Unplanned Impromptu Evening


Unplanned Impromptu EveningWell this is a weird one that happened to me in the summer this year. I was stuck indoors like so many of us during 2020, but in current rules applied at the time, we’re all allowed a little exercise. Well it was really late, around Midnight time and I just decided to have a walk up to the beach and promenade. Rather than my usual type of route, I went a bit further along, so I could duck under one of the piers. In doing so, I discovered 3 people, a couple plus one other girl sat on the prom drinking some takeaway lagers and ciders. I’d just planned to politely say “Evening” then not encroach or anything.One of the girls says “Hello!!? You want a drink, cos we have a load here!?” I accepted her kind offers sat down and we all introduced one another. She was Sara and the guy she was with was called Matty. It was a little bit dark on the front, so I hadn’t quite realised what they had been doing, though it transpires in further conversation that she found it amusing I hadn’t worked out she was casually pleasuring this guy and they were only just a new couple. Her friend Caz (Carrie) was on the phone to an African guy who worked locally, but was totally lost to try and find her. As it happened, she did find him in the end, which was a slight pity, but I digress……Anyway, Sara, Matty and Caz were really nice, great to chat with and we soon got on the subject of sex. I’d told them I was a free spirit, though it turned out Caz was trying to arrange herself this guy, so she could have “some BBC” as they put it. Sara was suggesting I should be a member on a certain swingers site (clue, it has “Fab” as a prefix) because she’d found Matty that way via mutual people. I will certainly say that both ladies were bloody nice. Granted, a little loose and a potential for some slutty fun. Sara was obviously giving him a discreet little tug in his trousers and I just carried on chatting, while we went over various aspects of sex, our preferences such as mine for a bit of the outdoors fun. Sara says to Caz “Hey Caz, you can have a change from your BBC and give Johnny here a try?” Poor Caz seemed a bit embarrassed about the whole idea & I played the gent by saying “It’s cool, she’s cruel to lumber you with me, you should find your Lost Fella, believe me!!”Anyway, two girls in their late teens/early 20s who were friends of the guys stopped by and I will admit, had either of those been bahis şirketleri in a similar persuasive mind, I do have to say I wouldn’t have minded, but they left after a few minutes.But after the girls went, Caz and Sara needed a pee, so as they left, Matty says “get us some pics, I’d love a look!!” They told him to piss off, but amazingly, for a dare, Sara actually sent him a piss pic of them both, presumably for him, but he showed them to me as well. I do admit Sara had a nice neat one and Caz had a good looking pair of lips. He says “shh, you never saw them, but I can add you via Instagram and send them on. He was good to his word in fact.Well it turns out Caz and Sara returned, all giggles and as they were already a bit drunk, Sara says (slurred a little) “Johnny? My friend is looking like she won’t be getting any this evening thanks to Sol not keeping his promise, so we need you off the bench to help her out!! Caz, have this and you two should go have fun”.Caz was nice, about late 20s/30ish, glasses and dressed in a nice shortcut skirt, boots and tights/stockings. Sara and Matty stayed with their drinks and Caz wandered off back under the pier. As she did, Sara says “Go talk to her and tell her shes hot, cos I am sure you think so!” I hopped down, went to find her and when I did, I mentioned that I’d been sent along. Caz said she was okay and very sorry about her friend being so forward. But I said “well you’re very nice, quite a catch and it’s a pity you have a date already”Within a moment, she said “Hey, I have no objection to an older man, but don’t think I’m a whore, cos I don’t do that,okay?” but pulled me towards her and reached straight down to feel my crotch, then says “oh wow, you ARE pleased to see me. She unzipped me, then pushed my hand over her nice perky tits, then whispers “Sara gave me a johnny for you Johnny, so should we?” My reply was “only if you are sure, cos I don’t want to take any advantage?” “Just take an opportunity you get”was her response.A few minutes of her forced kisses and wanking me in her hands, then licking her fingers, she cooed “Mmmm, that’s nice precum” she moved my hand under her skirt. Her underwear was dripping like a broken fridge, so I felt there was no need to keep this foreplay going on.Caz sat me down in the sand, I could tell she was struggling, so I asked her if she wanted assistance, before we both swished her saturated knickers down bahis firmaları over the boots, she handed me the rubber which I was soon sliding over me. No sooner was this thing over my tool as Caz was crouching down and easing her luxurious warm cunt over me too. I was sucking her mouth, moved one hand between us and strumming her cuntlips and clithood with a thumb. She had a quite tight hole for a Mum of two, so clearly pelvic floor muscles were well exercised, for which I complimented her. She rode me like I was a wild bronco, but for the fact I’d not fucked in months, it was a very nice place to be. Her phone went, first of all being this Sol guy, who she said she would find later on, then a few mins later, it was Sara, where her reply was “well, where do you think I am? Picking daisies!!?” She was biting my ears and neck, the trembles in her twat muscles telling me she was cumming bigstyle and even said “Wow, a BWC for once eh? You’re hitting the right place, you horny fucking bastard!!” I licked a finger, started to rim her rosette and felt it get all clenched up. She said “Ah ah, no no, not on a first fuck, maybe another time, I just need one hole filled in!!” Reaching around, she clasped hold of my bollocks, whispered “Ooh, smooth ones I like, especially as you’re hairy otherwise”, then got a hand under my shirt to feel my hairy chest and also murmured that she liked piercings on a guy. Her sopping wet clopper was seeping over my condom and I could feel her drooling that sweet pussyjuice over me. She had a great taste actually, (slight seafood flavour/scent that I like) slowly she began tightening after a second orgasm and I got her to hop off so I could lick and suck on her cuntlips. She pulled me right into her meathole, gorging on this feast, like I’d not eaten in a long time, before sliding back down.Caz moved into another gear altogether, rocking back and forth on my prick,so it was balls deep and then almost out of her snatch as she moved back and forth as if I was one of those rowing machines. She reached back to hang onto my ballsac and says “this needs emptying in my mouth, so tell me when you are ready!!” She carried on using my very swollen throbbing meat and could feel it hitting the spot right up inside her wet cunt. I reached the optimum moment, she hopped from it, flicked the rubber off and I wanked myself right into her mouth, a few millimeters above the dome, before kaçak bahis siteleri dropping her mouth right down, so I could pump the majority of my jizz directly into her throat, all while she had a good grip on my plumber’s toolbag, by now a small tightening pouch.I gently massaged her clit for her, double strumming it so she could enjoy herself and she could leave a bit of scent on me to enjoy later on. She took out a small thong from her handbag and said to me “You can have my wet ones if this is your pervy thing? He might notice if I had my dirty ones on and suspect I’d fucked another guy already. You take my used ones and hide any evidence, okay?” I was still shaking a bit from cumming so damn hard but said “Oh my word yes, do you want them back sometime?” She replied “I will let you know, but this whole thing stays between the four of us!! Sol would be well pissed off if he knew I’d fucked you, but hey, you definitely did good and it’s true an older guy is worth it, thank you, Johnny!”When we found Sara & Matty, they’d been timing her and she said “Sol’s on his way and seems you both timed it well, you pair of sluts!!” I had the opportunity to say a little word of appreciation to her, as it had been a while since I’d had that much fun. Sara said “Hey, you’re hot for an older guy and I know either Caz or I wouldn’t have said no!”The only pity was that they were all going to disperse in two groups, Matt and Sara back to their house and Caz was going to make use of Sol when he could find her. We swapped our numbers for a future meet up but nothing else happened since then.As I went home, I had a great momento of the eve in my left pocket and Caz’s panties were very appreciated, plus I still had traces of her on my fingers. I was quite horny a few hours later so I had a damn good wank over what happened, plus Matty very kindly posted on the two pussy pics, plus one he sent of him inside Sara that she asked him to send me (she didn’t know I actually got three pics). I did wonder if Sara and Caz had talked later on and maybe compared notes, cos I would certainly have relished a chance to hang out the back of her. Perhaps even Sara was hinting at the idea of a foursome but nothing more was said.A few weeks ago, I found Sara and Matty in a shop, cos Sara gave me a shout. We did promise a catch up, but I have yet to gather enough courage to pursue the idea, but a good party would be great, if a little bit difficult to arrange even though we wouldn’t put ourselves at any type of risk. I’ve not yet left the area so I keep fingers crossed for something and I can return Caz her underwear, all cleaned and freshly laundered now.

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