Tommy’s Torment Pt. 02


Tommy’s mother Jean was getting nervous. She had left two messages for him and it was unusual that he didn’t call her back. She had become a young mother at only 19 and when the deadbeat left, it was only she and Tommy. She had worked extremely hard, gotten her degree and was in charge of marketing for a local firm. It was a great job, and the travel was manageable; she almost always got home each night, if a bit late sometimes. That would not be the case tonight as she looked at the snow piling up outside. The weather gurus were now saying that the snow and wind could last well into tomorrow, so who knew if she could drive home then either… She had been calling and texting Tommy to let him know of the change in plans and had not heard from him; hopefully, everything was ok. Maybe she should call her friend Sheila and ask her to try to get hold of him.

Sheila Smith was Jean Morgan’s best friend. Like Jean, Sheila was a successful single mom with a daughter in college. She was happy to check on Tommy to make sure everything was OK. As she pulled up to the house, she saw that Tommy’s bedroom light was on; that was probably a good sign. Maybe his phone battery was just dead. She rang the doorbell several times and then knocked, but no answer… She let herself in with the key, and yelled “Tommy are you in here?” Nothing… Again, “Tommy!!” Still nothing. She turned on the living room light and headed upstairs toward Tommy’s room which bonus veren siteler was at the end of the hall. The door was mostly closed but Sheila could see that the light was indeed on. She opened the door slightly to peek into the room to see if Tommy was in there. She could not have been prepared for what she saw…

Tommy was bound spread eagle to his bed, totally naked with a huge erection. His mouth was gagged, his eyes covered with a bandana and he was wearing headphones. That would explain why he had not heard the door or his mother’s calls. He was thrashing as much as his bonds would allow and his huge boner was moving to and fro. His hips were humping, looking like he was trying to get some friction from the air. Sheila noticed the vibrator, lube and feather on the nightstand. Sheila thought, ” a feather eh, you kinky little devil…” She quietly moved to the nightstand a grabbed the feather. As lightly as possible, she ran it very briefly across Tommy’s foot, then abruptly stopped.

Tommy froze in place…had someone just lightly tickled his foot? No, it could not be. A second later he definitely felt a tickling on his other foot. This time it didn’t stop and he thrashed trying to escape the tickling. First one foot, then the other for about thiry seconds. Tommy was frantic; was someone going to tickle him to death? The tickling stopped and someone was taking off his headphones and pushing his bedava bahis blindfold away from his eyes. He blinked several times to focus he eyes and saw his mother’s best friend standing over him. “You’ve been a naughty boy, Tommy. Your mom asked me to tell you that she wouldn’t be home until tomorrow evening at the earliest; we have plenty of time to get to know one another…”

30 minutes later, Tommy was still bound spread eagle, gagged and his cock was even harder. Sheila was now scanning the contents of his formerly secret folder. She had taken several great pics with her phone and made sure Tommy knew they were safely in the cloud. If he didn’t cooperate, who knew where the pics may end up????

The thought of having his friends see the photos made Tommy cooperate and he told Sheila how the locking cuffs worked and how to reset the timer, which was now at 180 minutes. She had to give Tommy credit, the resistance bands did a wonderful job of pulling him into a spread-eagle position, but she had tied him more firmly with additional lengths of rope to eliminate his limited ability to thrash around. The threat of the photos probably would have been enough to get Tommy to give up the location of his porn stash, but Sheila wanted to have a little fun and let him know what lay in store. Less than five minutes of the feather being applied to his feet had Tommy begging through the gag to please be allowed to tell Sheila deneme bonus the location of his special files…

The images were incredible; rock hard cocks leaking precum; some had tight bands fastened around the base and the balls to keep the blood trapped there. The cockheads so hard they looked like they would burst. The women in the photos were clearly enjoying teasing the cocks with their fingers, their tongues, their toes and in one case, with her long pigtails. The movies showed evil goddesses teasing hard cocks and the saved Literotica stories were almost entirely devoted to teasing men. These were not the garden variety; suburban couple tries something kinky and does some awkward bondage on each other type stories; these were girls who got off on the teasing and the men were helpless to stop them. She asked him about his favorite stories and found that he seemed to prefer the stories featuring an older temptress. “Do you have any other fetishes or fantasies I should know about Tommy?” Even after a minute of the feather, he divulged nothing further, maybe there was nothing beyond his fantasy of orgasm denial, but yet there seemed to be some commonality between the women aside from their age.

“Well Tommy, I need to run home quickly and let my dog out, and get us some food, but when I come back, we are going to have a great time, OK? Before I go, I’ll take the cock-ring off so you can get some blood flow for a while, plus I want to know you are hard because of me. Here, take a few of these.” She had seen the edibles on his desk and forced three into his mouth. She made sure he swallowed them, and then put the ball gag back into his mouth. “I’ll be right back, don’t go anywhere.”

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