Uncharted Territory


This story is a continuation of ‘Best Wife Ever’ which should be read first.

This story may contain: FF, WATER SPORTS, MM, GROUP, SWAPPING.

All characters are over 18 and are clean and safe.


The next day I started looking for a couple to possibly join me and my wife, Vicky for our first swap.

I put an ad together and showed it to Vicky:

“Couple looking for another couple to get together and to know each other intimately. This is our first time. Please contact David. Thank you.”

“David, do you think we should put anything else in?”

“Let’s try this. If we don’t get a response, we can change it.”

“Ok. I hope it works.”

I put an add on several websites and waited.

One day went by then two days and nothing. On the third day we got a response. It said:

“Saw your post. My wife and I are in our late forties and want to try this like you two. It’s our first time as well. Let’s discuss.” Tony

I showed the response to Vicky. “What do you think?”

“Well, they are about ten years older than us but why not get more info from them.”

“Ok. I’ll reply to them.”

That night I replied…

“Tony, thank you for your response. If it’s ok with you, why don’t you and I meet over lunch to discuss and see how it goes.” David

The next day I got his reply…

“David, Sounds good. Pick a day, time & place. I’ll bring some pics of Gloria, my wife…you do same. Waiting to hear from you.” Tony.

I showed the reply to Vicky.

“Sounds pretty good. What about pictures?”

“I’m sure he wants to see nudes of you. Let’s take a few to show him.”

Then we proceeded to take some with my cell phone. I even let Vicky take a few of me. Then I replied to Tony.

“Tony, How about the day after tomorrow at 12:30 at the diner on tenth & Main. I’ll be in my car, a blue Ford Edge, plate # D V S.?” DAVID

That night I heard back.

“David, I’ll be there. I have a black Jeep, plate # czp-123.” Tony

I told Vicky it was all set for the day after tomorrow. Then she said, “Maybe we should take some more pictures. What do you think?”

“Sure, if nothing else I’ll be able to look at your pictures any time I want to.”

Then we proceeded to take nudes and semi nudes in various places. “Hey, how about a picture of you peeing? And some of you lactating?”

Vicky smiled and didn’t say no so she stood up in front of the toilet bowl and let out a stream of her golden liquid which I videod. Then she squeezed her tits and managed to start a flow of milk that I took videos of. We were all set.

The day was finally here. I drove over to the diner and waited. After about twenty minutes a black Jeep pulled alongside of me. I got out of the car as did he and we introduced ourselves. We went into the diner and got a table away from everyone.

“Glad you could make it Tony.”

“Same here David. I’m guessing you are as nervous as I am.”

“You guessed correctly. Let me start.”

I then started the conversation. “My wife Vicky said she wanted to try swapping. It would be our first time. We are in our thirties, have a nine month old girl and we like a lot of sexual things. So now she wants to try this.”

“Well Tony, Gloria and I are in our middle forties and married for twenty years and we decided to try new things as well. This is also our first time.”

“Tony, let me show you some pictures of Vicky.” I pulled out my cell phone and brought up the gallery and handed the phone to him to check out our pictures.

“Wow, your wife is gorgeous… certainly not shy either. Oh, she lactates… that’s a big plus for me. I see she likes water sports. Gloria and I like that as well. Very nice pictures. Let me show you my wife.”

He then banded me an envelope with a bunch of photos in it.

“Very nice Tony. I see she’s smooth. I like that. Very nice…very nice.”

I handed them back to him.

“Where do we go from here?” I asked.

“I guess the next logical step would be for all bahis şirketleri of us to get together, maybe over dinner at a restaurant.”

“That sounds good…say Saturday night…let me know what restaurant and the time.”

“Ok. Will do. Here, take a couple of pictures to show your wife. There are a couple of me for your wife. By the way are you guys bi?”

“Give me your email address and I’ll send you a couple of me & Vicky. I’m pretty sure Vicky is bi. She recently had sex with another woman. As for me, I never tried it, if that helps.”

We left the diner and I headed home.

When I got home there were a couple of more responses but I wanted to speak to Vicky first.

“Vicky, come down.”

She practically ran down the stairs. “How did it go?”

“It went very well. He seems like a nice guy. He gave me these pictures for you. He loved yours. I have to send him a couple of us.”

Then Vicky looked at the pictures…”His wife is pretty. Oh, I see a couple of himself. Very nice. His cock looks impressive.”

We figured that Gloria was about 5’6″, maybe 120, nice legs and ass and nice tits. Tony was about 5’8″, maybe 175 and a big cock and big balls.

“Which ones of me are you going to send him?”

“Why don’t you pick out a few and I’ll tell him they are from you.”

I showed her the pictures of her on the phone and she picked out six and I quickly sent them to Tony.

“Do you still want to do this Vicky?”

“I think so. They look nice. We can discuss it some more.”

“Well, we are having dinner with them on Saturday.”

Later that night I got an email from Tony that read, “We both loved the pictures. I made reservations for Saturday at the Italian restaurant on First and Sycamore for 7:00. Let me know if we are still on. Tony”

I replied, “I know the place. Yes we are on. See you then. Vicky loved all the pictures. She said thanks. David”

I told Vicky everything was set for Saturday and I told her to wear that black dress, the one she wore for our anniversary. She smiled and said she would.

I had answered the two other responses but never heard back.

Finally, Saturday arrived and we were as nervous as hell. I dropped Samantha off at Vicky’s parents house this time. By 5:00 we showered and got dressed. I wore slacks and a sport jacket and Vicky her black dress. At 6:30 we left and drove to the restaurant.

I didn’t see his Jeep so we went in and got a table in the corner. After maybe 15 minutes I saw Tony come in with his wife. She looked even better in person. She looked really hot in a red dress. They saw us and came over.

I got up and welcomed them and we made the introductions and then sat down. We ordered wine and I started making small talk. It was obvious we were all nervous.

I said, “Are you guys as nervous as we are?”

“Probably more so.”

“Well, let me say this then, we have all seen each other naked so why the hell are we nervous now?”

We all laughed and the ice was broken. Conversations started and we all got to know each other.

I found them to be an enjoyable, down to earth couple and we seemed to hit it off. As we chatted, I felt Vicky’s hand on my leg and got a squeeze. I looked at her and got a wink, a sign we decided on beforehand that they were ok.

Dinner went well and as it wound down, I said, “Would you guys be interested in coming over to our place for coffee and dessert?”

Without hesitation, Gloria said, “We would like that. We will follow you.”

We paid the check and left. Tony & Gloria followed us home. When we got to the house we went in. I took them to the family room while Vicky went into the kitchen to make coffee. As Tony and I talked, Vicky and Gloria joined us. After a few minutes Vicky said, “Would it be bad manners if I went and changed into something more comfy?”

Gloria replied, “Not at all Vicky. If I had something to change into, I would.”

“Come with me Gloria. I have something comfy that will fit you.”

The women bahis firmaları departed and Tony and I continued chatting. After about thirty minutes we heard the women coming down the stairs. When we saw them our eyes almost popped out of our head. Vicky was wearing a black see through neglige and Gloria was wearing a sheer red neglige.

Vicky said, “Do you guys like? We couldn’t find anything more comfy than these outfits. If you don’t like them, we can change into something else.”

I stammered and said, “No. What you are wearing is fine. Right Tony?”

“Definitely, what you have on is fine.”

Then the women came over and Vicky sat next to Tony and Gloria sat next to me.

I was shocked at the turn of events and my cock was now rock hard. I didn’t know what to do. Then, in an instant, Gloria turned to me and kissed me. I looked over at Vicky and she was unzipping Tony’s pants and I knew then that the swapping was a go.

I pulled Gloria to me and returned her kiss as I was feeling her up. My hand moved straight to her tits and I started playing with them. I quickly removed her top leaving her only in her thong.

Looking over at Vicky, she had Tony’s cock out and was jerking him off. Then she filled her mouth with his cock. As she was sucking his cock, I moved Gloria’s head down and she engulfed my cock with her mouth. This was amazing.

After a few minutes, I moved Gloria’s mouth off of my cock and said, ‘Gloria and I are going upstairs to fuck, do you two want to join us? By the way Tony, you can shoot your cum into Vicky…she’s safe.” Tony replied, “You can cum in Gloria too.”

Vicky looked at me with a smile on her face and said, “Sure, we would love to join you two.”

Then they got up and joined us as we went upstairs to our king sized bed. Gloria and I got on the bed and Vicky and Tony joined us. I quickly ripped the thong off of Gloria leaving her smooth pussy available for me. I wasted no time in sucking on her nipples as she wrapped her hand around my cock. I could see that Tony was sucking Vicky’s nipples and drinking her milk.

I then mounted Gloria and in a few seconds was sliding my cock into her cunt. She moaned a little as I pushed my cock in as far as It could go.

I looked over at Vicky and she was straddling Tony and then I saw her ease herself down on his cock as it disappeared completely in her cunt. As she started riding him, her tits were bouncing up and down with milk oozing out and down onto Tony.

I started fucking Gloria slowly at first then picked up the pace as my balls were slapping up against her. I knew I was going to cum soon and said to Gloria, “I’m going to cum. Want me to cum in you?” “Yes, cum in me.” A few more pumps and my cock exploded and shot my cum into her cunt. At that time Gloria yelled out, “Oh God, I’m cumming” and had one orgasm after another. My cock was still pulsating as I finished cumming.

Then I heard Tony yell out, “I’m cumming Vicky…” And he must have filled her cunt as I saw some oozing out my wife’s cunt as he continued fucking her.

We all fell to the side spent.

As we rested, I said, “That was amazing. Gloria, you are terrific.”

Tony said, “David, Vicky is incredible. She is something else.”

As Tony and I rested, Vicky moved over to my side and closer to Gloria. In an instant Vicky was kissing Gloria. Tony and I watched and as they kissed our cum was oozing out both of their cunts.

They were feeling each other up and Vicky shoved her nipple in Gloria’s mouth. Gloria started sucking and milk started flowing out. Then Tony slid over and started drinking from Vicky’s other nipple.

I moved over to the women and started eating Gloria and lapping up my own cum from her cunt. Then I went to Vicky and ate her and sucked up Tony’s cum from my wife’s cum filled cunt.

Then Gloria and Vicky started rubbing each other’s pussy and as they rubbed faster, both women started squirting. I moved my mouth over Gloria’s cunt and filled my mouth with her juices as kaçak bahis siteleri she kept squirting. Tony did the same to Vicky. It was unbelievable fantastic.

Finally, everything quieted down.

“I have to pee.” I said.

“Me too.” said the women.

Let’s go to the jacuzzi. I laid down in the jacuzzi and the women stood up at the edge and both released their golden nectar all over me. When they finished, they got in the jacuzzi and I was ready to return the favor, Tony joined me and we both sprayed the women with a generous amount of our golden juice.

When we were done, we all showered and went downstairs, naked.

Over coffee we discussed the evening.

“Well guys, how was our first time swapping?”

Tony said, “I thought it was terrific.”

Gloria added, “Yes, it was great. Even better than I expected.”

Vicky added, “I’m glad we did it, especially with you two. Thank you for a great time.”

Then I added, “Ok, so what’s next? Was this a one shot deal or what”

The three of them looked at each other and Vicky said, “I don’t know how Gloria and Tony feel, but I’d like to continue our relationship on a regular basis.”

I looked over at Tony & Gloria and Gloria replied, “I for one would also like to continue what we started. The company is great and God knows the sex is fantastic and we all share the same sexual activities, but that’s up to my husband and David.”

Tony answered, “I agree with Gloria and Vicky. I love my wife as David loves Vicky and tonight was not about breaking that love but adding to it. I was never so proud of Gloria than seeing her really enjoying this experience. What we did tonight strengthens my love for her. I would like to continue as well.”

Then I added, “When my wife suggested swapping, I thought she was nuts. But after tonight, I think, no, I know she was right to try it. You guys are great and, for me, Gloria is an exceptional woman and seeing her and Vicky together, was just beautiful and I believe that a bond has been formed that we shouldn’t break. So, I say let’s continue.”

Laughing, Vicky then said, “Let’s finish our coffee and get back in bed…by the way, next time it’s your place.”

We went upstairs and I told the women to get on all fours as Tony and I lined up our hard cocks to their slits. I easily slid my cock into Gloria’s cunt and I watched Tony fill my wife’s cunt with his cock. We both started fucking them. With each thrust, their tits would move back and forth. Vicky yelled out, “Milk is available if anyone wants some.” We stopped fucking to figure how we can make the most of the situation.

Vicky stayed on all fours while Tony got on his back and slid under her and his mouth grasped onto one of her nipples. Then Gloria straddled him and eased herself down on his cock while I had my cock in Vicky’s cunt. Once we got settled, we continued. After a few minutes, I switched with Tony and we continued fucking and sucking. It wasn’t long before we were all ready to cum.

Well, for the rest of the night it was more of the same…constant swapping. The last thing we did before we fell asleep was having the women on all fours with Tony fucking Vicky’s ass and me fucking Gloria’s ass, both of us filling their asses with our cum.

The next morning we emptied our bladders on each other and showered and got dressed, ending our first, but not last swap.

At breakfast Vicky said, “I had a great time and want to thank you all for this wonderful experience.”

Our guests left and Vicky and I discussed the swapping.

“Well Vicky, are you satisfied? Was it like you expected?”

“To be honest, I loved it. It was better than I expected. They’re a nice couple too.”

“So I take it we will be doing a lot more swapping?”

“I would like to, but that up to you.”

“Look, you know I love it when you exhibit yourself and this is no different. So, yes we can continue. Besides, watching another man, a stranger, filling your cunt with his cock and watching it disappear into you is amazing.”

“You know, when I saw your cock filling Gloria’s cunt I was a bit jealous, after all it’s my cock.” She said laughing.

“Hey lover, want me to go smooth too?”

Laughing, I said, “I wouldn’t mind it.”

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