Subject: Two single fathers pt 2 I hope you enjoy the story. Your comments or suggestions are always welcome. All of us enjoy the stories posted here, so please support fty/donate.html This story contains depictions of sexual acts performed by boys and men. If this content offends do not read any further. If you are too young scram. All places and characters depicted in this story are purely fictional and not based on any place or people in real life, and any similarities to real places and people are coincidental. Two single guys and their sons. Part two. By ail I open one eye then the other I notice the sun is coming up across the lawn as the beautiful sunlight fills my bedroom I quickly realize I’m not alone, it’s my son Ritchie, he is sleeping peacefully on my chest and gently snoring with little snorts. We both are still naked from last night’s activities, and as I look down his cute little body to see his firm pert little butt sticking up just above my hips his legs are straddling my waist and his little penis is softly laying under him pressed on my stomach. My dick starts to chub up from the sight, I reach down and gently massage his cute little butt while rubbing my index finger up and down his crack, as I do I feel his wide pussy hole still open from last night’s fuck. Each pass over his open hole reminds me that last night I was really horny and really gave my baby boy a good hard pounding and as we continue to lay together, I’m getting hard just thinking about it. I slowly turn to lower my sleeping beauty to the bed as he’s still knocked out and still snoring lol oh to be a boy again where you can sleep thru anything. I turn him on his stomach then lay back down next to him and slowly rub his back and butt bending down to smell his hair, it’s a mix of soap, sweat and sex, lovely and intoxicating. I start moving down his body kissing his back along the way, I get to his pert little rump kiss both mounds then spreading those lovely hills open. I’m always surprised when I see his hole like it’s the first time, yes its dark and open from use but it’s still so small I can never believe it fit, that I just had my dick in there I say to myself then chuckle a little. Then my tongue goes in … yum I’m tasting my own nut and loving the flavor. Ritchie is still sleeping so I enjoy myself savoring the few moments of silence before I give my adorable boy some morning wood, I know he will soon be howling and moaning once my massive meat penetrates his hole for the second time this morning; the first being right after midnight when I came to his room for our nightly fuck meeting. I grab the lube bottle off the floor, where I left it this morning and I start preparing my little boy’s hole for my morning wood. I take a big glob of lube and place it on his hole and gently press it in, his hole lets my finger in easily I gently slide my finger in and out slowly as not to wake Ritchie. Ritchie slowly moves his right leg up toward his chest as if to give my finger easier access to his hole, this must be subconscious because he starts lightly snoring again it’s şişli travesti so adorable the gentle rumble of his breathing. I take another big glob of lube and lube myself; I use extra to help my dick slide in more smoothly. Then I crawl into position over my boy and lean on my elbows as I hover over Ritchie, I line my dick up with his little hole and gently press. I look down his body where I’m trying to connect us and the view is so obscene due to our size difference and my wide dick, my dick looks like one of those extra-large cucumbers at the farmer’s market thick and long. Well, that’s all it took for my boy to start waking up, he’s moaning ugh, ohhh, dad, I say well good morning sleepy head as I continue to push my oversized meat into his boy butt, he then tries to rise up but I’m hovering over him so he can’t really move he’s still moaning out enjoying our slow penetration. His curly long hair is at my chest and tickles a little, I wiggle some from the sensation of his hair which causes my dick to slide in further. I’m almost completely buried in his ass at this point I bend down to kiss the top of his head as I push the last few inches in his ass. All the way in his ass I lay down on top of him covering his body in a warm embrace, I hold this for a moment savoring the tightness of his ass then as the heat from our bodies over whelms me, I start my ride on those lovely boy mounds slow at first really digging in deep feeling all the corners and creases in his ass Mmmm I moan. I start to pick up speed going in and out coming out higher and crashing back down, my boy’s face a mix of pain and extasy his eyes closed tight his legs lifting up and down his toes curling and uncurling as I really pound his butt. The sound of our sex reverberating off the bedroom walls, skin smacking skin, the bed creaking and squeaking, the moans and groans (Oh daddy, daddy OHH) from Ritchie and myself, my balls start to tighten and all of a sudden, I push hard burying myself deep in my son’s butt then I burst over and over feeling the thump thump of my orgasm; I feel my son also having a dry orgasm at the same time I have mine, we are both enjoying this morning’s romp. Whew, I say to my little boy that was amazing, he looks back at me over his shoulder and says yes daddy it was with a big grin. I pull out of his over stretched hole with a big plop, his hole wet with my cum Ritchie then says I gotta go daddy so I hop off him to let him up, he gets up on slightly wobbly legs and waddles quickly to the bathroom. While he’s on the toilet, I go off to my bedroom and start the shower I walk back to Ritchie’s bathroom and tell him to come take a shower with me when he’s finished; okay daddy is the response. After our shower I decide to send Ritchie over to my parents for the afternoon, they’re just around the corner he could walk if he wanted to but I decide to drive him only because I haven’t seen my folks in a couple weeks. I make the arrangements and we head off to see them, we spend some time together then I head back to my house saying I have some work to get done, beylikdüzü travesti what is really on my mind is my neighbor Matt and his 2 son’s Bobby and Jimmy. I drive back to my house park the car get out and head toward Matt’s house across the street, I’m not sure what to say but I’ll think of something. I approach Matt’s door I walk up to the door and as I am about to knock all of sudden I hear OHHHH, I stop wait a second there it goes again OHHHH I see there’s a space between the blinds on the side lights of the door so of course I peek in to see what I can see, and what I see is Matt and Bobby on the floor in front of the sofa in what appears to be a wrestling match between Bobby and Matt; Bobby is on the bottom slightly curled Matt on top behind him pinning him to the floor with one leg moved forward the other pulled back Bobby is struggling a little and can’t get free, with all that aside I’m aware this is no ordinary wrestling match. They’re Naked, Matt’s back is to the door so he doesn’t see me watching, he has a very nice ass by the way round and firm; I see some forward pushing and Matt’s ass squeezing tight in exertion then I hear that OHHHH again I almost want to just stand here and watch getting harder and harder as the minutes tick by but I say to myself let’s get a closer look so I knock. I see Matt stop, his cheeks unclench I see him move back slow obviously disconnecting from bobby’s ass, he starts to stand up I notice his big meat swing into view … Matt’s packing like I am long and thick, I see bobby turn to get up and notice his butt hole is wide open and wet looking I smile to myself then step out of view while they pull themselves together Matt yells who is it, I yell it’s Arnold he says hold on I’m coming I say softly not yet. Matt comes to the door with just some workout shorts and no shirt with a slightly sweaty brow, showing a nice ripped body. I say hey guy what you up to today I was hoping we could do something today with the boys, what you doing? Matt says oh not too much, Bobby and I were just practicing some wrestling moves on the floor, I ask who won? He says Bobby. I look over at Bobby bending over to pull up his shorts I noticed his hole is still open and his rose is in full bloom nice and dark, Matt sees me looking but doesn’t say anything, he answers my question well bobby always does but I put up a good fight. I smile at Matt figuring it’s time to let him know I just saw him fucking bobby on the living room floor and that I still can see the massive bulge in his sweat shorts and bobby’s leaking asshole, I say yeah I wrestle Ritchie the same way everyday he likes it when I pin his ass to the floor so does bobby Matt adds. Matt’s mouth opens when I point to bobby bending over struggling to pull up his shorts his big asshole in view where you can clearly see his busted and bruised ass on full display Matt closes his mouth holding his breath looking somewhat nervous, I say relax I fuck Ritchie as well and he enjoys it too. I look down at Matt’s big bulge grab it and say good luck hiding this thing anyway, istanbul travesti he chuckles and says come in and turns to bobby then says stay undressed Arnold doesn’t mind do you Arnie? A big smile crosses my face, I sit down in a side chair facing the sofa and say don’t let me stop you guys from your wrestling practice I know a boy needs good practice. Matt scoops up little Bobby holding him with one arm and removing his shorts with the other he then places him on his knees on the floor and then pushes him forward with his head on the floor and his butt raised in the air, Matt on his knees as well scoots up behind Bobby slowly removes his own shorts showing me that muscled ass of his hmmm I do love a round plump ass. He and Bobby are both facing away from now, I think Matt chose this position intentionally because he then bends down and starts giving Bobby’s little pert butt the licking of a lifetime nice and deep, nice and wet all sloppy Bobby is moaning his appreciation Oh Ahhh Ohh. I can look right into bobby’s ass at this angle it looks like Bobby and his daddy do a lot of fucking, Bobby’s ring is smooth and dark from multiple stretching’s what a beautiful sight, it also looks like Matt has had some dick in the ass as well although not recently maybe his daddy used to tag his ass as well. Matt sits up, grabs the bottle of lube on the coffee table and begins to lube bobby’s ass getting it nice and ready I see one finger then two then three he continues to work his little hole while doing this with one hand he lubes himself with the other then pulling his fingers out he places his big dick at Bobby’s hole and begins to slowly push… Bobby moans loudly OHHH Daddy AHHHH, Matt continues to push in getting more dick into his boy I already had my big dick in my hand and was stroking to the scene happening in front of me. Matt is really going deep in his boy’s ass OHHH OHHH UGH UGH you can feel the exertion coming from the two of them, Matt is on little bobby’s back at this time really laying the dick on him; bobby’s little ass getting pushed down as he struggles to take dad’s meat from the back. I can see Matts dick really opening his boys hole O== is all I see; Matt pulls out briefly showing me his son’s hole. Wow his hole looks like the Grand Canyon just gaping open. I’m stoking so hard; I yell to Matt can I get some? he moves so I can get in position which I do quickly sink my meat to the root in one long lunge Bobby howling out OOOOhhhh loving our connection I start my back and forth back and forth I am so turned on, his ass is like a million mouths all sucking at once I can’t wait to fuck him again. I burst forth, it feels like a gallon of cum has left my dick, although after fucking my own boy twice this morning it was only a trickle, Matt pushes me out the way so he can get his nut inside his boy slurp sloosh is the sound his dick makes going in and out of Bobby’s now loose hole not long after entering him, Matt yells out OMFG (Oh My Fucking God) right then bobby yells as well (DADDEEE) and they both climax at the same time. Matt blows his load inside Bobby and Bobby has a thumping dry nut squeezing his dad’s meat inside his ass. Bobby slumps in satisfaction exhausted on the living room floor breathing heavy. I lean over grab Matt then kiss him deeply saying I can’t wait till you and Ritchie wrestle. Boyswillb

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