Unerotica – Kangaroos


Auntie Dot barrow boys, lame duckable, but God they mangled strine.“Sexy meanz Aussie, like Beanz Meanz Heinz,” one said.“Like Tim-tams, vegemite,” bahis siteleri his twin brother chimed.“Me? Kangaroos?” I asked.“You’re a corker shelia. canlı bahis siteleri But kangaroos sexy? You’re as mad as a cut snake.”“You know canlı bahis they’ve got a two-pronged todger?”That impressed, leading to me being double porked in a Pommy sausage-fest in the pub’s bathroom. Making me cum and gush as they spunked cunt and bottle and glass.Our orgasms more harmonious than their chorus of ‘Tie me kangaroo down, sport,’ as they brexited my love holes.  

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