Treality Stories Vol. 03 Pt. 03


Yes we’re happy and horney as f¥€k – time for our Wanna F¥€k

All characters are well over 18 years old and include ‘Rocket Man’ who was known as ‘Rambo’ in his youth and ‘Sparkling Red’ this time, this is just about us f¥€king, again! Thanks to Sparkling Red, this is our longest Treality Story by far as yet! We love our Wanna Fuck # 3s obviously …

Sparkling Reds Wanna F¥€k You
: In your car frontseat on an Adults Only Weekend Roadtrip

We have our car packed heading to CBR for a dirty AO weekend taking in a show and Floriade. I am excited, a weekend away from home. You’re looking forward to our weekend too. I have my reversible skirt on and a pair of boots, top on with my great tits visible through the material. You’re obviously enjoying them too.

Yes I can see your perky tits … Yes …

We chatter and chatter about us and enjoying life together, We get up Brown Mountain after stopping at the look out. It’s a beautiful day view is amazing.

I take a photo of you and the great view. We get romantic as we take in the view holding hands smiling and kissing. You like it that I want to stop and enjoy the journey too …

We get back in the car and I am horney and feeling playful. We start driving again, we are travelling along the plains and my right hand plays with your groin through your jeans. Mojo is getting bigger and l am not disappointed. I see you smile with a go on look on your face … I unzip your jeans ?? and pull out Mojo hard from inside his underwear. I move my seat belt and slide my top half of my body over to kiss Mojo’s fabulous super fat cock.

I take him in my mouth ?? and begin to give you pleasure by sucking and taking him whole in my mouth which is drooling with saliva.

Your feeling excited but I’m secretly hoping a high vehicle passes us and sees you getting such a blowjob.

With the intense pressure of not getting caught by a police ?? passing your Mojo explodes and cums in my mouth and I swallow up your love juices licking the excess and no mess on your jeans. Yes pleeeaase. We are going to do this again and again. I love to suck your cock while you’re driving.

So you know l enjoyed taking you to a new height while driving l lean back into my seat, hook my knees up onto the dash and invite you to feel if my pussy is wet after pleasuring you.

Yes Please. To my delight you smile and say I can do that for my Sparkling Red.

Your right hand is driving and your left hand is running from my knee to my core. You run your hand down and are surprised to find l am wearing no panties. My pussy is dripping wet and easily takes your fingers.

How many do you like? I ask all excited.

You find a quiet sandy side road and pull into it, Mojo is all hard again and you want me now in the front seat me riding your cock which is now a lovely long curved banana dick.

Your pussy is just the most beautiful creation. I truly love Genie …

You come over to my side of the car to jump in and I pull your jeans down roughly as you’re horney as f¥€k and just want to ram Mojo hard inside your Sparkling Reds tight pussy.

Goddess on top, yeeees … I pull your top off …

You’re playing with my HDs and sucking them as well as softly bite. I grab your shoulders and pull you to me kiss on the lips. I jump on you reverse cowboy and Mojo enters so smoothly given the seat is wound down towards the back seat and I ride you quickly and hard. I shudder again and call out your name as l come around my beautifully hard thrusting Mojo.

I continue to shudder with delight and you cum again inside of me. I can feel every spurt deep inside of me. What a delight.

We hug and then you pull out l have a face washer to soak up the love juices and we continue on our way, smiling at our total joy …

Yeees pleeaase. Perfect Roadtrip PowerRAP …

Rocket Man’s Wanna F¥€k You # 3. You as my first Bar Pickup and ONS – Molly’s Bar is going to become Treality

We are in Molly’s Bar in Canberra and we don’t know each other. I decide that I want to pick you up and have my way with you, if I can. You are in a red knee length curve hugging dress with just enough cleavage to get me to look twice and even a third time. Your hips brush against me as I go to the bar, perhaps on purpose, ever so gentle to let me know that you see me. I offer to buy you a drink, suggesting a margarita. You say ‘yes please, I love them’. I hand you a 24 Carat one and ask you where you bought such a perfectly fitting dress.

I am standing so close to you and your scent which brings on a powerful reaction. You tell me I look beautiful in my Versace suit and it shows off the blue of my lust filled eyes. Oops the game is up I think. You lick your lips and drink slowly from the margarita taking up the salt beautifully. You lean in and your cleavage looks most impressive in the light.

You lean in even further and you know from my smile that you’re enjoying the reaction in my loins. You whisper in my ear that ‘We should take escort bayan our drinks into the function room where we can talk more easily.’

As we walk out, your drink gets bumped into your cleavage and while it doesn’t spill it does cause your nipples to harden and stick out under the flimsy red dress. You dab some of your drink on your cleavage and ask whether I would clean them up! I am not sure who is picking up who here and I dutifully lean forward to lick those droplets from between your delightful breasts. Your breath tickles my neck as I fully soak up your scent and your sex smell is so strong. Your hands guide mine up your legs under the red dress and holds my hand in place as I tease open your lips. I want you out of the red dress asap so I can see the lovely red lace outfit I know you have on underneath.

My body is on fire as my hands trace the lace of your underwear …

Then You take my hand and guide me out of there …

Hmm … Still have done a ONS Pick Up, soo … Lol

Rocket Man’s Wanna F¥€k You # 3 – Rambo tries quietly confident pickup technique this time

The bass from the sound system attacked Rambo’s ears as soon as he entered the dimly lit club. Throngs of bodies rubbing together in the tight space. The club wasn’t his usual haunt, however tonight he had wanted a change, too many unsatisfied nights from the usual haunts had left his mood sour, his balls disappointingly full, and his cock uninterested.

Rambo needed something new, he needed a challenge. Making his way over to the bar, he ordered a beer. Normally he preferred a stronger, stiffer, beverage – but tonight he wasn’t looking for the normal. Tired of his normal mundane routines, if he is able to take a worthy lover tonight, he will ensure to take charge. No more unsatisfied Rambo.

Sipping his beer, the cool liquid feeling like heaven. His search continues, he was sexy, his many lovers confirming that. Tall, muscled, blonde hair, blue eyes. His body promised a night of screaming orgasms, his aura promising he knew how to treat a woman’s body like a goddess.

He was about to give up his search, finish his drink and leave. That was until his eyes landed on her. Across the room, sat in one of the three booths the club held.

She was sitting with a couple practically humping each other, the public presence clearly not worrying them, as well as another male. Rambo was excited. His heart beat started to pace, his cock twinged to life. Decision made, he sauntered over to the table. He had one goal, and that goal has just spotted the approaching body.

The closer to got to the mysterious temptress, the more details he drunk in. Her black hair curled around her shoulders, framing her creamy white face and flashes of a brilliant smile. Long eye lashes framing big green eyes, kissable lips that Rambo couldn’t wait to see on his. The mysterious woman’s eyes still hasn’t left his figure, curiosity pooling in the deep green orbs. With a slight nod of his head indicating he is wanting her to follow him, he turns and leaves. There is no way he will be able to seduce her here. Ensuring she saw him, he headed towards the exit. It was a risky move, if she followed him, she was willing herself to leave with a stranger, one whom she hasn’t even exchanged a single word with. He hoped she would do just that.

Exiting through the door, the fresh air hit his face like a welcomed reprieve. Outside away from the awful repetitive bass music and the throngs of sweaty bodies, his anticipation and excitement grew. He saw how she was looking at him, and he hoped that pool of curiosity he saw controls her mind and body.

He didn’t have to wait long before a soft, warm hand tapped his back. Spinning around he came face to face with the woman he couldn’t wait to get to know. From the brighter shine of the street lights, he could see how her deep blue eyes lit up once she saw his face once more.

The charged atmosphere between the pair becoming thicker as each second ticked by.

“I’m Rambo.”

He expected her name in reply, instead all he got was a curt nod. Intrigue shot through him, he wanted to get to know this mysterious woman, inside and out.

“Are you not going to grace me with your name?”

“I think tonight, shall be just that. Tonight. There’s no need for names at this stage.”

Her voice was like music, soft, sweet yet powerful. Thrill shot straight to his groin. Normally it is he that has to set the conditions, he has never had a woman set them for him. His excitement grew even further at the possibilities of the night.

“Ok ma’am, where to?” He liked this new experience, relieving some of the control over to his would be sexual partner.

“My place.”

With those her parting words, she started heading towards the taxi rank just to the corner of the club. Her short shorts hugging her pert behind beautifully, flat practical yet strangely enticing shoes gracing her feet. He appreciated her black small leather jacket that hugged her curves more as the wind picked kocaeli escort bayan up and whipped his face. Normally the women he left with would never bring any form of coat, no, normally he would have to hand his protection of warmth over to them, letting him freeze his balls off in the cold.

The swaying of her hips was hypnotic for Rambo, he followed behind her, but struggled to focus on anything other than the way her hips swayed from side to side with every step, the curvature of her behind calling to him to feel the lip under his fingertips.

Neither party spoke within the taxi, Rambo ensured he would keep contact with his mysterious lady. Little strokes of her hand, slight brushes against her leg. Their close contact playing into his hands so he could look down her slightly opened top to be able to spy her small but pert breasts. His fingers itching to follow his line of sight and flick her nipples. He would have to wait.

Thankfully for him the taxi journey was quick, after he paid the driver he followed her out and towards the steps of a tall building. Flats most probable. Still no words were uttered. He followed her like a lost puppy up the four flight of stairs before she stopped outside a door.

He could see her slight hesitation, probably wondering if it is in fact a wise idea inviting a stranger into her home, and indeed into her bed. Rambo saw the moment she had steeled her doubts, before she unlocked and opened the door, inviting him inside.

Rambo barely had time to take notice of his surroundings before he was pushed roughly against the door, his woman gripping the lapels of his jacket as she raised on her tip toes to press a kiss to his lips. It was tentative at first before her confidence seemed to grow. Ah not quite as confident in the act of sleeping with a stranger she is trying to portray herself as Rambo thought to himself.

Before she could react, he spun their position, her back pressed against the door, as he descends on her mouth once more. Asserting his dominance into the kiss, she opened up to his willing tongue. He stroked her tongue, drunk on the taste of her. Slight alcohol but sweetness filling his taste buds.

Gripping her thighs, he lifted her up, pressing her further into the door with his body. The little moans escaping her mouth getting his already hard cock, impossibly harder. He needs to free himself from his clothing restraints, but he was enjoying himself. It has been too long since he had had a girl in this position, his recent conquests wanting nothing more than missionary. Not that he didn’t like the position, but after a while of just that, it was a joy to find someone who wanted more of what he enjoyed …

Rambo broke their kiss, to start littering little kisses and sucks along her creamy white neck. Her soft moans coming through her throat. Her hands were in his hair gripping, tugging, the slight pain just added to his pleasure. After one particularly hard tug, his body reacted by jerking upwards, grinding his clothes hard on against her valleyed core.

Her moans increased, her hands getting desperate for more. Rambo was wanting to tease him temptress more, before he brought them to their intimate release, but even he is finding it difficult to control his urges to just undress her and make love to her all night.

She shoved him slightly, getting the hint she wanted placed back on the floor. He did as she silently commanded, before she grabbed his hand, guided him through the small living room, down the hall into a bedroom. He didn’t have time to react before he was thrust to the bed, his back landing on the soft sheets. Her small hands gripped his jacket, hinting she was wanting it off, followed by his shirt underneath. Her eyes glowed with lust as she drunk in his chiselled chest, the small amount of chest hair covering his skin, adding to the lure of his manly body.

Once she had drunk her view of his naked upper body, she worked her way down his pants, Rambo helping her shuffle them over his hips and down his long legs. His boxers following suit.

There he was, completely naked, lying on her soft mattress waiting to see what she was wanting next. His erection stood to attention, the slight drop of liquid rising from his tip. His mysterious lover has got him harder than any of his previous conquests have in a long time. His anticipation shooting straight to his balls.

Her small hand gripped his long length, thinking she was going to just give him a little tug, surprise graced his features before pure pleasure shot through him, as her hot mouth closed around his cock. Those luscious lips moving up and down to try and accommodate his length more. The hot, tight, wetness of her mouth feeling like pure ecstasy. Twirling her tongue around his shaft, her lips teasing his vulnerable organ, her tight throat pulsing his silky head into submission. Rambo felt elated, it had been such a long time since he has had a blow job, and even longer time it being this good.

He could kocaeli escort feel his balls starting to tense as his orgasm started to build, his cock pulsating with desire, growing impossibly long. He needed more. Gripping her soft curls he guided her head over his shaft repeatedly, allowing her to stop him when her need for air was too great. The tightness of his growing orgasm kept building, If she continued, he was sure to finish in her mouth.

Tapping her bobbing head as a warning she should stop, she fastened her pace. Her hand coming up to squeeze and stroke his throbbing balls. It was his undoing. The tightness evaporated with each spurt of sperm that shot into her hot mouth. He watched as she swallowed him whole, draining the last of him and drinking every drop.

Rambo’s heartbeat was banging like rapid fire, his breath laboured. He has never finished so quickly before, but with his lovely companions dangerous tongue and sweet mouth, he couldn’t help himself. He felt like a virgin taking his first lover for the first time all over again.

“My turn” Rambo stated before he grabbed her by the arms, spun her and pushed her onto the soft mattress. The quick breath showing her surprise at the speed of his actions. Nimbly unbuttoning her shorts, he gave her a quick tap on her cheek to give her the hint to raise herself from the bed. Once she followed, he shimmied the material over her enticing thighs, and down her long tanned legs, kissing his way down as he went. Her black French knickers hiding her most treasured body part. Rambo started to grow hard again at the sight of the promise of what that small, thin piece of fabric covered.

Once he had discarded her panties, he moved upwards to dispose of her leather jacket and simple purple top. He should have appreciated her outfit more, she had no doubt debated on it for a while before she made her final decision; however Rambo was far to excited. He wanted to show her exactly what he could do to her body, to bring her to heights of pleasure he hoped she had never been privy to before.

Once he unclasped the matching bra to her knickers, he freed her small but luscious globes. Her pert nipples standing erect, teasing him to bury them in his mouth, and nibble on the ends while listening to her moans.

Standing slightly up from her, lay on the bed, he took a moment to appreciate his stranger, her beauty unparalleled to another in all of his previous conquest. She doesn’t have the biggest tits, or biggest arse, but she has a natural beauty that is all the more appealing. She screams innocent, yet Rambo knows with the mouth of his seductress, she is anything but.

Starting at her lips, Rambo kissed her, slow at first, but soon it became more demanding, more passionate. Breaking their lips was difficult, before he started to pepper little kisses down her neck, towards her breasts. As he promised himself earlier, he ran his tongue over her soft globe, before finally settling on her nipple. Sucking and teasing, ensuring to match her other breast with the same pleasure.

He was wanting to spend more time on her tits, but he was becoming impatient to finally taste her. Kissing his way over her flat stomach, his lips found her covered treasure. His hot mouth traced the lines of her little V, before settling over her core completely. He could faintly smell her arousal through her underwear, the smell making him wild, promising sweet nectar to be had.

Hooking one finger in the underside of her knickers, he pulled them slightly to the side, his fingertips brushing the light hair covering her pussy. Her breaths coming through as panting anticipation, he revealed in the faint sexy moan she let escape, when Rambo stroked her slit with his finger. He could feel how wet she was for him, and that just aroused him further.

Finally after stroking her a few times, he allowed himself the pleasure he had denied himself for too long. First he ran his tongue up and down her lips, before parting them to allow himself to brush her small nub of nerves. She tasted amazing, he has never tasted a more delicious pussy in his entire life. He was already wanting more, which made the tonight only agreement, all the more difficult.

His partners moans were coming out faster and louder, the more Rambo worked his magic tongue. He felt her become even wetter, concentrating on her beautiful nub, he brought his finger and slipped it into her tight little pussy. Warm tightness invited his finger to continue his ministrations, he couldn’t wait to let his cock feel at home inside her, but first he wanted to ensure she got hers first before he started thinking about getting his again. One thing Rambo isn’t, is a selfish lover.

She was writhing in her place, moaning his name from her lips, as he continued his attention of her two sensitive parts. Wanting to taste her straight from the source, Rambo travelled his tongue from her clit down to where his finger was carrying out slow, delicious strokes in and out of her. Continuing his fingers movements, he started to lick around her pussy, tasting more of her sweetness with every lapful. He felt like he could live on her forever, it was the most amazing thing. Bringing his tongue and entering her wetness alongside his long finger, her moans increased tenfold.

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