Truth or Dare for Two Virgin Teens (Blair and Justin, part 1)


The envy of the whole school. Blair and Justin felt it prominently just a few days after returning from the leadership conference weekend in Atlanta, hand in hand, their new relationship on full display for everyone. Although all of Blair’s female friends saw it coming a mile away, many of them were jealous that she got to date who they considered to be the hottest guy in the school. And Justin’s teammates never ceased to high-five him, wishing they could have Blair for themselves. Any guy who had ever shared a locker room with Justin knew of his impressive penis, which he never tried to hide in the showers; now their thoughts were filled with the image of his large member fucking such a tight, hot girl. Although Justin repeatedly denied the suggestion that anything physical was happening, he had their enduring respect.And it was happening, every chance they could get. The two had an immense sexual appetite and loved worshiping each other’s bodies. In the three weeks since their first time in the hotel room (and the three times they fucked the next day), they logged at least fifteen instances of full-on sexual intercourse, all in the back of Justin’s Jeep.The first of these instances was two days after returning home from Atlanta and nervously announcing to their parents (separately) that they were now dating. The next night Blair and Justin went out to dinner and caught a movie afterward. The movie was terrible, but the fresh couple made it enjoyable by kissing for a majority of the time. Justin wanted to let his hands wander her body more, but there was a family in front of them; this was frustrating to Justin, who since dinner had been sporting a semi due to the way her tight green t-shirt flattered her beautiful b-cup breasts. After the movie was over, the two-headed out of the theatre toward Justin’s car. After opening the door for Blair to let her in, she turned back toward him and drew him into yet another passionate kiss. This time, relatively alone in the parking lot, their hands went south and firmly grabbed each other’s athletic ass. The kiss became more passionate as their tongues became increasingly active. They were interrupted by the honk of a car leaving the parking lot, so they both entered Justin’s vehicle to drive home. Once inside, Blair suggested that they go to the cornfield a mile out of town. Justin looked confused. “Yeah, there’s a gravel road that leads into a clearing behind the trees. No one can see it from the road if you turn the lights off,” she said with a grin.”You must have been there before.””Well, yeah, but you probably don’t want to hear about it.””You’re probably right,” Justin said dryly as he entered the main highway, his right hand never leaving the inside of Blair’s left thigh.Ten agonizing minutes later, he slowed to turn into the gravel drive in Blair’s direction. About twenty yards in was a narrow clearing before the rows of corn began and Justin drove in here and turned off the engine.The two exited instinctively and reentered the back row of seats. As soon as both rear doors closed, the two locked lips again without saying a word. A minute later, Blair raised her right leg over Justin’s lap and was straddling him, lips still locked in a kiss. Justin’s left hand went to her jean-clad ass, his right to a boob. Blair moaned at the contact and reached down to pull Justin’s t-shirt off of him. It was dark except for a little bit of moonlight, and seeing his sexy chest and abs made her slightly wet. Even through two pairs of jeans, she could feel his big cock hardening, and she slowly started grinding gently into it. Justin could tell she was getting more and more turned on, so he pulled her tight shirt off of her body. Her bra tonight was black, and left a lot of skin exposed. Each hand cupping a breast, Justin’s mouth moved slowly down her sensitive neck to the tops of her soft mounds. He bahis şirketleri kissed half the circumference of both, lingering in the space between her sweet teen tits.Although it had just been forty-eight hours since they had last made love, the attention Justin was paying to Blair’s body made her crave his large cock. As he was fondling and kissing her breasts and lightly stroking her nipples through the materials of her bra, Blair’s hands unbuckled Justin’s belt and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. She raised her small body off of his lap just enough to allow room to pull his jeans down to his knees, lowering herself back down onto his white CK trunks. As she performed this maneuver, Justin brushed her bra strap down her left shoulder, causing her bra cup to fall just enough from her breast to allow his tongue to make contact with her hard nipple. “Oh my God, babe,” was all Blair could say. Her head rolled back in pleasure, and she decided to make it easier for him by unclasping and removing her bra entirely herself.Justin wasted no time in taking first one, then the other nipple into his mouth. This drove Blair wild, causing her to increase the intensity with which she was grinding against his cock. Still, with a nipple in his mouth, Justin unbuttoned Blair’s tight jeans; again she raised her body off his so he could slide them down. Blair completed the process of taking them all the way off, and Justin did the same with his jeans. When they reconnected they realized how wet they both had quickly become. Justin pulled Blair in close for a kiss, their bare chests in full contact, her clit rubbing against his dick, his hand down the back of her small panties gripping her bare ass. Blair broke the kiss to whisper into Justin’s ear, “I need you inside me, babe.””Good, it’s been too long,” Justin replied, pulling down his trunks and exposing his rock hard penis.Blair grabbed it and gave it a few tugs. “Fuck, I missed it.””Mmm, babe.” With that, he grabbed either side of her panties and lowered them down below her ass. She raised up again to remove them completely, their bodies finally naked, their preferred state to be together.Blair lowered herself, but this time angled her lower body to allow Justin’s erect cock entry into her dripping vagina. Both gasped at how perfect their union felt, and how easily they fit together despite Blair’s tightness. They kissed tenderly as Blair began raising slowly up and then lowering back down Justin’s manhood, which quivered at the sight of her unbelievable naked body riding him. Justin began moving his hips to meet her body as it descended, and the two established a beautiful rhythm that gradually accelerated. Blair began moaning and said louder than she meant to, “harder, babe.”Justin placed either hand on Blair’s hips and began thrusting fast and deeply into her pussy. Blair leaned forward to kiss Justin’s neck, but soon got lost in the intoxication of their voracious fucking. She allowed herself to lean back against the front seatbacks, providing Justin with a clear moonlit view of her perfect teen tits, her enraptured face, and the constant rejoining of her pussy with his dick. With Blair’s moans increasing, Justin could not last much longer and soon was in the throes of ecstasy, moaning himself as he shot his load of hot cum into his girlfriend. Blair lost control as well, yelling his name as her orgasm matched his.With little variation and not feeling a need for it, the two continued fucking like this for two weeks.—–After school on a Friday two weeks later, Justin went over to his friend Kyle’s house to hang out. Kyle was on the basketball team with Justin, and the two had been close friends ever since Kyle moved to town with his parents in sixth grade. Up until two weeks ago, Justin had thought of Blair as his best friend, and Kyle his second-best friend. Now that he and Blair bahis firmaları were officially dating, he wasn’t quite sure what that meant for his friend rankings.”Don’t get me wrong, bro. I’m happy that you are Blair are FINALLY together. But the downside is that I haven’t seen you outside of school or basketball practice in weeks. Well, that and the fact that the hottest girl in school is off the market!” Kyle said, trying to get a rise out of his friend.Justin smiled. “Yeah, I know. And I do feel bad. It’s just…I really like being with her, you know? It’s like we’re finally honest with each other, and it’s just really good.”Kyle felt like there was more, but didn’t want to push for details too blatantly.”You two have been spending a lot of time together. Do you always stay at your house, or go to hers?”Justin felt nervous about accounting for his whereabouts; most of their time after school was spent in the back seat of Justin’s car. “About half and half, I would say. Sometimes we go see a movie, or just drive around.”Yeah right, Kyle thought but left it alone.Justin changed the subject. “Since it’s getting to be the end of summer, I would like to spend some time with her on the lake before it gets too cold.””It’s probably already too cold to swim; that water’s cold on a hot day,” Kyle responded.”No, I meant like on a boat, not swimming.”Kyle realized where this was going. “Oh, that’s the reason you came over today. To ask if you can borrow my dad’s boat,” he said slyly.Justin gave his aggravated frown. “NO, I came over to hang out! The boat was your idea.”Kyle laughed; Justin had tricked him into it. “Okay, Okay. I’ll ask my dad if you can take it out this weekend. But only on one condition.””Okay, name it.”Kyle paused and grinned. “You have to tell me what happened at the hotel in Atlanta. Every detail.”Justin immediately felt nervous, but soon felt some level of comfort returning. This was his best male friend. The two talked endlessly about the girls they liked and what they would do to them. On occasion, the two had even felt comfortable enough to watch porn together on Justin’s laptop, even jerking off in front of each other. Justin sighed, then proceeded to tell Kyle about the Atlanta trip: their adjoining rooms, Blair’s idea to play Truth or Dare, their confessions to fantasizing about each other, and slowly stripping. Kyle hung onto every detail, but his mouth fell open and his face slightly flushed listening to Justin talk about taking off Blair’s bra and playing with her tits, and finally, the amazing sex that followed. Rock hard, he could barely contain himself as Justin continued talking about their sex in bed the next morning, followed by a steamy shower scene.Kyle, who along with every other straight boy in their school had included Blair frequently in his fantasies, was in a state of horny disbelief, now desperate for his friend to leave so he could take care of his own engorged dick. “Just tell me one thing, bro: how are her tits?”Justin paused and smiled. “Perfection.”—–Before he went to bed that night, Justin texted Blair like always to say goodnight. After her return text, Justin responded, “BTW, I have some last-minute plans for us tomorrow.””Oh yeah?””Yeah. Kyle’s dad is letting me borrow his boat for the day. Can you meet me at the dock across the street from your house at noon?””Ooh, that sounds like fun. Just the two of us?””Yeah. I’ll bring lunch – it will be like a picnic.””Nice. That’s perfect timing – the new bikini I ordered just arrived today!””I can’t wait to see it!””Babe – it’s for your eyes only…”Justin’s mind wandered. How will I possibly be able to sleep now?—–The next morning after Justin woke up and showered, he put on his bathing trunks, hoping not to need them for very long. Although it was that period of late summer/early fall, the temperature that day was unseasonably warm. kaçak bahis siteleri Justin was perfectly comfortable with just the trunks, no shirt. He left in his Jeep, stopped by his favorite sandwich shop to pick up lunch at the drive-through, and drove to Kyle’s house. Kyle was waiting for him in the driveway as Justin exited his jeep with two take-home bags and two bottles of water.At the dock, Kyle gave Justin the key to the boat and assisted with the boat lift so the boat could be lowered into the water without Justin having to jump into the boat hurriedly. Justin cranked the engine and reversed away from the dock. As he was about to turn the boat away from the dock, Kyle said, “Have fun with her!” and winked. Justin smiled, catching his meaning.To pick Blair up, Justin drove about a mile to the shared community pier that was across the street from Blair’s parents’ house. Luckily it wasn’t being used by anyone else at the time, so Justin tied the boat and shut off the engine. He took out his phone and texted Blair, “I’m here.”A couple of minutes later he spotted his girlfriend walking down the pathway that led from the street in front of her house down to the pier. He was disappointed to see that she was wearing clothes, but remembered what she had said in a text the night before, that her new bikini was for his eyes only. His disappointment turned into butterflies as their eyes met and she smiled her cute smile at him. Justin assisted Blair in stepping down into the boat, keeping hold of her hand after she was safely in. She wore a light grey cropped tee-shirt and what Justin recognized to be her smallest pair of volleyball shorts, which happened to be his favorite due to how amazing her tight ass looked in them. Blair was equally as excited to see her boyfriend shirtless, taking in his washboard abs and perfectly sculpted pecs.The two kissed eagerly, Justin careful to keep his hands above her waist in case anyone might be watching. After some time, the kiss came to an end and Justin said, “So, let’s see this new bikini!”Blair looked around at the neighborhood of houses overlooking the pier. “Ugh, maybe we should get a little bit away from the dock first. My parents are home, and I really wouldn’t want them to see it.”Justin’s eyes got big. “Damn, now I have to see it!”Blair laughed. “Where are we spending the day?””Well, I thought I would take us over to that open part of the lake near the south end of town where there aren’t many houses. It’s always pretty empty. But it’s kind of a long drive. I don’t know if I can wait that long to see your bikini,” he said coyly.”OK fine, drive to the opening on the other side of the island near the main channel. I’ll get out of my clothes there, but you’ll have to take me immediately to the clearing you’re talking about since a lot of people go to the island to fish. I don’t want to take any chances.”Justin sat down behind the wheel with Blair in the seat on the opposite side. The island was just a few minutes from the pier, and he drove extra fast to get there. Luckily, it was a quiet day on the lake, and none of the few boats they saw were anywhere near the island. Anticipating that they would only be here for a couple of minutes, Justin decided not to put the anchor in the water and switched off the engine.”OK, let’s see it,” he said with a grin while spinning his seat toward her.Blair smiled and stood from her seat. First, she slowly lowered her volleyball shorts to reveal a black thong bikini bottom. The thin fabric covered very little in the front, and as she spun around Justin’s mouth watered as he saw his girlfriend’s amazing ass.”Wow. I definitely approve!” Justin began to feel his cock start the process of hardening as he realized that this was truly going to be a great day.”Thanks,” replied Blair. “Maybe I should wait until we have more privacy before I take off my shirt.””What? There’s no one here. Plus, when we’re driving no other boat will be close enough to see what you’re wearing,” Justin pleaded.Blair looked around again and shrugged her shoulders. “OK, but we’ll need to take off as soon as I do.”

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