There Has To Be A First Time For Everything – Part Two


While Samantha and I were having dinner, it was obvious that Pam was extremely curious and more than interested in the relationship Samantha and I have with two other couples. We all live as ‘Friends with Benefits’ and share the sexual privileges available.The discussion through dinner was mainly about the relationship Samantha and I enjoyed with a little history of Pam and William’s life together. As the discussion progressed, I noticed Pam was becoming more interested in what Samantha was telling her, making no secret that we enjoyed our lifestyle, which to many is a little unusual.As Pam was getting a little more than interested, I began to tease her a little and she was rising to the bait. Samantha could recognise what I was doing, and she began to encourage William with some seductive words.After the discussion began to get ‘interesting’ Samantha excused herself to go to the bathroom and Pam joined her. Samantha’s plan was working. This would be her opportunity to get Pam alone to ask her if she was finding me interesting and maybe want to take things a bit further.While they were away William confided in me that Pam was in a ‘playful’ mood and seemed to become attracted to me. “Did I mind?” He asked. He and Pam were planning a ‘dirty weekend’ together free of the kids. “Something we haven’t done for a while,“ he explained.I replied, “I am always up to a challenge and I have noticed Samantha seems attracted to you in the same way. I don’t know how you feel but don’t be surprised if she begins making enticing moves in your direction.”“My God, do you believe she is interested in me?” William asked.“I know her better than you think, I would say she would have you in bed in a flash. I have no doubt she is feeling out Pam as we speak to see how far she is prepared to go.”It was moments later that the girls returned, and it was obvious that they had been discussing the possibility of us all spending the night in each other beds.After a short discussion, it was decided we all go back to the cottage we had rented, rather than all be in the hotel suite that William and Pam were occupying. They excused themselves to change their clothing and get their toiletries before coming with us.Samantha and I waited in the lobby for their return.  “This will be a big decision for them. If they are having second thoughts that will be the last, we see of them,” Sam commented.I went and bought my car up from the car park and re-joined Sam in the lobby. Shortly afterwards, Pam and William both reappeared more casually dressed and with their overnight bag. Our concerns were not warranted.I suggested I drive Pam back to our place and Samantha could accompany William. This would give all of us a chance to be alone with our partner for the night, as none of us had been alone with each other so far. Everything that had been discussed had been as a group.The drive to the property was about twenty minutes, so we would have a chance to ‘get to know’ each other before we became intimate. On the way, I asked Pam if she was now having second thoughts as she no longer had William to support or discuss anything with.“I am glad he is not here. I can relax and accept that it is going to happen. I have never done anything like this before. It is like I am a naughty teenager again and wondering how far my boyfriend will want to go. I know in my own mind I really want it to happen.”“Have no fear, this boyfriend will take you all the way and I hope that we will both enjoy the journey,” I told her.“Now I have made the decision, I can’t wait. You are only the third man I have had sex with. The first time was with a friend of my parents. I was eighteen.”She told me what had happened, “I lost my virginity with an older and married man, a friend of the family. He convinced me that losing my virginity to an older and experienced man would ensure that I would not be disappointed. I knew a few girls who had regretted their first time because the boy did not last long enough, and it was over before it started. I did not want that to happen. We had been quite close for some time and I believed I would enjoy it with him, as I liked him a lot. He was very convincing.”He took me to a nice hotel. It was a suite with the biggest bed I had ever seen, and I didn’t need to be convinced it was going be far nicer there than on the back seat of a car.”“That would have impressed you,” I said.“I did everything he asked to make me feel really special. It was amazing. Everything was far nicer than I had imagined. I had taken a pill to calm me down as I wanted to enjoy it with him, and not be nervous. As we undressed, I felt perfectly comfortable. He was a real gentleman, and he was treating me as I would expect he would treat his daughter, in rather different circumstances.”“I would hope so,” I commented.“Before we started, he kissed me as my boyfriends did, with his tongue. It felt strange kissing an older married man passionately. I had never kissed anybody in the nude before either. The feeling of his hairy chest pressing against my breasts gave me goosebumps.“My greatest concern was if it would hurt me. Standing there looking at him naked with his erection concerned me a bit. His penis was far bigger than any I had seen on boys. He told me I looked beautiful then told me to take my time and when I was ready, we could start.”“Did it hurt?” I asked.“No. I had been concerned it would, being my first time and how big it looked. I have been told it would be painful. It was not. Once he started to put it into me, I got a bit uptight. I could feel it going further and further up inside me. It felt tight possibly because bonus veren siteler I was tense. It was a feeling I was not expecting but it felt nice. Once he had it right inside me, I relaxed. He was so gentle and explained everything before he started to do it to me. I could not believe it was so exciting and wonderful. He waited for me to tell him I was ready for him to start.”“Did you have any regrets afterwards doing it with a married man?’“No. He was as I said gentle and considerate. He talked to me all the time and told me he would stop the moment I told him to. I could tell he was doing everything to please me and not himself. He made sure I enjoyed everything we did.”“The whole thing sounded perfect,” I commented.“It was. I had a fair idea about having sex, but it was still a bit bewildering. I had been masturbating for a year or more before this happened. I knew what cumming was. We had talked about him ejaculating inside me before we started and confirmed I was using oral contraception.”Everything seemed to be happening faster than I imagined. I had a hundred things flashing through my mind. It was different from what I had expected.“It sounds to me like it was heaven on earth for you.”“That’s a good way to describe it. It seemed like a minute, but he took over five minutes before he came. I did not. After he had finished, we just sat and talked for about ten minutes about how I felt about what we had done. I was fascinated with his semen leaking back out of me, I want expecting that to happen.”He wanted to be sure that I had enjoyed everything. I assured him I had a wonderful experience, and I was more than happy about us doing it as we had.”Then I asked him if he could do it to me again. I wanted to have an orgasm doing it. This time I knew what to expect and I just wanted to experience everything again.”“I guess he didn’t refuse an invitation like that?” I asked.“His cock was all soft and hanging down after our first fuck so he asked me if I would take his penis in my hand and stroke it to get it hard again. This was the first time I had ever touched a penis. It felt strange, but I could feel it getting bigger and bigger in my hand. It really was amusing to me.”“You were a late starter,” I said.”The second time with him was even better than the first time. I knew what to expect and I also liked the feeling of him on top of me. This was nothing like I imagined it would be, it felt even better than the first time. I forgot he was so much older, and I was enjoying every moment. ““It certainly sounds like it was fun,” I commented.“This time we fucked for more than ten minutes. The longer he was fucking me the better I was liking it. This time I relaxed and just enjoyed the feeling of him inside me. I felt happy when he told me how good we were together. I even had an orgasm before he did. I felt so proud of myself and that he was happy as well.“When he came the second time, I took more notice of what it felt like as he came inside me. I had already cum so it was interesting watching and hearing him cum. I wondered if he fucked his wife the same way as he was fucking me. After he came, we lay together getting our breath back, I knew I had done something special and I was happy it had been with him and not some guy who had talked me into it.”I then went to the bathroom and washed. I had cum in my pubic hair and it was leaking out of me. I felt extremely comfortable as we sat in the nude and had chatted while having and a glass or two of champagne to celebrate. As we sat there, I kept looking at his penis, it fascinated me.”He asked how I felt about it and how much I enjoyed him doing it to me. I could not have been happier. It was something I had thought about a lot and doing it with him was better than I could ever have imagined.”“Do you think he told his wife he took your virginity?” I asked.“I doubt it.”“Did you do anything else with him or ever do it again with him?” I asked.“I still see him a lot at home. He always squeezes my hand and gives me a wink. I love that man in a quite different way. There was and always will be a special bond between us. I have a lot to thank him for. When we kiss now it is not on the cheek but the lips.” “Did your parents realise what had happened or suspect anything?”“Not with him. It was not until I met William that they realised we were sleeping together. Even though I was no longer a virgin but still completely naive. William taught me just about everything about having sex. After we got engaged, I often went away at weekends with him and it was amazing.”We were approaching the property as she told me, “Believe it or not, William is the only other man I have ever had sex with, until tonight. We were both studying at University and it was not long before he seduced me. Once I did it with him, I knew he was the man I wanted to marry, and I did. He was so much like Bill had been. Now it seems I am about to catch up with what I may have missed in my youth with you.”“Do you feel Pam will enjoy it with him?” I asked.“I am sure she will. He is a wonderful lover,” she said.“I hope you won’t have any regrets myself and that you will feel the same with me as you did with your older man.”“So, do I, If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be here. This time I won’t need a pill to calm me down.”“I hope you have taken the ‘other’ one?” I asked.“Without fail,” Pam replied.As we drove up the drive Pam commented, “This looks delightful, so rural and isolated.”After I parked the car I said, “Let’s go inside the others will not be far behind.”“Before we do, I want to do something.”Pam put her arms around bedava bahis my neck and pulled me to her and said, “I have been wanting to do that for hours,” and then kissed me as passionately as any woman can.She knew how to kiss and I thought, if she fucks as well as she kisses then I am in for a great night.We went inside and switched all the lights on. Then I showed her the bedroom.“You are not wasting any time,” she said.“It’s not what you think, good things come to those who wait,” I responded.Samantha and William came in and Samantha showed them around the house as I dropped their case in our bedroom. Samantha suggested a swim. Pam said she had not bought swimmers.Samantha laughed and said, “Neither did we. I don’t think you need to worry out here. This is skinny-dipping territory.”Then we all went back to the bedrooms to strip off. Once I saw Pam naked, I could see what William saw in her. She was as beautiful naked as she was in clothing.“This is amazing. I thought you would want to fuck me as soon as it was possible.”“Good things come to those who wait, “I replied.Pam and I were well ahead of Samantha and William. I guess Samantha was ‘introducing’ herself to William as Pam had with me.Pam and I dived into the pool and Pam swam to the far end of the pool. I swam up to her and without any hesitation, we kissed, and her hand went straight down, and she took my cock in her hand. She just held it and fondled it until it began to rise. As it got firmer, she broke our kiss and said, “Third time lucky. You and William are about the same size. I cannot believe I am playing with another man’s penis. I am a real tramp, aren’t I?”I had returned the pleasure and had my hand down rubbing the hair above her vagina and slid a finger between the lips of her vulva. Pam began to stroke my now firm cock.“Oh God, that feels wonderful,“ Pam said.I went on to explain, “If you were a tramp, you wouldn’t be here. You are just doing something quite natural as far as we are concerned. We are going to enjoy a relationship.”“A one-night stand?” Pam questioned.“Possibly; that will be up to both of you. If you want to take it beyond that we can talk about it tomorrow. All that the both of us are interested in at this time is having a wonderful and intimate relationship with two lovely people. Someone that we hope will enjoy our company as much as we are enjoying yours,” I explained.At this time William and Samantha arrived and they dived into the pool ignoring the fact we were kissing and fondling each other. Pam and I continued to masturbate each other underwater for a few minutes and left the other two to enjoy themselves and get more intimately acquainted.I began to get a bit embarrassed as we masturbated, and William looked over at us a few times. He appeared curious or intrigued by Pam being fondled by another man and enjoying it. Pam then suggested we go indoors, so we climbed out of the pool and dried off.I saw Samantha’s eyes follow Pam out of the pool.As we towelled ourselves, I could see Samantha watching her and I could tell admiring her body as I had done. For a woman who had two older teenage children her body was still firm and devoid of stretch marks. Her breasts were magnificent as are Samantha’s. William took no notice and was fingering Samantha by the look of things.Having finished drying ourselves we left the two of them sitting side by side by the pool. As we left Samantha said: “I think we will stay out here for a while longer, it’s a beautiful evening and it’s still warm. Have fun.”On the way inside Pam said to me, “Samantha is an amazing woman. I like her a lot. I can see why the two of you get along so well together. What other women would tolerate and probably encourage her man to take another woman to the bed and not be jealous?”“One other I hope,” I joked.“I will tell you in an hour,” Pam quipped back. “I can’t believe this, I am about to commit adultery, I would love to see the looks on the ladies faces at the Golf Club if I told them,” Pam said.“Well then let’s commit adultery and enjoy it,” I replied.As we entered the bedroom Pam shut the door. Then she held me and kissed me again. Then she put her hand around my cock and stroked it.“You do that well,” I said.“If you are going to do to me what William does, then I should do to you what I do for him.”With that Pam slid down and knelt before me not letting go of my cock as she did. “I hope you are as tasty as William. This is something he enjoys immensely.”Then without another word, she took my firm cock into her mouth and began to rim me and rub her tongue along my perineum.This woman knew how to give head. She was exceptional. Stroking my cock and slipping her lips up and down the shaft in unison with her finger movements and rimming the crown of it with her tongue… all at once. Pam was giving me the most wonderful sensations. She was as good if not better than both Samantha and Jane.The two of us were really in sync and as she provided the pleasure, I was soaking it up. It was evidently something she enjoyed doing for William. I was holding her head and playing with the lobes of her ears and rubbing my hands through her hair. From what I could ascertain from her reactions she was enjoying it.Pam used her head and mouth to give me the exquisite pleasure one can have when having our cock sucked. She performed her perfect ritual for about seven or eight minutes. She was incredibly good at it and I had to work as hard as I could to suppress the urge to cum until I could hold back no longer.“Do you want me to pull out?” I asked with a degree of urgency.She just shook her head without deneme bonus taking my cock out of her mouth.I began to ejaculate, and she immediately slipped her mouth back to grip the crown of my cock with her lips. She took most of into her mouth before she swallowed it all with complete satisfaction.“Mmmm,” was all I heard as she swallowed and licked her lips with a degree of relish.Then she proceeded to suck and squeeze the rest of it out of my cock, fondling my balls at the same time until she could extract no more from my now wilting cock. Pam was extremely competent and experienced in sucking cock, William was a lucky man.I pulled back and withdrew my cock from her warm mouth. She stood up licking her lips. I didn’t hesitate and went to kiss her, but she recoiled and rejected my advance.“I have a lot of your semen still in my mouth,” she said.“I can handle it,” I said. I kissed and slid my tongue into her mouth and tasted the familiar taste of my cum, something I had become used to with Samantha and Jane.As we kissed, she pressed her naked body to mine, and I could feel the firmness of her breasts against my chest. She did everything that Samantha did, they were remarkably similar in their performance.As our lips parted following our prolonged kiss, I said, “That was magnificent, you did that as well as any woman has ever done it for me.”“You didn’t mind your cum on my tongue?” she asked.“No. I am used to it; I always kiss the girls afterwards. I am well used to it.”Then Pam took my hand and led me to the bed. I gathered she wanted me to fuck her.“Wouldn’t you like me to return the favour?” I asked.“That would be wonderful, I wasn’t sure if you were into that,” Pam said.“Is the Pope a Catholic?“ I retorted.She did not say another word and positioned herself in preparation for me to go down on her, raising her knees and exposing her moist lips for me to enjoy.I looked down at where I was to provide her with the pleasure upon her body. I was again impressed. She had only a small triangle of pubic hair, obviously trimmed waxed and manicured. Her vulva was beautifully pink completely devoid of hair and her lips fully engorged from her arousal and as smooth as a baby’s bottom.I used two fingers to spread her lips and expose her innermost and moist, pink vagina.“That looks good enough to eat,” I exclaimed.“Then what are you waiting for?” Pam retorted.Without another word, I bent forward and licked the moisture from her slit from bottom to top.Having Pam in bed was not unlike having Samantha or Jane with me. Pam behaved or performed in remarkably similar ways, although there were differences that made it so enjoyable. As I slid my tongue into her opening as far as I could, she opened her legs even wider to give me better access to her. Pam was eagerly waiting for me to explore her.I thought of Samantha probably getting the same treatment from William.I used my fingers to further spread Pam’s lips and then used my entire mouth to suck her clit out of the sheath. I could then feel her clit between my lips, and I rubbed my tongue over it. She squirmed and wriggled as my actions sent trickles of pleasure through her entire body.Her nipples hardened and areola became quite prominent. “Oh God,” she uttered softly.A moment later she told me, “That’s what I call an excellent move,” Pam repositioned her body for me to return to the centre of attention. I resumed my licking and introduced a finger into her and massaged her opening as I licked her internally. After a minute or two I removed my mouth and slid three fingers into her moist opening and massaged her G spot.“That’s the second time you have done that. You really know how to give a girl a good time don’t you?” she asked.“The girls enjoy a bit of that, and I can even get Jane to cum with the right manipulation. Samantha also appreciates me doing that to her as well.” I responded.I removed my fingers and began to give her all the attention I could with my mouth, lips, and tongue. A moment later, I wet my finger in her vagina and slid it between the firm cheeks of her ass into her ass hole and rimmed it. My finger slipped around the rim of her bum hole easily.“Oh God, that feels good. Is there anything you don’t do to make a woman’s life hell?” Pam quipped.“I can stop if you like?” I retorted humorously.“Stop it at your peril,” she replied so I kept my finger in her ass and then returned to licking and sucking on her vagina, biting her inner lips gently occasionally. She was really enjoying my actions.“Are you interested in a bit of anal sex? Has William ever had his cock in there?“No, and neither will you,” Pam said quite firmly.I continued to play with her vagina and slid my fingers into her a few times followed by my lips and tongue. I noticed an increase in her fluids she was bringing down for me to lick away from her. She groaned, lifted her ass off the bed pressing her vagina onto my mouth, grabbing at her nipples as she did so.“That feels amazing,” Pam managed to say.I could tell from the way she jerked her body she was cumming. It was an active and intense orgasm with many spasms.After she had stopped jerking, she just lay there gasping for breath. I knelt between her legs and admired her body as she took deep full gulps of air. I admired her breasts rising and falling with each breath. Her nipples were erect, and her areola still bright pink. The mounds were firm and not spread across her chest like two fried eggs. She carried her age well and was very fit. There were no stretch marks on her tummy.As she began to get her breath back, I leaned forward and kissed her lips. She didn’t recoil from my approach. We kissed and kissed passionately with our tongues writhing in each other’s mouths. I could tell she was used to getting the taste of herself probably in various ways.After a minute or two, she ended the kiss.“I loved that; you do that well,” she told me.

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