TURKISH DELIGHT Chap 1TURKISH DELIGHTMy wife Sarah who is 52, blonde, size 14-16 but due to her being 5 feet 8 tall she carries it well, has very long legs, great bum, nice 38D breasts and a great smile. She is also very chatty having worked in customer services for 30 years, were enjoying a holiday in Turkey. Primarily I think due to her personality, looks, and the fact that blonde women are a rarity in Arabic countries, she was getting a lot of helpful attention from the hotel pool staff, which i didn’t mind as i was also getting great service and never without a cold beer.It was quite funny seeing them running around to get her towels and a sun lounger, always asking her if she needed it moved as the sun went around, and the odd little brush of her arm and hand on her shoulder, which they thought i hadn’t noticed, when telling her if she needed anything else just ask. “Nothing is too much trouble for a beautiful lady” they would say, and she was lapping it up. Not that i minded, I was used to it and I was rather flirty with women myself so it was honours even.We had always enjoyed a very adventurous sex life even dabbling into mild exhibitionism and risque sex with the excitement of being caught or watched fuelling our passion. We even fantasised about other people joining us although when i pursued this towards reality and Sarah realised i was serious it was met with a very firm NO which i suppose, whilst pouring water on my fire, gave me confidence that she probably wasn’t interested in straying.However, the devil in me often rose to the surface and i did try on the odd occasion to weave another party into our web of passion but to no avail. Watching her interact with all these young guys buzzing around her, like bees around the proverbial, pinged a different lightbulb moment in my head. What if it was just “holiday” fun i thought, no body we knew and no chance of bumping into them in the future and of course the thought of Sarah receiving the attentions of a much younger guy may well be the clincher.It was fairly evident that, although it was their job to look after guests, a couple of them at least harboured desires to get their hands on my wife given the chance. So in my head the challenge was set, I had the seedling of an experience which i now had to nurture when the opportunity arose.We were enjoying some pool time and as the sun moved around Sarah asked for her lounger to be moved, as was customary she would get it moved then ask me to put cream on her back so she could lay in direct sun. So when Ali, one of the pool guys, was running around after her i seized the moment. Ali was probably very early 20’s, very lean and trim, and certainly what most people would describe as a good looking guy. As he finished and asked his customary “anything else Miss Sarah?”Before she could answer i piped up “ Yes Ali, can you do me a favour and put some cream on her back? I don’t use it as i sit in the shade and i always have to go and wash my hands when i put it on for her” Sarah looked at me with a scowl and said “Don’t be cheeky, you cant ask him to do that” Almost before she had güvenilir bahis finished he had the bottle of cream, off her table, in his hand and was saying “no problem, anything for Miss Sarah!” I looked back at her winked and smiled and said, “perfect scenario!”I watched Ali putting the sun cream on Sarah’s back and he wasn’t half taking his time about it Sarah lay there on her lounger looking at me and i could tell that even though she was doing her best not to show it she was actually enjoying the experience. When he had done he said “OK Miss Sarah, all done.” I said “Don’t forget the back of her legs especially that bit behind the knees.” So he carried on and even though i was watching he sailed pretty close to her lady bits. A little later i went and sat at the bar for a bit as it was cooler I asked Ali to take a drink over to Sarah and he did. I saw him sit down on my lounger and talk to her for a few minutes. Perfect! I thought she likes him and he likes her. Now i had to work out how to move things onto the next stage. I started playing out scenarios in my head. I abandoned several as non starters or over the top then, Bingo! I had it. The next chance I had i asked Ali if he did the maintenance side of things and told him one of the head rests of the sun loungers on our terrace was loose. He told me he could fix it and i asked him to call by about 5 that afternoon.Later that day Sarah and i were sitting on our terrace enjoying a sundowner before taking our customary little nap before getting ready for the evening. I looked at her and smiled then broached the issue. I asked Sarah how much she enjoyed Ali rubbing sun cream on her earlier. She was a little coy but smiled when she told me it was quite nice to be pampered. I told her that was good as i’d arranged him to come round to put her after sun lotion on for her. “Get lost” she said.I kept an eye on the time and also on Sarah’s glass making sure it was topped up in an attempt to get her in the pre tipsy relaxed stage. Bang on 5 Ali turned up carrying what looked like a tool bag. “Christ” Sarah exclaimed “were you serious?” Relax I said, he is here to look at the loose head rest on the sun lounger. She said “Oh right, i didn’t know it was loose” and I detected a hint of disappointment, which she tried to disguise as relief, in her voice. I said “it isn’t!” and smiled.I greeted Ali and he was his usual cheerie self making a point of saying hello to Sarah. I pointed him in the direction of the sun loungers and he dropped his tool bag and started tinkering with them. I looked at Sarah, “you’re disappointed aren’t you” i asked. She made out that she wasn’t but when I told her i could always ask him to put her aftersun on your back i detected a glint in her eye.Ali was beavering away, on what i had no idea as there wasn’t anything wrong with the sun loungers, and he was looking at Sarah more than what he was doing. I told Sarah to offer him some water and give him a bit of a close up of her boobs when she gave it him. “it will make his day” i told her. She looked at me and said “there isn’t anything wrong with those things is güvenilir bahis siteleri there?”She stood and went in the room, returning with a bottle of water. She walked over to Ali and gave it to him putting it down on the floor next to him and bending forwards from her waist as she did so. “Some water for when you finished Ali” she said She was standing side on to me and her breasts were hanging within her bikini top right in front of his face and he was certainly noticing. She lingered and enquired if he was nearly done. he told her he was and thanked her for the water. She stood and said “Thats good it looks like hot work, you’re sweating” and brushed her hand slowly across his forehead. She then turned and walked past me into the room and said “Im going tot put some sun cream on”Ali stood and told me he was finished and i invited him to sit while he had his water. I asked him if he liked Sarah, he looked a bit embarrassed but said he did. I asked him if he thought she had a nice figure for a lady over 50. He told me he thought she had a sexy figure. I stood and went and stood by the patio doors. Sarah was standing by her dressing table behind which was a large mirror on the wall, applying after sun cream to her arms. I shouted to her asking if she wanted some cream on her back and she told me she did. I turned and looked at Ali who had heard us both. I asked him if he would mind, he was out of his chair before I’d finished the question. I led him into the room and across to Sarah and told her Ali was happy to help her out. “Oh nice “she said handing him the bottle and turning around to face the mirror.Ali poured some lotion into one of his hands, put the bottle down and rubbed them together, i said to Sarah “ shouldn’t you take your top off so you don’t get lotion on it?”“I suppose” she replied and quickly removed it discarding it to the dressing table. As she did her breasts swung and i have to say looked awesome in the mirror. Ali began to rub the lotion into her shoulders and she sighed, “ooh thats lovely and cool” she said. As he rubbed her back her breasts swayed slightly. Ali was looking at them in the mirror, clearly enjoying the view.Ali picked up the bottle and poured more cream into his hand clearly not wanting the experience to stop. Sarah lifted her arms lifting her hair and placed them on the back of her head, “Make sure you do my neck and sides” she said with a little giggle. He duly obliged and as he was rubbing her sides he was ensuring his finger tips brushed the sides of her breasts. God i was aroused watching and the bulge appearing in his shorts told me he certainly was.As Ali’s hand made a brushing pass over the side of Sarah’s breast i saw her eyes close and she bit her lip then took in a deep breath and turned around smiling. She picked the bottle up and took Ali’s hand, poured lotion into it, put the bottle down rubbed his hands together then placed them on her breasts and said “you might as well do my front too!” Ali began rubbing Sarah’s breasts, gazing at them as he did so. She looked at me and smiled, I smiled back at her and she mouthed iddaa siteleri the words “God I’m horny” She asked Ali if he liked her breasts and he nodded, she told him he could squeeze them if he liked. He did just that and both he and i could see her nipples had gotten erect. He thumbed them and she sighed and closed her eyes.As Ali continued to squeeze and massage her breasts i was wondering what was next and how far she may go. Just then Sarah raised a hand to Ali’s shorts and rubbed his bulge. “Wow you are enjoying this aren’t you?” she said. He nodded and Sarah lifted her other hand and undid his shorts and dropped them to the floor. His rigid cock sprung out, It was about 7 inches long and very thick, and his balls hung below it looking like 2 large walnuts. Sarah wrapped a hand around it and her fingers barely met her palm. He let out a little groan.Sarah leant forward and put her mouth to Ali’s ear then she dropped to her knees and began to wank him and massage his balls. He tipped his head back and breathed deeply. She started to wank him quicker and with both hands around his shaft. It was an amazing sight although i was starting to think where this was headed and what she had said to him. She looked at me, smiled and winked and went quicker, Ali started to breath quicker and looked down at my wife stroking away on his cock. Then he started to gasp as he breathed. He muttered something in Turkish and then let out a big groan and his legs trembled and a huge spurt of cum left his cock and landed on Sarah’s breasts, she continued to wank him and squeezed his balls and the first spurt was followed by half a dozen more.Sarah slowed down her movements as he started to relax from his orgasm. She rubbed the residual droplets of his cum into his bell end as his shaft began to soften. Then she let it slip from her hand and looked down. “WOW!” she said. His cum had covered her breasts and was slowly running down her body dripping off one of her nipples. “I think i need a shower” she said. She stood, thanked Ali and walked past me saying, “you can wash my back” as she went.Ali pulled up his shorts. I asked him if he enjoyed it and he smiled and told me he enjoyed it very much, I showed him out and told him I’d see him in the morning. I went into the bathroom and joined Sarah who was already in the shower. I stood behind her and cupped her breasts and said “ You’ve washed all that cum of then” “Yes” she said “There was loads”I asked her if she had enjoyed is and she told me she had and it had made her really horny. Her hand reached behind her and she felt my cock which was still hard, “Oooh obviously it did you as well” She turned and knelt and took me in her mouth.We ended up having amazing sex and at one point i took her from behind in front of the mirror in the exact spot she had wanked Ali off. As we lay on the bed in each others arms totally spent she told me I was very wicked for planning the visit without asking her. I asked her what she would have said and she told me she would have said NO!” But you did enjoy it?” i asked her. “Oh yes” she said “But If I’m honest when I was down on my knees playing with his cock I actually wanted to you to tell me to suck him off.” “Dirty girl” i said and kissed her before we curled up to sleep. Hmmm suck him off hey i thought. I felt the cogs of mischief star to turn in my mind….

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