Twin Sister Delights Ch. 03


Twin Sisters’ Incestuous Secret

I trembled atop my twin sister, Kimiko, my body buzzing from my orgasm, Clint’s cum leaking out of my pussy and coating my bush. I stared at the new person who entered Clint’s basement, my stomach roiling at being caught having sex. Incestuous sex. How had my life gotten to this point?

My twin sister, Kimiko, desired it.

It was all so overwhelming. My entire world was turned upside down by the revelation that my twin sister, older than me by ten minutes, wanted to have sex with me. She yearned for us to be lovers and for us to find an older boy to be our “big brother” and take our virginity. To breed us together. We weren’t on birth control. Clint didn’t wear a condom.

Cum dribbled out of my pussy.

“YunieSis?” Kimiko asked the figure standing in the doorway.

“SexyTwincest?” the new figure asked, an older girl with brassy hair. She was naked, her breasts large and soft swaying before her as she entered the basement. Her eyes flashed around, not bothered at all by Lee tied up to the St. Andrew’s cross or finding a pair of twins having sex with her brother. She had a shaved pussy with a unicorn tattooed on her pubic mound. “I was about to go to your house and meet you. But I see you found your own way here.”

“I did,” Kimiko said. She squirmed beneath me.

“You’ve been holding out on me, Zoey,” Clint said.

Zoey shrugged. “It was going to be a surprise for you, but I see Lee interfered. I was wondering why the yard wasn’t raked.”

“They were twins!” Lee said, the black-haired girl, maybe a year older than my twin and me, nineteen versus our eighteen. “Japanese Twins! I knew Clint would love it. It’s worth it getting tied up to give our brother this gift.”

Zoey rolled her eyes as Kimiko pushed on me. I rolled off of her onto my back, my hands covering my small breasts. This was all so much. Another person, another sister, who practiced incest with the hunky and dashing brother. He stood over us, too, his body muscular and strong, his cock half-hard and soaked in the virgin pussy juices of my sister and me.

Kimiko popped up to her feet and then gave Zoey a quick bow and then a hug. “It is so nice to meet you, Zoey-chan.”

“I still can’t believe you moved down the street from us,” Zoey said, hugging the girl back. “And you’re even cuter than your picture. And so’s your twin.”

“Well, we are identical twins,” Kimiko said. She glanced down at me. “Onee-chan, don’t be rude. Stand up and greet Zoey.”

I swallowed but obeyed Kimiko. I was used to following her lead, my nature more submissive than hers despite us being twins. I stood up, my small breasts jiggling, more cum and pussy juices leaking down my thighs.

“Minako is so sorry for being rude, Zoey-san,” I said, bowing to her. “It is so good to meet you.”

“She refers to herself in the third person,” Lee said. “It’s cute, right? I don’t know why, but it makes my pussy so wet.”

“It is cute,” Clint said, his hand resting on my ass with such a bold and comfortable gesture. I shivered as he gave me a squeeze. I felt like his property, a little sister owned by him. My pussy clenched, remembering his dick entering me.

“Well, Clint, I’m borrowing your little toy here,” Zoey said. “We have some girl-talk. Besides, you’re not the only one that inherited dad’s Asian fever.” Zoey gave my sister a quick kiss then she pulled my sister to the stairs and they vanished up it, their footsteps growing softer and softer.

I swallowed, alone with Clint and Lee, his hand on my ass. I swallowed, staring down at my hands clutched before my belly. Naked, dripping with cum, discovering my sexuality. I had eaten out my sister’s pussy already. I lost my virginity with her, feeling her tremble beneath me as Clint entered her for the first time.

Clint lifted my face with his hand. He stared down at me, his fingers stroked my cheek. I trembled, his eyes claiming me. My heart beat faster and faster. This was all so insane. I licked my lips, swallowed as his eyes claimed me.

“You are just beautiful,” Clint said, his voice deep and strong, so confident. He believed it.

“She is, Master,” Lee said, something quivering in her tone.

His finger stroked along my cheek to lips. I shivered as he pressed his finger into my mouth. My lips sealed around it. He pumped it in and out of my mouth, making me feel even naughtier, my pussy itching.

“You’ve never done anything with a boy, have you?” he asked.

I just whimpered. He smiled, understanding me.

“Just a virgin in every way. You’ve lost your cherry without even sucking a dick. That’s a shame since you have the perfect lips for it.”

I shivered. A blowjob…? I had friends in Japan who’d given them, kneeling before their boyfriends, bobbing their mouths on their dicks. I felt something wet poking my stomach. The tip of his cock rubbing against my belly. He was hard again. And he wanted… he bahis siteleri wanted me to suck on it. His dick

It was like he put the idea into my mind, because I started sucking on his finger. That only made him smile, making me feel so naughty. Then he pulled his digit out of my mouth. His smile grew so hungry, his eyes so demanding.

I swallowed, feeling Lee watching, too. There was an expectant energy in the air, surrounding me, pressing down on my shoulders. My knees buckled. I sank down before him, watching his muscular torso slide past me.

His cock throbbed right before my face, soaked in our virgin juices. My twin sister and I adorned his cock. I could smell the tangy aroma, that same flavor I reveled in while eating Kimiko’s pussy out before we came over to Clint’s house.

My tongue flicked out, brushing the tip. Clint shuddered, his hand grabbing my silky, black hair. My lips nuzzled into the tip. I was doing this. I was sucking his cock. I tasted the pussy juices, mine and my twin’s. It was so naughty. It made me feel so wanton. I was a little sister sucking her big brother’s dick clean.

I swallowed his cock.

“That’s it,” Lee said as she watched, her restraints jangling. “Just love his cock. Move that tongue and suck. Like it’s the best lollipop in the entire world.”

My cheeks hollowed as I sucked. Hard. I put my might into it. Clint groaned, his hand tightening on my hair, twisting it in his hands. I shivered, my pussy clenching, a wave of heat washing through me as I pleasured him.

“Yes, yes, that’s it,” Lee moaned. “Please my big brother. Ooh, yes, yes, just bob up and down on him now. Move your head. Fuck his cock with your mouth.”

My hands gripped Clint’s thighs, squeezing them as I bobbed my mouth. I moved it, sucking the entire time. My lips sealed tight, tasting more and more of the tangy pussy juices. Kimiko’s cream. My cream. I whimpered, my tongue caressing around his shaft.

Clint moaned. His chest rose and fell, so strong and muscular. I bobbed my mouth, saliva running down my chin. There was something that made me feel so… used. I was pleasing him, my new big brother. I was using my mouth to give him pleasure. And that made me feel so wanton. So slutty.

I just met him.

I just had sex with him.

I sucked so hard. This salty flavor filled my mouth, growing stronger as the tangy flavor of pussy dwindled. I made such wanton sounds. Moaning and slurping. My fingers dug into his hard thighs, feeling his strength.

“That’s it, slut,” Clint said, the demeaning word only making me feel hotter. I liked being his slut. And Kimiko’s slut. “I’m going to give you all the creamy cum you crave.”

“You’re going to love it, Minako!” Lee groaned. “Ooh, I love slurping down my brother’s cum. I could just be attached to his cock twenty-four/seven.”

Clint smiled.

I sucked, eager to taste it. My mouth bobbed faster and faster. More drool leaked out of my mouth like the pussy juices and cum leaked out of my pussy. I moaned, enjoying myself as I serviced him. I gave my new big brother pleasure. Such a strong big brother.

Kimiko was right about me. I wanted to have a big brother to love. I wished Kimiko was with me, sucking on his dick with me, sharing this moment like we shared losing our virginities. But… I also was doing something she hadn’t.

I was more experienced than her.

I shoved my right hand between my thighs. I felt the sticky cum matting my thick, silky bush. I found the wet folds of my deflowered pussy. It felt different, open, my labia parted, not as tight as usual. I shivered, my fingers touching my clit then my pussy lips. I gasped as I found my opening, no hymen covering it.

I entered myself.

I moaned around Clint’s dick as my two fingers sank into my depths. There was a sore ache deep in me from being stretched out by the dick I sucked. It felt so good to soothe it with my fingers. I pumped them in and out of myself. My cream dribbled out, my cum-stained pubic hair tickling my palm. I bobbed my mouth faster, loving his dick.

Loving my pussy.

“Ooh, this is so hot to watch, Master,” Lee moaned, her voice so tight. She struggled in the corner of my eyes, her thighs soaked by her cream. “Give her all that yummy cum.”

I wanted that. I wanted that so badly. I sucked and bobbed my mouth. I probed my digits so deep into my pussy then pumped them in and out of me. I fingered my cunt like Clint fucked it. I shuddered, pleasure spilling through me. My heart thudded in my chest. My blood boiled.

Clint groaned, staring down at me with those dark, possessive eyes. I stared up at him as the pleasure grew and grew in his face. He groaned. I could feel it quivering through him. His pleasure building in him.

“You want it,” Clint groaned. “Just aching for it, slut. Mmm, I love Japanese girls. You are so cute sucking on my dick.”

My pussy clenched on my fingers, more pleasure washing through canlı bahis siteleri me.

“Fuck,” Clint groaned. “You’re just too damned cute.”

Hot, salty cream fired into my mouth. I gasped at the squirt splashing the back of my throat. I shivered, realizing his cum filled my mouth. It was just a delicious flavor. I swallowed it, shuddering as it flowed down my throat, a little sister pleasing her new big brother.

My fingers jammed deep into my cunt. My palm massaged my clit. Delight exploded inside of me.

I gulped down Clint’s jizz, swallowing that salty treat as my orgasm spasmed through my cunt. My juices flowed out of me, drenching my hand as I drank down more and more of his cream. My rapture washed through me, drowning my mind. Sparks danced across my vision.

“Just like that,” Clint groaned, staring into my eyes as he fired the last blast of cum into my mouth. “Mmm, yes, Minako, just like that. That’s how a little sister pleases her big brother.”

“It is,” Lee moaned, such envy in her tone. I could feel her quivering with jealousy.

I felt so confident. So wonderful. I pulled my mouth off Clint’s dick, my pleasure peaking through me. “Minako enjoyed swallowing your seed, onii-sama.”

“Onii-sama…” Clint said, saying the Japanese word.

“That means big brother, Master,” Lee said.

Clint shook his head. “Yeah, I know that, slave.”

Clint let go of my hair and marched over to Lee. An excited quiver ran through Lee as he approached, her round breasts jiggling, her pale flesh coated in a sheen of sweat. He grabbed her nipple, pinching her nipple hard.

“You want to have a nice cum, don’t you, slave?” Clint said, twisting her nub.

She whimpered and quivered, pain thick in her throat, and yet the look in her face… Ecstasy. It made my stomach twist. My pussy clenched about my fingers still buried in my twat. It was a look of a girl utterly submitting to her big brother and loving it.

“I do, Master,” whimpered Lee. “It was so hot watching you enjoy the twins. Japanese twins, Master.”

He twisted her nipple more, her breast stretching. Then he released her. “You have a front lawn to rake.”

“Y-yes, Master.” Her entire body was flushed, quivering, needing to cum. And denied it. And yet… she had a smile on her face.

I pulled my fingers from my pussy and didn’t know what to do with myself as Clint freed his little sister. He gave her ass a smack and sent her scurrying from the room. Lee flashed me a big grin before darting upstairs naked, her tits bouncing and jiggling.

Clint knelt before me, staring into my eyes. “I would love to play more with you, Minako, but I have work to do. But I’m sure we’ll play again.”

“Minako would like that,” I said.

He kissed me on the forehead just the way I always imagined a big brother would. My eyes closed. I shuddered. And then he stood up and strode past me. I swallowed, sitting in his family’s dungeon with no idea what to do next.

Should I get dressed? Should I go looking for my twin sister? Was she having sex with Zoey right now? Was Zoey our big sister now?

I felt so self-conscious alone in someone else’s house naked. I found my clothing, pulling on my panties and skirt, finding my bra and top. I knelt, shivering as I looked around the dungeon, swallowing as I felt every beat of my heart, heard every creak of the house. My eyes flicked around at the various toys and instruments. Ropes and manacles and handcuffs hung from a wall next to whips and floggers and paddles.

Would Kimiko like to use those on me? Would I like her to use them on me? Poor Lee didn’t get to have any fun, and yet… Yet she had this look of ecstasy on her face. Like being denied her pleasure, being punished, was its own form of fun for her. It didn’t make sense to me, and yet… That smile on her lips, that joy she took watching us having sex…

Tonight, would I make love with Kimiko? We shared a room, a bed. We had slept in the same futon all our lives. In Tokyo, space was a premium. We didn’t have to share a room in our new Californian home, but…

But I wanted to share her bed. I wanted to do naughty things with her. A heat entered my pussy as I pictured Kimiko, her body a mirror to mine, that creamy-olive skin, so different from the pink-beige of Clint and his family. Her delicate face, almond-shaped eyes, black hair. Her breasts small like mine topped by dark-olive nipples, that dusky-brown, not Lee’s pink. And the taste of her… The feel of her pubic hair on my face.

I rubbed at my skirt, pressing the material into my thighs as my pussy grew hotter and hotter. I did want to make love to my sister. I wanted to enjoy her greatly. I couldn’t wait for bedtime. I would make love to her, explore her, love my twin.

The opening of the basement door and the slap of feet heading down it snapped my head up to the door. It didn’t sound like Clint, the footsteps too soft. Was it Lee? Or Zoey? canlı bahis My sister? Or one of Clint’s other sister’s. Would I have to explain why I was in their dungeon?

A fearful whimper burst from my lips as my stomach grew tight. The footsteps reached the bottom and–

Kimiko walked into the dungeon holding a casserole dish, a cloth bag hanging off her naked arm.

I let out a huge sigh and said in Japanese, “Minako is so glad to see you, onee-sama. Did you have a good time with Zoey?”

“Oh, yes, onee-chan,” Kimiko nodded. I used the word for sister with the “-sama” honorific, essentially calling her Sister-Mistress while the honorific “-chan” was often used on girls name or to denote someone cute and friendly. “I heard you blew Clint while I was eating her pussy.”

My cheeks warmed. “Minako… did pleasure Clint. Minako swallowed his cum, onee-sama.”

“That’s my sister-slut,” Kimiko said, a big grin on her face. “Well, we should get going. Clint and Zoey had to go to work. But I met his Mom, and she gave us a casserole for dinner. Isn’t that nice of her?”

I nodded my head as I stood up. My sister thrust the casserole dish out at me. I took it, holding it in my hand, the glass-like container feeling cold against my fingers. I cradled it in both my arms, resting it on my forearms. She dressed quickly then grinned and, her silky-black sweeping behind her, headed up the stairs.

I wondered what she had in the bag. It swung from the crook of her elbow, not empty, but not full, either. But I was never one to ask questions. I just followed her lead. I was sure she’d show me if it was important.

Outside the house, Lee raked the front yard with aggression, dressed once more in her tight skirt and tank top. She grinned at us and mimed performing a blowjob that had my cheeks burning. “Have a good one!”

“You, too, Lee-chan,” my twin said.

“Minako is glad to meet you,” I said. One day, I’d have to break the habit of not using the singular pronoun. But… Clint found it cute.

Lee winked at us then attacked brown and orange leaves.

We walked down the street to our new home. There were other people who lived on the street. Did they know that Clint had an incestuous harem? Did his neighbors gossip about what was happening at the three houses (Clint’s family owned three houses next to each other) occupied by his family? Would they wonder what my sister and I were doing in his house?

What if our mother heard these rumors.

As we reached our front door, my sister said, “Stop right there, onee-chan. I have something for you.”

“Oh?” I asked.

She yanked up my skirt. Right there on the porch. I gasped, gripping the casserole. I threw a look over my shoulder, seeing the street behind me. Then she ripped down my panties. My cheeks went red. My rump was on display.


The bag rustled and she pulled out a pink, rubber cone narrow with a blunted point. She popped it into her mouth, sucking on it. I shivered, wanting to cover up and… didn’t. My sister wanted me to be exposed and… and… I followed her lead.

The cone popped out of her mouth, glistening with her saliva. She brought it out of sight and–

She pressed it between my butt-cheeks. My eyes widened as she slid it down, searching for my butthole. I whimpered as she found my sphincter. She pressed the cone against it. The wet tip pushed and pushed against my anal ring.

“Onee-sama?” I whined, my voice so tight.

“Relax, onee-chan,” she said, pressing harder. “It’s just a butt plug that Zoey gave me. I want you to wear it for the rest of the day.”

My fingers clenched hard on the casserole dish. It quivered in my grip as my anal ring surrendered to the cone. It pressed into my bowels, cool against my hot flesh. My asshole spread wider and wider, swallowing more and more of it. A strange sensation, verging on pleasurable, rippled out of my bowels and hit my pussy.

I grew so juicy.

Then it popped into me. I gasped, feeling the butt plug stretching out my asshole. I trembled, shaking my hips, feeling it buried in me, nestled between the cheeks of my butt. My bowels clenched down on it. It was this intrusion, making me feel so full, so naughty.

“There you are,” she said. Then she pulled down my skirt and my panties. She didn’t draw them up my thighs, she pulled them off.

I stepped out of them as she knelt behind me. “No more wearing panties. New rule, onee-chan.”

“Yes, onee-sama.”

My sister opened the door and shouted, “Okaasan, we’re home. We met our neighbors.”

Our mother appeared, a kerchief rapped about her black hair, wearing old clothing as she unpacked. A smile appeared across her face, still with youthful beauty lingering in her delicate features. I remembered my sister boasting how she wanted to have sex with our mother and…

And she was beautiful.

“That’s nice,” our mother said. Then she nodded to the dish I held. “What’s that?”

“Dinner,” my sister said. “We met this nice boy named Clint and his sisters, Lee and Zoey. Their mother gave us the casserole. She planned on bringing it by when she saw us moving in, but I offered to bring it.”

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