Touched Pt. 03


They didn’t get very far before Christine grunted and turned on one heel. “What’s going on back there?” She asked gruffly. Catherine had become increasingly difficult to tug along, the tension on their arms growing steadily greater, their pace slowing to an awkward scuttling crawl. The older woman’s knees were pressed tightly together, her feet shuffling heavily as she tried to keep up.

“I think I drank too much lemonade.” She mumbled guiltily. Her daughter-in-law snorted.

“You should have said something earlier.” She chuckled and started pulling Catherine sideways, off of the carefully manicured trail and into the nearby bushes. “This will be so easy for you.” She said, sighing at the end. “You won’t even have to pull down your panties, since they’re crotchless.” She dragged Catherine behind a waist-high bush and put her hands on her mother-in-law’s shoulders.

“W-What?!” The older woman exclaimed, startled. “You can’t possibly mean…” Christine just snorted louder than before and started pushing down on Catherine’s shoulders.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never peed in the woods before girl?” The younger woman was grinning in disbelief, clearly enjoying her mother-in-law’s discomfort. “I can’t believe it.” She murmured to herself, mystified. “Well, whatever, consider it the most valuable life lesson I’m going to teach you today. Now get down and squat. I’ll keep watch.” Christine’s head turned from side to side, scanning their immediate vicinity as she practically forced the older woman down to the ground.

Catherine grunted, her knees finally giving out, she slumped into an unsteady squat, crouching down directly in front of her daughter-in-law. Christine grabbed the older woman’s hands and lifted them confidently up to her hips. “Hold on to me for support.” She hissed, carefully uncurling and guiding Catherine’s fingers so that they wrapped securely around her sides.

“Just relax and pretend you’re sitting on a toilet.” She urged, glancing down at her mother-in-law’s anxious blushing face. “Let it all out.” She breathed soothingly, reaching up with one hand and gently stroking the back of Catherine’s head.

“I-I don’t know if I can do this!” The older woman whimpered, looking up at her daughter-in-law and blinking frantically.

“Of course you can.” The younger woman said smugly, sliding her fingers casually into Catherine’s short blonde hair. “You had to go so badly just a couple of seconds ago. What’s stopping you now?” Her mother-in-law grimaced, her thighs quivering as her anxiety peaked, she couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt so flustered and humiliated.

“I just keep worrying that someone is going to walk by… And see us!” Christine stared intently into her mother-in-law’s wide blue eyes, she brought her other hand up to the back of the older woman’s head and started stroking her hair with it too.

“Firstly, I’m keeping watch. Second, so what?” She was really getting into playing with Catherine’s hair, running all her fingers artfully through it while shifting her mother-in-law’s head slowly back and forth. “I doubt anyone would even notice you behind this bush, and if they did, they’d probably just think you were sucking off your boyfriend!” She laughed giddily at this remark, her green eyes twinkling.

Catherine swallowed, lowering her chin and noticing for the first time that she was just a few centimeters away from her daughter-in-law’s crotch. “I really think you just need to relax.” The younger woman murmured, continuing to rhythmically run her fingers through Catherine’s hair. “Or maybe you need to stop thinking so much and do what I tell you.” She chuckled and pulled Catherine’s head forward into her lap.

“I believe this will help you calm down.” She said, gripping her mother-in-law’s hair tightly with both hands, holding her head in place so that the older woman’s face was pressed snugly against the crotch of her jeans. “Breathe Catherine. Breathe and imagine you’re sucking a big, hard, throbbing cock.” Christine lightly pushed her mother-in-law’s face more firmly into her lap, pulling her hair so that her head tilted backward, allowing her to look directly into the older woman’s widening eyes.

Catherine could feel her lips being mashed into the rough white denim, her mind frantically trying to cope with the knowledge that her daughter-in-law’s vulva was right on the other side. She imagined she could almost feel the Christine’s springy red bush and her soft squishy labia through the material. “Fuck.” She groaned, her voice muffled beyond recognition.

“Yeah.” Christine breathed. “Suck it girl. Let all your worries and troubles go.” She huffed, her hands pushing and pulling in an unsteady rhythm that caused her mother-in-law’s nose to bump awkwardly against the row of cold shiny buttons that ran up the front of her jeans. “Stop thinking, stop resisting, and pee for me Catherine.” She commanded in a tone that made the older woman’s body shudder and nearly collapse.

The urine came rushing güvenilir bahis out of Catherine’s crotch, shooting and splashing into the grass between her shoes. “Fuck!” She gasped a second time, her hands clenching frantically against her daughter-in-law’s gently swaying hips. The younger woman still clutched Catherine’s hair in her hands and pulled her face forcefully back into her crotch, holding it firmly in place while the older woman continued to urinate uncontrollably.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Her daughter-in-law moaned, faking an orgasm, her words steadily morphing into a jubilant laugh. Catherine couldn’t say anything, her mouth was engulfed by the younger woman’s crotch which was so deliciously tight, warm and aromatic. She closed her eyes and inhaled as best she could, taking a deep and wonderful breath that smelled like hot spicy flowers.

The pee continued to gush out for what felt like forever. Then suddenly the flow was reduced to a trickle and then just a few stray droplets. Christine released her hands, but her mother-in-law didn’t immediately pull away, she took another couple of desperate breaths before the younger woman gripped her by the hands and lifted her unsteadily to her feet.

“See how easy that was?” She asked, her face looking relaxed and unusually satisfied. Catherine just nodded dumbly, her mind racing her head spinning, her sopping wet crotch pulsing and dripping. “Now it’s my turn.” Christine chirped. “And boy do I have to go!” Her hands flew down to her waist and tore through the row of buttons, exposing her striking french-cut underwear.

She hooked her thumbs under everything and yanked it down in one smooth movement, then she was crouching down between Catherine’s legs, gripping her mother-in-law’s hips with unsettling strength. “Keep an eye out.” She hissed, her breath ruffling the front of the older woman’s tennis skirt. In under a second she was peeing, she stared up at Catherine, a big dumb smile on her face.

It wasn’t until she was done that her chin finally dropped and she glanced curiously at her mother-in-law’s toned thighs. With one hand she flipped up the front of Catherine’s skirt. “It’s a real mess down there.” She mused. Leaning sideways she reached into her purse and pulled out the white T-shirt she’d confiscated from Catherine in the dressing room.

She slipped it casually into the space between her bunched up pants and rubbed it thoughtfully against her crotch for several seconds. Then she pulled it back out and placed it gently against Catherine’s inner calf, she dragged it upward to her knee and then repeated the process on the other side.

Her mother-in-law blushed fiercely, but was secretly grateful as the drops of trickling urine that had been steadily making their way down towards her feet had been driving her crazy. Christine stood back up and handed Catherine the shirt. “Wipe up the rest of it with this. Go ahead and pat yourself nice and dry down there.” Still blushing and working quietly her mother-in-law did as she was told.

The T-shirt came out from between her legs covered with a combination of their pee and juices, stained and surprisingly moist. It felt strange having dry inner thighs, Catherine had almost gotten used to the feeling of constant slick stickiness and the occasional tickling droplet crawling slowly South. Christine snatched the shirt out of her hand, folded it neatly and tucked it back into her purse.

“Enjoy it while it lasts.” The younger woman smirked knowingly, giving her mother-in-law’s bottom a playful swat to flush her out of the bushes and back onto the footpath. Catherine squawked, jumping quickly away and out of reach as Christine chased her a few steps, grabbing one of her flailing arms and sliding down it until she caught hold of her hand. Her mother-in-law slowed, realizing she was caught.

“Where are we going now?” Catherine asked curiously as her daughter-in-law led them purposefully back towards the center of town.

“Oh, a little personal errand.” The younger woman said over her shoulder. “Should only take a few minutes.” They passed through the strip malls and other shops, threading deeper into the more seedy and less developed outskirts. Catherine started to get a bit anxious, as the neighborhood they were in looked fairly rundown, and she felt extremely exposed in her ridiculous tennis outfit.

The younger woman seemed to sense her mood, slowing a little so that they could walk side by side, she leaned over. “We’re almost there.” And they really were, a few seconds later they turned around a corner and ducked into a dark alcove. There were bulletin boards on both sides festooned with tattered papers and rusty tacks. There were two signs above the door, one said “Tattoo” and the other just “XXX”.

Catherine snorted. “A sex shop, really?” Christine chortled.

“Ha! We’re not here for you. Although feel free to look around. The tattoo parlor is upstairs, maybe you should pick something out?” Catherine chuckled nervously, the güvenilir bahis siteleri very idea of a tattoo seemed absurd to her, she couldn’t even imagine what motivated people to defile their bodies with trite words and cliche images. The younger woman appraised her reaction, narrowing her eyes shrewdly.

“Well it wouldn’t hurt to look, I suppose.” Catherine replied cautiously, eager not to show any sign of weakness, or give her daughter-in-law any ideas. Christine just smiled coyly and headed off towards the sex shop counter. Catherine tried not to stare at the row of giant dildos or the racks of pornography that flanked the narrow channel that led to the second floor’s spiral staircase.

Catherine pushed the front of her tiny skirt roughly between her legs as she tried to ascend as quickly as possible. No one else was wandering around the shop, but she didn’t relish the idea of someone coming in and getting a free show. Thankfully she made it to the top without incident. Just a few yards away was the glass counter that passed for reception.

She was surprised to see a woman her own age sitting behind it. She was a little on the heavier side, with short dyed hair, and tattoos everywhere, except conspicuously, her face. “Why hello there.” She said gregariously. Catherine still shy but not wanting to be rude stepped up to the counter. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the dozens of photographs laid out underneath the glass top.

“H-Hi.” She replied, her eyes unable to avoid the striking array of colors, designs and ornate scrip scattered over countless bodies in various stages of undress. She felt her cheeks getting a little red as there was a liberal quantity of nudity. “T-These are amazing!” She exclaimed sincerely. The tattoos were like nothing she had ever seen, and certainly nothing like what she’d come to expect via TV and movies. Each one was a real piece of art of the caliber that you’d expect to see in an upscale gallery.

“Thanks.” The woman said. “We only do custom work here, no flash art or generic garbage like that.” Catherine immediately took a liking to the woman. Although she wasn’t sure if it was because of her no-nonsense vibe or the fact that she wasn’t a young punk. “You’re a virgin aren’t you?” The woman smirked, coming around the counter to get a better look at Catherine’s body.

“W-what?!” Catherine squawked bemusedly, the corners of her mouth turning up in a startled smile. The woman snorted and came closer, her eyes quickly scanning up and down Catherine’s back.

“A tattoo virgin!” She chuckled coyly, reaching out she tugged lightly at the ruffles ringing the opening in the back of Catherine’s top, spreading it open a little wider. “I can usually tell, there’s always a certain vague apprehension…” She trailed off. “Boy, you have incredible skin. Just a glance is making my hand start to twitch.” She laughed guiltily and came back around the other side, leaning against the counter so that she could look Catherine steadily in the eyes. “If you let me do a piece that covers your entire back I’ll give you a twenty-percent discount.” She murmured softly, her eyes flashing in an oddly predatory way that sent a subtle thrill racing through Catherine.

“No.” Both women turned their heads towards the commanding voice. Christine had just entered the room, she was carrying a shopping bag in one hand and had a rather stern expression on her face. “Absolutely not.” The younger woman continued. “If she does get a tattoo, I want it to be in a place where she can see it.” The proprietress raised her eyebrows, but didn’t break eye contact with Christine.

“And who might you be?” She asked wearily, turning her body to face the younger woman, defensively bracing both arms on the counter top. Christine glanced over at her mother-in-law, meeting her eyes, steeling her to silence with a pointed glance. “I’m her girlfriend.” She said smugly, gilding silently up behind Catherine and placing a hand possessively on the older woman’s right hip.

“I think this is the perfect spot for a piece.” She murmured, sliding her left hand around her mother-in-law’s front, gently cupping her lower belly. “Right here, just above her crotch.” She continued, confidently sliding her pinky and ring finger underneath the waistband of Catherine’s skirt and pushing it down a few centimeters. The older woman shifted uneasily, unsettled by how much her daughter-in-law’s touch was turning her on.

The proprietress’s eyes widened a little but she didn’t say anything about the provocative display, instead she just licked her lips and crouched down low enough to get a good look at Catherine’s exposed flesh. “Anywhere on that body would be perfect.” She mused quietly and then looked up at them both. “This is a particularly sensitive spot though, pretty gutsy for a first-timer.”

Christine just smiled serenely, her other hand slipping down behind, softly cupping her mother-in-law’s right ass cheek. “She can take it.” The younger woman huffed, iddaa siteleri giving Catherine’s bottom a playful little squeeze. The proprietress tilted her head but then nodded in acquiescence.

“$500 and I’ll ink you a masterpiece suitable for that flawless canvas.” She turned slowly and headed casually back to the register and started shuffling through a neat stack of binders. “Now as I was telling your girlfriend here, this isn’t a normal tattoo parlor, we don’t do plebeian bullshit, so you have two options. You can let me decide what I ink and be pleasantly surprised, or you can give me a few ideas and I can incorporate them into the overall design.”

Christine’s smile expanded, she was clearly in love with the concept. “That sounds ideal.” She responded happily. “Doesn’t it Catherine?” She gave her mother-in-law’s bottom another slightly harder squeeze, finally slipping her fingers out from underneath the older woman’s skirt, and placing her hand back on Catherine’s hip.

“I…” Catherine trailed off weakly, blushing and squirming, unable to even know where to start. A tattoo? The idea was completely unthinkable, or at least it had been five minutes ago. Furthermore she had despised normal tattoos, but these were so… Different. “W-What’s your name?” She suddenly blurted out, fixing the proprietress with a wavering gaze.

“Rosie.” The woman said coolly, flopping a large binder open on the counter in front of them. “These are other belly tattoos I’ve done, just to give you an idea about what to expect. Catherine’s eyes anxiously scanned the photographs, Christine flipped the pages slowly, her right hand never leaving her mother-in-law’s tingling backside.

Catherine couldn’t remember the last time she’d seen so many naked human crotches, she tried to focus on the art, but it was hard to concentrate with the combination of the rampant nudity and her daughter-in-law’s hand lazily roaming her bottom. Her overall impression however was very positive, every piece was exceptionally unique and fantastically well executed.

“T-These are all just so, so wonderful!” She squeaked as Christine’s hand strayed dangerously close to the gap between her thighs. Just then her daughter-in-law slammed the binder shut.

“I think I’ve seen enough, and I’m sold.” She said decisively. “And I know exactly the kind of imagery that we want.” Her hand slipping casually away from Catherine’s cleft at the very last second. The older woman grunted in frustration, her cheeks burning as the younger woman’s grip shifted smoothly to her waist.

“Alright.” Rosie responded curiously, her lips flattening out as she opened a small notepad and grabbed a pencil off the counter.

Christine took a deep breath, paused, then she started talking. “The most important idea that we want to represent is the special, sacred, and unbreakable bond between two women, a bond so primal, so close, so… Intimate in every way, that it’s almost like the two of them are sharing a single body.”

She took another deep breath, turned her mother-in-law slowly around to face her, tilting her head sideways, she stared deeply and lovingly into Catherine’s eyes. The older woman took a compulsory deep breath herself, feeling her pulse quicken and her crotch start to throb faintly. The green of Christine’s eyes was like a field of freshly sprouted blades of grass bathed in the airy golden sunlight of early morning. She couldn’t even blink.

“With a singular yet very important difference.” Her mouth quirked, as she reached out and took both of Catherine’s hands. “Only one of them can be in charge, taking control is her greatest pleasure, she makes the rules and she calls the shots. The other woman, well, she loves it.” Christine smiled winningly and swung their linked arms happily from side to side. “Doing what she’s told, obeying without question, submitting unconditionally, nothing pleases or excites her more. This is the nature of their precious bond.”

Christine let go of one of Catherine’s hands and turned them both back towards the counter, her demeanor becoming even more solicitous. Rosie’s cheeks were slightly pinker, but she hadn’t stopped scribbling on her notepad. “I… See.” She said softly, then even more quietly. “So the two of you are into that kind of lifestyle?” Christine tittered musically and glanced over at her mother-in-law, who was quickly turning red.

“Heavens no!” She answered. “We’re both extremely straight.” She laughed. “Sorry if I confused you by making it seem like a sex thing, it’s not like that at all, I’d describe our relationship more like mother and daughter, it’s almost as if we’re family.” She dropped Catherine’s hand and slid along the counter until their hips bumped together, she placed her own hand casually back on her mother-in-law’s bottom. “Only she’s the daughter and I’m the mother, obviously.”

She laughed even louder at her own joke, the clueless proprietress grinned uneasily but didn’t ask any more questions. “Give me a few days, I should have something for you to look at by then.” She grunted, closing the flap on her notepad and pushing it out of sight. Catherine fidgeted as her daughter-in-law’s hand continued to subtly shift and stroke her backside, thankfully out of sight.

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