Big Tits

Trish couldn’t sleep. It was gone two and she had work the next day but somehow she just couldn’t unwind. Harry lay there like a balustrade, inert and snoring. She cuddled up to him, her hands slipping down his hairy belly and between his legs, with out thinking reaching for his penis. It was flaccid. She let go of him and rolled onto her back trying to clear her mind. She had had a bust up with Jenna, her step daughter, earlier that day, well yesterday now, about seeing boys. In the heat of the moment she had called her a slag and now, in the small hours, she regretted it. She wasn’t a slag, she was just an average sixteen year old, finding out about life and making her own mistakes. She had been lucky with Jenna really. A lot of women find it difficult to get on with their step daughters, especially when they are teenagers. But, the odd argument aside, they had always got on well. Trish knew what she needed to relax – an orgasm. She slipped beneath the sheets and started to kiss Harry’s stomach. It was rough on her face with course wiry hair that straggled its way up from his pubes. She moved lower, Harry stirred. She took his small, shrunken little penis in her mouth, gently licking and caressing it with her tongue. She could taste the stale sweat it was just beginning to turn rank and she would have gagged if she hadn’t been so horny, but her pussy ached now. With relief she felt his dick start to swell and grow. Her mumbled something kaçak iddaa but then turned onto his side, his dick flopping from her mouth and being hidden between his beer belly and the sheets. God she needed something inside her. With a sudden thrill of excitement she remembered her vibrator. She hadn’t used it since she had been living with Harry but she still had it somewhere in her wardrobe. Quickly and quietly she slipped out from bed and crept across the room. She was naked, as she always was at night and she looked down at her body. When she had first got with Harry a few of her friends had told her she was too good for him. She felt awful for thinking it but she could see what they meant. She loved Harry of course she did but he wasn’t the best looking man in the world. He was fifty now and she was only 32. Where as he looked every bit his age, she was often mistaken for being younger. Her slim body and small but pert breasts made her look more in her twenties. Her fingers fell on the soft plastic of her vibrator making her pussy twinge with excitement. She twisted it and it sprang into life, good. But where should she do it? She couldn’t in the bedroom. She would have to go to the bathroom. She slipped on her kimono and put the blue vibrator in the pocket, her fingers playing with it excitedly. Breathlessly she crept out the door, shut it softly behind her and made her way down the landing. She was just going past Jenna’s door when to kaçak bahis her horror it began to open. For a moment she panicked, what should she do? The she realised that Jenna could not know what she was up to. When the door opened fully and Jenna appeared she looked as surprised and guilty as Trish felt. She had obviously been crying, her mascara (which she wore far too thick) was down her cheeks, almost to the edges of her mouth. ‘Oh.’ Jenna started. ‘I was just going to the toilet.’ Trish said, feeling sheepish. ‘Are you ok?’ ‘Yeah…I was just…can we talk?’ ‘Of course,’ said Trish, the vibrator weighing like a brick. She went into Jenna’s room and sat down on her computer chair. She could feel her juices wet against her thighs and another pang went through her pussy, but she knew Jenna was troubled by something. ‘What is it, love?’ ‘Well I don’t know how to say this.’ Jenna started but as she did her gaze drifted to a magazine that lay open on the floor. The centre page lay exposed and featured a woman, wearing nothing but knee high boot with her legs spread. She was obviously enjoying herself. Jenna flushed a deep scarlet. ‘Well that kind of explains it. I think I might be a lesbian.’ ‘It doesn’t matter if you are,’ said Trish not really knowing what else to say. Then she realised that Jenna was looking at her pocket. Now it was Trish’s turn to flush. Her hand shot to the vibrator which was protruding several inches from the illegal bahis red silk. ‘You could always get yourself a vibrator,’ she laughed. Jenna smiled and pulled open her bedside drawer. An identical blue vibrator lay next to a pack of wet wipes. ‘I didn’t think you’d need one,’ she said to Trish, still blushing. ‘Your dads asleep. And us oldies still have urges you know.’ ‘Your not old,’ Jenna replied coyly ‘and there is a way we could both relieve our urges.’ She looked down at her feet and her face was now beetroot. ‘Oh, love…’ Trish didn’t know what to say. ‘I’m not…you know, I’ve never…been with a woman.’ ‘It’s ok…I just..’ Now it was Jenna’s turn to be lost for words. ‘Any way, you don’t fancy me, do you?’ Jenna was silent for a minute. ‘Don’t tell dad.’ ‘Of course I won’t. Come here.’ Trish pulled Jenna to her and hugged her close. She was acutely aware that her pussy was still swollen and moist and that is was tight against Jenna’s leg. Despite herself it gave her a strange thrill that Jenna wanted to sleep with her. She tried to shake the thought out of her head but Jenna’s body clad only in panties and a t-shirt clamped against hers made her quiver with excitement. She ought to be repulsed at thinking of her step daughter in a sexual way but she wasn’t. She had never even found a woman attractive before but she couldn’t stop thinking of Jenna’s young smooth body. She pushed Jenna away from her and held her at arms length by the shoulders, surveying her face. ‘Do you really fancy me?’ she asked. Jenna nodded. She looked her up and down. Her black hair with red streaks was tousled and made her skin look even more pale.

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