Subject: Turning Cop Higgins (10) THis a semi true story about getting out of a ticket. It’s partly true because it did happen Some things altered to make the story hotter And it did change his view. If at least for a little while. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Turning Cop Higgins (10) ……. I didn’t have to wait long to have some cop action again. It was no less than a few days later when it appeared Higgins had sent one of his goons to come get me. Jensen was at my door with another heavy set cop. “Can I help you?” I said with contempt I couldn’t believe after I had gotten that prick Higgins off , that he was sending his men to harrass me again. I figured he was happy with having had me. And maybe I would be left alone for once. But no. The torments were gonna continue. I wanted to just punch Jensen and he stood there with his handcuffs ready to haul me in for nothing at all. “Boss want me to bring you in” he said “Come on boy” “What the fuck is wrong with you people” I shouted “I thought I had ‘settled’ with your boss already” “Just shut up and let’s go boy” The other goon grabbed apme and again I was taken to the station. There I was lead into and interrogation room. There was no mirror with the fake wall behind it. Just a dark four walled room. A table, a couple of chairs and a dim light above. “Where is Higgins” I demanded “I wanna talk to that fucktard” Then Jensen just laughed at me. Then I saw the other cop started to undo his pants. I looked at him, then Jensen. Knowing well what was about to happen. “Can you fucks just get Higgins” I shouted “There ain’t no Higgins” Jensen finally said “Higgins didn’t call for you boy.” Then he started to take off his pants too. I looked over at the heavier guy. He had dropped his pants and shorts. And was standing there stroking his small dick. “Get over here and suck me boy” he commanded I looked at him like he was nuts. Then I said ‘no’ and flipped him off. Jensen glowered at me and then spoke “I suggest you do as Bo says boy” Jensen stated “Cuz he will give yiu a beat down” “He hates fags like you” I glowered at his and then Bo. Eyes filled with fire “Don’t escort bayan all you fuck wads hate gays” I said “All you back woods hillbilly fucks” Then I was hit in the back of the shoulder. I was brought down to the ground by Bo. He was a big guy for sure. Over 6 feet. He then stood over me and waved his dick at me. His cock was actually bigger than Jensen’s. As it grew it was more like an inch more than Jensen’s tiny cock. “Suck it bitch” he growled I didn’t want to. But I was afraid that this guy would beat the shit outta me. So i reluctantly complied. I opened my mouth and he shoved his hard cock into it. Bo then grabbed my head as he shoved his cock in. I gagged at the suddeness of it more than his size. “Ughn fuck yeah faggot” he grumbled “Suck my dick like the little bitch you are” “Fuckk” He growled and grunted like a beast as just started to fuck my face. Pumping hard as he slammed into it. His balls tapping against my lower lips as Bo raped my face. Jensen had now droed his pants. Then he came up next to his buddy. I looked to see his small dick staring at me. He pulled in closer and then offered his cock to me. “Now me fucker” he ordered “Get that pussy mouth in my big dick” I had Bo pull out and his hand shoved my head to his superior. I went down his cock and sucked him as well. I laughed inside myself as he had said big dick. Wanting to come off him and just shout at how small they really were. To use my pinky to show the point. But i didn’t dare for fear they would do more damage to me. If it was just blowjobs. I could easily handle these fucktards. “Sure the boss loved this fuckers pussy mouth” Bo said “Dont fucking say a word to him” Jensen shouted “He would kill us if he knew” “Oh. Yeah right boss” Jensen fucked my face for a moment more before handing my head back to his buddy. At least Bo’s dick wasn’t a smidge of a dick. It was almost a mouthful. So I let him go back to fucking my mouth. “Shiit bitch” he groaned “His mouth is so fucking awesome boss” Then Jensen bent down and pulled at my pants. Almost ripping them down. “Bet his ass is even better” he said “Why don’t you fuck him” “While he sucks my big dick man” “Yeah man. Fuck this pussy faggot!” kocaeli escort Bo chimed I was then pulled forward by Jensen. He sat down on a chair and pulled me between his lap. Hitting me with his dick. “Get in all fours like a dog boy” he growled “Bo is gonna rape yer fag hole” “Gonna tear up yer shitter with his big dick” I really had no say as Bo grabbed my lower half and picked it up and I was now force on all fours. I went back down on Jensen. Then I pushed out my ass for the bigger cop. Letting him have my ass. He grabbed at my back side and spit down on his cock. He brought it to my hole and rubbed the wet dick to my ass. Then he shoved it into me. One hard push and my ass accepted his dick. It actually felt good. And I didn’t mind Bo fucking me. So I shoved back at his cock. “Damn!” He chirped “This hole does feel soo fucking good” He then pulled at my sides as he began to pump me hard with his cock. The man was grunting heavily within a minutes time. My ass was sucking on his cock hungrily. Pulling in his stem to get him off “Yeah fuck that fag hole man” Jensen shouted “Wreck his pussy up big guy” “Shhhittt” He was groaning as my mouth sucked in his cock. I licked at his balls to get him off as well. I just wanted them to finish so I could go home. Then Bo slammed in once last time as he busted a nut into my ass. I felt as his balls smashed up against me and started to dump his juice into my ass. I sighed on the dick in my mouth as I felt the stream of his cum pour into me. “Awwe fuckkerr!” He shouted loud “Take my cum pussy” “Ughhn fuckk yeah!” Bo stabbed at my ass several times as he came. Then he stopped as he finished. Pulling out of my happily fucked hole. “Shiit that was a great hole man” he huffed as he pulled from me. “Now me” Jensen chimed “My turn to fuck this little shit!” He pulled his dick from me. Then he came around to the back side. No this fucker I hated, and I didn’t want his scrawny dick in me. So I pulled to not allow him access. “No fuck wad” I shouted “Don’t want no more” “Shut up pussy” he growled as he hit the back of my head “Yer gonna get a nice slamming” “And yer gonna love it” Bo grabbed my head and izmit escort bayan came down to my face. His mean face sneered at me as he held me for his superior. “Yer gonna take it boy” he growled “Just like mine” “Noo. Fuck you!” I yelped Then Jensen shoved his hard dick into me. And i still tried to fight to push him out. But then he slammed my lower back. Hitting hard enough for pain to register. “Awe fuckk!” I yelled Then he just started to fuck me. Holding my hips as he slammed my already fucked ass. I hated him. I hated them. But was powerless to do anything. Then as he started to accelerate. Huffing and puffing as he drew closer to his own orgasm, the door flew opened “What the fuck is going on in here” came a loud voice Jensen froze and Bo pulled away from me. I looked up to see Higgins standing there. He came in and pulled Jensen from my ass. He fell back to the wall. “When did I fucking say to take liberties with people” he growled “Uhm. Fuck. Sorry boss” Jensen chirped with shame “Just um. Shiit” I looked to see him there. Hand on dick and beet red with embarrassment. Higgins looked at Bo and then told him to get the fuck out. ‘Now!’ So he pulled up his pants and then ran out of the room. Then Higgins grabbed Jensen and pushed him to the chair. Hard. “Sit the fuck down” he growled Then he came over to me and he pulled me up to my feet. Straightening me and whipping my shirt like it was dirty. “Pull yer pants up and go home boy” he ordered. ” Gotta teach this fucker some manners” I grabbed my pants and did pull them up. I was shocked that Higgins had actually come to my rescue. But I took it for what it was. Then as I was about to open the door to leave. He called for me to stop. “Actually boy. Wait up” he then stated “Stay” His voice was almost soft as he now spoke. Then he pulled up the other chair and placed it across from where Jensen sat. He patted the seat for me to take it. Then he almost smiled “Have a seat son” he said Then he moved back to Jensen. “Gonna let you watch me punish insubordination” he then stated Then I saw as Higgins pulled at his belt. At first I figured he was going to beat his employee with it. But then he pulled his zipper down, and hauled out his huge dick. “Suck it you piece of shit!” He ordered Jensen Jensen’s eyes bulged with shock and fear as he sat there….. .. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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