True story, Footballs buddy turn into fuck buddy


True story, Footballs buddy turn into fuck buddyI read this on another site hot true storyThis story was told to me by a guy I met in my travels in Chicago. He says the story is true and I am relaying it the best I can.It starts out with 4 guys who were season ticket holders for the Bears, and they had never known each other except for seeing each other at the games. Years must of went by when one of them suggested that for away games they meet at a sports bar. That went on for a season or two, then one suggested it would be cheaper to rotate between 4 houses.Big Max the guy that I met was not married but bi, he like fucking pussy and guys ass equally, he was not overly big guy in stature but had a thick cock, Jim and Mike were bookends 6′ 200 and worked all the time. They were both married to hot wives. Chris was an attorney and sat a desk all day he was small compared to the others 5’5″ maybe 130 pound. Chris was married, and his wife was a litter bigger them him, but she wasn’t fat.It was a Monday night game just before Halloween and they were meeting at Jims house. When they watch the games at someone’s house the wives left till at least 11 PM. Chris called Jim saying he would be late, that he had to pick something up for his wife. The guys got thing ready and started a small card game as usually, it was in the event the game sucked they had something better to do. Chris arrived not to late with a large bag form a costume store, all the guys were egging them to show the costume. Chris pulled out his butler outfit and then his wife’s French maids outfit.The guys started to hoot that they would love to see their wives in that. After the 1st quarter the game sucked, so they played more cards, then that got played. Mike had the deal and his game was the 1st one to tap out had to wear the maids outfit and be at the rest of the guys backing backen call the rest bahis siteleri of the night. Big Max said he was in but he will walk around with the out fit taped to his underwear, because no way would it fit. Chris said sure…he had a hot hand. Jim was ok but if I loss my junk will be hanging all out….he was not having a good night.To shorten the writing in the end Chris tapped out first…..Max got up and handed him the bag, and just pointed. Chris was a little taken back that no one said they were k**ding.Chris changed into the maids outfit and as Max says he looked pretty darn hot. The guys started asking for drinks and nuts, then out of the clear blue….Mike stands up and says to Chris that he needs service and wipes his cock out. Everyone got quite, and they all moved there chairs away from the table. Chris just stared at the cock and didn’t say a word till Mike yelled come on I’m waiting. No one expected Chris to do anything, but he walked over and bend down to suck Mikes cock. Max said they all looked at each other in shock, then they all started to pull there cocks out. Since Max was a closet bi, he new altitude about getting a guy hot and also new guys suck better then wives.Max got up and started to rub Chris’s ass. Chris was trying to hit his hand away but Max gave him a few good smacks, after that Chris kept his hands on Mikes knees. Mike was close to cuming and held Chris’s head so he blasted a load in his mouth. Chris never moved, instead he swallowed it all and stayed bend over as Mike got up and was replaced by Jim. By this time Max was starting to work his thick fingers into Chris’s asshole. Chris just stayed there bent over sucking Jims cock, and Jim even commented this is better then his wife. But Max knew from experience that Chris was getting hot with 1 finger in his ass, wait till 2 go in. Jim stood up and started to face fuck Chris, and canlı bahis siteleri max started to work that 2nd finger in. Then Max felt something….Chris started to push back a little on his hand. Max didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to embarrass Chris anymore then needed be.Mike pulled his cock out of Chris’s mouth and told him to hold it open, Mike then took one step backward and cum started to fly at Chris’s mouth. Chris looked like a mess but Max still had to go. Max pulled his fingers out and told Chris to get on his knees. Chris had a little trouble getting the cock in his mouth but slowly he started to deep throat it. Max was able to tell just the was Chris was sucking he was enjoying his new activity. When Max came it was like a faucet of cum flew out of Chris’s mouth.The night ended before 11 with the guys helping Chris clean up himself and the outfit.No one talked about that night until the next home game….no Chris. They talked amongst themselves that maybe they went to far. Max said he will call him on Monday. Max called Chris at work, since he didn’t want his wife to know. Max just did small talk then he asked Chris if he was ok with what happened. Chris said he was fine and he wasn’t at the game due to a family thing. Max was glad and was about to hang up when Chris said wait Max can I talk to you in confidence.Max…sureChris…I have to tell someone but I really enjoyed that night and getting finger fuckedMax….I know, you were pushing back on my hand.Chris …..oh fuck was it obvious and did Jim and Mike seeMax…nayChris…. Well, l’ll see you at your house Sunday and please don’t tell the other guysMax ….your secret is safe with me.Max immediately told Jim and Mike. They couldn’t believe it and asked Max if he thought he might suck their cocks again. Max….leave it to me, he will do move then suck cocks. They left it canlı bahis up to Max.When Chris arrived at Max’s house Jim and Mike were there already, with dumb smirks on their face. Chris said hi to everyone and got a drink.Max…hey Chris I brought you something.Chris ……o yeah what is it and where is it.Max pointed to the bedroom. He had brought a slutty nurses outfit, wig heels and all the sexy underwear.Chris went into the room and stared at it, Max peeked in on him and saw that Chris started to undress. He gave the guys a thumbs up. Chris came out looking like a tramp, heels and all. He even had panties with the ass exposed. When he came to the table Max gave his ass a squeeze, then pulled out the chair for Chris. Chris looked down and saw a black dong, pointing straight at him. Max said very firmly SIT. Chris started to position his asshole over the dong and Max squirted a glob of lube on it. Slowly Chris went lower and lower till his cheeks were on the seat. Jim who sat across from Chris said the look on his face… was one of pure fucking lust. The guys started to play cards, then after 2 hands Chris said it a very low deep horse voice.I need to be fucked, I need to be fucked now with the real thing.Chris started to slowly rise and as he did he bent over the card table with his ass in the air.Max just guided him by the shoulder and bent him over the arm of the couch. Max then guided his cock slowly into the well lubed hole of Chris. Jim sat on the couch and started to pull Chris head towards his waiting cock. Before Chris got busy sucking , he started moaning and pushing back on Max, begging For more.Chris… Please fuck me harder, pound my ass…please I want it so much.With that Jim shoved his cock into Chris mouth.That day Chris was bare backed by his buddies and took and swallowed all there loads. And since Max knew no one was coming home….they spent the day just relaxing and using Chris as a cum dumb.Now Chris loves it so much that all away games are at Max’s house, and Max got a few more outfits for Chris. They are even talking about a night out with Chris dresses up.

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