Twisted and Torn Part 7


Part 7 Chris, the married guy, had been sucked, rimmed and watched a guy get fucked and covered in man juice. Now he had his hairy big cock buried deep in another man’s smooth greedy pussy. The cock sucker felt Chris grind his hips and cock into him and it felt good. The slow poking made his whole body tingle and he gripped the strong arms above him for support. He loved the sweat dripping down onto him as he watched their shadows move around the semi dark room. Their quiet groans were just about audible when the music dipped. Sinking his cock as deep as it would go, Chris was not sure what to make of the good sensation every time he pushed in and out of the tight hole. He felt the muscles squeeze his hard shaft as it piled through the dark ass tunnel and hit the right spot as the body underneath him grunted in satisfied moans. He was finally fucking another man’s pussy and he put hip and back muscles into each down stroke and made sure his whole cock went deeper and deeper. The guy shivered at the slow strokes and he tensed his body when Chris started to fuck him harder and harder, every arm and leg muscle tight and sweaty. He caught sight of the wedding ring and closed his eyes, wondering if the real pussy felt the same as Chris pounded his willing wet hole even harder. ‘Oh yes baby, ride my pussy,’ he heard the voice whisper to him and he complied and heard the slapping of wet skin on skin. His hard groin smacked the softer asshole as they rocked back and forth and his cock sucker asked to change position, ‘Ride me like a doggy bitch,’ he begged and slowly moved into position as Chris kept that hard cock buried to the hilt. He did not want to lose that delicious cock head from his man hole at all. Chris was standing as the guy kneeled on the now wet vinyl cover of the cubicle bunk and started isvecbahis to push in and out of the man pussy and saw his condom covered cock work its manly magic from the dim red light around them. The man pussy gripped tightly as he pulled back and swallowed his cock again as he put his hands on his hips and pumped slowly. He felt the cock sucker’s hand below stroking his hard balls just like his wife did and he let the thought go as soon as it came. The guy had his head turned to one side, his eyes were closed but Chris could tell from the hardness of his cock that they were both enjoying this very much. Despite his huge cock and the tight ass, the guy did not seem to have an issue with it as he gripped the slippery hips and jammed his cock hard to see if the guy would flinch in pain. All he did was scrunch his face in pleasure and moan louder. He loved the married cock in him and Chris lost himself in the motion as his hips took over once again and let the man pussy have it. The flimsy bunk and cubicle walls started to shake as he pounded away and they heard other gruff moans in the air as asses got poked deep and cocks got sucked dry. Those who watched and listened played with their own hard cocks and let them fire a stream of hot semen onto the floor or into a hungry mouth or ass. Chris and his man bitch were so busy fucking and never heard the door nudge open, until their pupils registered the sudden change in light. They saw a naked figure and a dark head pop in and glance at them. Chris stopped his fucking and looked at the stranger while eyes darted around in the dim light and after a split second the muscled thighs behind the man pussy started to push back and forth again. The stranger took this as an open message to stay and watch them fuck their brains out. He kept his eyes on their isveçbahis giriş sweat soaked bodies and quietly moved forward and closed the door behind him. He was not sure if they knew it was him who had watched them earlier and he almost came at the sight of what he was seeing. He had looked all over for these two and his cock rose into his warm fingers as he stroked with each back and forward thrusting of those powerful hips. The pale ass cheeks shook as the heavy cock went in deep and the stranger was happy to watch for now and see how things went. This was his own private fuck show and he made sure the door was locked to all the other horny fuckers outside. Chris was aware of the stranger standing and watching him fuck another man and this made him feel a bit self conscious. He had never been part of a threesome before and he stopped for a few seconds and just let the ass relax and grip the butt of his cock while he tried to shift his mind into place. He squeezed and gripped the ass muscles holding onto his pulsating cock and felt them flutter in response. The impatient ass below him started to move slowly on his cock while he stood still. They both heard the sigh behind them and Chris opened his eyes again and saw the man stroking his own cock in the dark as he watched them fuck. Without thinking, the stranger reached out and touched the shiny muscled back and he felt Chris shiver at his touch, but not move or shrug him off and he started to massage the back with one hand while he kept the other on his own heavy cock. The stroking hand on his back felt good as his cock was massaged in the front by the now sloppy wet man pussy. The sweat and lube had made their bodies slide against each other and the hard cock plunged home like it owned the hole. The man behind Chris began to use both isveçbahis yeni giriş his hands on the rock hard ass muscles and played with them and sunk onto his knees and Chris let him admire the strong legs while he kept his cock working the hole that needed filling. The juicy married cock was moving slowly in and out of him and the cock sucker knew the newcomer was playing with Chris as his movements slowed down but the cock never lost its hardness. He milked it every time it sank in deep and knew those cum filled balls were ready to be emptied as his hole was starting to tingle as the huge cock plugged it. He wished he could take load after load from this married man and get to swallow as well. ‘Come deep in me man,’ he said as Chris felt his balls being squeezed tight and started to pick up the fucking motion. The guy behind him was still kneeling and he felt his ass cheeks being spread and a rough wet tongue lick his bum hole. His cock and balls tightened instinctively and the cock sucker felt it too and settled his man pussy over the hard cock some more. The tongue was flicking wetly at his back hole as he fucked and fucked while his whole body tensed with the pleasure from the wet tongue and wet man pussy. The gay guys certainly knew how to let a man get hot and ready, he said to himself and lost himself in the pounding. Chris felt he was not far from shooting a big hot load and he tried to hold off but it was getting too intense. His balls were almost aching for release and he felt his cock was going to explode. The cock sucker was begging to be fucked harder as his body shook with every strong thrust and pulled Chris’ thighs against him. Keeping them locked, he pushed Chris back and in one swift motion turned around and reached for the newcomer nearby. Guiding the second hard cock into his mouth while he tensed his ass muscles on the cock in his asshole, he let them take over and use both his wet happy holes. Chris and the newcomer locked eyes and they both started fucking the wet hot holes offered to them.

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