True story of mine


True story of minesupprimésupprimésuppriméBut I can’t wear this dress, the skirt is so short and neckline of top is so deep” I complained.“No, as per our agreement you have to wear this dress, you have already signed the agreement and any breach in the agreement, and you will lose you 90% payment.” Director replied. So please go and wear the dress, we are already running behind the schedule. My name is Anita and I am 18 years old and daughter of Army Officer. I am very fair and tall and had won Miss Pune beauty contest last year. I have a terrific figure of 36-24-36 and innocent oval face. Somebody suggested me that I am so beautiful that I can become a top heroine. I could not control my temptation and came to Bombay with dreams of becoming big and famous heroine. After a struggle of almost one year and sleeping with almost with dozen of people I got a leading role in one of the films with a firm agreement and payment of two lakhs. I had no option. As per the agreement before signing the picture they paid me an advance of 10% and rest of the amount to be paid after the completion of the movie. Any breach from my side either wearing revealing dress or objecting on any scene in the picture, my 90% of the amount will be forfeited. This was my first picture and after struggle of almost one year I had got the role of leading actress in the picture. So quietly I went to the changing room and looked at the dress once again. The skirt was hardly 12 inches in length and was so tight that it clung to my thighs, that even outline of my transparent panties could be seen and Top had no back and only two strings were provided to tie from back and neckline was so deep that my three fourth of breasts were exposed. Even if I had to bend a little, than from back anybody could see my panties and in front whole of my breasts were exposed.This was a love song in which Hero would dance with me and during the song will make love to me. When I reached on the set all eyes were staring at me with lust. There were almost twenty males right from light boy to the director and I was the only female on the set. As soon director called for action the hero came and held me close to his body. He was also new like me and acting in his first bahis siteleri picture. He was also very much excited looking at me and I could feel the hardness and warmth flowing through his Cock when he held me closely. As the song progressed we kissed each other number of times and on many occasions he kissed on top of my breasts. But the biggest problem was Director himself, he had an eye on me from the start and wanted to f**k me. But had not succeeded so far as the financier and producer of the picture was an NRI and director had some instructions from him not to fool around with me. But whenever opportunity came he took full advantage of it to feel my body. He was a pot bellied short man weighing more than 100 Kgs; he was almost bald and was around 50 years in age. I really hated him, but I had to co-operate with him and keep quite otherwise he could have spoiled my career.“Cut” shouted director, “Are you holding your girl friend or your sister?” he told to the hero.“I will show you how to do it” said Director. He came to me and embraced me so tightly that I was almost suffocated. With both hand he started feeling my buttocks and pinched them. I could see a mischievous smile on his face, but I had no alternative but to keep quite. He than kissed me on the lips and with both hands started feeling my breasts. I could feel his huge cock ramming against my skirt as if it will tear the skirt and enter in my cunt.“This is how you should do it, after this line of song you have to pick her up and take her on the bed where we will shoot the love scene. There has to be expressions of ecstasy and willingness to make love on her face and it will happen only if you do foreplay in the way I have shown you. After this the hero became very bold and started kissing me all over the face and started feeling my breasts and buttocks. Then he slowly picked me up and took me to the bed. As the scene for the bed scene was being prepared I walked over to the Director and told him that I was feeling very shy doing love scene in front of so many people.I told him that I will feel comfortable if he could retain only people who are needed like Himself, Hero, Cameraman and may be one light man. He thought for a minute and finally canlı bahis siteleri agreed and told other people to go outside. I could see the frustration and anger on the faces of the people who were asked to go away as if prey had been snatched away from the mouth of Lion. As soon as Director said Action, Hero was all over me on the bed. He started kissing me and pressing my breasts. He came on top of me and spread my legs. My skirt had already reached to my waist. I was shocked when he opened his fly with one hand took out his cock and started rubbing against inner sides my thighs just few centimeters away from my cunt. I jumped and shouted at him. The poor guy told me he is doing what has been told him to do by the director.When I enquired from the director, he told me that they are only shooting the top portion of our bodies, as to bring in real expression of love and excitement on the face and it is necessary to indulge in this act. When I refused to do the scene, he again reminded me of the contract and even threatened me that I am raising too many objections and he will talk to the Producer to replace the heroine. This made me scared and quietly I went back to the bed. As soon as Action was called, hero started fondling my breasts and kissing me wherever he felt like. He raised my skirt to my waist and again started rubbing his cock on the inner side of my thighs. After few moments he moved my panties with his one hand to side and started inserting his cock in my cunt. When I looked at the director for objection, he nodded his head quietly and did not ask for cut. I was sure that censor will not allow this scene; more over they were shooting only upper part of the bodies. (I learned much afterwards that they had shot the whole fu****g scene). By now the hero was pumping his big shaft like a piston in my cunt. I was also feeling so hot by now that I started co-operating with him by gyrating my hips from down to accommodate his cock in my cunt. By now he had already removed my top and was sucking my big breasts. On the nod of Director two spot boys came to the bed and removed my skirt and pant of the hero and now both of us were stark naked. With a great grunt he came inside me and I could feel his canlı bahis hot cum in my cunt. I also reached my orgasms and finally director called for cut. Every body in the room came to congratulate me for the wonderful scene I had performed.I went to toilet to clean myself and when I came out I saw a very tall and handsome man talking to the director. He was the NRI who was producing this movie. He told me that I was very beautiful and after this movie I would be rated as one of the top heroines in the industry. Hearing this I felt so happy that I forgot that I was f**ked against my wish in front of so many people. I looked at the director with pleading eyes, not to tell him about the objections I was raising while shooting the film. He assured me with his eyes that he had no intentions of complaining against me and on contrary he told him that how I was co-operating with him while shooting.Producer whose name was Jeet told me that he was giving a party to the people in the unit on launch of his picture and told me to reach his place by 7:30 pm. I was very happy and excited and spent whole evening in selecting my dress for the evening party. I reached his place at Bandra at 7.30 pm and knocked at the door. Director who led me inside in the huge hall opened the door. I could see Jeet, Cameraman Ramesh choreographer Ajit sitting on the sofa and enjoying their drinks. When they saw me every body stood up and greeted me with warmth and affection and offered me a drink. We all sat down and started discussing about the movie, when Jeet told me that he would like to see me in same dress which I was wearing on the set. I agreed and went along with Director in the next room to change. When I looked at the dress I asked him where is bra and panties. He told me that I have to only wear skirt and top and nothing else. He went on explaining me further that this is very common in film industry where heroine had to entertain key people in film unit other wise she does not have any future. With these remarks he went out. I was so desperate to become the top heroine that I started removing my dress and wore the dress I was wearing at the set. As soon as I entered the hall, every body stood up again and offered me a seat on the sofa. I was feeling so awkward in sitting down as I knew that Jeet who was sitting in front of me will get full view of my cunt as the skirt was so short. Slowly I sat down and crossed my legs and tried to pull the skirt down

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