Transcendent Love


When I was young and lustfully inclinedI set my sails to cross the wine-dark seasIn search of lands where lotus eaters lived,Seduced by tales of hedonistic joys;A world of myriad fleshly delightsAnd unrestrained sensual indulgence,Where I could gorge on luscious nubile fruitsIn endless days of sweet debauchery.With never a moment’s pause for regretOr backward glance to my days of childhood,Those happy days of guileless innocence,I pressed on towards my decadent goal,Driven by unbridled wantonness,And dazzled by salacious promisesOf monstrously exquisite ecstasiesIn rites of Dionysian excess.Inflamed by onanistic fantasiesOf the legions of succulent maidens Who would willingly yield their innocenceTo conquer and possess for my pleasure,Plundering the sweet pulsating treasureOf whoever would succumb to my charms,Taking equal delight in despoilingThe nubile flesh of innocent virginsOr compliant voluptuous matrons.I have plunged headlong into drug-enhancedOrgiastic revels in sacred grovesOn many jewelled Aegean islands,Floating on waves of naked dancing girls;And danced with wild abandon to the throbOf jungle drums in Haitian taverns,Drowning in the heady fervid darknessOn the profane altar of writhing limbs.With the passing years my jaded sensesGrew bored with simple pleasures of the flesh,Needing ever more arcane amusementsTo excite my libidinous palateAnd rouse me to the pinnacle of lust,Tumescence and etimesgut escort release only achievedBy resorting to the stimulationOf a tincture of coca leaf in rum.Somehow I washed up in London’s East EndLiving alone in a seedy doss house,Just one more wreck among the detritusWithout hope, a shadow of that bold youthWho had set out in search of higher truthIn a life of lascivious excess.I was near to death when she redeemed me,An angel of mercy sent by heaven.She was one of that new breed of women,Well-educated and with a missionTo seek out those who were lost and broken,And restore them to full humanity.I cannot comprehend why she chose me,Or what she could see amidst the wreckage,But slowly she nursed me back to full health,Without trace of sentiment or judgement.Over the months that followed my rescueShe revealed to me a more profound truth,That life is more than sensuality,And real fulfilment, an elusive goalWhen carnal pleasure is divorced from love.Mutual love developed between usUntil we reached a point of convergenceWhen marriage became the logical choice.We refrained from sexual unionBefore the knot was immutably sealed,But conjugal vows made, to my delight,In the privacy of our marriage bedShe revealed a nature as passionateAnd gloriously unrestrained as mine,And in our thirty-five years togetherWe mounted unimagined peaks of joy.Somehow it seemed, as eryaman escort I awoke that dawn,The first morning following our nuptialsThat in less than the blinking of an eye,From the small death of sleep, I had enteredInto a rich vision of paradise,More full of lushly sensual delightsThan anything that I had ever knownIn the passing years of my former life.Even before the shrouds of slumber clearedBlissful memories of a night of loveDiffused their warm radiance through my mind,Another night of mutual raptureAs my lover led me on a journeyTo the high summits of deepest pleasureThe harmonious fusion of our fleshThe beginning of years of perfect joy.Since that day she has been the only oneWith whom I have shared the many delightsOf sexual pleasure, but more than that,My goddess has been for me all women,A courtesan one day, skilled in the artsOf lighting a bonfire of ecstasyIn my burning loins, a bright flame so fierceIt consumed my flesh in torrents of bliss.At other times she was like a motherTenderly caring for my wounded soul.Sometimes she would subordinate her willTo my urgent desires, a sacrificeOn the altar of lust, while at othersShe would become the leader and masterOf my soul, my body the instrumentTo carry her aloft on waves of joy.My happiness was cruelly puncturedOn a baleful autumn day late last yearWhen fate stole her life to leave me bereft,Another victim sincan escort of the Spanish flu.But when I woke on this my natal day,The seventieth since the light first dawnedOn the mewling babe who became the man,I was blessed by a miracle of love.I was roused from the arms of MorpheusBy a thousand exquisite sensationsRunning like bright tendrils of liquid flameThrough the flesh of my recumbent torso.The source of this wondrous awakeningSoon revealed itself as the delicateMeanderings of sensitive fingersElectric with promise of ecstasy.Then a husky voice whispered in my earThick with desire and the promise of bliss,The seductive voice of the courtesanFilling my mind with visions of rapture, Whose goal was pleasure incomparable,Where transported beyond mortal feelingWe would unite in ethereal joyHer special present from beyond the grave.With innumerable tiny kissesShe ushered me further on my journeyTowards a realm of exquisite delight,Each step carrying me ever closerTo the threshold of transcendent raptureWhere, at last released from all mortal bondsI would enter the sublime paradiseOf lovingly consummated desire.Time had ceased to have meaning or substanceAs I hovered on the crest of release,Tenderly held in the loving embraceOf my ethereal companionWithin which I waited to be rebornInto a blissful region beyond thought,Redeemed from the pain of expectation In an eruption of ultimate joy.My succubus thrust me over the brinkAnd a fountain of glistening silverSurged heavenwards from my pulsating coreIn torrents of inexpressible blissTo shatter in crystal shards of raptureOn the clouds of eternal ecstasy,As I entered the realm of redemptionAnd endless peace in the sweetness of death.

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