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Totino”s With Brother Chapter 2


“Grab my butt,” he whispered, and he smacked his butt.

Jack left hand shot out and he grabbed onto Scott”s butt like someone trying to stop themselves from falling over. Scott”s hand went right back to Jack”s cock, but instead of just caressing it, he wrapped his whole hand around it.

“Oh my god…” Jack whispered again, his breath trembling.

Jack couldn”t believe what was happening. He looked down and saw his brother, staring at his hard cock as Scott gripped it firmly in his hand. Scott lifted it up, so it pointed at the ceiling. He gave it a little squeeze and then raised his hand up, and then down again. Then back up, and then down again. Jack”s balls raised up with each movement, his skin folding up and down with Scott”s hand.

“Scott …” Jack breathed out, “You can”t…”

“Shhhhh, just lay back dude,” he whispered. Then with a pouty face he said, “You”ve had a rough day.”

“Wheeeww ahhh” Jack sighed, looking up. Eyes wide, he tried hard to come to terms with what was happening, “Okay,” he whispered, “Fuck…okay.”

Jack looked back at the ass he was holding on for dear life to. He started moving his thumb around it, grabbing different parts. Playing with Scott”s ass like something to squeeze to take his mind off some sort of pain. But this wasn”t pain Jack was feeling. It was pure pleasure. His brother pumped a few more times on his cock and the 13-year-old was rock hard. His brother Scott was officially jerking him off. How the fuck was this happening? As his hand came back down, he swirled his thumb around the tip of Jack”s cock, lubing it up for the next pump. Jack”s hips started rocking with the rhythm of each pump, like he was starting to fuck Scott”s hand. By now Jack was no longer resisting.

Jack stared at the ceiling. A cute boy is jerking me off, he thought. Jack looked back at his ass and moved his thumb a little bit under his briefs. Scott”s butt felt warmer the closer Jack brought his thumb toward his ass. He was moving his head a little closer to Jack”s cock, and he started licking the shaft, up and down at first as Scott pumped Jack”s cock with his hand. Scott pointed his brother”s cock toward his face and licked up the shaft to the head. Then he brought his head up and aimed Jack”s cock toward his mouth. Jack felt a deeply warm sensation throughout his whole body as he watched his brother”s head slowly lower onto his cock and it disappeared into Scott”s sweet mouth.

“Ohhhh my God…,” Jack moaned.

“Mmmmm…” Scott moaned back with his mouth full.

Scott began slowly bobbing his head up and down, sucking Jack”s şişli travesti cock while swirling his tongue around the tip with each suck. Examining Jack still, but with his mouth now and his tongue. Feeling the texture of the head of Jack”s shaft. Keeping his hand planted at the base, Scott would pump the shaft a little with his hand every few sucks. Amazingly, Scott knew what he was doing.

“Mmmm…” the boy moaned again with his mouth full.

Again Jack looked at Scott”s ass. Jack saw some movement underneath his now wet briefs, over his ass. Scott was fingering himself while he blew his brother. Swirling his finger around his rosebud with his other hand. Jack moved his thumb a bit closer and felt the outer rim of Scott”s anus. There was no trace of hair there which Jack knew would change soon, and he moved his thumb a little further in, under Scott”s briefs until his thumb became warm and wet. Scott rocked his hips a little, letting his brother know that he should keep going. When Jack found the hole, he plunged his thumb as deep in as it would go. Scott”s muscles tightened, locking his thumb in like an air-tight seal.

“Mmmm, yeah,” he moaned again.

Scott spit out Jack”s cock and looked at him with his mouth wide open. He was jerking me off again, and this time his brother”s cock was all wet with his saliva. His hand pumping on Jack”s cock made wet noises, and Jack could hear his fingers swirling around his wet hole also. Scott”s hips began to rock with the rhythm of his hand pumping and Jack”s own hand, thumb fucking his ass. With the rest of his hand, Jack felt deep underneath his briefs. Slid his finger into the crack of Scott”s ass and found his warm asshole. Jack kept his fingers there, resting against Scott”s asshole as Jack pumped his thumb in and out of Scott”s ass while he fingered his hole and jerked him off. Scott brought his mouth down around his brother”s cock and started sucking him again. Jack”s breath became heavier. There was no going back, and suddenly the feeling became almost too much. Scott was sucking harder and faster and fingering his butt even faster also. A wet spot appeared over his and Jack”s hand on his briefs and Jack shoved his thumb in deeper. The deeper Jack went the louder he”d moan. Jack”s hips started trembling and his butt lifted off the bed.

“Oh fuck God,” Jack gasped, “I”m gonna cum…”

Scott spit his cock out again and started furiously pumping Jack”s cock with his hand, faster and faster. Scott raised his upper torso to look down at what he was doing. Jack”s body was locked in an arch as he began his descent into orgasm. His hand sliding rapidly up and down his brother”s wet shaft, Jack plunged his thumb into Scott”s ass as deep as it would go. Wrinkles showed on his forehead and Scott”s mouth drooped open. His face was much more serious now, and he was furiously rubbing his hole and jacking off.

“Oh my God-…” Jack sputtered out, “Oh my fucking God… ahh-ahhh… Mmmmmmm!!”

Jack pointed beylikdüzü travesti his cock straight up into the air, and with a few more of his brother”s hard jerks, a white stream of cum shot out from the tip of his cock, just missing Scott”s face and caught him in the hair, right by his right ear.

“Yeahhh haha, that”s so cool..” Scott moaned, slowing down a bit on his fist pumps. Admiring his accomplishment.

Jack was still cumming, even after the shot into Scott”s hair. In fact, he thought he was cumming more than he”d ever cum in his life. Another stream shot out, but not as far and landed back on his cock, running down the side of Scott”s hand. Then another, coming out a little slower, running down the other side of his hand. Jack”s hips trembled a bit more and more cum came out, covering the younger boy”s hand in glue white goo. Scott still held on but had stopped pumping. His other hand now just froze underneath his briefs. His knuckles touching the side of Jack”s thumb, still planted deep inside his butt.

Jack slowly slid his thumb out, feeling the cool air on his wet thumb. Scott”s ass cheeks resisted a little as jack pulled the rest of his hand out. Still looking down, admiring what he”d done, Scott opened his hand and let Jack”s wet hard cock drop and slap against his lower belly. Strings of cum still connected Scott”s hand and his cock as Scott raised his hand up. Looking at it and then at me. Scott showed his cum covered hand to Jack. He smiled and laughed.

“I think I need a towel,” he said.

“Ok,” Jack whispered.

Then as Jack reached over the side of the bed, careful not to move too much, Scott swung his leg up and, propping himself over Jack, he brought it over the other side of his brother”s body. Straddling Jack now, still holding him hand up. Some cum dripped from his hand onto Jack”s belly. Jack grabbed a used towel from beside the bed on the floor and held it up to Scott.

“Here.” Jack said.

“Thanks Bro!” Scott chirped cheerily.

Scott took the towel in both hands and started drying them off as he sat cowboy style over his brother. Jack could feel the warmth of Scott”s ass on his cock and Jack realized there was only a thin layer of his sweaty briefs separating Jack”s still hard cock from his wet ass. Scott noticed him looking and he looked down too. He gave a slow humping motion and grinded his ass over Jack”s hard cock. They both moaned, looking down. Scott humped again. This time Jack grinded back and made his hips tremble. Scott closed his eyes and they both slowly grinded each other for a moment. Going slower with each rock of their hips. Scott lifted his head quickly, flipping his chocolate brown hair back and opening his brown eyes. He took a real deep breath in and let it out loud.

“Ahhh…” he sighed. Looking down at Jack, he smiled and raised one eyebrow as if Jack were meant to say something.

Jack pointed his finger towards Scott”s temple, “You still got some in your hair Bro.”
istanbul travesti
Scott giggled and touch the cum streak in his hair. Gripping the strand of hair in two fingers, he strained the cum out and rolled it in his fingers. Opening and closing his fingers, examining its texture. Then, looking at Jack smiling, showing his teeth, he brought it to his face and stuck out his tongue. Jack”s eyes widened. Is he going to lick my own cum off his fingers? Centimeters away, he started laughing, and instead rubbed the cum off onto Scott”s chest.

“Hey!” Jack laughed.

“Here,” Scott said bringing the towel back up, “Lemme help you.”

Jack looked down and watched his brother wipe the cum off his chest and belly, then another amazing sensation shot through him again as Scott grabbed his cock with the towel and whirled it around a little. Drying his cock with the towel, Jack moaned once more and then collapsed back onto my pillow. Scott slapped his chest, then leaned in toward his big brother, smiling.

“Well?” Scott said.

“Well…? Haha…” Jack laughed, “Well what dude…?”

“Well how”d I do?” he remained leaning in close staring into Jack”s dark eyes, waiting for his response.

“Uhhh… well,” Jack said, trying to come up with an answer, “Great! I guess… I mean… that was just Wow.”

“Haha,” Scott said, possibly feeling as awkward as his brother was, “Didn”t know your Bro had it in him did ya?”

“Uhh, haha…” Honestly Jack was speechless, “I was SO NOT expecting that… Not in the least.”

Scott smirked and continued staring into Jack”s eyes.

“Ya know…” he said, thinking, “We don”t have to, like… tell anybody or anything.”

“Yeah I know,” Jack said back, “I won”t tell a soul.”

“Just like, uhhh…” Scott said, still thinking, “Some fun between two Bros.”

“Right,” Jack said, smiling back, “I know.”

Scott smiled wider, and they both gazed into each other”s eyes, reading each other”s thoughts for a moment. He still had his brother straddled and was bent forward over top of him. Jack looked down and realized Jack could see down his shirt a little. Scott had nice looking nipples. Not too big, but round even when pointing down. He looked down too at his own nipples and then back at Jack, smiling with his teeth.

“Here!” he said.

Then he sat up straight, crossed his arms gripping the bottom of his white tank top, and in one swift move he lifted his tank top over his head and tossed it on the floor beside them. Scott lowered his head, sitting up straight over top of Jack, bare chested. He looked down at his body, then up at Jack. Jack stared for a moment, scanning Scott”s body from his legs around each side of me to his cum and sweat-stained briefs over his brother”s softening cock, still dripping a little. Then Jack looked at his growing white flat belly, and finally up at his beautiful round nipples. They were fully erect, not covered up anymore but standing up a little like two mountains appearing in the distance. Freed from their curtain. His small pink nipples stuck out a little. Probably harder now in the open air. Scott stuck out his chest, presenting them to Jack like a final trophy image to take with him.

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