Three and a Half Men


“I shaved it. Well, Marcy helped me too, right Marcy?”Marcy demurred, “I just did the easy parts. Janice took care of his ball bag.”Marcy Thompson and my wife, Janice, were best friends and often did things together. Nevertheless, I was surprised yesterday when Janice told me that Marcie would assist in shaving my crotch.Tonight my wife was displaying my newly-hairless cock and balls to the other poker players. Her arm was extended, her hand palm up, and the balls that might someday impregnate her were trembling under the gaze of our curious friends. I was hairless and, because flaccid, unimpressive. I wriggled with embarrassment, but my wife’s other arm was around my waist holding me tightly to her sideMarcy stood on my other side and, using just a pinch of her thumb and pointer finger, lifted my cock by the glans to display the underside. I was too humiliated to get erect. Everyone had a good laugh at my expense, and then the sex started.***Janice and I had discovered “soft swinging” almost a decade ago, shortly after we married. In a soft swing, two or more couples have sex in the presence of other couples, but no exchanging of partners takes place. I’m not even sure we “discovered” it, because in college it was just called sex. Most good parties at school ended up with couples all over the place, whether it was a isvecbahis frat house or an off-campus apartment, having sex where other couples could see them.Marcy and Kevin fell into the lifestyle almost by accident at our house one night. We’d all had enough to drink and found ourselves cuddling quietly in the dark on couches in our living room. The Thompsons were gently making out on their side of the room while Janice and I were getting frisky on ours. We’d never done this in front of each other before, but in the past, we’d all had sex with someone in front of an audience.Just before taking her bra off, Janice looked over at Marcy and said, “OK with you guys if I let the girls out to play?” Marcy sat up and got ready, and then both wives shucked their boulder holders at the same time.Neither of us had listless sex when home alone, but the soft swings spiced up both of our marriages.Marcy and Janet managed to get Vanessa and Carlton Green involved, and once we were six, we began to play cards in the early, pre-sex, just relax, part of the evening. Now that Alex and Monique Rogers played with us, we were four couples. Janice and I had the best space and no children, so the card games were always at our house. After several discussions, we all pretty much agreed that four couples were a good place to stop.Nowadays the isveçbahis giriş swings weren’t always so soft. One night the Thompsons and the Greens somehow became a foursome, and Janice and I stopped most of what we were doing to watch Marcy Thompson mount Carlton Green and take him for a test ride. Vanessa and Kevin paired off as well, and became quite vocal about it.There was also a blurring of any distinction between the pre-sex card games and the post-poker sex games. The first hour of the night involved strip poker mixed with Truth or Dare mischief and Never Have I Ever drinking games. Last week I had accepted a dare to shave off all of my pubic hair, and Janice was now showing everyone how well I had complied.The pubic grooming process had been much more fun than I anticipated. Besides being fondled for an hour by two beautiful women, I had been given a reward for good behavior when Janice asked Marcy to suck my new baby-boy penis. I was so keyed up from all the physical manipulation of my genitals that I had squirted in her mouth in just about one minute. Marcy teased me that the quick trigger and the pubeless appearance made me her “little boy.” ***Tonight, Alex Rogers was making love to Vanessa Green while Kevin was preparing to insert himself into Alex’ wife, Monique. Carlton was odd man out so far, isveçbahis yeni giriş and was eyeing Janice and Marcy, wondering which one he’d fuck first. Marcy tossed my wife to him, saying, “I’ll babysit Donny here while you get some real cock.”Earthy sex talk was a regular part of our parties, but Carlton was a former college athlete, large of frame and heavy with muscle. He had the largest penis of the four of us, by far. His wife Vanessa remained the softest of we swingers, by which I mean that she was loathe to give up his super dick and settle for one of the less-endowed men in our group. Vanessa had only fucked me once, and while she wasn’t cruel about it she let it be known that she could barely feel me. As a general rule, if Vanessa wasn’t having sex with Carlton she was playing for the other team and eating pussy for one of the other ladies. She had little use for the three lesser cocks in the group, but she loved creampies and would swoop in on any of the other ladies’ crotches as soon as their lover dismounted.Marcy was only halfway kidding about babysitting me. She took my balls from Janice’s hand as my wife went to her knees in front of Carlton. Now that the spotlight was no longer on me, I quickly erected in Marcy’s warm grasp. She tugged me gently while whispering a play-by-play commentary in my ear:”Look at Alex pretending he’s man enough for Vanessa. She doesn’t even feel his little thing in that cavern of hers. But Alex is still bigger than you, Donny. You poor little boy. I’m the only one here who wants your cock, aren’t I?”

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