come back some time and she declined. Then she laughed a little and said, “You aren’t a virgin anymore so we are done.”

On my bicycle ride home I couldn’t stop smiling. I was no longer a virgin and ready to engage my friends in conversations of conquest.

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