Of course this is a work of fiction blah blah blah standard advisory note. I do love to get feedback, so if you read this and have any feelings at all about it, please write me. And if you are a fellow author on Literotica, definitely mention where to find your stories and I will return the favour. Thanks!


You walk into the bedroom, and I am there, waiting. Unclothed and uncovered, but for a blindfold, that instead of hiding my emotions from you, makes them more obvious in the slight vulnerable movements of my lips. I am slightly tense, slightly nervous and very excited.

Approaching the bed, you run a light hand over my head, down my neck and back, and rest your hand gently at the junction of my thighs and ass. My skin is cool to touch. I start and shiver; I hadn’t heard you enter and you see my lips part around an intake of breath that you can’t quite hear. As if tied, I remain absolutely still for you.

At my neck and shoulders, you begin to massage me. Down my back and arms, strong, relaxing me, not particularly sensual, until you reach my legs. You then lean over and nip me, moderately gently, at the base of my spine. I exhale, part my legs and you know I’m ready.

You pull me up on my knees london escort in front of you, spreading me wide, and push firmly down on by back until I fold my arms under my head. Just the sight of me there for you makes you totally hard, wanting to rip right into me, but you know you can’t. Pressing yourself against my asshole, I’m tensing up. You can feel me fighting to relax, to let you in, and you push harder. For a moment, it looks like it’s not going to work, then I start opening and suddenly you are in.

I yelp then cry out more loudly as you move in an inch. You stop, barely in, waiting for me to adjust. It’s such a rush that just the head of your cock can do this to me. I’m breathing raggedly, in pain, hardly able to keep myself from pulling away from you it’s been so long. You can see the shudders running down my back and reaching forward you can feel the light sweat that’s broken out along my shoulders. If you could stop the pain for me, you wouldn’t, because it is so beautiful to watch.

You continue forward a quarter inch, half inch, pausing to let me accept it. You are holding my hips, not letting me move against you, but the rest of me is uncontrolled, writhing slowly, groaning and whimpering as the Escort Dubai pain slowly becomes pleasure.

Finally, you are all the way in me. Every movement and gasp I make culminates around your cock, and it’s glorious, like a warm velvet hand pulling and massaging you from inside me.

Slowly you move. Sometimes deeply, just an inch in and out, sometimes almost all the way out, pausing before pushing all the way in again. You can see that the pain is gone from my body, but my voice is still moaning and sighing. With your hand you lean against my back, forcing me to arch as far as I can, and it makes me even tighter around you, and directs the head of your cock more firmly against my G-spot.

I’m gasping and begging you to let me touch myself. Eventually you do, and you can feel my insides shudder. You can tell I’m close, so you stop, deep inside me and touch the skin stretched tight around the base of your cock. I am trying to push myself back and forth against you, but you just grip me by one shoulder and one hip, and grind into me even more deeply. I’m begging you to let me come. Suddenly you pull out and slam back into me as hard as you can. You can’t hurt me now, and you fuck me brutally. Just as I begin independent escort girls to come, you pull me up into your arms. You work me up and down on your cock as I convulse and cry out, almost sobbing with the ecstasy. As strong as the spasms are in my cunt, they are translated even more strongly in my ass, taking you to the edge. But not yet.

I feel suspended in a void, with only you grounding me. With my head back against your shoulder, you suck and nibble on my neck, as I come down. You hold me still a few moments, and then begin moving inside me. I just about scream and beg you to stop, it’s too much, too soon. You won’t stop and I struggle but you are too strong for me, and my movements are only turning you on even more. You continue to thrust gently into me, and my pleasure is so intense I can’t tell it from pain.

I’m not struggling any more, and holding me with one arm, you reach down and touch my clit. I scream and jerk like you’ve touched me with a live electrical cable, and you know you have to come with me like this, totally out of control.

You drop us forward on the bed. Your hand is under me, under you, working my clit, and your other arm is wrapped between my breasts and up to my shoulder, holding me immobile for you. All language and thought is gone from me; I’m just blackness, orgasm, and the feel of you behind me, in me, part of me. As hard as you can you fuck me, and as my orgasm grips us, you begin to come, with me screaming under you.

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