TransPhaseII – 14 – No Way Back


Feeling calm and relaxed, Rosy smiles as she lies alone in bed, fingering herself to the thought of Jill’s gentle touches. She barely remembers her coming back to bed last night, but the way Jill caressed her back to sleep is still fresh in her mind. She wasn’t worried when she woke up just now and Jill wasn’t in bed. They’re married now, and Jill will never be far away.They had a glorious time in Tahoe last week, but didn’t sleep much as they gambled, got married, and had intense, newly-wed sex every night. By the time they got home from the airport at three a.m. the night before, their bodies were a burnt-out mess. Happy just to be back home, they all jumped in the same bed and slept till noon.They never really woke up yesterday as they tried to recover from jet lag and the realization of being back in boring Iowa. They didn’t have enough energy to do much of anything, but as the reality of what they had done began to set in, they did manage to talk a little about their future.They made some basic decisions about such things like having children. Carla’s never wanted kids, and Rosy was neutral about it. She’d be happy raising a child if Jill got her pregnant, but there’s no burning desire to have a baby. They all agreed the polygamous, bisexual nature of their unique marriage would put unfair social pressures on any offspring they might have.The girls definitely want to keep working. Despite the low pay, they love their jobs at the diner. Carla loves to cook, and Rosy likes interacting with the customers she waits on. Half the girls working there are lesbians, and although they’ve never been in bed with any of them, they like being around other lesbians who think like they do.Rosy feels so refreshed after finally getting a good night’s sleep. She’s never been into masturbation all that much, but she’s enjoying it right now with two fingers in her puss and thumb stroking her swollen clit. After a nice morning orgasm, she’s exhilarated and wide awake.She gets up to use the bathroom and sees Jill, sitting alone at the kitchen table in her nightgown, quietly writing in her diary. Totally immersed in her writing, Jill doesn’t notice Rosy sneaking up from behind until she feels her loving arms around her neck.”Good morning, my husband, I missed you when I woke up,” Rosy gives her a kiss.”Mmmm… morning, my sweet Rosy,” Jill returns her kiss. “I had to pee in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep.””I know, it felt soooooo good when you came back to bed and held me.””You were awake?””Just barely. It didn’t take you long to caress me back to sleep.”So whatcha doing…? Writing in your diary?””Yeah, so much has happened since Christmas, I wanted to write it all down while it’s still fresh in my mind.””Oh boy, we really changed our lives, didn’t we? Coming back on the plane, I was thinking about what’s next. What comes after marriage?””The rest of our lives is what comes next. Our single lives are over, and our married life has just begun. We can literally do anything we want.”Just then, Carla and Allie come stumbling into the living room. “Good morning, my other two lovers,” Rosy greets them.”Oooo… Good morning my sweet little Rose,” Carla kisses her.”Did you sleep well last night?” Rosy asks.”Oh my God, yes!” says Carla. “Ya know…? I love it when we all sleep in the same bed. But all cramped up like that, I really don’t get a good night’s rest.””I know, it was so relaxing snuggled up with my Jill last night. Maybe if we only slept together like that once in a while, it would be more special when we do it. On other nights, we could take turns sleeping with bahis şirketleri each other.””Mmmm… yeah, I love that idea,” Allie approves. “Sleeping with a different lover every night?””Sounds like we just made a decision,” Jill says, “one of many we still have to make, like changing our names.””Yeah,” Rosy breaks in, “like me and Carla changing our last names to yours? Should I stay Rosy Chapman…? or change to Rosy Jansen? What do you think, Carla?””I think I’d like to stay Carla Robertson. Do you mind Allie, if I don’t take your last name?””I don’t mind a bit,” Allie says, “I’m not even sure I want to keep my last name.””I think I’m gonna change my last name,” says Jill.”What to?” Allie wonders.”This might sound funny, but I’m thinking about Cox… Jillian Marie Cox.””Why Cox?” Allie asks.”Cuz… it rhymes with cocks,” she giggles a little bit. “We make our living servicing cocks. Without rich men’s cocks, where would we be? It’s how we make our money. From selling our sex lube to selling our bodies, it all revolves around cocks.”Since we’re changing our whole identity anyways, I think a new last name is in order. If we have the same last name, Allie, we can tell everyone we’re sisters.””Hmmm… Allie Cox.””No, Allie,” Carla interrupts, “Allison Cox… Allie is your nickname. Your full name is Allison… Jillian and Allison Cox… The Cox Sisters. I like it. You two do kinda look like sisters, you know?””I like it too,” says Rosy, “and now that I’m thinking about it, I think I’d like to keep my last name like Carla, if that’s alright with you, Jill.””It’s fine with me. It’ll be easier for you if you don’t have to change your names on things like driver’s licenses and bank accounts.””That’s what I was thinking,” Carla says. “So… Allie-love, are you gonna change your last name?””I like the idea of me and Jill having the same last name. I want my middle name to be Leslie, after my grandma… How does Allison Leslie Cox sound?””That’s a pretty name, Allie,” Carla approves.”I like it too. Me and Jill will be the Cox Sisters… yeah… I like it.””Once everyone gets used to calling us the Cox Sisters,” Jill says, “it’ll be like our trademark when we entertain guys. Can you call Steve today and get it going?””Sure, I bet he’s probably starting to get horny for me again,” she chuckles.”Oh…?” Carla’s quick to pick up on what Allie just said, “Steve’s one of your, um… ‘customers’?””He dates me, if that’s what you mean.””Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean. I was just wondering, that’s all. I’m going to have to get used to all the names.””Well,” Jill says, “most of the guys who call us are guys we date. We don’t know any other guys besides the ones we date. And in case you’re wondering, Steve’s fucked both of us, but he only dates Allie. We each have our regular guys who ask us out all the time. Except for Steve, all the guys we date are married.””How much do they pay you for a ‘date’?” Rosy asks.”$200 for a date, and most of the time they give us another $100 for a tip.””Shit…” Carla’s surprised, “that’s more than two of my paychecks.””We like the guys we date,” Allie says, “but we don’t love them or anything like that. They love our bodies, not us.””What do you think, Rosy?” Jill asks. “Are you still OK with it?””I’m OK with it, I think. I will say, though… it feels different to me now that I’m your wife, but I’ll just have to get used to it.”Let me ask you this…? Now that we’re on the subject. What if me and Carla wanted to have sex with another girl? Would you be OK with it?””I’d be OK with it, as long as it’s with a girl and it’s just sex.””OK, baby… I bahis firmaları was just wondering. We’re not looking for another girl to have sex with, I was just wondering how you’d feel if we did.””When we’re on a date,” Allie says, “we’re fucking for money. It’s a job, and it’s not like making love at all. They love putting their cocks in our asses. We love putting their money in our purses.””They’re all family guys, too,” Jill adds, “so we’re not going to catch any diseases like if we were fucking guys at The Mixx. Anytime you have any questions or concerns about it, just ask us. We’ll be honest with you.”Carla puts her arms around her husband, “Thanks for being honest with us, Allie-love. You can share your bodies, but you can’t share your love.”Rosy gives Jill a hug, “What Carla just said is the way I feel too. As long as you just share your body and not your love, I’ll be just fine.””Thanks babe, but we’re not sharing our bodies, we’re selling our bodies. We fuck those guys because they pay us a lot of money. They’re gonna make us rich.”In five years, we’ll have a free house with fifteen acres in the country, when other people are working thirty years to pay off their houses. The guys at the Club fucking gave us the money to buy it. All we have to do is keep fucking them for big money the next five years.”When we get older, we’ll be set for life. The four of us won’t have the same money problems other people do. We’re building our perfect world, and selling our sex while we’re still young is how we’re doing it.””I trust you, sweetheart,” Rosy hugs her, “and I’m glad we had this little talk. I feel better about it now than I did before.””I feel a little better about it too,” Carla says, “but we better start getting ready for work.””Yes, back to the diner,” Rosy sighs, “I’m kinda excited to get back to work.””So am I,” Carla says, “I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s face when we tell ’em we got married over Christmas.””Oh yeah…! Especially our lesbian friends. C’mon Carla… let’s take a shower.”It’s the first time they’ve showered by themselves in over a week, and having their female bodies all to themselves, they can’t keep their hands off each other.”Oh God, Carla, I almost forgot what it’s like being naked with you alone.””Not me,” Carla shoves a finger up Rosy’s cunt. “I’ll never forget how sweet my little Rose is in bed.””Just think Carla, we’re married women now. We’ve got two cocks and we’ve still got each other. Now that we’re by ourselves, let me ask you… are you really OK with our husbands fucking all those guys?””Well, it does feel different, now that we’re married, but I think I’m OK with it. With all the money they’re making, I like knowing we don’t have to be poor anymore. We love our jobs and the girls we work with, except now we won’t have to live paycheck-to-paycheck like we did before.””Good,” says Rosy, “Cuz that’s how I feel, too. I just wanted to make sure we’re both thinking the same way.””You know what I’m thinking?” Carla giggles, “I’m thinking you’re as horny for me as I am for you.””You know I am, big sister. I need your tongue in my puss.””Oh yeah. We’re sleeping together tonight, little sister. You can stay wet all night at work thinking about me.”All dressed for work, the girls come into the living room giggling like two little teenagers.”Me and Rosie are sleeping together tonight,” Carla says to Allie.”Yeah, we need some girl sex,” Rosy tells Jill. “Do you mind if we sleep together tonight?””Go ahead if you feel like it. In our marriage, you can sleep with any of us you want.”Allie grabs Rosy from behind, “Can I sleep with kaçak bahis siteleri you tomorrow night?””Of course you can, Allie,” she agrees, “of course I want to. We told you, you can have either one of us anytime you want. I slept with Jill last night, I’ll sleep with Carla tonight, and I’ll sleep with you tomorrow night. I think I’m gonna love this!””You little slut,” Carla laughs.”Little slut is right,” Rosy giggles. “We’re newly-weds. We’re supposed to be horny and be fucking all the time.””Well, we better get our minds off sex and get our asses to work.””Oh yes, the real world needs us, reality calls,” Rosy giggles.”One thing to always remember,” Jill tells the girls before they leave, “whatever ever you tell the girls at work about us, do not ever tell anyone about us dating for money. That’s a guarded secret between us and our dates. Just tell them we make our money selling lube. That’s all anyone needs to know.”After kissing the girls off to work, Jill and Allie talk about what they need to get done today. “I’m going to run to the post office,” Jill says. “Can you call Steve and see about changing our names?””Yeah, I’ll call him at his office. And don’t forget, we still have to write our letters to our parents.””Fuuuuck…” Jill gets sad, “you would have to bring that up.””Well… we have to do it. I’m dreading it as much as you, but it’s not going away by itself.””OK, you’re right, Allie. Let’s sit down tonight while the girls are still at work, and just get it over with.”At the post office, as she expected, Jill has tons of lube orders filling her mailbox. She’s going to have to make two or three new batches to fill all the orders, so on the way home she stops to buy more bottles and shipping envelopes.”Guess what we’re doing tonight?” she tells Allie when she gets home.”We can’t do lube orders tonight,” Allie says, “I just talked to Steve. He doesn’t have time to meet us at his office, but he said we could come over to his house tonight. I told him we’ll pick up some KFC chicken and be there at six-thirty.””Shit,” says Jill, “that means we only have a few hours to work on orders.””Work on lube orders…? Or write letters to our parents?””Fuck!” Jill wants to cry, “I don’t want to write that god-damned letter!”Allie puts her arms around her. “I know, babe, I don’t wanna do it either. But the longer we put it off, the worse it’s gonna feel.””I know, Allie. I know we have to do it. It just makes me so sad.”Allie gets the pens and paper and sits Jill down at the kitchen table. “C’mon baby, let’s get it over with. It feels like shit right now, but we’ll feel better when it’s done.””OK, Allie. I know you’re right. Gimme a fuckin’ pen. Here we go.”With tears in their eyes, they both start writing.”Dear mom,” Jill writes, “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to tell you…”She goes on to tell her mom how she’s been lying to her about what she’s been doing since she moved to Des Moines. She writes about how awkward she always felt growing up as a boy. It saddens her to write about growing up with an ugly burn scar covering her arm, being made fun of, and always having girls turn her down for dates.She trembles when she tells her mom she’s been having sex with men, but she dares not say anything about being a whore. Having sex with men, she writes, made her realize she’s never really been a boy in her soul. She tells her mom about her dysphoria and the research program at Northrop. Her heart breaks when she tells her mom she’s decided to transition to female, and she’s taken the name, Jillian.It’s painfully difficult for both of them to tell their parents they just got married. They never felt safe to say anything about their love affair with the girls, and it’s embarrassing telling them about it now, after the fact. They cry together for over an hour as they write, but finally, they finish.

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