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Subject: Transitions Book 2 Chapter 3 Gay adult youth It seems as though you are enjoying the story. Thanks for your comments. Its just hard working so much and then when I get so fwe emails. i think. Well, maybe I should spend my time on other things. But, I do enjoy writing and appreciate the comments. Just as i know Nifty enjoys the donations. Eric Transitions Book 2 Chapter 3 They walk into the McDonald’s, and head to the counter. Maria is of course working. When shes off school she works a full schedule. She is making a shake, and doesn’t see them enter. She spins around, sees Eric, and the boys then squels in delight. A smile instantly appearing on her face. She sits the shake on the customers tray, and thanks them. Then is quickly around the counter, and she has Alejandro in her arms hugging, and kissing him. “Did you have a good Christmas?” She is asking him. “It was good. It was real good.” He says hugging her back, and giving her a kiss on the cheek. She puts down Alejandro and looks at Joey. “You don’t think I forgot about my little boyfriend did you?” She says, and picks him up whirling him around. She pulls him to her, and gives him a hug, and a kiss on the cheek. Joey just turns red from his toes to his hair. “Was your Christmas good too?” “Yes.” He answers sheepishly. “Mr Eric is this a new son for you?” She says looking at Tran. “Yes. His name is Tran, and we just got him from Walmart today.” Eric says making Maria giggle. She sticks out her hand to Tran. “I am very pleased to meet you Tran.” She says. He shakes her hand, and she bends in and kisses his cheek. She whispers in his ear. “Next time you get hugs too.” Hearing this his skin turns a beautiful crimson. “My goodness you are a cutie aren’t you.” She says to him. “I guess.” He says looking at the floor like its the most interesting thing in the world. “Tran what do you want to eat?” Eric asks. “Can I have a Big Mac. I like those.” “Sure thing.” Maria says. “Does my boyfriend want his usual?” Joey looks at her, and nods. “Alejandro same for you?” Another nod. “Mr Eric I know its the same for you. I never seen you eat anything different. Always a quarter pounder with some apples.” “Ha just for that I’m going to change it up.” He says smiling. “Really?” “Yeah this time I want cheese sticks.” “Whoa what a change.” She says laughing. She hands them all some cups, and they go to sit down as is customary for them. Tran looks back like this isn’t the way you do it. Also he is thinking who is this whirlwind of a girl. She really pretty though. He wouldn’t mind at all having her hug him. Hug him a lot. They all sit down. They all talk about nothing for a couple minutes until Maria brings the food. Eric sees he doesn’t have cheese sticks. “Hey I said I wanted cheese sticks.” He says. “Yeah I know. But, I don’t think Miss Julia would approve so you cant have them.” Maria says. Eric just looks at her like she has two heads. “Really?” “Yeah really. She came in the other day and told us that she can’t leave you boys alone for a minute because then you guys just eat crap. So I figured that cheese sticks are crap, and that you can’t have them. Also no cheese on your quarter pounder.” “But, it’s not as good without cheese.” “Cheese or a heart attack your choice.” She says rubbing Joeys hair as she says this smiling at him. “Hmph.” He says and starts to open his cheese less burger. Maria races off to go help another customer. The kids are all eating their food, and Eric just looks at his burger. Who the hell is in charge here he thinks. Then he realizes it’s not him. But, at least they let him feel like he is. Sometimes. He takes a bite of the burger, and thinks. It’s not bad. In fact its pretty good this way. After a few minutes of silence because his boys take eating serious. It’s all business to them. Maria comes over with a tray with three Sundaes on it. 2 chocolate, and one caramel. “I brought over some sundaes for the boys. I got Alejandro, and Joey chocolate. But, Tran looks like a caramel kind of guy. So that’s what I brought him.” Tran looks up. “Caramel is my favorite. How did you know?” “Just felt it was the right choice. I also didn’t think you wanted crushed peanuts either, and would prefer granola like we give for the yogurt cups. Tran just smiles and says. “Yeah I like granola better too.” “Can’t I have a sundae?” Eric says. “Mr Eric you never eat sundaes. But, I brought you an oatmeal raisin cookie.” Eric just shakes his head. He grabs the cookie, and takes a bite. Truth be known he would have rather had the cookie. But, a choice might be nice. Once they are done Maria sees them about to leave, and goes to give them all hugs. First Eric, then Alejandro. She grabs up Joey, and plants a kiss right on his lips. Then gives him a hug. She gets to Tran, and she wraps her arms around him. Giving him a hug. Then she kisses him on the cheek. “I know you will like being part of Mr Erics family. He’s a very nice man.” She whispers in his ear. They all go, and get in the car and head back to the house. Because of all the stuff they got for Tran. Eric pulls to the front of the house because its just easier that way. Its a straight shot upstairs. As Eric pulls to a stop in front of the house Tran says. “Is this where you live?” “No Tran this is where WE live.” Eric says. “It’s fucking huge.” Tran says. “Yes it is rather large. I don’t think you should use that kind of language though.” “What you one of them Christian people?” “No I’m not one of them. I just think that boys your age shouldn’t swear. I do on occasion. But, there are better ways to express yourself.” Tran doesn’t respond to this. The boys get out of the car. and Eric pops the trunk, and they all get some bags. As Eric sits the bags down the front door opens. Out walks Miss Julia followed by Julius and Rich. “This our new boy?” Julia asks. “Yes ma’am this is Tran.” Eric says. “Tran this lady is Miss Julia she takes care of us, and the house. Next to her is her son Julius, and that older gentlemen is our friend Rich who stays with us as well.” “Everyone this is Tran.” “Welcome to your new home Tran.” Rich says. “We gone have lots a fun.” Julius says. “What room you gone put him in Mr Eric?” “It’s his choice what room he wants. We got 4 upstairs he can choose from.” Eris says. “Lets get him out of this cold.” Rich says grabbing a couple bags from Alejandro, and Joey. So they walk in the front door, and Tran sees the dual wrap around staircase. “Wow.” “Yeah that’s what I said first time I saw it when I was a little younger then you.” Eric says. “You lived here then?” “No, we just bought Whitehall a few months back. We used to live in a three bedroom house down on Brown street. This was always my dream home and when it went up for sale we bought it.” He looks, and sees the piano. “You play the piano too?” “No not me. I can play the radio that’s about it. But, Rich is really good. Alejandro is getting good, and Joey well I don’t have words to describe how good he is. Do you play?” “No giresun escort but, I like to listen to it.” “Fine after you choose your room, and you get settled in maybe we can have them all play for us for a while. Have a little concert. How does that sound?” “Why?” “Why not. You like to listen, and they like to play. Seems like a good combination to me.” “OK.” “Tran what you like to be eatin?” Julia inquires. “I like anything really. But, don’t think I am weird or nothing. But, I don’t like bacon.” The entire group starts laughing hysterically. Tran looks troubled by this. Thinking they are making fun of him. “Tran my newest son. We aren’t laughing at you. I don’t like bacon either, and they are always looking at me like I am crazy. So its good to know that at least one other person in the world doesn’t like it either.” Eric says still chuckling. “Really you don’t like it either?” “No sir. If I want to eat a bunch of fat I will just open up a can of lard, and have at it. I have never liked bacon. I also don’t like cauliflower.” “I like that. I like every vegetable I ever tried.” “Whats your favorite thing to eat?” Alejandro asks. “Fried chicken.” This brings on another fit of laughter. “Mr Eric you sure you didn’t make this boy? He sure do sound a lot like you.” Julia says. “No ma’am I don’t think I did. I never been to China before.” “So that your favorite to umm Mr Eric?” Tran says not knowing what to call him. “It sure is. I should have owned KFCs the way I love it. But, I would probably be dead because I would eat it everyday.” “Poppi why don’t you buy some KFCs?” “Well, buddy I guess because no one ever asked me too. I never thought to actively pursue it. Maybe I should have my people look into it.” Eric thinks. Why not I like chicken, people like chicken. I’m sure there is good money in it with all the chicken restaurants popping up everywhere. “Let’s go pick out your room Tran. Now you have your choice of the four empty ones.” They head up the stairs, and everyone follows. Because now everyone has a bag except Tran. Eric is leading the group. Once he gets to the top of the stairs he turns to the right. “OK the first two are here. This one here is nice. I personally like the color. But, we can paint it whatever color you want.” Eric walks a crossed the hall and shows him the other. “This is another choice I like this one it has a nice view of the river, and a balcony here.” Eric shows him. Then they walk out and he shows them the ones over the garage. “Now these don’t have a private bathroom like the other two do. But if you want I will call the contractor, and we can make this one big bedroom for you. So which do you think you like the best?” Tran thinks for a moment. “Can I look at the other two again first?” “Absolutely. If you change your mind you can always switch if you like.” Tran walks back to the one that is on the front of the house. He looks out the window, and it faces the woods. He goes to the other, and he opens the French doors out to the balcony and looks out at the river below. “I like this one the best, and I like the color so you don’t have to change it.” The room is a very light green. So light you can barely see the green. It does have green accents on the furniture, and the drapes are green, all dark green. “If you would like we can knock down this wall here, and make the one bedroom part of yours as well.” Eric says. “No this is too big now. I like small rooms. I feel more comfortable in them.” “OK if you change your mind I will call the contractor. Just let me know, and I will get it done for you.” “No I like this very much. I like the balcony most though.” “Then we will have to get a chair, or two for you to sit out if you like. Maybe a little table for a drink or something might be nice.” “Yeah I think I would like that. Thank you. But, you don’t need to spend money on me. I’m sure I can find something.” “Don’t be silly we will look together later to find something you like or tomorrow if you prefer. Now lets get you settled in here. C’mom boys lets get him unpacked, and put up his clothes, and whatnot.” All the rest have gone about their business its just Eric and his boys now. “Sure Dad.” “OK Poppi.” They quickly get him settled in. Hanging up what needs hung up, and things put in drawers. “OK Why dont you guys show him the rest of the house. I need to go to my office, and makes some calls. Meet me there when you guys are done. I kind of feel like whipping some boys butts at bowling before dinner.” “Whatever Dad. I am so gonna beat you today.” “Yeah Poppi your old we are going to whip you today.” “Maybe so. But, if I want to win for sure we just play pinball.” “If we want to win for sure we just need a video game.” Joey says being a smart alec like Eric is. “I hear ya. Now get.” He says shooing at them. `Eric heads to his office to make some calls. First call he makes is to Joy. “Isn’t he great.” She says answering the phone. “Yes he’s a nice boy for sure. Who is his doctor?” “Dr Ross the same one you use for your boys,” “OK I will talk to you later.” He hangs up on her mid sentence of what she was saying. He clicks contacts. “Hello?” Dr Ross answers. “Yes, Dr Ross this is Eric Murphey, and I have just got custody of Tran. Joy says hes a pretty sick boy. “Yes Eric I am afraid he is. He has Neuroblastoma. Its actually a fairly rare form of cancer, and it usually affect much younger children then Tran. He has high risk Neuroblastoma. Usually the survival rate is pretty high for a child with this disease. However, with Tran it has gone undiagnosed for some time. It starts in the lymph nodes and if caught quickly it is very treatable with about a 90% survival rate after 5 years of diagnosis. The survival rate for boys is actually lower then girls. The five year survival rate for someone like Tran is about 10%. I honestly don’t know if treatment is even advisable at this point. It is very costly, and probably wont work. But, he is just such a good kid and his outlook on life is pretty positive so that’s a good thing too. But, Chemotherapy is such a viscous way to go. There are some stem cell programs that seem to be doing well at St Jude’s. But, they are still in the trial stages. Nothing really concrete evidence wise yet. So I guess the choice is up to you how you want to proceed.” “If he were your son what would you do?” “Good way to put the question to me. Not to mention put me on the spot. He’s young, and as I said before a great kid. I have been treating him for a while now pretty much since he got to our country. I’ve watched him grow into a fine boy. Dammit Eric I would do everything I can to save him. He’s just a shining star in a dark world.” “Can you set it up in Memphis for us sir?” “Sure thing Eric. I will tell them you are coming. When is good for you to go?” “Tomorrow too soon?” Dr Ross chuckles. “No I guess not. I will call them now, and talk to a doctor I know down there that’s helped some a my patients in the past. Hes a fantastic Doctor. He really puts his gölbaşı escort heart into his work. He loves the kids, and it destroys him every time he loses a patient. So he’s a fighter for sure. If there’s a chance he will take it to save a life.” “He sounds perfect. Lets make it day after tomorrow, and we can drive down its only about 10 hours.” “Sounds good I will let them know your coming. His name is Dr Tom Thomas.” “Really?” Dr Ross chuckles yes his name is Thomas Thomas. He will tell you its just such a great name his parents used it twice.” “He sounds like a character.” “Oh he is. You will like him very much. Speaking of liking. How is my boy doing?” “Oh boy, Alejandro is doing great. He is growing like a weed. I think he has grown about six inches, and put on about 30 pounds since I’ve had him.” “Sounds good. You need to bring him in soon to see me. Just a check up, and I want to see the little guy.” “Sure thing Doctor Ross.” Eric hangs up the phone and as he does the boys knock lightly on the door. “Come in boys.” “They all walk in, and sit a crossed from the desk from him. “We showed him the house. He can’t believe we have a bowling alley in our house.” “Guys it’s not a bowling alley its two lanes. An alley has lots of lanes.” “He beat me at pinball. I just suck at that.” Joey says. “Joey come here.” Eric says patting his leg. Joey walks around thinking he’s in trouble. He hops up on Eric lap. “Now young man. You are so amazing at everything else you do. Don’t let one simple, silly thing get you down because you aren’t perfect at it.” “I know I shouldn’t.” “I know you shouldn’t either.” “I will try not to let it get me down.” “Good because I love even though you suck at pinball.” Eric says tickling his tummy. Joey goes into fits of laughter at this. Alejandro, and Tran are laughing at his predicament. “Oh you guys want some of this too?” Eric says bounding from around the desk Joey still in hand. He plops Joey on Tran to hold him in place, and then starts tickling him. He starts with his ribs, and Tran is just laughing his butt off. Alejandro is giggling at them too. Tran is laughing so hard he has tears coming from his eyes “Oh stop I got to pee.” Hes says. Eric stops immediately because this is not a good thing to continue after you hear that. Tran pushes Joey off, and races to the bathroom closest which he sees is in Eric office. They hear him peeing. He comes back out a minute later. “I think I am going to like it here.” “I think we are going to like you here.” Eric says standing up, and giving him a hug. Tran just melts in his arms, and hugs him back. “I don’t remember the last hug I got. I mean one that means something. You know from a grown up.” He says looking at Alejandro and Joey. “Well around here young man. You wont be able to remember when the last time you didn’t get a hug was. We like to hug. I like to hug my boys to show them I love them, and to let them know I care. I will do the same for you, now that you are one of my boys. Just wait you will see. Now boys sit down I need to talk to you about something very serious.” The boys all sit down and Eric begins. “Now as we know Tran is very sick. He has a kind of cancer that is very rare for a person over ten to get. Its called Neuroblastoma. I talked to Dr Ross and he thinks that the best thing for us to do is to go to St Jude’s and see a Doctor he knows, He thinks that’s Trans best chance. Now that we have gotten to know him we defintely want the best chances. Right boys?” “Yes sir.” They both chime. “So we are going to Memphis. We are leaving tomorrow morning and will take our time to get down. Its a ten hour drive I figure we will take the Escalade because it has more room, and you guys can relax in it better.” “Poppi did Dr Ross say he thinks Tran might survive?” “I don’t lie to you boys, and Tran I will not lie to you either.” He says looking at Tran. “Dr Ross isn’t very hopeful with the current treatments available. He said though that Dr Thomas his friend is working on something different, and they aren’t sure if it will work or not. But, he said with current treatments that Trans chance to live another 5 years is about 10 percent. However, we don’t know what this treatment will do. Im personally hoping for the best.” Eric says smiling. “Me too.” Says Tran. “Us too.” Joey says. “So did you boys unpack your suitcases yet?” “No Poppi we didn’t have time.” “OK so we are all packed but Tran. Not sure what we should take for him. But, we will take at least a weeks clothes in case they let him wear clothes instead of those awful gowns.” “I hope they let me wear clothes.” Tran says. “Me too. Its awful breezy in the gowns.” Alejandro says giggling. “You boys go help Tran pack then we will bowl. Sound good?” “Umm Mr Eric. I am kind of tired is it OK if I just watch?” “First off your my son now. You can call me whatever you like. Eric is fine if that’s what you prefer. Alejandro calls me Poppi because his first language was Spanish so its just natural to him. Joey calls me Dad because English is his main language. You may call me Eric though if you prefer.” “I will go with Eric then.” “That’s just fine.” “Boys instead of bowling we will just have a longer concert hows that sound?” The boys were pretty excited about bowling, and Eric knows they are let down. But, being the good boys they are Joey says. “We can bowl anytime. Tran is tired we will wait until hes not then beat his butt.” Giggling the entire time, Joey says. “Yeah we can spank our big brothers butt another day.” Alejandro says giggling. “Alright then go pack, and on your way ask Miss Julia to come see me when she has a minute.” Eric turns to the computer, and starts making hotel reservations in Memphis. Hes never been so he doesn’t know what to expect. He knows three things about Memphis. Elvis lived there. They have good barbecue, and lots of great blues music. Sounds good to him. A few minutes later Julia walks in. “You wanted ta see me sir?” “Yes Julia we are going to Memphis to St, Jude’s. Dr Ross says that’s the best plan of action so that’s what we are going to do. We are leaving in the morning. I didn’t want you out of the loop.” “I sure hope it works Mr Eric. He seem like a nice boy.” “Yeah me too.” “I’m going to go get KFC since its his favorite. You want me to get anything extra?” Julia says. “Yeah get one of those cakes. I like those. Well better make it two.” Eric says. He reaches in his wallet, and hands her a hundred. “That should do it.” “If it don’t the Colonel be charging too much.” “If it doesn’t I am really going to actively pursue getting some KFC stores for sure.” Eric says chuckling. Julia leaves, and gets back as the boys are coming back downstairs. She sits it all in the dining room, and Eric has the boys set the table. Tran included he is part of the family now. They all sit and eat and after go and listen to Rich play some songs then Alejandro plays one then Joey. Joey blows Trans mind the way he plays and sings. “He should be on TV or something.” göztepe escort Tran says. “Yeah I told you he’s beyond words good.” Eric replies. “Well, guys its late we better get to bed. I want to start out around 5am to beat the morning traffic in the city. You guys can finish sleeping in the truck, and we will stop for breakfast on the way.” “Cool.” Alejandro says. Eric gets up, and goes and changes into his night clothes. Then he goes to tuck the boys into bed after they have had sufficient time to get ready for bed. He first goes to Alejandro’s room. “Poppi I really hope everything goes good for Tran. I like him.” “Me too buddy. We will have to hope for the best is all. Not much we can do. But, be by his side as he goes through whatever he has to go through.” “Yeah. Poppi I prayed for him tonight.” “That’s good.” “But, Poppi you don’t really believe in god.” “No not really. But, I could be wrong and what kind of god could tell you no?” “Not a very good one I think.” “Me neither. I love you buddy.” Eric says hugging and kissing Alejandro good night. He heads to Joeys room next. “Hey Dad.” “Hey Joey. How you doing?” “I’m kinda worried about Tran.” “Yeah me too.” “Do you think it will work?” “I sure hope so. I think Trans a good boy, and deserves to live a full life.” “Yeah me too.” Eric gives Joey a hug and a kiss. “Good night I love you.” “Love you too dad.” Eric gets up, and as he shuts off the light Joey says. “Dad what if it doesn’t work?” “Then we will be sad for a long time. But, lets hope it works.” “Yeah lets hope.” Eric heads down to Trans room to tuck him in. “How you feeling buddy?” Eric asks as he sits on the edge of Trans bed. “I’m scared.” “Me too.” Eric says honestly. “Dr Ross saying ten percent is really scary.” He says, and tears are slipping from his eyes. Eric pulls him up into a hug. Holding him tightly. “He said with the traditional treatments they have now. He said his friend will do anything, try anything to save a child’s life. So I think if we keep a positive outlook we will be better.” “What if it doesn’t work?” Eric starts crying with him. “Lets try not not think that way. I know its hard to do. But, lets try.” Eric says through is tears. Tran looks up and sees Eric is crying. “Why are you crying?” “Because you are my son. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.” “You just met me today.” “Doesn’t matter. You are my son in my heart. You talk to the boys and you will understand.” Eric holds him as he calms down. “If you get scared or need me for anything, and I mean anything the boys showed you my room right?” “Yeah.” “Then you come and get me. Or climb into bed. Whatever you want to do. I am always willing to be there for you, or any of my boys. No matter the time or whats going on. Sometimes I may be busy. But, if its important to you say its important and I will drop whatever I’m doing.” “OK.” They sit a few minutes Eric holding Tran close to him. “Eric?” “Yeah buddy?” “I know it sounds childish. But, will you lay down with me while I go to sleep?” “Absolutely. I also don’t think it sounds childish. I like to have someone to hold when I am going to sleep too.” Eric lays down and Tran snuggles up to him and lays his head on his chest. “Eric?” “Yeah buddy?” “Do you think there is a heaven?” “I don’t really know. But, I would like to think there is.” “Why is this happening to me? I don’t understand. I mean I’m a good person. I try to do whats right and then I get cancer. It’s not fair.” “No its not fair. I hate it for you. I can’t answer why its happening to you. But, I will be by your side the entire time. I will hold your hand or whatever you want me to do for you.” “Eric I left Jorge on the chair will you get him for me please?” Eric slips out from under him and grabs Jorge. Tran takes him gently and he wraps his arms around his neck and cuddles back up to Eric. “Jorge means a lot to Alejandro doesn’t he?” “Yes he does. He would never let anyone play with him. He loves that monkey a lot. So him giving it to you was really hard for him.” “I could tell. Why did he do it if it means so much to him?” “You will find Alejandro is a special boy. He has been through a lot of tough times in his life. His mother basically ignored him and her boyfriends used to abuse him. He finally got what he wants in life, and he wants to share that with you.” “What did he get?” “Someone that loves him.” “Oh. I didn’t know.” “He already loves you. I can tell he does. I haven’t had Joey for very long just a few weeks so I don’t know him as well. But, I know that he already loves you too. They are both very worried about you.” “Why do they love me? No one else ever has since my parents died.” “Because they know what its like not to be loved. I will be honest with you always Tran. I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted to bring you into the house, and raise you as my son. I was worried that if the worst happens it would be too hard on them. If it was just me I would have in a second. But, I have them to worry about now too. It was Alejandro that turned everyone from we don’t know to an absolute yes we want you in our home. We want you in our family and our hearts.” “What did he do?” “Its not what he did its what he said. Before we knew about the chances of the new procedures we were convinced there was no chance you would live. Alejandro said that we cant let you die with no one loving you. That made everyone agree with their whole heart it is the right thing to do. But, now we found out that there is a chance you will survive with the new treatment.” “Wow he is special.” “Yes he is. He is such a great boy. You will see how amazing he is. It scares me really how big his heart is. Because I am worried people will take advantage of him for that.” “I wont let them. I will stop them.” “See you are already thinking like a big brother.” Eric says rubbing Trans back. They sit in silence a few minutes. Tran digesting what Eric has told him. “Tran what is something you have always wanted to do?” “I want to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.” “I think that would be fun. But, why there?” “Its stupid really. But, one of my foster moms used to watch a TV show called the Love Boat and they always went there. The people always seemed so happy so I just want to see it is all.” “I don’t think that’s a stupid reason. I think we will see about when you are done with treatment about going there.” “Really?” Tran says kind of excited. “Yeah why not. It will give us a nice vacation. Alejandro, and I went to the Virgin Islands on vacation. It was a lot of fun. We should try a new place this time and that sounds as good as any. Besides I liked the Love Boat too.” Eric says laughing. “Its kind of a dumb show though.” “Yeah it was. But, it was a fun show.” “Yeah.” Eric holds Tran for a good while after that. Soon he feels his body go limp as he drifts off to sleep, and he lays him down and covers him up. He then goes to his room gets ready for bed and sees he already has two visitors in his bed already sleeping. He smiles, and climbs into bed. Joey snuggles up to him, and Alejandro reaches over Joey so he can touch Eric too. Eric stretches over and pulls Alejandro over Joey so he can have his two little guys right next to him. Alejandro snuggles right in. After that, Eric reaches the land of Nod quickly.

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