Subject: Unexpected Journey Chapter 4; Adult/youth – Gay WARNING: If it is illegal for you to be reading these stories or you find them disgusting or immoral, please refrain from reading further. Must be 18+ to read! Any characters, places, or people depicted in this story is entirely in the fantasy and imagination of the writer and in no way reflects his/her personal morals or beliefs when relating to relationships between minors and adults. Any people, places, or actions depicted in this story that reflect real life events or situations is entirely by accident or coincidence. Again this is entirely imaginary as also relating to unsafe sex. Please get tested regularly if you are sexually active. PreP is no excuse for not getting tested. Always know your status. Now, sit back, relax, unzip, and enjoy! *** It was about a forty-five minute drive to the place for the rehearsal dinner. Once we arrived, everyone piled out and went inside. It was a nice enough restaurant. Being in the small town, it wasn’t anything extravagant, but it was large enough to host the bridal party and extended family that could make it before the main even the following day. Once inside, I quickly went over and found Jude who was over talking with one of his older siblings and their spouse. I hadn’t remembered all their names quite yet, but it turned out it was Hezekiah, but the family usually just called him Kai. His wife’s name was Karin and they had one son with another child on the way. The son was 9 years old, or so I learned and his was Thomas. He was an adorable boy, with the light skinned, blue eyes of his father, but the darker auburn hair and more prominent lips and jaw of his mother. It was quite the mix and definitely worth my attentions. Granted, at this point I was starting to see possibilities with almost every underage boy I met. Of course, I was trying to be circumspect in my attentions as not to draw attention to myself, but it was difficult as there seemed to be quite a few young, gorgeous looking boys around. All were between eight and twelve years of age and none were over-weight in the least. They all seemed to lead rather athletic lives or perhaps it was just good genetics. Whatever it was, I certainly wasn’t complaining having indulged already with the fine fruits of these particular loins. Nothing really happened for most of the evening as we all settled down to eat. The restaurant had put together quite the set-up, complete with full waitstaff service and fine dining set-up with long hanging tablecloths and crystal glassware. It made for a splendid display. The children were separated from the rest of the adults and a smaller table, and with nice enough plasticware to cut down on breakage I would imagine. During the meal I learned some more about the extended family. Micah, the eldest had two sons and a little girl. The eldest boy was twelve years old and the middle son was eleven, while the daughter was only six. The boys’ names were Greg, and Nathaniel or Nate respectively. The daughter’s name was Crissy. Rebecca, the eldest and only daughter was married to a very handsome man named Harrold, and they had one boy and one girl. The girl, Sarah, being the eldest at ten, and the boy, Harrold Jr. the younger being eight years. Both took more after their mother than their darker skinned father, but still retained a nice mixture of the two. Harrold, like I said was darker tanned, like alabaster, extremely handsome with honey-hazel başakşehir escort eyes that contained a hint of olive green in them. He was well muscled, but not overly and had a very nice round and bubbly ass that was just begging to have my face between them. His son’s visage didn’t fall far from the tree in a good way. As I said Jr. was more light skinned than his father but had the same eyes and curly chestnut hair like his father. I later learned they have other attributes in common, but that’s for another time. Ezra had just been married off a few years prior and him as his wife would be expecting their first boy in a couple more months’ time. This of course only covered the groom’s side of the family. But then their were the cousins. I never really learned all their names, but I did learn their boys. Unfortunately there were only the twins currently that night but was assured more would be present at the wedding reception by Titus when we had a short second in the bathroom to steal a kiss and a grope. He further assured me that since my initiation into their little club of sexually active boys, I would be having fun not only with the other boys, but a few of the fathers. While we were being served the final coffee and conversating together, I suddenly felt someone grope my crotch! I slightly jumped. “Are you okay hun?” asked Jude looking at me strangely. I replied, “Yeah, fine. Just got a chill I guess.” He seemed to buy it and went back to talking with one of his siblings. Meanwhile the hand that had groped me came back and started to really massage my crotch with more vigor. This of course wasn’t seen by anyone as the tablecloth covered my lap and the hand that was massaging my cock through the material of my pants. The person, whomever it was, had started to lower the zipper of my dress pants and fished into them and found I had dressed sans underwear. They also found a very hard and pre-cum dripping cock. At this point my curiosity had reached it’s peak. I knew it wasn’t my boyfriend Jude as his hands and elbows were on the table. I acted like I had accidently dropped my fork and kicked it under the table and therefore had to go under the table briefly to recover it. When I lifted the tablecloth and looked under I found that beautiful Harrold Jr. there staring up at me looking innocent yet sexy at the same time. He almost looked scared as if unsure what he had learned about me was true. In answer I picked up the fork and without fixing the zipper, I placed the tablecloth in a better position to conceal any further activity that might happen with the boy. He took this as the affirmative answer that it was and wasted little time in placing my very hard schlong into his willing boy mouth. Those plump lips feeling like warm apple pie as they enveloped my glans into the smooth hot insides of his mouth. It was all I could do to compose myself and not act like anything was happening under the table. Most likely due to the danger of being found out by any person should they actually drop a utensil for real or perhaps accidently get up and take the tablecloth with them revealing what was happening under the table, made what we were doing so much Hotter! The boys skills were surprising for one so young. Interestingly enough, while trying to act nonchalant, I caught the eye of Harrold Senior and when no one was looking gave me a conspiratorial wink with a side-ways smile. This surprised halkalı escort me for a split second, but I quickly regained my wits and decided that the father clearly knew what his son was up to and perhaps even put him up to it, and therefore was okay with what he was doing. This thought put me slightly more at ease and allowed me to enjoy the oral ministrations the young boy was delighting me with. With the danger and heightened arousal of it all, there was simply no way I could have lasted very long. This became quite apparent when after only what could have been a couple minutes at most I was more than ready to release my man-juice into the welcoming receptacle that was this young boys mouth and throat. True to form, this boy could deepthroat like nothing else. I assumed I had the father to thank for such a skill. I must remember to sing him my praises when we got a chance. It was with this thought of the possibilities of the adventures to be had with father and son that I finally gave up any restraint and released what was a very powerful yet restrained orgasm which made it that much more exquisite! When the little cherub was satisfied he had swallowed all my cream, he made sure I was all clean and placed my cock neatly back into my pants and took great care in zipping me back up. When I felt all was back in its place, I excused myself and made my way to the restroom with no one else the wiser. You would think I’d had enough at this point. You would be wrong. I hadn’t been in the bathroom very long before who should enter but Harrold Senior himself. He went over to the urinal to relieve himself and looked around to see if no one else was around. “Did you enjoy my son’s skills?” He said after being reasonably assured no one else was in the room. “Fuck man, his mouth and throat were fuckin unbelievable! He’s only eight! How long has he been sucking your man-cock?” I asked, freely confident we could be transparent with each other. “He started licking my cock in the bath and shower as young as four but didn’t really start sucking…or I should say I didn’t start training him to suck me till just last year when he turned seven.” He replied while he was finished pissing and started stroking what grew to be a very impressive 8″ cut cock. “Dang man, nice cock!” I said, finally noticing, though truth be told it was hard to miss (no pun intended). “No wonder the boy can swallow my 7 inches if he’s been practicing on that weapon!” I praised. “Yeah, it’s decent and he loves it. I didn’t plan on it, like I said he started it one time while we were in the bath…I just kinda took it to the next level. He definitely wasn’t complaining though. I doubt he ever will. He’s a natural born bottom, though I have yet to break him into that particular part of man-boy sex.” He said while continuing to stroke his turgid man-cock. As we spoke, we came to each other and I started to stroke his nicely shaped cock while looking into his eyes. They were so mesmerizing that I could have stared into them all day. Slowly we came together, him having to bend down slightly as he was taller than me and we shared a chaste kiss that grew to something more passionate. There we were, two frown men, him slightly older than me, sucking face and him with his cock out while I stroked it. I’m seriously surprised no one came in and found us. Not sure we would have been able to play it off like it was nothing. However, I doubt in that moment şirinevler escort we were really thinking about that. It was just a passionate moment and very sexual. “Fuck, that feels good man, but we should probably get back. Wouldn’t want someone to come looking for us. We’ll have time later to fuck or at least I hope so.” Harrold said while massaging my arms and giving kisses in-between. “Shit…okay…well, yeah, of course that makes sense…but…just before we go…” I said, very much aroused by this gorgeous man and extremely horny despite the amount of times I’d ejaculated. I gave him one more passionate kiss before swooping down and swallowing his generous schlong in one gulp! “Oooohhhh, FUCK!” He groaned out, trying to control himself, but failing fast because of my ministrations. Now, not to toot my own horn, but I pride myself on being a very skilled cocksucker, and believe me, I was pulling out the stops with this one! My lovely Jude is bigger, but Harrold’s was nice enough, and the added fact that this was the cock that helped make the beautiful boy that has feasted on my cock not two minutes before, simply added to my arousal and willingness to go above my own normal standards. I worked that cock like it was going out of style! Hoovering, sucking, adding suction is all the right places, while maintaining perfect amount of lubrication as to keep his cock stimulated and begging for more! “Ugh…uuuuaaahhhh, hhhheeehaaaahhhhhuuuu…shshshshshshiiiiiiiii….ffffffffuuuuuuuuu….suck that cock bitch! Fuckin A! That shit feels so fuckin good! I can’t believe it, but I’m gonna cum already! Work that shit man! Fuck yeah, here it cums baby! Here…IT…CCCCCUUUUUMMMMSSS! AAAHHHH FFFFUUUUUUCCCCKKKK!” He bellowed out his final release as I swallowed down that quite generous load of man-cream! It was surprisingly delicious and almost honey-like sweet! I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised as they have a different diet out here, so it stands to reason that their cum would taste different. However, it still surprised me cause other than Judah, I had yet to taste any other grown man’s cum that tasted quite so sweet as Harold’s. As he caught his breath and came down from his post-orgasmic high, he bent down, grabbed me gently under my armpits and made me to stand before planting a very grateful and gentle kiss on my lips. “Thanks for that sexy. I have not had a blow-job like ever in my entire life! Junior is good and I’ve taught his well, but he could definitely learn something from you! Fuck man, that was something else! Thank you!” After that, he cleaned himself up and I rinsed out my mouth before I exited the bathroom first, followed a few minutes later by Harrold with no one the wiser, except for maybe the boys at the kids’ table, because I got a couple of suspicious looking smiles and a wink from Titus as I was making my way back to my seat. TBC… Sorry that this chapter was so short, the next installment will be the entire wedding day and it’s sure to be full of secret trysts and even, possibly a gangbang or orgy scene with me and all the little boys with Harrold…there also might be some twists and turns…we shall see! Thank you once again to everyone who has written to me and expressed their interest and/or love in my stories. Its very encouraging to say the least to be counted worthy enough for your comments. Please continue to let me know any and all of your questions, comments, and suggestions, even if critical, I appreciate the feedback, truly! I hoped you enjoyed this latest installment and the other stories I’ve submitted on Nifty. Don’t forget to DONATE! Nifty deserves our gratitude and our dollars to keep this fantastic site up and ail Till next time…

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