Subject: ADULT YOUTH – TWO MEN AND A BOY 1 TWO MEN AND A BOY ail This is the first chapter of a new series of stories involving men and boys and is intended for mature readers. If this is something you think you would enjoy read on! If it is illegal where you are or the idea offends you please X out now. Feedback is appreciated and will receive a reply if you so request one. Thanks for reading! (1) Jerry walked into his classroom and looked over the students sitting somewhat quietly awaiting him. He had only been teaching at the private boy’s school for a little over a month and so far, enjoyed the work. Jerry, at 28, was new to teaching. After college he had spent a couple of years trying to write a novel which didn’t come to him as easily as he had hoped. In fact, it hadn’t come at all. He took the teaching job at The Kendall Academy when his inheritance from his late father began to run low. The boys, all aged thirteen to seventeen over four grade levels. This class was made up of mostly fifteen and sixteen-year-olds. There were boys of every ethnicity and size. Jerry felt as though he were at a buffet wondering which he would try first. Jerry’s preferences for boys of a certain age was a tightly kept secret. His dad had known because it was his dad who had introduced him to the joys of gay sex. He had been thirteen himself at the time. 15 Years Earlier Jerry lay on his bed reading a comic book from the stack his dad had brought in from his shopping trip early that morning. It was summer so there was no school and he had the whole day to himself. Had the whole house to himself for the most part. Simon, Jerry’s dad knocked on the bedroom door and walked through without waiting for a response from Jerry. “Dinner in fifteen minutes son,” he said. “Cool, dad, thanks.” Jerry answered his father without looking up from his reading. “Did I pick some good ones Jerry?” Simon sat on the edge of the double bed and put his hand on Jerry’s right leg just below where he shorts ended. The boy wasn’t wearing a shirt as he was prone to when he was alone at home. “Yes sir,” Jerry said. He put the comic down and looked at his dad’s hand which was messaging his thigh ever so slightly. Jerry knew from poking around his dad’s bedroom that the man liked men as well as women. He also knew that his dad liked them young. The magazines hidden in the closet were all of boys his age and slightly older. He had been shocked at first at his discovery then as the idea ankara otele gelen escort settled and his own five incher grew hard that he was getting turned on by pictures of boys spreading their legs to show their buttholes and cocks. “Jerry,” Simon started. “You’ve been in my closet, haven’t you,” the man asked. With a sigh the boy nodded. “I noticed today and knew it wasn’t Mrs. Gurlach who found my stash. Mrs. Gurlach was the fifty-year-old housekeeper who came in three times a week to clean. “It’s okay son. I’m not mad.” Simon said as he ran his hand up the smooth skin and under the leg of his shorts. “Did you like what you saw, son?” Nervously, Jerry nodded again. He felt his dick getting hard as his father’s hand moved up to his crotch and began to handle his cock. He wasn’t wearing underwear as he hated them and only wore them to school because gym class would be too awkward if any of the boys noticed he was going commando. “That’s good, Jerry, I’m glad we don’t have any secrets between up now. Simon had wrapped his hand around Jerry’s five inches and was impressed at the boy’s size for his age. Jerry squirmed under the attention of his father’s hand. “Jerry,” Simon began. “Yes, sir,” Jerry asked. “Let’s remove these so we can get to know each other a little better.” Simon let go of his son and removed his hand from the boy’s shorts. Jerry raised his hips as his dad pulled the elastic waste down and peeled the shorts away to show the smooth groin and high standing cock. “I thought you had started growing pubes by now.” Simon said, not disappointed. “I keep `em shaved during the summer. Wouldn’t do to shave `em off during school.” Jerry replied. “Good thinking there, son. It would be embarrassing for you to by so smooth when your friends all have a growth of hair down there.” “What are you going to do, Dad?” “Oh, I thought I’d start by sucking you off then maybe do a little rimming of tat tight boy hole of yours.” Jerry swallowed the lump in his throat and said, “what’s rimming? Is that when you put your dick in my hole?” “No, son. Rimming is simply licking you with my tongue. You’ll like it, I promise.” Simon manipulated Jerry’s cock to keep it hard. He lowered his mouth over the teenaged cock and began to suck. He realized that Jerry wasn’t just long for his age, he was thick too. At least four inches around. “Oh man!” Jerry lay his head back and enjoyed the attention. Simon wanted to laugh öveçler escort but he had his mouth full. He rode the hard shaft with his mouth, up and down, enjoying the smoothness of his young son’s pecker. Jerry could feel the explosion building in his balls. “I’m gonna shoot!” Simon lowered his head taking the full length and girth into his mouth and down his throat. When Jerry popped his cork, Simon took every sweet drop. He cleaned the boy with his tongue and let the cock slip from his mouth. “How did you like that,” Simon asked. “Wow, just… wow.” Jerry replied. “Roll over and put a pillow under your groin.” Simon instructed. With a little trepidation, Jerry followed instructions and settled into a comfortable position. Simon spread the boy’s cheeks and looked at the virgin hole winking at him. “Just relax, Jerry.” He lowered his head and began to lick the hole and around it in slow circles. Jerry moaned. Encouraged now, Simon began to push his tongue gently against the bud of his son’s rear end. After ten minutes Jerry was as relaxed as he had ever been. He wanted something bigger than a tongue up there. Jerry had no concept of what it would feel like to have something pushed up into his ass. He imagined there would be a fair amount of pain involved. “Finger me now dad,” Jerry said, a little nervous but excited. “You sure, son. It might hurt the first time.” Simon asked worried. He hadn’t planned to go that far the first time. “Yeah, I want to feel it down there.” “Okay, son.” Simon said. He took his ring finger of his right hand and sucked it a moment then took it out and pushed it against the tight hole. It took effort and a little time but the finger began to sink in and Jerry wiggled around but didn’t complain. Feeling daring, Simon pulled the finger out and added the middle finger and pushed both digits into the boy’s rectum. This time Jerry gave a grunt and a moan then pushed his ass down further onto the invading fingers. After a few minutes Simon added a third finger and began spreading the hole wider. He was encouraged more by Jerry reactions and wondered if he could get his own cock up the tight shoot. No, that might be too much for him. He would need to get his set of increasingly large dildos and butt plugs. “Am I hurting you, Jerry?” “No sir! It feels good. I want more.” Jerry begged. “Okay, stay here. I’ll be right back.” Simon removed his fingers and got off the bed. He left the room and pendik escort went to the locked drawer of the cabinet in his bedroom. He removed a box that had been custom made for the six dildos it contained. He paused long enough to strip off his clothes and slip into a bathrobe. He picked up the box and grabbed the tube of lube from his bedside table. He then returned to his son’s room and closed and locked the door. It wasn’t Mrs. Gurlach’s day to be here but he didn’t want to take any chances. “What have you got, Dad?” Jerry looked around at his father. He was happy that his dad had taken off his work clothes. He looked straight at the hard cock below the fabric of his father’s robe. He licked his lips and wondered what it would taste like. “My toybox.” Simon replied. He noticed where his son’s eyes were going. He messaged his nine thick inches with his left hand. He pulled open the robe and let it slide down his body to pool on the floor. “You think you can suck this, Jerry,” Simon asked. “I wanna try.” Jerry replied. Simon placed the lube and the toybox on a bedside table beside the stack of comics. He moved to the head of the bed as Jerry moved to lay on his side. Jerry took a couple of deep breaths as he ran his hand up and down the thick length of his father’s cock. He pulled slightly and Simon moved into position as the boy’s mouth took the head in. Jerry’s lips were strained by the girth of the invading member but he didn’t stop sucking as he took more and more in. “You sure you’ve never done this before,” Simon asked. The boy was better at cock sucking than he imagined he would be. Jerry’s only reply was to take in more of the hard cock. The boy worked his tongue and throat hard. “Oh, yeah, that’s good. Keep at it, son.” Simon placed his hands-on Jerry’s head and pushed more of himself into the boy’s mouth. Jerry got chocked so Simon pulled back and let Jerry take things at his own pace. After fifteen minutes of constant blowing action Simon warned Jerry, he was close but the boy paid him no mind and kept working the hard shaft with his lips, tongue and throat. When Simon reached his climax, Jerry swallowed the full load and licked him clean when he was done. “That was amazing Jerry, thank you.” Simon said. “Dad, you mind if we put off the other stuff for now? I’m kinda sleepy and I want to grab a nap first.” “Not a problem son. I understand. I may go take a nap before I eat too.” Simon picked up his robe and put it on. He left the box of dildos where it was and walked to the door and unlocked it. Simon looked back at his son who was already asleep then he left the room. Jerry walked to his desk and sat down. “I see everyone’s here and ready for English lit.” The boys laughed at his minor joke and class began. To be ontinued…

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